Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 176

Spirit Vessel Chapter 176

Chapter 176 : Friend or Foe?

Feng Feiyun’s eyebrows rose as he couldn’t help but laugh: “Of course I don’t believe you. I have seen Young Noble Flawless before. This person, regarding both talents and mind, is countless of times beyond ordinary people. Even a Ju Qing would not be able to force him to bend down. As for Beiming Tang... Even though he is not as sophisticated as Young Noble Flawless, he is also very stubborn. I almost killed him before, but I still wasn’t able to force him to submit.”

“Young Noble Flawless would not kneel to anyone, and Beiming Tang also would not hand his clan’s scripture to anyone, let alone implore you to take it!”

The darkness and the river were connected, adding to this serene scene.

A flame was floating above the river like a blood-red lotus. This aura was both spiritual and ethereal.

“You ought to believe me. In this world, force is not the only thing that can make men submit!” The hoarse voice slowly spoke.

Feng Feiyun stared straight ahead and pondered for a moment before answering: “Indeed, force is not the only thing that can force men to submit. There could be something that could shatter their self-esteem and stout back.”

“A hero still cannot defeat a beauty’s trial!” The person in the flame laughed raucously with a great deal of arrogance.

“But you are not a beauty!” Feng Feiyun was also a hero who had failed this trial before; otherwise, he would not have died in the hands of a woman.

Hundreds of tender sentiments around a beauty’s bed.Even heroes have a weakness for the charms of such a nest.

The greatest enemies of men were “life and death”, “himself”, and “beauties.”

If a man could defeat any of these three, then they would have unlimited potential and could even become immortals or saints, however…

Since the start of time, very few men were able to defeat any of them.

“How do you know that I’m not a beauty?” The burning flame became even more crimson like a sun floating above the water.

Its raucous laugh sounded like an old man’s.

Feng Feiyun also laughed and said: “Once I catch you, I would surely be able to find out who you are.”


This time, Feng Feiyun utilized his entire movement shifting skill. His body was like an arrow leaving a bow, causing the river’s surface to be spread apart into a line, creating an endless amount of white bubbles.

Feng Feiyun’s speed was beyond the speed of sound. In just a blink of an eye, he traversed several hundred meters. However, the speed of the flame was even faster. With a swift flash, it appeared more than a hundred meters behind Feng Feiyun.

This speed could only be described as terrifying. Not to mention, its trajectory was filled with twists and turns. This type of spatial swing was not something that ordinary cultivators could perform.


Feng Feiyun stabilized his motion as a light emanated from his feet. Then, he stomped on the water’s surface.

During the heat of the moment, the two had exchanged positions.

“Ah! I told you earlier, we are friends, not enemies. Brother Feng, why do you keep on forcing the issue?” The person in the flame lamented with a sigh.

Feng Feiyun smiled and said: “In these times, everyone in the world can be considered my enemies. I am without a single true friend. What can you do to make me believe you?”

“I am willing to be Brother Feng’s first friend!”

Feng Feiyun replied: “There must be a reason for wanting to become friends?”

“In the future, I’m going to partake in a grand matter, and I will need your help in order to be successful. If we become friends now, then it would be easier to ask you for assistance later, correct?” A laugh came from the flame.

Both the cultivation and scheme of the enemy were extremely amazing. In addition to this, the person was quite bizarre and could even block Feng Feiyun’s Heavenly Phoenix Gaze. Of course, this was also due to Feng Feiyun’s gaze being at quite an elementary level.

Since the opponent intended to hide their identity, they must be afraid of Feng Feiyun discovering their appearance. This meant that the person must have quite a great status or special identity, and perhaps this person had met Feng Feiyun before.

“If you want to be friends, then you must at least show some good faith, right?” Feng Feiyun stared at the flame and spoke.

Another laugh came from the flame, creating a crackling noise: “You can pick either of the Northern Profound Divine Art or this Boundary Spirit Stone. If you like both, then you can have both. Don’t you think this counts as good faith?”

Both of these items were supreme treasures in present times. Even grand immortal sects would risk everything just to seize them, and Ju Qings themselves would battle till heads started to roll.

However, this person nonchalantly offered them to Feng Feiyun as if they didn’t put these two treasures into their sight. This was indicative of how much value Feng Feiyun held in their opinion.

Each of these treasures was enough to buy out a Ju Qing — this was indeed very good faith.

“Not enough!” Feng Feiyun didn’t care for the two treasures flying towards him; he only gazed at the flame.

The flame was in a momentary silence. A while later, it said: “Why must Brother Feng be so persistent? Even if you see my face,. On the contrary, it can bring great harm to you.”

“Haha! What can this ‘harm’ possibly be?” Feng Feiyun smilingly inquired.

“I’m afraid we won’t be able to be friends then!” The person continued: “It is better like this. Accept my gifts and I will help you take care of the experts from the Evil Killing Alliance. You will only need to help me do something in the future, then our deal will be over. You don’t need to see my face, nothing good will come from it.”

Feng Feiyun had predicted that a few heaven-defying geniuses would definitely come. In the end, Bu Tianya was able to track his whereabouts so he surely must have sent news to the others from the alliance. Right now, there must be at least ten great geniuses not be very far from here.

“I am a person who cannot act properly during delicate situations; this is why I have offended a lot of people. Therefore, I can only disappoint your goodwill!”

Feng Feiyun suddenly shot out his Infinite Spirit Ring. Earlier, he had hid in the river and secretly moved it right below the flame. At this moment, he suddenly attacked in order to force the person to show their true colors.

The Spirit Treasure’s power activated with the six ancient diagrams flying out to turn into a prison with six corners.


Feng Feiyun followed up with another attack. He mobilized all of the water in the river to form a mighty Dark Water Art. The entire river itself nearly became devoid of water.


The Spirit Treasure’s grand attack combined with the Dark Water Art and attacked together, causing the heaven and earth to become dark as the ground shook from their amazing battle energy.

“It seems that I need to give you some more time to reconsider. This is goodbye for now. We will meet again at the Wanxiang Pagoda. Make sure to be careful of the pretty Miss Ji and the Evil Killing Alliance. I hope that you will be able to make it to the pagoda alive. Then, we can meet once more, and I will have another gift ready.”

The flame that was suspended in the sky directly soared into the high clouds after a hearty laugh. It then turned into a star and finally disappeared from one’s sight.

All of Feng Feiyun’s attacks had failed. The second Feng Feiyun attacked, the person had already flew away from the attack’s range. Both attacks didn’t even manage to touch a corner of their sleeve.

The person obviously knew that Feng Feiyun was hiding the ring in the river, this was why their response was so swift.

“This person is quite frightening. I hope it is not an enemy!” Feng Feiyun withdrew the Infinite Spirit Ring while looking at the vast sky. This person’s intelligence and talents were quite unbelievable. Even though from beginning to end, they didn’t attack at all, they already left a fearful first impression.

“Not good, Ji Cangyue got away!” 

Ji Cangyue had disappeared some time ago. Her resentment towards Feng Feiyun was very great so the consequences were unthinkable.

Once an arrogant and cold beauty loses her virginity, she would either commit suicide or do anything for vengeance; Ji Cangyue definitely belonged to the latter.

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