Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 192

Spirit Vessel Chapter 192

Chapter 192 : Princess Luofu

Some people were doomed to a lonely life, but even the most solitary person in this world needed a friend.

“In the future, when I embark on the grand dao, I shall cut down the person who took your blood.” Feng Feiyun stood by the lake and looked at the moon in the sky as he made a vow.

Tonight seemed to last a bit longer than usual. On the second day when the mist began to dissipate, a huge bang erupted on the great lake’s surface. Feng Feiyun rushed out from the bottom of the lake. The water on his clothes were immediately dried by a powerful aura from his body.

Spirit energy covered his entire body as an auspicious ray formed under his feet, allowing him to firmly landed on the shore.

After a night of cultivation, his body had completely changed. Now, each of his actions were more harmonious with the heavenly dao. It was as if he could easily destroy the mountains.

The God Base in his dantian emitted a bright glow and was around ten times bigger. It grew from the size of a rice grain to the size of a thumb, and it’s appearance was that of a bright sun that contained endless power.


The Martial Exhibition Tower was located in the middle of the Wanxiang Pagoda. It was a nine level tower that hung in the sky.

There were nine fields that overlapped each other a hundred meters above the ground. These fields were crafted from a scarlet metal and had more than one thousand defensive formations. Even a Ju Qing would not be able to destroy it.

Surrounding the fields was a ring of peaks with pavilions and buildings on top of them, serving as spectator platforms for the other disciples.

There were around several hundred thousand disciples at the Wanxiang Pagoda, so each day, at least a few hundred battles would take place at this tower. Many people fought because of a personal feud while others fought to become famous after a single fight.

Most of the disciples from the great clans would watch, and if they saw a potential genius, they would use different methods to recruit them, including money, spirit pills, or even alluring beauties.

Today, there was a great character spectating. Her presence created many auspicious images in the sky. There were four strange beasts with five hundred years of cultivation followed by eight generals that wore ancient divine black armor. With the eight generals opening the way with eight bright lights like eight shooting stars piercing the sky, she was completely unstoppable.

The arrival of this person brought about a great commotion.

“It is Princess Luofu along with the eight inner palace masters protecting her! All of them are grand accomplishment God Base cultivators!” An early God Base disciple recognized the chariot of Princess Luofu and quickly prostrated and respectfully kowtowed.

Princess Luofu was the little princess of the Godly Jin Dynasty — the daughter of one of the four Imperial Concubines, Imperial Concubine Hua. She enjoyed unlimited love and was doted upon by the Jin Emperor as the princess who was loved the most. On her fourteenth birthday, she was given three Spirit Treasures and a county as a gift.

This county had more than one hundred cities and was half the size of a prefecture, but all of this was her private domain.

Someone once said: “Seeing Princess Luofu is the same as seeing the Jin Emperor.”

This was why when they saw the arrival of the princess, even God Base cultivators had to kowtow. If one had to kneel before the son of the heavens, one had to kneel before the daughter of the heavens as well!

“It truly is the royal carriage of Princess Luofu, the Eight Dragons Carriage. This is actually an imperial Spirit Treasure, the four strange beasts over there are just for show. When the True Mysterious Spirit Stone inside the carriage is activated, four dragon souls will come out to pull the carriage. They can actually travel 800,000 miles in one day — this is the span of the Godly Jin Dynasty, even a Ju Qing would not be able to catch up to them.” An old man wearing a white scholarly robe also kneeled.

“Princess Luofu has supreme talents; at the moment of her birth, she immediately had spirit veins and an immortal foundation, and at the age of nine, she successfully cultivated a God Base. Since youth, she ate spirit medicines for her meals and cultivated apex manuals of the imperial family, so her cultivation has to be extremely amazing by now. Her rank on the Pagoda’s Hundreds List is near the top.”

Even more disciples kneeled down on the ground as this Eight Dragons Carriage flew towards a spectating platform.

“Everyone, rise!” A chubby old man standing next to the Eight Dragons Carriage without any hair on his face spoke with a shrill tone that resembled both a man and a woman.

It was easy to tell that he was a eunuch, but no one dared to look down on him. Even the eight grand accomplishment God Base cultivators slightly bowed their heads to him respectfully.

After being given permission, the kneeling cultivators quickly stood up, but they were all wary and didn’t dare to look straight at the imperial carriage.

Attendant Yu quietly stepped back as two young palace girls, who were as pretty as flowers, stepped out from the imperial carriage. They were extremely beautiful and around the age of sixteen. Both of them held onto a ceremonial screen.

Princess Luofu stepped out from the dragon carriage. One could only see her graceful figure as delicate as flowers floating on water, or like a willow branch trembling in the wind. However, her face was hidden behind the ceremonial screen as she walked towards a pavilion on the peak.

The two palace girls quickly followed right behind her while holding up the ceremonial screen with calm and proud demeanors.

This pavilion was the best spot and while one was inside, one could see all nine levels of the tower without missing a thing.

“Showing off so much… Who is she?” The Little Demoness had also arrived. She was sitting on a rock while hugging a white cat with an unconvinced look in her bright, glimmering eyes.

Feng Lingji immediately jumped and quickly said before this little ancestor could cause trouble: “That person is Princess Luofu, the daughter of the Jin Emperor and Imperial Concubine Hua. Even our clan master would have to respectfully salute her.”

Feng Lingji was the second genius of the Feng Clan, another heaven-defying genius. He was also a part of the Evil Killing Alliance. He had once lost to Feng Feiyun in front of everyone, so his resentment for Feng Feiyun ran very deep.

All of the other geniuses of the alliance who were sitting to the side felt sweat dripping down their foreheads. If the Little Demoness actually provoked Princess Luofu, it would have unimaginable consequences.

Before long, some other great characters came to watch the fight. They intended to pick out several amazing geniuses and gather them under their banners. Among them were the descendants of the four great clans and the eighteen Marquises. However, they quickly came to pay their respects to Princess Luofu before going back to their spots.

At this time, Ji Feng was on the fourth floor of the tower. He stood straight and motionless all by himself with his third eye closed on this tower that was several hundred feet high in the air. The entirety of his aura was converged within him, so he seemed to be an emotionless rock.

He was waiting for Feng Feiyun, so he was controlling his state of mind and becoming one with the surrounding space.

The other floors were already fighting, but only the fourth floor had a strange silence.

“Oh?” Princess Luofu let out a soft noise.

“What is wrong, Princess?” Attendant Yu, who was attending to the Princess, asked with a kind smile.

“What is the background of that young man on the fourth floor?” Princess Luofu lightly asked.

Attendant Yu also looked at the fourth floor and nodded his head approvingly: “He has the Full Moon Heavenly Gaze and heaven-defying talents, but the most crucial thing is that his understanding of the heavenly dao is exceptionally high. He and the tower has harmonized with each other, so he will be invincible within the same realm today.”

Princess Luofu also slightly nodded as she gazed at Ji Feng with her beautiful eyes.

Attendant Yu realized that the princess approved this person’s talents and wished to take him in as a follower, so he immediately sent someone to gather information about Ji Feng.

Many cultivators went to the Martial Exhibition Tower and saw Ji Feng occupying a floor all by himself without fighting anyone, so they quickly became angry.

“Hey, kid, are you going to fight or not? If not, then scram to the spectating platform.”

Ji Feng remained still with his eyes closed just like before.

“I’ll go kick him out!” A student from the Martial Tower directly flew to the fourth level and immediately unleashed six qilin shadows towards Ji Feng.

Those who could enter the Wanxiang Pagoda were all extremely talented, so naturally, their attacks were extraordinary.

Six qilin shadows contained a mighty force of 320,000 pounds. It was like an army from the heavens attacking. The six qilin roars resounded through the sky, causing the air to ripple six times.

“Scram!” Ji Feng did not open his eyes; he simply swung his sleeve as a green light shot outside and pierced through the gigantic six qilin shadows before exploding on the peak God Base cultivator’s body.


This peak God Base cultivator was blown away as if he was struck by a huge mountain. The white scholarly robe on his chest was torn apart, leaving behind a terrifying bloodstain as it almost split him into two pieces.

The impact of this strike blew him outside of the Martial Exhibition Tower where he fell to the ground. His fate was unknown.

Gravely wounding a peak God Base cultivator in just one move without even opening his eyes... This cultivation was truly a bit frightening.

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