Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 95

Spirit Vessel Chapter 95

Chapter 95 : Being a Good Man is Difficult

Feng Fei Yun stood on top of the ruined buddhist temple. He walked on a one hundred zhang high golden dome that was made from copper tiles. His black hair freely draped downward while his white robe was stained with drops of blood, giving off a chilling presence.

He stood straight in an awe-inspiring manner while the mysterious and ancient Dragon Horse River Diagram floated on top of his head.

The head of the Evil Fire Body was destroyed by the Invincible Buddhist Staff, but it didn’t harm the actual body of the Huo Tuo Tuo. Another giant head immediately converged together and grew out from the neck.

After being suppressed in the Godly Capital’s prison for many hundred years, could it be that the cultivation world has become so powerful that even a junior would have such frightening battle prowess?

Huo Tuo Tuo was an evil demon since the old times. He threw three moves against this junior, but he couldn’t suppress the opponent, and instead, his Evil Fire Body was almost shattered by him. It made him wondered if his cultivation had fallen from before.

“Kshhh Kshhh!”

In the far distance, on the high buddhist pagoda, a tawny broken window was opened. Monk Jiu Rou was standing next to the window. With his eyes as big as bronze bells, he stared towards the horizon and slightly nodded his head:

“This brat is indeed something else. He has an ancient aura and willpower that is no less than a Ju Qing. The son of the Evil Demon truly cannot be understood by others.”

The medicinal effect of the fourth rank ancient pill was extremely powerful and could increase the power of a cultivator to the half Ju Qing rank in a short amount of time. However, for a cultivator at the Immortal Foundation, to control the power of a half Ju Qing was extremely difficult.

In the end, cultivation was a process to harness the power of the mind. If the willpower of a person was unable to match the strength of the cultivation, then they wouldn’t be able to exert the true power of a half Ju Qing. An ordinary person being able to exert one fifth of the power would have been quite amazing.

However, Feng Fei Yun was not only able to use this half Ju Qing’s power, but he was also able to surpass it like a real Ju Qing. His battle power was not any lesser compared to an experienced Ju Qing like Huo Tuo Tuo, who had been famous for hundreds of years.

“This brat actually managed to activate the formation of the Invincible Buddhist Staff! It’s no wonder why he could fight against Huo Tuo Tuo, but how did he do it?”

There was a curious expression on Monk Jiu Rou’s face. However, no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t come up with the reasons, so he attributed it to the miraculousness of being the son of the Evil Demon.

After all, the Jin Dynasty had expelled all of the demons. In this area of the world, there had not been any demons appearing for a long time. Feng Fei Yun could be considered the only human with the blood of a demon running in his blood for the past few thousand years.

A person whose body had both the blood of man and demon flowing inside!

Many people were extremely fearful of the evil demons, but they were also very curious about their powers. They felt that Feng Fei Yun definitely had different capabilities than a pure human.

Monk Jiu Rou shared this same notion.

Feng Fei Yun glanced towards the yellow ancient well. The light from its mouth was ejecting at an increasing higher rate. More than one thousand faint rays rushed outward, causing Xiao Niu Lan, who was bathed in the rays, to seemingly become more and more like a fairy. Lights appeared in her skin and there was a hint of pinkness on her cheeks, as if the blood had began to flow through all of the cells in her body.

Even though there were five Ju Qings attacking the ancient formation, they couldn’t break through the light and were stopped outside. They were unable to take a single step forward.

At this time, everyone felt the hatred exuding from Xiao Niu Lan’s body. This was a resentment against the entire world. When she revived, she would absolutely become an Evil Woman of Destruction.

Previously, the Ju Qings were only thinking about how to steal the two supreme Buddhist Treasures, but at the moment, they felt a sense of danger and urgency. They didn’t want Xiao Niu Lan to actually revive.

In the end, this was the area of the Grand Southern Prefecture. These Ju Qings were all ancestors of the great powers that resided within this area. They were afraid that, once she revived, she would begin her destruction, starting at the Grand Southern Prefecture’s cultivation world. At that moment, there wouldn’t be anyone or any great powers that could be her match. The entire prefecture would transform into hell!

Thus, these Ju Qings didn’t stop their attacks on the yellow ancient well even after the Na Lan Buddhist Robe came into being. Their hearts were frightened of the Evil Woman’s recovery.

Only Huo Tuo Tuo was not worried about this matter because he was the Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple. The Sen Luo Temple was not located in the Grand Southern Prefecture, so he wouldn’t be worried about a sect-destroying calamity. He was completely free to attack Feng Fei Yun and Feng Jian Xue, and he was hellbent on stealing the Na Lan Buddhist Robe. As for whether Xiao Niu Lan lived or died, it had little impact on him.

“Jian Xue… No, Xue Jian, I will open a hole for you. As for whether Xiao Niu Lan can be suppressed or not, I’m counting on you.”

Feng Fei Yun flew down from the buddhist rooftop and caught Na Lan Xue Jian’s jade-like hand, then he took her towards the ancient yellow well. When they were one hundred zhang outside, Feng Fei Yun suddenly stopped, paused for a moment, then said:

“If it is impossible to suppress her, then turn back and escape. There is no need to force it.”

The reason why Feng Fei Yun said this was because he remembered the abbot’s entrustment before he died. Even until the very end, he didn’t want to kill Xiao Niu Lan.

Even though her entire body was surrounded by hatred, this did not mean that she will absolutely become an Evil Woman. Maybe she will also have a good side.

“Juniors, the Na Lan Buddhist Robe belongs to the virtuous. This old man will get it for sure, today.”

Huo Tuo Tuo screamed as he was approaching. Each of his steps left huge footprints on the ground that were many feet long. These footsteps were burnt by his fire until the prints were pitch black, leaving holes that were several feet deep in the ground.

Feng Fei Yun pushed Na Lan Xue Jian towards the yellow ancient well, and he took a sudden step forward. He stomped onto the ground to erect a wall made out of dirt, and this temporarily stopped the advancement of the Evil Fire Body.

Because Na Lan Xue Jian was wearing the Na Lan Buddhist Robe and stepped on the Nine Layers Buddhist Lotus Formation, the light exuded from the yellow ancient well essentially couldn’t stop her path. Even the bloody heart on top of Xiao Niu Lan didn’t try to attack her.

She gently approached inside the ancient land. The formation below her emitted waves of lights, opening the path for her to come closer to the yellow ancient well.


The Evil Fire Body had destroyed the wall and his giant foot stomped downward!

Feng Fei Yun also flew up and directly attacked with the Invincible Buddhist Staff. The thirty six formations activated at the same time and turned into thirty six giant magical rings; they had a radius of several dozen meters. The rings first approached the giant foot and slowly entrapped the Evil Fire Body into the formation.

At this moment, Na Lan Xue Jian had just went inside the light. Feng Fei Yun will absolutely not let anyone disturb her; even a Ju Qing wouldn’t be able to take a single step forward.


The Evil Fire Body destroyed the shackles and it became more violent and ferocious. It knocked Feng Fei Yun flying with one fist, causing the flesh on his arm and chest to be ripped apart as blood freely flowed out.

In the end, Huo Tuo Tuo was a Ju Qing and Feng Fei Yun was only equal to a half Ju Qing, so there was a gap between the two.

“How did she get into the light? What is she doing in there?”

The sound of Huo Tuo Tuo appeared from inside the Evil Fire Body; it almost sounded like a growl. Wave after wave of sounds approached Feng Fei Yun, causing his hair to fly wildly and his robe to violently flap in the wind.

Huo Tuo Tuo felt that this matter was not ordinary. After all, several Ju Qings couldn’t destroy this light, but this little girl was able to easily enter. Others couldn’t help but become suspicious of the reason.

Not only Huo Tuo Tuo, but many people here had worrying expressions. Some thought that Na Lan Xue Jian was here to help the revival of the female corpse to destroy all of the people in this place, and maybe even all existences.

Other people speculated that Na Lan Xue Jian was here to steal the cultivation of the female corpse, and to take advantage of her not yet being revived and steal her body.

In the end, everyone had their own thoughts. They felt that Feng Fei Yun was scheming for his own benefits, that he was using this woman to steal the dao foundation of the female corpse in order to control a supreme master and become a tyrant in the cultivation world.

“We can never let this son of the Evil Demon accomplish his objective. I believe that this young woman is a chess piece for Feng Fei Yun. He wants to capture the thousand year old female corpse to increase his own cultivation. If he can control the thousand year old female corpse, then the entire Grand Southern Prefecture will be lost in his hands.”

A mocking expression appeared in the Feng’s eighth elder’s eyes as he loudly advocated a conspiracy theory.

After this exclamation, the unfriendly gazes increased in number. Moreover, Feng Fei Yun was the son of the Evil Demon so many people instinctively wanted to exclude him. Thus, when the eighth elder spoke, everyone became outraged.

The five Ju Qings that were attacking the yellow ancient well stopped as well. They also saw the young woman entering the light. The young woman was a supreme beauty that wore the Na Lan Buddhist Robe while riding a Nine Layers Buddhist Lotus Formation. With an air of otherworldliness, she was indescribable with words.

She was truly the embodiment of purity and goodness. At least, on the surface, everyone felt this way.

However, she was also the same person who came out of the buddhist pagoda along with Feng Fei Yun. She was a pure and holy woman, but Feng Fei Yun was the son of the Evil Demon. Many people suspected that Feng Fei Yun was using her as a pawn.

The six Ju Qings were no longer attacking the well, and instead, surrounded Feng Fei Yun in the center.


Six majestic auras squeezed a nearby buddhist hall to immediately collapse into ruins. The golden buddhist statues were all pressured into strange shapes, and the glazed tiles were ground into powders.

Being a good man was difficult! At this moment, Feng Fei Yun understood the deep meaning behind these words!

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