Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 206

Spirit Vessel Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Refining The Body With A Spirit Pill

On the iron order were nine spirit stones to show that the owner was a ninth rank Treasure Seeking Master; there were very few across the entire Godly Jin Dynasty.

Zuo Qianshou's name was carved on the back using the divine intent of the owner, so no one could create a fake order to steal his identity.

The Tower Lord took the iron order and became a bit startled after seeing the name on the back. She suddenly stood up and asked: "He is your master? Where is he now?"

Her voice was still old and coarse as before, but it now carried a sentimental tone!

The moment she turned around, Feng Feiyun became a bit surprised. She bore no resemblance to a several hundred year old woman. Instead, she was as beautiful as a young lady at the tender age of twenty.

Elegant and noble, delicate with white skin like a baby. She was nothing like a woman beyond the age of thirty, especially with the noble temperament exuding from her body. She was even more dignified than princesses and imperial concubines of countries.

This was the Spirit Treasure Tower Lord.

While being slightly stunned, Feng Feiyun secretly cursed: 'This grandma took really good care of herself. It seems that she has eaten quite a few spirit pills in order to look like a lady despite living for several hundred years.'

"My respected master has left for the capital to meet an old acquaintance." Feng Feiyun felt a surge in her emotions and clearly understood that the Tower Lord had a special relationship with Zuo Qianshou.

The Tower Lord gripped the iron order tightly in her hand. While gazing towards the north, she murmured: "Two hundred years, gone for two hundred years… And now you send a student to meet me… Is this the result of two hundred years of waiting? Haha…"

She was quite emotional; sometimes she murmured, sometimes she laughed, and sometimes she became sad while lost in her memories. It was as if she was undergoing all the human emotions.

Feng Feiyun only stood silently to the side. The Tower Lord's temper was too odd. Only god knows what she would do later, so being quiet right now was the best approach.

"He went to the capital to meet Ji Lingxuan, right?" The Tower Lord then lightly asked.

Ji Lingxuan was one of the four grand concubines of the current Jin Dynasty and also Ji Cangyue's aunt. In addition, she was the woman who caused Zuo Qianshou to lose his right hand.

"This… I'm not too clear on this." Feng Feiyun told the truth since he hadn't heard of Ji Lingxuan's name before.

"Hmph! Men always make the same mistakes over and over again." The Tower Lord's emotions calmed down as she stood there proudly in a serious manner.

"Ah…" Feng Feiyun really wanted to say that women made the same mistakes and even more frequently than men, but at this time, he didn't dare to oppose her. If these words came out, then even if he didn't get killed, he would still lose some skin.

"It seems that he is certain of his death on this trip to the capital, so he gave you the iron order to come here. No wonder why you have such exceedingly high talents for treasure-seeking. So you are his disciple." The Tower Lord said to herself.

"I still require a lot of guidance from Tower Lord before becoming a powerful Treasure Seeking Master. My master said that you were his good friend and that you would not decline his will." Feng Feiyun noticed that the relationship between the two of them was quite deep, which is why he said this.

"Hmph, good friend?" The Tower Lord coldly laughed. Her voice was no longer old, it actually sounded quite young.

Treasure Seeking Masters had many strange arts that could not only change one's voice, but also one's appearance and figure.

Unless one's spiritual sense exceeded this person, one wouldn't be able to see through their disguise.

"Since you are his disciple, it is not strange for your spiritual sense to be forty-two times the ordinary amount. Your formation skills must also not be poor, right?"

"Not really…"

The Tower Lord tied up her hair and stood on a jade stone. Then, she pointed her finger at the space in front of her. A halo appeared; at first, it was only the size of a ring, but then it grew to the size of a bracelet. Finally, it became a round formation that flew towards Feng Feiyun.

This was a second rank trapping formation. Inside were eighty-four ancient runic formations, and this entire formation flew straight at him like an iron cage.

Feng Feiyun then waved both of his hands in the air in a circular motion. Countless lights condensed together to form a formation. On it was also eighty-four runic formations.


The two second rank formations slammed into each other, but it didn't create a deafening blast like one would think. They simply devoured and canceled each other out, eventually turning into two green puffs of smoke that dissipated in the air.

A glimmer of approval appeared in the Tower Lord's eyes. To be able to carve out a second rank formation so quickly and control it with such finesse… This formation mastery was already comparable to a fourth rank Treasure Seeking Master.

By having such extraordinary accomplishments at this young of an age, he was worthy of being Zuo Qianshou's disciple.

"Your formation control is not bad, but if you want to carve a third rank formation, you need to at least be at the first level of Heaven's Mandate. The first thing you have to do now is increase your cultivation." After finding out that Feng Feiyun was Zuo Qianshou's disciple, her attitude drastically changed.

"Thank you for your guidance!" Feng Feiyun clasped his hands together and said.

"I didn't teach you anything, and I won't teach you about cultivation either. Everything will be up to you and you alone." The Tower Lord then reached out into the air with her finger. A door suddenly opened by the jade wall to the side, and a light shot out from inside before falling into her hand.

A pill as big as a longan fruit floated above her palm; it was covered in a red light while emitting a faint medicinal scent. One could see the pill's energy flying on the surface, taking on the shape of a dragon.

Feng Feiyun felt his body easing up from just smelling this aroma, causing him to be full of vitality. Even the wounds on his body became a lot better.

"Eat this spirit pill and your injuries might be completely cured within two days." The Tower Lord gently waved her palm and the pill of an unknown rank suddenly flew before Feng Feiyun, floating there in the air.

The light flashed with circulating brilliance like a spirit jewel.

After eating this spirit pill, Feng Feiyun's entire body became encompassed with spirit and medicinal energies. It was as if he had been engulfed by a medicinal pond. Endless amounts of medicinal power rushed into his veins and blood.

The effect was much stronger than what Feng Feiyun had imagined; it almost crushed his veins. This painful feeling was as if he had eaten poison as it churned in his stomach. But very quickly, the next medicinal wave repaired his broken veins, allowing them to become even stronger with more spirit.

This process of breaking then repairing repeated itself all around his body thirty-six consecutive times.

The golden blood within his body became more refined and contained a stronger spirit. Its flow became twice as fast and his Eternal Phoenix Physique took a step forward.

After thirty-six circulations, not only did the purity of his blood improve, the God Base inside his dantian became thirty percent bigger as well. His spirit energy also rose by a similar amount. With Feng Feiyun's current cultivation speed, he would have needed another three months to reach his present level.

Feng Feiyun had already taken a two thousand year old lingzhi root and the medicinal effects inside his body were still there, hiding in his blood and bone marrow. Now, after eating this unknown pill, the stagnant lingzhi's power was stimulated once more.

His blood tumbled like boiling water. The power of the lingzhi root turned into spirit energy as it circulated to his dantian.

The God Base in his dantian also quickly spun around as it devoured these medicinal effects. The God Base was originally only the size of a thumb, but now it kept on growing as its light became even brighter.

Feng Feiyun had immersed himself in cultivation and entered a state of enlightenment. He wanted to use this opportunity to reach peak God Base.

An unknown amount of time passed by.

Murong Ta slowly woke up and opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the figure of the Tower Lord while Feng Feiyun, at this time, was sitting in a meditative pose with his eyes closed. There was also a bright formation hovering above his head for protection.

Feng Feiyun's aura became stronger and stronger. His body was covered with oscillating lights as boundless spirit energies rushed into each of his pores.

"Are you awake?" The Tower Lord was still staring at Feng Feiyun with her back turned towards Murong Ta. However, these words were naturally aimed at Murong Ta.

Murong Ta slowly got up from the ground and whispered: "Tower Lord…"

"Who the hell are you?" The Tower Lord slowly turned around with a pair of eyes fixated on Murong Ta, a gaze seemingly capable of seeing through all voices in this world.

Murong Ta felt as if he was completely transparent before the Tower Lord. He couldn't hide anything, so he only bowed his head without saying a word.

The Tower Lord only snorted, but it shook Murong Ta's eardrums and almost rendered him unconscious.

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