Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 216

Spirit Vessel Chapter 216

Chapter 216: To Be Able To Listen To The Dao In The Morning, Dying In The Evening Is Still Happiness

The girl in black also unleashed a palm filled with cold energy from her slender hand. The moisture in the air along the trajectory was frozen into little ice crystals.

Feng Feiyun's seal seemed to be striking into a pond against the resistance of the water, causing its power to vastly diminish.

"In the Immeasurable Tower, the power of Spirit Treasures will be reduced to the lowest level. All will have to rely on their own talents to speak. An ordinary talent wouldn't be able to pass the fourth floor even with a Spirit Treasure." The girl explained as she shifted her body and turned into a mere shadow. Her palm seal immediately destroyed the gigantic seal from the Spirit Treasure as she appeared right before him.

The little shadow in Feng Feiyun's eyes became bigger and bigger. In the beginning, it was only a faint figure, but later on, one could see the face of the girl in black appear right before him.

Truly too fast!

The speed of a grand achievement God Base with ten divine intents was truly unreal and was much faster than the speed of sound. Seven qilin heads suddenly appeared above her palm and immediately flew out.

The two of them were inches from each other while the force of seven qilins was at 640,000 pounds!

"Rah!" Feng Feiyun didn't dodge and also unleashed a palm with the considerable force of seven qilins. The two energies slammed into each other as fourteen qilins appeared in the space, creating a destructive impact.

It was already quite amazing to be able to unleash seven qilins at peak God Base.

Each of their blows was a direct confrontation. They both took three steps back, engraving three footprints in the ground each. There was no time for hesitation as they resumed attacking.

Another exchange of pure force!

The girl in black's skin was like jade, and her figure was slender yet full of boundless spirit energy as she used her grand achievement God Base cultivation to compete against Feng Feiyun's Immortal Phoenix Physique.

At grand achievement God Base, one had unending spirit energy. The moment they expended all of them, countless more from the world would enter their dantian through their meridians.

The strength of grand achievement God Base was much higher than Feng Feiyun's initial expectations; they were way stronger than those at the peak level. If he didn't rush through the first three level and had quite an improvement with regards to his cultivation, then he would have already lost to this girl.


More than thirty palm seals collided in the air; some were from Feng Feiyun and some were from the girl in black. Before the first could dissipate, they had already unleashed a second, a third, then the fourth…

Qilin forces spread chaotically between the two as their images intertwined, causing the entire atmosphere to be full of the threat of death. A bit of carelessness would cause one to lose their bodies from the force of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Feng Feiyun's blood flowed faster and faster. The golden blood was like a torrential river rushing everywhere as the speed of his palm became faster. All of them were of seven qilins, and it became easier and easier for him as time went by. Every time the girl released two palms, he released three.

Recently, his cultivation had increased too quickly and he never had time to solidify it. The spirit energy inside his body was chaotic and slow, but while fighting with a grand achievement God Base, he was able to refine away the imperfections and disorder in the new spirit energy, turning them into his own while increasing its purity.

As time passed by, the girl in black began to lose as she became paler and was forced back into a corner by Feng Feiyun.

"Boom!" The girl didn't want to be in this passive state any longer and took the initiative to dispel all the qilins. Then she began her offensive once more in a near-suicidal manner. She wanted to kill Feng Feiyun even if it meant her own death.

Feng Feiyun naturally wouldn't let her do as she pleased, but he didn't retreat and instead rushed forward.

Their exchanges became even fiercer with even more energy in the form of qilins covering the entire space and their bodies. One could only hear the impactful blows.


The waves of resonation all disappeared. When all the qilin images dissipated, there was only Feng Feiyun left, standing in the study. The girl in the dress had turned into a little black stone doll lying in Feng Feiyun's hand.

The little doll was very cute and exquisite, so it appeared very lifelike just like the girl from earlier. In its eyes were some real spirituality and its lips were slightly opened as if it could speak at any time.

Although Feng Feiyun won, it was a difficult victory. His right hand was filled with golden blood as it was almost crippled by her.

As for the girl, after dying, she turned into the little doll in his hand. This doll had a cold sensation almost like a carved piece of ice jade.

Feng Feiyun used a force of 100,000 pounds on it, but he couldn't do anything to this little doll. Its toughness was comparable to a Spirit Treasure.

"Just what is this thing? Don't tell me it is the reward for the fourth level?" Feng Feiyun played with the doll and couldn't see anything special about it outside of its very spiritual eyes…

Of course, after beating the fourth floor, a fifth divine intent appeared in his head and his cultivation greatly increased again. The gap to grand achievement God Base became smaller and smaller.

The gains in one's cultivation from the tower were countless times greater than normal cultivation, and Feng Feiyun had finally stepped into the realm of real experts.

Outside of one strand of divine intent, the black doll was a reward as well.

Could it be that every genius who passed the fourth floor all obtained a black doll like this? No, that couldn't be the case because Xue Wu and Beiming Tang had passed through here before, but they didn't obtain this doll.

The Immeasurable Tower couldn't be impartial like this. Although Feng Feiyun received something others didn't, it might not be a good thing but rather a threat to his life.

Feng Feiyun looked around this study and frowned. The Immeasurable Tower's fourth floor was a bit strange, causing him to wonder if he had taken the wrong path. Or rather, maybe someone else had purposely led him to a different path than the others.

Perhaps the method of surpassing this level was different from the others as well.

At this point, Feng Feiyun thought that he was overthinking it and put away the black doll in his spatial stone. However, right when the puppet entered his storage, its black eyes also blinked once.

If Feng Feiyun saw this, he would definitely destroy this doll without any hesitation. Unfortunately, he didn't see it.

Although the battle from earlier was quite fierce, outside of the bamboo scroll from earlier, nothing else in the room was destroyed. This was a bit too irrational.

There was a "Rain Upon The High Mountains" painting on the wall; its frame was not made from gold or wood. The sacred mountain had trees with morning dew. The rolling path around the mountain was full of rain and fog. At the peak was a house with red walls while the moon hanging in the sky caused this house to look like an ancient temple or pagoda.

The rain continued to pour down on this tall mountain. Just looking at this painting would cause someone to enter a strange state. It was as if they could see the mountains, the rain and dust, and they could even hear the sound of water dripping onto the leaves and smell the fragrances of the vegetation around the mountain. In fact, they could even feel the droplets wetting their body.

Feng Feiyun didn't know when he had entered the painting and appeared on the old path in the mountain. He could hear the happy chirping of birds nearby with rain dripping on his cheeks. His soles also had some mud stuck to them.

He actually entered the painting! No, this was the fifth floor of the Immeasurable Tower!

"Welcome to the fifth floor!" A voice went straight into Feng Feiyun's mind.

He looked up and noticed a winding trail around the mountain that then disappeared amidst the rain.

This seemingly quiet yet romantic ambiance also contained a touch of danger that was sensed by Feng Feiyun. However, this sensation was especially well hidden, like a beautiful flower exuding its poison and slowly approaching him, but he had no way of detecting it.

Countless cultivators all failed on the fifth floor. There was no lack of heaven-defying geniuses among them. Even Heaven's Mandate cultivators failed or even died on this level. Very few managed to make it to the sixth floor.

After thirty years, numerous geniuses had entered the tower, but less than ten at the God Base realm had managed to get past the fifth floor. Moreover, all of them were at the grand achievement level.

Feng Feiyun, of course, didn't dare to be careless. He was already wounded after the fight with the girl on the fourth level, and the fifth level should be three times more difficult than the last, meaning that he should be expecting to face three opponents of the grand achievement level.

Surpassing the fifth floor didn't only depend on strength but also luck.

Feng Feiyun continued through the trail to reach the peak. On the dangerous road, he saw an old and broken ancient stone with these words engraved on it: "To be able to listen to the dao in the morning, dying in the evening is still happiness."

Rainwater washed away the dust and leaves on the ancient stone so Feng Feiyun was able to see the words that were corroded by time. The words were beautiful and contained a heavenly law. Although many years had passed, the dao contained within these words had not been erased.

Everything here felt extremely real. It was nothing like a space created by the illusion from a formation and more like a real world. At the very least, the dao once prospered here and was far from being as lonely as this time.

"Well put! To be able to listen to the dao in the morning, dying in the evening is still happiness!" Feng Feiyun nodded with praise. How many people in this world could comprehend the dao? Even if one died right afterward, it was still better than being a frog under the well.

"Thank you!" A woman's voice rang next to his ear.

This voice did not directly resound inside his brain, it was actually from right next to him as if there was a supreme beauty standing behind him, whispering him "thank you."

But when he turned around, there was no one there. He could only find a cold chill hitting him. Who was speaking?

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