Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 107

Spirit Vessel Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Yang World’s Three Strange, Yin World’s Three Evil

Feng Feiyun’s eyes were reddened, and stared blankly at Ji Xinnu while his lips gently shivered without saying another words!


How could Ji Xinnu have expected Feng Feiyun to say these things, so she was momentarily confused. In a short time, she didn’t dare to look straight into his eyes so she smiled and turned her head.

Sweats began to form on her hands, and felt a little uncomfortable. Her gaze left Feng Feiyun’s shoulder, and she only thought about getting as far as possible away from Feng Feiyun. Oh heavens! He had such thoughts in his mind. What should I do now, What should I do now?

Ji Xiaonu was also in a daze for a long time with her little cherry-shaped mouth forming an “O”. Naturally she didn’t think that this beggar would secretly like her sister. His words were indeed true and romantic with the shy expression of a young boy, it was impossible to be a lie.

“What a joke! I know I should go, I cannot stay behind!”

Feng Feiyun’s mind lamented how dangerous it was just now, but luckily he was able to fool them. Without passing through this gate, maybe his life would have to stay in this place.
Feng Feiyun stood up while continuously sighing, and pulled his tired body towards the door!

If he didn’t run now, then when!

“Wait a minute!”

Feng Feiyun’s heart was alarmed with a panic sound, and he focused a cold mist of energy under his feet while channeling spirit energy in his dantian, getting prepared to make a move.

Ji Xinnu came from behind with hesitation and an apologetic sensation. She stood in front of Feng Feiyun and said:

“The truth is.. The truth is… you can also stay here!”


Feng Feiyun’s heart jumped. I wish I could leave here instantly, and didn’t want to stay at all. I was only pretending to be reluctant earlier as a show for you guys.

Only the heavens would understand the heart of this woman, truly unpredictable, telling me to stay behind!

Then what is the right decision here?

“Hey, little brat, what expression is that on your face. My big sister only want you to stay behind because she is afraid that when you leave this house, you will die on the streets. Don’t think that my big sister likes you, your sweet words earlier could only fool a three years old little girl.”

Ji Xiaonu was still yelling at Feng Feiyun like before.

“Cough cough, I never fooled a three years old little girl before!”

Feng Feiyun looked a little embarassed.

Ji Xinnu smiled and said:

“You don’t have to listen to Ji Xinnu’s nonsense. You can rest assured and stay here. As long as you work
hard, not only eat and sleep, we won’t chase you away! Xinnu, follow me, let Feiyun have a good rest.”

Ji Xiaonu angrily glared at Feng Feiyun again, then finally left with her sister from the wooden storage.

Feng Feiyun was really frustrated. Since they wanted him to stay, so if he still left then it would raise some suspicions. At that moment, it might be a life threatening danger to himself.

What secrets were they hiding?

Feng Feiyun felt a wave of unease while speculating many things in his head. His sight wandered around the wooden storage before falling on a large iron bell inside the woodshed. Why was there a large iron bell inside the storage?

The iron bell was as tall as a person, and should weight more than one thousand jin. The surface was covered in yellow rust. After wiping the rust, there were a few words and a drawing revealed below.

To produce this must rust, this iron bell should have experienced a very long time.


Feng Feiyun was trying to identify the writings and drawing, then he smelled a strange ordor. This odor was quite faint, and if Feng Feiyun’s sense of smell was not amazing, then he definitely wouldn’t have been able to recognize this smell.

“This is the smell of blood coming from inside the iron bell.”

Feng Feiyun came up with a possibility in his head.

This huge iron bell was originally placed in a pond full of blood, and soaked in it for too long, so the surface was stained with rust. For unknown reasons, this iron bell was fished out from the pond and brought to this place.

Who in the world brought this huge iron bell here, and why?

“Jian Era… 38th year, from the Ji Clan’s ancestral hall, Gui Ying bestowed by the heaven, take the False Green Blood… Some kind of treasures, cannot understand any of this!”

Feng Feiyun could read some of the blurry words above, and identified some parts of it but could not understand the overall meaning.

The only clue was the 38th year of the Jian Era. But this is an era from more than a thousand years ago. When Feng Feiyun read the “History of the Godly Jin Dynasty”, he had inadvertently seen the name of this era before.

Many great things happened during the Jian Era, so Feng Feiyun had some impressions. But he only remembered that this was the name of the era one thousand years ago, but not sure how much older. He would have to read it again to find out what exactly happened.

“Ancestral Hall of the Ji Clan, Ji Clan… Oh! I think I have heard of this before, why does it sound so familiar, aiyzz! Nevermind, why think about it so much! The right path is to cultivate first. Those two sisters are not simple ah! Green hair and eyes along with long claws, what kind of existence is this. I have never heard of a demon race like this. Maybe they aren’t demons, but also not humans. Could it be that they cultivated a strange merit law?”

Feng Feiyun really wanted to calm his mind to cultivate, but the image of Ji Xiaonu’s transformation remained in his head, and was truly frightening, even more than a ghost that had just crawled out from a grave.

“Big sister, why do you want to keep him behind. Could it be that you really trust his words? You cannot trust men’s words.”

Ji Xiaonu perched her lips and was a bit angry.

Ji Xinnu gently smiled and said:

“Foolish little sister, we are hiding here, and naturally hope that the less people know, the better.”

“Yet you still let him stay.”

Ji Xiaonu puzzlingly said.

“This is because he said he was a Treasure Seeking Master!”

Ji Xinnu’s expression carried a strange glint, as if she was thinking about something.

“Come on, big sister, so you do really believe his nonsense. If he is really a Treasure Seeking Master, then I will kneel to him and call him master.”

Ji Xiaonu said in a disdain manner.

Ji Xinnu shook her head and answered:

“I actually somewhat believe him. Today I went to sell the medicinal grasses, and secretly went to grandpa Sun and gave him the bloody colored stone. He was frightened at that moment, and said that there was a magical grass inside the stone, worth a few millions coins. This was a medicinal item that cultivators wish for. Only someone with experience sights or sensitive spirit awareness, or a Treasure Seeking Master would be able to find it.”

“This actually happened ah?”

Ji Xiaonu continued:

“There is no spirit energy on the beggar, and he had mortal eyes, yet he was able to find this mysterious grass. Could he really be a Treasure Seeking Master?”

“Even if he wasn’t a real Treasure Seeking Master, then he definitely still has some grasp on certain abilities of a Treasure Seeking Master.”

Ji Xinniu with a complex look in her eyes continued:

“Grandpa Sun said that people who are capable of learning some means of a Treasure Seeking Master would have the talents to become one. Not one would even appear in a million people. If we let him study the “Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record”, then his future potential might be great, and would be able to help us…”

She wanted to speak more but paused because of certain taboos, and didn’t dare to say outloud.

“Does grandpa Sun wants to give him the “Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record”? This is absolutely impermissible. In the eyes of outsiders, Treasure Seeking Masters are only people who search for spirit treasures and materials, but only the experts know that Treasure Seeking Masters are the ones who travel between the gap of the Yin and Yang, able to see the Heaven’s Fortune, excavate ancient burials, destroy the Murderous Worlds, stabilize the Yang World’s Three Strange and Yin World’s Three Evil. If he successfully cultivates the “Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record”, then wouldn’t he specialize in suppressing us?”

Ji Xiaonu continuously shook her head. She felt that Feng Feiyun was not simple, and couldn’t be trusted.

Ji Xinnu replied:

“Wanting to suppress the Yang World’s Three Strange and Yin World’s Three Evil, even a seventh ranked Treasure Seeking Master wouldn’t be able to do it, plus grandpa Sun is still here. Unless he was able to cultivate the “Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record” to the realm of “Seeing through the heavens above and earth below”, he wouldn’t be to accomplish anything anyway. Don’t you ever think about these days of hiding? If he could actually cultivate the record successfully, and go to the Yang World to eliminate… that existence.. How great would it be, ah!”

There was a glimmer of light in Ji Xiaonu’s eyes, and she hesitatingly said:

“Grandpa Sun also had this thought?”

Ji Xinnu nodded her head, and sentimentally said:

“Grandpa Sun had lived for too long. He told me that he didn’t know how many days he will last to protect us, so he really want to meet the little brat once.”

“Grandpa Sun is still living on the cliff?”

Ji Xiaonu asked.

“He moved down to the gravestone area. He finished carving it for many hundred years now, and it is about time for it to be useful!”

“Aizz! It seems like old grandpa won’t live for much longer, and is step by step going to his burial. The next time he moves would be into the grave on top of the cliff.”

Ji Xiaonu said.

“Yang World Three Strange, Great Emptiness Strange, all came from the same painting. Where they are carved are their home. Not like us, even when we die, not even a trace will be left behind. This is the real sorrow!”

Ji Xinnu lamented.

If Feng Feiyun was standing here right now, then he would certainly not understand what they were saying. What kind of existence is grandpa Sun, Great Emptiness Strange? A painting?

There were some mysterious things in this world that not even cultivators were aware of. For example, the Yang World’s Three Strange and the Yin World’s Three Evil, only the most mysterious Treasure Seeking Masters in this world would come in contact with these beings.

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