Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 131

Spirit Vessel Chapter 131

Chapter 131 : Beiming Tang

This dao-robed young man was clearly a cultivator from a large immortal gate who rarely came in contact with the outside world. This was why he was cheated by the one-armed old man even though his cultivation was extraordinary.

Everyone made way for him since they could feel a force rising from his powerful breath.

This young man seemed to be intent on provoking Feng Feiyun. His cold eyes — from beginning to end — locked onto him as he spoke: “You said that with three to five more years, you would be able to kill the old man like pigs and dogs — such bold words. However, those words might be true. A younger generation fighting against the previous, it is indeed a bit disadvantageous. However, our age is similar, do you dare to fight me?”

His image became bigger and bigger like a sun hanging in the sky or a cauldron burning the horizon itself. It was suppressing down towards Feng Feiyun’s direction.

He wanted to use his aura to overwhelm Feng Feiyun.


A powerful aura also surged out of Feng Feiyun’s body and turned into the Dragon Horse Mountain and River Diagram. Its majestic vastness directly pushed the young man’s aura flying backwards.

How could a sun match the powerful Dragon Horse Mountain and River Diagram!

The moment the aura appeared, the world lost its colors. Feng Feiyun’s aura turned sharper and sharper as the blood in his body flowed faster and faster. The dao-robed young man excited his fighting intent.

The Immortal Foundation in his dantian was also channeled by this aura as the fruit growing from it became more condensed; it began to have a chance to fall down. This was it trying to turn into a God Base.

The first sign before breaking through to the God Base realm!

Feng Feiyun had reached the peak Immortal Foundation for some time and the medicinal effects of the Spirit Spring Water in his bloodstream was also agitated as the God Base realm approached.

“Good! I will fight you.” Feng Feiyun wanted to use this battle to reach the God Base realm. This was a realm he was hoping; he faintly felt that the spirit energy in his body would undergo a change in essence. The quality — along with quantity — will multiply several times.

At this moment, the thing he lacked the most was spirit energy in his dantian. If he had sufficient energy, he would be able to utilize the power of the Infinite Spirit Ring and actually use its power as a Spirit Treasure. At that point, he would be invincible against people of the same realm.

At the moment, with his peak Immortal Foundation cultivation, he could only channel the strength of the Spirit Treasure once before the depletion of his dantian. So unless it was absolutely necessary, he would never use the Spirit Treasure.

However, once he breaks through to the God Base realm and obtain a spirit energy reserve many times greater, he would be able to use the battle power of the Spirit Treasure several times without weakening. This meant that his battle prowess would increase by more than just a dozen times.

“Daniu, how about I fight against him instead?” Wu Jiu took the initiative to ask for he was afraid that Feng Feiyun was not a match for the dao-robed young man.

Feng Feiyun wanted to borrow the young man to break through. The higher the stress, the more likely he was going to break through.

“No need. Even if I die in this battle, you guys cannot make a move.” Feng Feiyun wanted to risk it all and fight to the end. If he couldn’t break through, he would not regret dying because of this decision.

Without a bold fighting spirit, one could not tread the cultivation path for long.

The dao-robed young man chuckled and said: “You are only a peak Immortal Foundation; I can defeat you with just one move.”

“If you can defeat me with one move, then I will give you the Daomization Stone with both hands.” With the Dragon Horse Mountain and River Diagram on top of his head, Feng Feiyun stepped forward with a determined expression.

“These are your words!” The young man’s eyes lit up with a happy expression and rushed forward impatiently. He turned into a dragon-shaped tornado.

His two hands became two gigantic dragon claws!

The young man’s cultivation was truly terrorizing. It was on the same level as the royal uncle of the Po Luo Country, and it could even be a step higher.

Feng Feiyun’s body seemed to be trapped in a storm and could be sent flying away at any moment.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Nine continuous fist shadows struck forward as Feng Feiyun tried to block the young man’s blow.

Feng Feiyun’s fists shattered and became bloodied with yellow drips falling down to the ground, giving off clip-clop sounds.

The young man retreated. He initially thought that he could easily teach Feng Feiyun a lesson, but the opponent’s nine fists from earlier were very profound and contained a deep dao. Each fist blocked his attacks and pushed him back.

“Wanting to beat me with one move — in your dreams.” Although his fist was dripping with blood, his battle intent became denser and continuously rose. The spirit energy in his body also consolidated as it rapidly approached the God Base realm.

“Come again!”

The young man’s power was many times higher than Feng Feiyun. He wanted to suppress him in a few moves or even kill him in order to take the Daomization Stone from his hands.

He summoned a quasi-Spirit Treasure flying sword. The sword pulses struck Feng Feiyun as if he was an egg fighting against a rock. His situation was extremely grim as blood was everywhere. However, it did not injure his vital spots.

In the blink of an eye, they had exchanged ten moves, but the young man still couldn’t defeat Feng Feiyun. He became more and more maniacal as the sword gleams became faster and denser like a curtain made of water.

“So it is him, no wonder why his cultivation is so terrifying at such a young age.” A person caught on to the dao-robed young man’s identity after seeing his sword technique.

“Who is it?” A person curiously inquired.

“Cannot say, cannot say. Truly a terrifying origin with an extremely powerful background. Even if he kills everyone here, no one would dare to take revenge.” The other person shook his head continuously. He was shocked after finding out the young man’s identity.

He continued on: “If he announced his identity, then no one would dare to fight him. This is foolish ah! Just hand the Daomization Stone over, why the need to offend him!”

Some people felt sorry for Feng Feiyun. Provoking such a grand character would only result in his demise — a death without a burial.

The dao-robed young man naturally heard everyone talking about him, so he freely smiled and said: “It is fine to say it. That way, everyone will know my identity.”

He clearly wanted to scare Feng Feiyun, and he assumed that Feng Feiyun would directly bow down in horror before him after finding out.

Contrary to the young man’s thoughts, Feng Feiyun was far from accepting defeat. Inside the countless sword rays, he continuously attacked. The wounds on his body were increasing and his activity space became narrower. It was as if he was forced to the edge of a cliff by a great army.

Retreating was a dead end, and treading forward was also a dead end!

The disparity in strength was sizable in this battle, but the fight raged on. The young man could not defeat Feng Feiyun after a long time. On the contrary, Feng Feiyun’s spirit energy and battle intent became increasingly more powerful and got closer to the God Base realm.

“He is part of the Four Great Clans of the Godly Jin Dynasty, the seventh young noble of the Beiming Clan, Beiming Tang. Beiming Baitian, one of the eight Grand Historical Geniuses, is his older cousin.”

The other person finally revealed the identity of the dao-robed young man.

“Boom!” Everyone was shaking!

The Beiming Clan was a super rank clan that was on the same level as the Yin Gou Clan, and it could be considered one of the four pillars of the Godly Jin Dynasty. Clans like the Feng Clan were not worth mentioning in front of the Beiming Clan; such clans could easily be destroyed by them.

It was no wonder why he was confident and arrogant like this. No one in the Godly Jin Dynasty would dare to mess with people from the Four Great Clans. Doing so would result with dying an untimely death ah!

Not to mention Beiming Tang’s older cousin was the ruthless Beiming Baitian!

“Oh heavens! A person from the Beiming Clan actually appeared in Fire Beacon City. If this news came out, all of the elders in the city would come to greet him.”

“Someone actually dared to fight against Beiming Tang. Even if he has nine lives, he would surely die without a doubt. No one dares to provoke the Beiming Clan.”

The Beiming Clan’s status at the Godly Jin Dynasty was truly prestigious. Even someone as powerful as the City Lord would have to hide his arrogance in front of the Beiming Clan members. Otherwise, he would risk inviting deathly trouble.

A nameless teenager was actually fighting against Beiming Tang. This was so extremely ridiculous!

Everyone stared at Feng Feiyun as if he was a dead man; no one could save him.

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