Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 155

Spirit Vessel Chapter 155

Spirit Vessel - Chapter 155: Meeting Sha Hangyun Again

Feng Feiyun had long heard that Zuo Qianshou was a strange fella, but he finally experienced it at this moment.

In order to obtain a person’s help, one must prescribe the right medicine. Zuo Qianshou was a formation master, so he naturally had a fanatical disposition towards formation array research.

Feng Feiyun smilingly said: “People say that there are no formations in this world that Zuo Qianshou cannot break, but I don’t believe this.”

Finished speaking, Feng Feiyun slightly stomped on the ground as his body soared up to stand on a three-meter high wall. He reached out with his hands to draw a spirit circle with mysterious runes in the air.

His finger carved blue outlines onto the spirit circle; all of these outlines carried a strange and mysterious pattern. There was a total of three hundred and sixty outlines that eventually became a formation in the air.

The moment the array was finished, the brilliance became even more beautiful, like a circular green sun.

This was Feng Feiyun using a Demon Phoenix technique to engrave a formational array that incorporated methodologies from the “A Discussion Regarding Soldiers” scroll to create a second rank formation.

This was not a singular formation and more like an array of them. The green light finally disappeared after six formations came into being.

The six formations connected together to form a seal that flew towards the room. However, before the formation could break through the wall, an invisible barrier devoured the six formations like a pebble sinking deep into the ocean floor without making a single splash.

“This is… a fourth rank defensive formation!” Feng Feiyun withdrew his hand and slightly nodded. Anyone who could form a fourth rank defensive formation would all be masters. It seemed that Zuo Qianshou truly had some abilities.


The door was opened again, and Zuo Qianshou walked out to look at Feng Feiyun, who was standing on the wall, and shouted: “Is this how Feng Dugu teaches his disciples? To casually jump on my wall? This is the act of a bandit! Truly immoral ah!”

‘How can this old bastard even mention the word moral?’

Feng Feiyun gently jumped down from the wall and stood below a large tree that was as thick as a water basin to reply: “I’m actually not a disciple of Feng Dugu, I am only a lackey at the Huang Feng Ridge.”

“My ass! You dare to say that he didn’t teach you this formation art?” Zuo Qianshou’s eyes glared at him as he said. Even though his bad temper was still present, it was a lot better than before. At the very least, he didn’t directly chase Feng Feiyun away.

Normally, only the five Mysterious Masters would do research on formations and the forming of arrays. For example, a Dan Master would use a formation to concoct a flame or to condense a pill into its form within a formation; a Blacksmith Master would engrave formations within their spirit weapons and treasure weapons.

Treasure Seeking Masters and Wisdom Masters were even more skilled regarding formations, and they were the most adept at formations within the five.

As long as one knew how to carve and initiate a formation, they would be considered one of the five Mysterious Masters because the formation art was essential to become one. Without this ability, one had no chance of becoming a Mysterious Master.

Zuo Qianshou was a ninth rank Treasure Seeking Master. If he wasn’t so taken-in by formations and neglected the study of Treasure Seeking, then maybe he would have become a Grand Treasure Seeking Master who had an even higher status than Ju Qings.

Treasure Seeking Masters had three ranks: Treasure Seeking Student, Treasure Seeking Master, and Grand Treasure Seeking Master.

Each rank was also divided into nine levels!

To be able to attack so exquisitely with six formations... The person must have had some achievements regarding the formation art and he must also be a Mysterious Master with a decent rank, so Zuo Qianshou assumed that Feng Feiyun was the Third Boss’ disciple.

This was the reason why his attitude became a bit better towards Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun shook his head and said: “If I tell you that I learned it from the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record, would you believe me?” This record was the number one divine scripture of Treasure Seeking Masters, so Feng Feiyun didn’t believe that Zuo Qianshou wouldn’t be moved by this.

Sure enough, after Zuo Qianshou heard these five words, his expression immediately changed. The stern face became a lot more amiable as it softened with a smile: “The record is divided into three volumes, which volume did you learn your formation from?”

The three volumes were all supreme treasures and they were all in the hands of three unfathomable monsters, so how could a junior possibly get the chance to learn from it? Zuo Qianshou merely asked in order to test Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun was quite quick-witted; how could he not know Zuo Qianshou’s intentions? So he gave a partially true response: “The Eight Arts Volume!”

“Eight Arts Volume! How did you get it? Where? Young people are always easily fooled, take it out so a senior like me can tell you if it is real or not!” Initially, Zuo Qianshou furrowed his brows into a surprised expression, then he pretended to be wise and said.

Feng Feiyun simply shook his head and smiled without saying anything.

Zuo Qianshou then became a bit anxious and said: “This old man’s character is guaranteed to be good and, moreover, the old Feng Dugu and I have a deep friendship, don’t you trust me?”

‘Trust you? If I trust you, I’ll fall into a trap for sure!’

Feng Feiyun then said: “As long as Senior is willing to visit the Huang Feng Ridge, this junior — naturally — will let you take a look at the Eight Arts Volume!”

The Eight Arts Volume was a scripture in every Treasure Seeking Masters’ dreams. Zuo Qianshou was already a ninth rank master so if he was able to look at the volume, it was very likely for him to reach the Grand Treasure Seeking Master rank. And naturally, this was beyond his wildest dreams.

Zuo Qianshou was indeed a sly fox so he naturally wouldn’t be tempted by Feng Feiyun’s words. He then spoke with a deep smile: “Rumor has it that the Eight Arts Volume was in the hands of a supreme existence, Old Sun, from the Yang World. How could it fall into your hands?”

“Senior, it seems like you have been trapped in this place for too long; I’m afraid you don’t even know that Old Sun has died to the hands of Sha Hangyun already.” Feng Feiyun smilingly replied.

“Impossible! Sha Hangyun is not even ranked within the top ten of all the supreme existences in the Yang World and Old Sun used to be the Yang World’s third supreme existence, someone with a heaven-shattering cultivation. How could Sha Hangyun possibly be his match?”

As a Treasure Seeking Master, Zuo Qianshou often dealt with the foreign races of the Yang World. He even went to the Yang World twice so he knew about its experts.

“How long has Senior been hiding in Fire Beacon City?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“One hundred and eighty-four years!” Zuo Qianshou was very aware of the number as he had a great memory. In fact, any Mysterious Master would be very adept at remembering numbers.

Feng Feiyun was a bit surprised. This old fella actually lived for so long! He then spoke: “One hundred and eighty-four years is a really long time and the cultivation world has undergone three different generations. Many new powerful people rose and countless predecessors died from the descending great calamities. Sha Hangyun is no longer the Sha Hangyun of the past, so him defeating Old Sun at his old age is not too unbelievable.”

Old Sun indeed had a glorious age; at that time, even ten Sha Hangyuns would not be a match for him. However, everyone will eventually become old, and the period before they step into their graves would be when they were extremely weak. Sha Hangyun picked this time period to maneuver against Old Sun.

Zuo Qianshou’s fingers began to move as he calculated the time. After a while, his hand went back inside his sleeve and sighed at the sky: “The time indeed matches. This year is the great calamity of Old Sun. If he didn’t break through, then he would meet his end. I didn’t think that one hundred and eighty-four years have passed already.”

Zuo Qianshou was quite emotional. Even though he had nothing to do with Old Sun, he was touched by a sadness that stemmed from Old Sun’s death. He lamented the heartless immortal path. If one couldn’t break through, then only death awaited them.


At this time, a thunderous noise suddenly rolled in the sky.

A cold wind covered the courtyard, and there were suddenly two more people there.

They truly arrived too fast. They were just like two shadows that fell from the sky within a split second.

Feng Feiyun and Zuo Qianshou both felt this vast and suppressive power coming from the body of this person who just arrived.

“Haha! True words ah! One hundred and eighty-four years ago, I was the weakest supreme existence in the Yang World and no one placed me in their minds. But at this moment, I am ranked fifth. No, after Old Sun’s death, I am now ranked fourth!” This was the voice of Sha Hangyun.

The two who just arrived were Sha Hangyun and Ji Cangyue.

Sha Hangyun was covered in a black robe as black mist emanated from between the gaps, thus no one could see his appearance.

And Ji Cangyue was wrapped in three layers of black mist and couldn’t move at all. There were fear and hatred in her eyes that were pointing at Sha Hangyun, but she couldn’t find a way to escape.

If she moved even a tiny bit, this black mist would penetrate into her body and cause her to feel as if a thousand needles or bugs were biting her — an indescribable pain.

This old monster captured her and didn’t say anything to her. His cold eyes landed on her body a few times, and she thought that he wanted to eat her alive.

After hearing Sha Hangyun’s voice, both Feng Feiyun and Zuo Qianshou were shocked. This did not look too good!

Why did this monster arrive already, he did not have good intentions ah!

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