Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 194

Spirit Vessel Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Battle of Geniuses

At noon, the sun was scorching like an oven, melting away the heaven and earth and all existences within.

The Martial Exhibition Tower that spanned for several hundred miles was encompassed by a tense atmosphere. The air current became faster and faster just like a surging river with torrential waves splashing in the sky.

The cultivators on the other levels also felt this sudden change in the atmosphere. They were amidst tense battles, yet they all slowed down at the same time.

“Who is he? Who dares to fight against Ji Feng?”

“I see a flame burning in his dantian, so I cannot see his real cultivation. However, judging from his aura, he doesn’t seem to be much weaker than Ji Feng.”

“Hmph, the aura of those two monsters from earlier were not any weaker than Ji Feng as well, but they were still killed in one move. Sometimes, one’s battle prowess is the only thing that matters.”

“Unless he is grand accomplishment God Base, he won’t be able to fight against Ji Feng since he is already invincible within the same level.”

*** ***

Feng Feiyun quietly arrived, but the moment he stood on of the fourth floor, it immediately attracted more than half of the spectating students. This group naturally didn’t lack contemporary young geniuses, and there were those who managed to cultivate six strands of divine intent, but they couldn’t manage to see Feng Feiyun’s true cultivation.

The Wanxiang Pagoda was a place where geniuses gathered, so naturally, there was fierce competition. Nevertheless, Feng Feiyun didn’t expect to have a life or death battle on the second day after coming here.

The fourth level of the Martial Tower was around four hundred meters wide and one hundred meters high. Looking above, one would see the fifth level of the tower that seemed like a metallic dome.

The two of them each stood on one side, separated by several hundred meters. Looking from afar, their opponent’s head was the size of a coin.

“I thought you had run away!” Ji Feng couldn’t hide the joy in his eyes; this was the type of joy when a cheetah encounters their prey.

“I do run, but you are not qualified to make me run!” Feng Feiyun felt that there was no opening on Ji Feng’s body. He had completely harmonized with the Martial Tower and had the locational advantage.

Truly worthy of being a Treasure Seeking Master. Only they were able to control the heaven, the earth, and man and then utilize these three to their own advantage.

These were all the things that Feng Feiyun grasped in his past battles.

‘If you want to seize the momentum of the earth, then I shall first break your momentum.’ Two wisps of flame appeared in Feng Feiyun’s pitch black pupils and gently jumped. A wave of flames shot out; this flame wave was invisible, so only those who were adept with image detection arts could see it.

However, this flame wave truly existed. It roared like a giant fiery bird flapping its wings. The sound wave caused Ji Feng’s sleeves to flutter.

The spectators outside would think that it was just caused by the wind.

Ji Feng remained immobile like an iron pillar standing strong in the middle of the river. He opened his two eyes and emitted two crimson clouds with the image of a qilin hiding within. The shadow was faint as it revealed its claws to attack and emanated a vast power.

“Bang!” This was only an exchange of their gazes, but it was already a terrifying collision.

Once cultivators reached a certain level, they could kill with just their gazes. Feng Feiyun’s Heavenly Phoenix Gaze had such power, and it directly pierced through Ji Feng’s gaze.

The great fiery bird that resembled a phoenix destroyed the momentum that Ji Feng tried so hard to create, but at the same time, this fiery bird was also torn apart by Ji Feng.

“Such a powerful gaze, its piercing power could instantly kill an Immortal Foundation cultivator.” Ji Feng moved half an inch back. His earth momentum had been destroyed. Despite praising Feng Feiyun, he was not afraid at all.

The Full Moon Heavenly Gaze in his forehead remained unopened. If he utilized it, he had confidence that it would easily be able to defeat Feng Feiyun’s Heavenly Phoenix Gaze.

Although the two of them had exchanged one blow, the spectators outside only saw them standing still. Only the students with the most powerful cultivations were able to see through some clues.

“What is the background of this young man?” Princess Luofu’s azure eyes looked at Feng Feiyun with great interest.

She felt a frightening energy growing inside Feng Feiyun’s body, something that was enough to cause her to feel some dread. This was a very unusual occurrence.

Attendant Yu slightly bowed to the side and revealed a high-pitched laughter as he said: “Another supreme genius. Even this servant cannot see through his cultivation. Nevertheless, he just managed to destroy Ji Feng’s earth momentum, so if his cultivation is not as strong as Ji Feng, it can’t be much lower.”

Princess Luofu didn’t say anything else. Although Feng Feiyun and Ji Feng were both supreme geniuses in the younger generation, they were not much in her eyes since she had met many of the Grand Historical Geniuses.

Taking them in as followers was already her thinking highly of them.

Attendant Yu ordered for people to collect Feng Feiyun’s information this time.

“Boom!” The fight finally started!

Ji Feng attacked first. He stepped out and his body immediately shifted to the front of Feng Feiyun. This speed was too fast for the human eye to follow.

This was also the first time he made the first move. He wanted to defeat the famous son of the evil demon just like defeating the two peak God Base cultivators earlier.

Yesterday, after exchanging two blows with Feng Feiyun, he had already predicted Feng Feiyun’s cultivation with ninety percent certainty. To him, as long as he used all of his strength, he could kill Feng Feiyun in one move.

Ji Feng’s fist ripped through the air and created countless fiery sparks like seven fiery serpents wrapped around his fist.


A sound like a fist punching through water emerged!

Of course, this was not the sound of water splashing, but the sound of air being torn apart.


Feng Feiyun’s speed was even faster. He took action later, but he was the first to connect. He pointed with his finger as a fiery light came out from his fingertip and absorbed the fire on Ji Feng’s fist to counterattack.


Ji Feng’s entire hand was burnt black as he suddenly jerked backwards. If he didn’t have spirit energy protecting his body to extinguish this flame, then his right hand would have been burnt to ashes.

“This is… the Crimson Fire Art! You’re cultivating the Eight Arts Volume?” Ji Feng was an excellent student that came from a Treasure Seeking clan, so he naturally knew about the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record — one of three divine scriptures.

The Eight Arts Volume consisted of eight of the finest arts within the record and was also called the general section.

Only the Crimson Fire Art would be able to absorb all the flames in this world for its own use. Earlier, Ji Feng was taken by surprise and didn’t expect for his power to be absorbed by the enemy and then reflected back at him.

Feng Feiyun didn’t answer him and reached out with finger once more: “Dark Water Art!”

The entire nine floors of the tower became shrouded in a thick mist as all the water vapor then condensed at the tip of Feng Feiyun’s finger. The misty weather culminated into a qi image where all the arts came together. It was as if one was standing on a high mountain looking down at the whirlpool underneath.

Ji Feng had to show off his “Qilin Fire” qi image as his body combined with a fire qilin and shattered the mist with a point of his finger. He had cultivated a bit from another volume of the grave record and wanted to channel an eternal flame to fight against the Dark Water Art.


A loud explosion emanated from the white mist. The two collided and the outcome was unknown. A second blow was exchanged, then a third, and a fourth… Thirty seven loud explosions occurred before the blows finally stopped.

The white mist dissipated and the radiance of battle dispersed.

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