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By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: Battle at the Brothel (4)

Yu Chan was a woman with an aura as elegant as an orchid flower, stemming from her pure heart that was as sweet as a cumaru tree.

“This is our big brother!” Wang Meng proudly pointed at Feng Feiyun.

A hunchback, a vicious bald brute, a middle-aged man with a smile that was not a smile, and also a young beggar!

The scene inside this private room was even worse than her imagination. It was indeed just like going to a bandit or refugee camp. However, these people looked so strange yet they were able to afford 100,000 gold coins.

Although Yu Chan was only near seventeen years old this year, her wisdom was far greater than other girls of the same age. She assumed that these men didn’t have any great origin and it was more like they had just picked up 100,000 golden paper from the street and immediately came here to the brothel.


Luotuo Zi and Wu Jiu were stunned as they glared intensely at Yu Chan who was walking in. Their noses also started bleeding and the blood constantly dripped to the ground, staining the floor red.

Seeing such a scene, Yu Chan gently bit her lips and wished that she could turn around and instantly leave for she didn’t want to stay at this disgusting place a second longer.

She was really disappointed.

‘I’ll just play a tune to make them happy then immediately leave.’

Even though she had such thoughts in her mind, her face still maintained an auspicious fairy-like smile as her hair gently swayed. She slightly bowed down towards Feng Feiyun and softly spoke: “Yu Chan greets… young masters and am happy to play a tune for entertainment!”

After finishing her words, she held the guqin and walked over towards the platform with the curtain and didn’t even glance at the few bandits.

Feng Feiyun was clever; he naturally understood that his current appearance was not very flattering and it disappointed the lady. A woman naturally would not like a man who wasn’t at a certain level of attractiveness. However, if a man had enough money, then he will also become very handsome in the eyes of women.

“Wu Jiu, send 300,000 gold coins over to Lady Yu Chan as a greeting gift.” Feng Feiyun played with his wine cup in one hand while taking out 300,000 gold coins worth of paper money and handed it over to Wu Jiu so that he could bring it over.

Yu Chan, who was lifting the white curtain, suddenly stopped after hearing these words. Her heart suddenly jumped; 300,000 gold coins, what was this man’s identity?

Even though there were torrential waves in her heart, Yu Chan still maintained a calm expression as she turned around and glanced at Feng Feiyun with her pretty crescent eyes while speaking: “On the contrary, it is Yu Chan’s impoliteness. To be able to meet young noble at such a mundane place, this is a type of fate so I will first respect young noble with a cup of wine.”

300,000 gold coins had caused her to feel Feng Feiyun’s influence, so she gave up on playing the guqin and decided to drink with Feng Feiyun instead.

Even though Feng Feiyun was dressed slovenly with unflattering clothing, he still cooly laughed and said: “Since the young lady does not believe there is a pearl within the water, would you have me travel to the ends of the earth and ask the sun instead?”

Yu Chan was slightly surprised and didn’t think that this beggar had a literary side to him. He actually used Buddhist grievances to insinuate that she was a type of person who only looks at external appearances. She slightly smiled apologetically and said: “I belong to the blue sky where even the clouds are carefree. Life is a tree without a root, the winds will return the fallen leaves. Young Master is a great man so please forgive Yu Chan who was narrow-minded. If Young Master was truly angry at Yu Chan, then Yu Chan could only punish herself by drinking three cups of wine.”

“Haha! Lady Yu Chan is deserving of your reputation as a knowledgeable and talented woman. This Feng is convinced with admiration.” Feng Feiyun took out two cups and the girl next to him quickly filled them up. Feng Feiyun raised one cup and said: “I will drink three cups with Lady Yu Chan.”

Yu Chan took off her white fox fur coat and also handed her guqin to a nearby girl, then she slowly sat down next to Feng Feiyun. Her jade body exuded an alluring fragrance as her warm and delicate body attached to Feng Feiyun’s hand. She reached out with her two slender fingers to pick up the bronze wine cup.

Her pink lips, under the candlelight, was especially attractive and increased her elegant yet noble qualities. Only Feng Feiyun was able to calmly smile in front of her presence.

“Pouring sir a cup of wine to finely drink before the spring wind.” Yu Chan’s voice carried an alluring sensation like the mellifluous melody of a sparrow next to Feng Feiyun’s ear.

Even though Feng Feiyun was very wary of beautiful women, he was also a normal man. Any normal man when met with a women intentionally charming them would not shy away from certain inevitable things.

Moreover, Yu Chan was not only a beautiful woman, but also a talented woman!

A beauty was hard to find, but one that was pretty and talented was even more rare — men loved this type of rare existence.

“Coming across money just to spend it on wine without worry. Haha!” Feng Feiyun suddenly reached across and pulled Yu Chan in by the waist into his embrace, then he drank his cup of wine in one gulp.

Yu Chan’s delicate body slightly quivered, but she quickly relaxed and revealed an experienced look before smiling as she drank her first cup.

Wu Jiu handed her the 300,000 gold paper money. Yu Chan naturally accepted without any pretension of refusal.

The second cup of wine had been poured!

“Young Noble Feng must not be from Fire Beacon City, ah?” Yu Chan asked while holding her new cup of wine.

She began to analyze Feng Feiyun. Spending 300,000 gold coins without batting an eyebrow was not something an ordinary man could do.

“Of course not.” Feng Feiyun also raised his cup.

“Where is Young Noble from?” A faint glimmer appeared around Yu Chan’s hand as it secretly moved towards Feng Feiyun’s dantian. She wanted to use a technique to find out Feng Feiyun’s cultivation method and guess his identity from there.

This layer of light was extremely faint and very well hidden. Even a peak God Base cultivator would not necessarily be able to detect it.

However, Feng Feiyun’s soul was quite powerful and felt her covert action. He slightly smirked and said: “Lady Yu Chan’s hand is not behaving properly, it seems like you can’t wait any longer, hekhek!”

Feng Feiyun still sat still but he channeled his spirit energy. The Dragon Horse Diagram suddenly rushed out from his dantian and turned into a faint divine light that suddenly covered her jade hand.

Yu Chan’s expression slightly changed and knew that Feng Feiyun had caught on to her. Her fingers created an orchid flower as a spiritual white lotus root also emerged from her palm, wanting to break the Dragon Horse Diagram’s prison.

Her cultivation was not weak for it had reached the early God Base realm; it was the same as Feng Feiyun. At this time, both of them were competing with secret techniques and the situation had turned very dangerous. If he was careless, Feng Feiyun’s dantian would be controlled by her. On the other hand, the Dragon Horse Diagram could also shatter her hand.

“Such a great cultivation. All the red plaque women of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion are really experts. This place is really not simple ah!” Feng Feiyun became even more curious about the boss of this place and about how they could obtain so many beautiful and powerful women.

Feng Feiyun didn’t know that Yu Chan’s cultivation was the weakest among the top ten. He surely would become even more horrified if he were to become known of this fact.

The great wine in Yu Chan’s hand was frozen by a cold ice power as the frozen bronze wine cup also shattered.

“Boom!” The cup exploded and pieces of ice fell all over the ground.

The white spiritual lotus from Yu Chan’s palm dimmed down from the suppression of the Dragon Horse Diagram. Feng Feiyun grabbed her hand and sealed its meridians, then he extended his arm towards her heart and completely captured her.

“Lady Yu Chan, if you really want to know my identity, then wait until we spend the night together; at that time, I’ll naturally tell you.” Feng Feiyun gently touched her soft and delicate hand that was as white as jade while grasping her body even more tightly with his other hand.

At the moment, Feng Feiyun was wanted by the entire Grand Southern Prefecture with nowhere left to go. Once his identity gets revealed, it will bring about a deadly calamity. Even though this brothel girl was pretty, she had too many hidden intentions so he couldn’t afford to not be cautious.

The four bandits naturally saw everything, but they remained silent.

“Fourth-ranked red plaque, Lady Xue Wu. Big Sister Xue Wu is our Supreme Beauty Pavilion’s most voluptuous and sexy woman. There had been men who had been charmed to death by her — this is not just a metaphor, it was actual death ah! So for people who are not confident with their cultivation or willpower, it is best if you don’t participate in this auction; otherwise, you might risk losing your life. The bidding begins now!” The little servant girl on the seventh floor began to speak again.


The entire pavilion completely exploded with excitement from everyone.

No one expected that Xue Wu would come out today. This was a temptress capable of stealing souls. She usually always cultivated in seclusion and rarely came out each month. However, if she did, then she would be able to charm the souls and drive countless men crazy.

“Rumor has it that Xue Wu’s cultivation is frighteningly high and had reached grand achievement God Base. This temptress had cultivated in seclusion for more than half a year and had never hung her red plaque. Some people guessed that she had reached the first level of the Heaven’s Mandate realm. Since she came out today, could it be that she had reached the first level of Heaven’s Mandate? If that’s the case, she will be able to live for five hundred years with eternal youth.” Liu Qinsheng was very aware of all the red plaque girls from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

Grand achievement God Base was very frightening, but first level Heaven’s Mandate was even more terrorizing. They could be called immortal characters; after all, they were able to live for five hundred years.

It was an unimaginably high cultivation!

If Xue Wu truly reached first level Heaven’s Mandate, then she could compete with Nangong Hongyan for her position at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

 Pearl within the water is the beauty of oneself, but others do not see it. Must this person go to the end of the earth to find someone who will appreciate him? Text from Zutangji, an abstract Buddhist writing

 Poem by Kuang Ren about a conversation between an ordinary man and an enlightened one. The ordinary man asked: ‘Where are you from, and where are you going?’ The enlightened one answered with the first line of the poem meaning that he was carefree without being afraid of death or attached to life. The second line is an explanation that as long as someone believes in Buddhism, life was eternal. The autumn will blow the fallen leaves away and spring will soon send it back. So what Yu Chan is saying that life was fleeting with this poem, and she is asking for Feng Feiyun to forgive her. She is using this poem in a slightly different way to get her point across

 Part of a poem named “Sing During Intoxication”, by the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. It is a poem with themes of sadness, depression, and even suicide with a criticism and commentary on their society

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