Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 106

Spirit Vessel Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Killing Intent

When the dusk was descending, the trio finally left the Wang Wu Mountain and entered a small old town. The bustling of the crowd was slowly resounding in their ears.

They finally made it to Green Maple Town.

Even though the town was small, but it had everything!

Feng Feiyun had been here for five days, and was gradually adapting to everything.

With his eyes closed and legs crossed while his hands were folded slightly in front of his chest, lights were condensing in his hands, exuding some sparkling lights. His palms slowly pushed outward and unleashed a strike three meters away, hitting an iron bell as big as a head creating a buzzing sound.

He recalled his palms and opened his eyes!


“Finally restored three parts of my power!”

Feng Feiyun helt the blood in his body flowing everywhere and his veins were filled with spirit energy.


The door of the wood storage room was opened, letting a ray of sunshine in.

“Hey, still alive?”

Ji Xiaonu stood at the door while loudly asking Feng Feiyun.
“Can’t die just yet, still alive. At this moment, I feel as strong as a dragon or a tiger, and can even knock down an ox.”

Feng Feiyun jumped up from the haystack, and was laughing nonstop.

Ji Xiaonu glared at him, and then coldly said:

“If this is the case, then you can go now, right?”

“Go? Go where?”

Feng Feiyun pretended to not know anything.

“You ate and sleep for free at my house for five days, don’t tell me you want to keep on freeloading?”

Ji Xiaonu never saw eye to eye with Feng Feiyun, and wished that she could kick him out even sooner.

But Ji Xinnu was a very kind girl, and had always taken care of Feng Feiyun. Even though Ji Xiaonu was unruly, but she also never went against her sister’s words.

While her sister was out selling herbs, Ji Xiaonu decided to go behind her back and chase Feng Feiyun away.

Before returning to peak condition, how could Feng Fei Yun leave. Even if it was shameless, he would still stay behind. This place was far away from the cultivation world and was an opportune haven for him.

After the battle at the Jing Huan Mountain, Feng Fei Yun’s reputation was thunderous, but many cultivators knew his appearance. Once someone recognized him, then it would bring about countless pursuers.

Before reaching peak condition, it was better for him to not show his face in the cultivation world.

“Miss Xiaonu, I won’t be a freeloader for you two girls. If there was any menial hard work later, just leave it to me!”

Feng Feiyun sat down on the floor again.

“What do you mean?”

“What can I mean, I’m not planning to leave. I want to stay behind to take care of you guys, two beautiful young girls living together is very dangerous ah! It is really not fine for this house to not have a man!”

Feng Feiyun began to exclaim.

Ji Xiaonu’s eyes were showing a hint of impatience, it seemed like big sister really brought home a scoundrel. This bastard was probably lusting after our beauty, there would be trouble sooner or later if we keep him behind.

He was definitely was not a good person, could be a desperate thief on the run!

Green Maple Town was at the boundary of the Fire Beacon City so each year, there are many escapists using this route to escape into the Fire Beacon City. This beggar could be such a person.

A murderous thought appeared in Ji Xiaonu’s mind. Anyone that could survive in this town, even a young girl, all greatly value caution. Meeting a bad person, they would preemptively take action, otherwise the ones harmed would be themselves.

A cold wind blew forward causing Feng Feiyun to shiver. He felt the killing intent!

A girl with killing intent, was truly not simple. Feng Feiyun felt that this problem was a bit extraordinary. Even though his head was still down, but he peeked from the corner of his eye quickly towards the door.

The originally fragile girl’s eyes turned into a strange green. Even her long black hair turned green as well, and her fingernails quickly grew longer and sharper. Without a doubt, a claw from his hand would be enough to tear people into pieces.

How did a girl in the middle of nowhere without any cultivation suddenly turned into such a frightening shape!

The killing intent increasingly intensified and colder like ice. Even though Feng Feiyun was sitting on the ground with his head down, but his finger had already made a seal. If she truly took action, then he could only make a move first.

“Xiaonu, what are you guys talking about?”

Rapid footsteps came from the outside. Ji Xinnu had came back and she was quickly coming.
Feng Feiyun dispersed the seal in his hand and the chilling murderous intent also disappeared in the blink of an eye. When Feng Feiyun lifted his head, Ji Xiaonu turned into an innocent little girl with black eyes and hair again, as if everything he saw earlier was just an illusion.

Was it just an illusion?

“Big sister, why are you back so soon?”

Ji Xiaonu grabbed her sister’s arm and revealed a brilliant smile.

With a reproachful expression in her eyes, Ji Xinnu’s lips slightly moved. She was naturally scolding her, but there was no sound coming out.

She finally sighed and shook her head then went inside the wood storage. She gently smiled:

“Did Xiaonu scare you earlier?”

“What? No way! Big sister Xinnu, what are you talking about ah? Xiaonu is so cute like this, how can she scare me?”

Feng Feiyun stared blankly, as if he didn’t know anything.

Although Ji Xinnu was mild-mannered with a faint smile on her face, but her beautiful eyes from start to finish was carefully observing each of Feng Fei Yun’s every move. She wanted to confirm whether he truly didn’t see anything or not.

If Feng Fei Yun revealed a slightly abnormal hint, then this gentle and lovable big sister Xinnu would kill him without any hesitation.

Ji Xinnu slightly glanced at Ji Xiaonu and was met by a gentle head shake, as if Xiaonu was telling her that Feng Feiyun didn’t see anything.

At this moment, she finally calmed down and smiled:

“That’s good then, that’s good, this brat Xiaonu grew up without parents so I always doted on her, which is why she is a little unreasonable and unruly, you shouldn’t blame her right away.”

“How could I blame my savior. In fact, I think I should be taking my leave, if I stay here any longer, I might be affecting the relationship between you two sisters!”
Feng Feiyun felt a sense of dread from the transformation earlier of Ji Xiaonu.

One had to know that he had the soul of a phoenix, and his spiritual sense was very accurate. Due to the side effect of the ancient pill, his spirit sense weakened but it absolutely shouldn’t have been unable to find anything strange about these two. This meant that these two sisters were not simple, truly not simple.

A pair of poor sisters, older one at sixteen years old and younger one at fourteen years old, was capable of surviving independently in an inhabitable city such as the Fire Beacon City. Not only this, they often traveled to the mountain as well, this was definitely not something ordinary girls could do.

Just this alone revealed the unusual situation, but Feng Feiyun had not thought of it before. But the killing intent earlier was real along with the green eyes, green hairs, and those sharp claws giving Feng Feiyun an intensifying ominous feeling.

There seemed to be a problem ah!

Cannot stay in this place any longer!

“Earlier you didn’t want to leave when I tried to kick you out, how come you suddenly want to leave?”

Ji Xiaonu exposed a glimmering sense of doubts in her eyes. She also came in and stared at Feng Feiyun with her jet-black round eyes.

She squat on the right hand side of Feng Feiyun, and placed her small hand gently on his soulder. Even though she transformed earlier, but Feng Feiyun was sitting on the ground with his head down, truly didn’t see anything.

But why did he suddenly want to leave, what would be the explanation for this?

Could he really saw my transformation earlier, so he wanted to leave out of fear? If this is the case, then absolutely couldn’t let him leave this place alive!

This matter had grave implication. Even the normally gentle and pleasant Ji Xinnu raised some suspicions at this moment. If this beggar actually knew, then they could never let him leave this place.

“Yea, why do you suddenly have to go ah? You aren’t completely well yet. Plus you don’t have a home to go back to, so where can you go?

Ji Xinnu also stared at him intensely, and slowly placed her jade hand on his other shoulder.
Her voice was still soft like before, and her smile was full of kindness!

Two beautiful girls, sitting left and right of him. Plus they were both charmingly staring at him. Their jade hands were on his shoulders in a very intimate manner. Any man in this scenario would have laugh out loud and hugged them into his arms.

But Feng Feiyun felt as if there were two centipedes crawling over his body. At this moment, if he said the wrong words, then these slender jade hands of theirs on his shoulder would directly tear him in half.

Their eyes continuously blinked but they never averted their gaze from Feng Feiyun, and only wanted a reasonable explanation. If Feng Feiyun couldn’t come up with anything, then this meant that their identities have been revealed, and he must die!”

“I… Why, why did I want to leave, it is, it is because… I found that I…”

Feng Feiyun stuttered, and his face became redder and redder, all the way to his neck. He slowly lowered his head, as if he was mustering all of his courage then finally said:

“I… I found that I like big sister Xinnu, I really cannot restraint this love in my heart. After you saved my life next to the small stream in the mountain, and along the way, I always silently remembered it in my heart. Sometimes emotions just come so suddenly, and I was not prepared. I know that in big sister Xinnu’s eyes, I am just a beggar. You save me because you pitied me. But I can’t extricate myself… can’t help myself from falling in love with you.”

Feng Feiyun bitterly shook his head, and bitterly smiled till tears, and said:

“I know I am not worthy of you, and you don’t think much of me. Compared to sitting in the wood storage every night tormented by love, I rather leave this place early. Xiaonu is right, I cannot linger in this place. I am a trash and a freeloader, but… even if I leave this place, I will never be able to forget you. You are engraved in my heart, and carved into my bones. Big sister Xinnu, am I foolish? You want to tell me to leave this place, right?”

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