Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 182

Spirit Vessel Chapter 182

Chapter 182 : Genius Mansion

The luxurious mansion had a bright, illuminating pearl fixed on the ceiling like a nine-heavens star.

Before even entering, one could tell that all the guests here tonight were extraordinary. There were a few great qi images soaring in the sky, exuding a majestic atmosphere. Any mysterious master that could observe qi images would be frightened by the scene of so many heaven-defying geniuses gathered together.

“Rumble!” A white sheep around two meters tall pulled a fancy carriage from afar; the driver was an old man with a God Base cultivation.

Beiming Tang came out from the carriage as one of the esteemed guests tonight, and he was personally greeted by Niu Nu with the greatest of honor.

After coming down from his carriage, Beiming Tang noticed Feng Feiyun standing on the white marble steps. He furrowed his brows and slowly walked forward, then he said with a deep tone: “The road is indeed too narrow for enemies; I didn’t think I would see you here. We shall fight again tonight, and I will not lose to you again.”

Beiming Tang subconsciously glanced at the black ring on Feng Feiyun’s thumb and knew that it was an amazing Spirit Treasure. He lost last time due to the Infinite Spirit Ring, so he added a condition: “We shall fight with our bare hands!” 

“If you want to fight, I’ll take you on at any time!” Feng Feiyun looked down right at Beiming Tang with a valiant pose. A fiery spark flashed in his eyes as if the air could ignite into flames at any moment.

A fight seemed to be unavoidable.

The night’s wind was still blowing, creating a cold atmosphere right outside the manor as if the air itself was frozen.

“Young Noble Feng is an honored guest of my master. If Young Noble Beiming Tang wants to fight against Young Noble Feng tonight, then that is not giving my master any face.” Niu Nu spoke.

A hint of surprise appeared in Beiming Tang’s eyes. He withdrew his pressure and temporarily let go of his feud against Feng Feiyun as he said: “I, of course, do not dare to not give your master any face.”

Beiming Tang was also a bit cautious of Feng Feiyun. He didn’t want to fight to the death against him, so he simply glared at him and drifted past Feng Feiyun right through the red gate of the manor. The two qilin warriors also bowed down to him to show their respect.

Feng Feiyun smirked and said: “Let’s go in as well!”

More than one hundred cultivators were already inside the major. All of them were from famous sects and had great talents, not to mention that there were also ten characters from the previous generation with unfathomable cultivations.

The crowd was dominated by male cultivators, and the weakest was still at the Immortal Foundation realm. There were more than twenty cultivators at God Base while the ten older cultivators had reached an imperceptible level.

These ten older cultivators all had their eyes closed as a light appeared by their dantian; they were clearly cultivating.

“A descendant from the Beiming Clan, the little cousin of Beiming Baitian,  Beiming Tang. So he has also arrived… This is an extraordinary character.” 

Inside the manor was a hall that spanned thirty meters with golden tiles as well as a red carpet. The table was divided into two sides that were filled with young cultivators wearing luxurious clothing. They all acted in a graceful manner and hid their auras.

Someone recognized Beiming Tang’s identity. He was someone from the four great clans, so his status far exceeded an ordinary heaven-defying genius. In addition to that, his cultivation had also reached peak God Base — this was the real reason why others were cautious of him.

“This mysterious master’s ability is too great. I wonder what his status is? He invited more than half of the most prominent geniuses that came to the Wanxiang Pagoda.”

“Earlier, I saw a terrifying figure with four golden draco-serpents coiled around his body. They were all strange beasts with five hundred years of cultivation.”

“Oh, you are talking about that person. I also saw him earlier. This person descended from the sky and, when he landed, his body was filled with black lightning. Since he was invited to a seat of honor, he must be someone with a great status.”


There were ten seats of honor in the hall that was decorated with carvings of dragons and phoenixes. It was as if these seats were the thrones of emperors. They were placed at the highest part of the hall and only the esteemed guests were allowed to sit on them.

The others could only sit on the lower futons, but this was still a great honor. In the end, those who were invited were all from noble clans or had great talents.

The highest seat in the hall remained empty since the mysterious master had yet to appear.

“When will the feast begin? We have waited for three hours now.”

 A person felt impatient and spoke.

“I heard that we are waiting for another honored guest, and the feast won't begin until this person is here.” An old man answered with his eyes still closed for cultivation.

“There is still another great character even more prestigious than those sitting in the honored seats right now?”

“Then this person is too arrogant. Could it be a Heaven’s Mandate cultivator?”


More and more people became impatient, but right at that moment, a shout came from outside: “Young Noble Feng has arrived!”

“Young Noble Feng has finally arrived, so the feast can now begin!” An old man standing to the side commanded the servants to bring forward the fine wine while he went outside to greet Feng Feiyun.

All eyes fell on Feng Feiyun as he walked in. This person was still young; how could he be subjected to such high treatment? Many people were filled with curiosity.

Beiming Tang, who was sitting on a seat of honor, gazed at Feng Feiyun and scowled.

Feng Feiyun nonchalantly walked forward to see eight beauties dancing in the middle of the hall while the cultivators on both sides were gazing at him. Clearly, they were curious about his identity.

Some of these people were peak God Base cultivators; they secretly let out their divine intents, wanting to probe for his identity, but these intents were all shattered by a wave of Feng Feiyun’s hand before they could reach within three feet of him.

Feng Feiyun didn’t want these people to know that he was the son of the demon. Today, the six experts of the Evil Killing Alliance had come to the Wanxiang Pagoda, so the consequences would be unthinkable if this news leaked out.

Feng Feiyun coldly glared at these people and channeled his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze, instilling chills into the hearts of these cultivators. They felt that his eyes were even sharper than arrows; it was as if Feng Feiyun’s glare could kill.

This youth truly had a frightening cultivation!

The old man invited Feng Feiyun to a seat of honor before stepping away.

There were already nine people seated at the honored section. Among them, six were cultivators from the previous generation that were over the age of fifty. All of them were still brimming with vigor and they all hid their auras.

Beiming Tang was one of the other three. Another was a white-haired man with four golden draco-serpents coiled around his body. The cultivation of this man was even higher than Beiming Tang! There were symbols with the color of blood on his face that revealed an especially devilish look.

There seemed to be a layer of ice embedded within his eyes, like the evening mist, with lightning flowing around his body. All of the bare skin that wasn’t covered by his clothes had layers of scales around the size of a fingernail — this was where the lightning emanated from.

This person was indeed a bit strange.

The last person was actually a girl. This girl was wearing a red dress and was unable to conceal her plump bosom. Her skin was as white as snow — sexy and seductive. Each of her actions was able to steal the souls of others; even just a slight perch of her lips was able to incite the lust from many cultivators.

Feng Feiyun was seated closest to her, so he could smell the tempting aroma from her skin. This scent was capable of driving others crazy!

“Young Noble Feng, we meet again!” She gave Feng Feiyun a charming glance, causing the young cultivators and Beiming Tang to become very jealous.

This beautiful girl was, of course, one of the talents from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, the third-ranked Xue Wu.

Even though she was just a girl from a brothel, her cultivation was quite frightening. She had reached grand achievement God Base a long time ago, so many speculated that she was now at the first level of Heaven’s Mandate.

If one would judge her as a mere lady from the brothel, then they would be completely mistaken.

Feng Feiyun quipped: “Miss Xue Wu came from the southern border that is more than 100,000 miles away from the Wanxiang Pagoda. Could it be that you are chasing after me?”

“Young Noble Feng is a wealthy man so I do want to chase after you, but I’m afraid that you look down on mundane girls like us.” Xue Wu’s pretty eyes hid a layer of mist that had an indescribable attractiveness. Her faking sad and scornful eyes caused Feng Feiyun to feel restless.

It was unknown why, after that night with Ji Cangyue, Feng Feiyun’s resistance to women became weaker and weaker, especially against this demoness, Xue Wu. If she flirted with him once more, Feng Feiyun would surely cave in no matter how firm his willpower was.

‘Could it be that the demonic blood in my body is awakening, and it is changing my mind, weakening my self-control against women?’ Feng Feiyun felt an invisible danger. If he didn’t subdue this danger, then once the blood truly awakened, this lust would erupt and he could turn into a demon of lust. At that point, he would completely lose his way.

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