Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 70

Spirit Vessel Chapter 70

Chapter 70 : Thunder from a Clear Sky


The sabre technique of Du Shou Gao was frighteningly fast. Once he made a move, it would shock the heaven and earth and precedents of failure were virtually none.

The runes made by the staff on the ground were easily cut through by the sabre’s edge and it brushed up against Feng Fei Yun’s chest, like a horrific technique that was unable to be dodged.

Fast! Swift! Rapid!

This was the attack from Du Shou Gao that was impossible for others to guard. Feng Fei Yun could only drag his staff back and retreat. However, backing off any more would lead him back to Jing Huan Mountain, and Du Shou Gao’s speed in that terrain would only be even more unpredictable.


Feng Fei Yun’s eyes were perceptively fast like lightning. He suddenly stomped on the ground and moved the staff in his hand. With his hands raised, a powerful strike erupted.

The iron rings at the top of the staff hitting each other created jingling sounds and set off golden sparks.

“Clank clank!”

The strength of the staff was great; it was more than ten thousand jin and it directly pounded on Du Shou Gao’s sabre of the spirit treasure rank, causing the spirit sabre to cry a lamenting roar. The spirit awareness on the blade were several parts broken and lost some of its spiritual lights.


Du Shou Gao let out a painful bellow. The skin on his hand was cracked, leaving a bloody line.

The power of the staff was truly too strong. Even with his intermediate God Base cultivation, he had no way of blocking it and was struck with unstable blood energies, along with trembling internal organs. The bones in his arms were paralyzed, as if they were completely fractured.

Du Shou Gao’s movement normally was impossible to be traced but it couldn’t escape the Phoenix Heavenly Gaze of Feng Fei Yun. After identifying his whereabouts, Feng Fei Yun openly made a move and continuously attacked Du Shou Gao.

With one successful strike, Feng Fei Yun naturally wouldn’t give him a chance to rest. He channeled his spirit energies and exerted the complete power of the Invincible Buddhist Staff. Each strike was as powerful as the bursting of thunders, an unstoppable presence in the sky.

Du Shou Gao’s shadow was like a ghost, moving back and forth like the falling leaves during autumn. He could still escape some of the unstoppable blows from the Invincible Buddhist Staff. His sabre techniques were also extraordinarily refined, like a spirit serpent traveling through the void, making it difficult for Feng Fei Yun to successfully attack while avoiding Du Shou Gao’s exchanges.

Once his sabre made contact, death would be the only outcome!

Therefore, even though Feng Fei Yun had the upper hand, just the slightest bit of carelessness would result in his death under Du Shou Gao’s sabre.

“Du Shou Gao, it seems as if your sabre isn’t that fast?””

Feng Fei Yun’s hands quickly swung the Invincible Buddhist Staff and his momentum became increasingly powerful, like a raging bull.

Du Shou Gao didn’t bother to answer. Suddenly, he closed his eyes and partially kneeled to the ground. With both hands gripping his blade handle, he slammed the edge into the ground and numerous sabre energies pierced through the surface, turning into endless blades that bursted up to the sky.

“Whoosh, whoosh…!”

In his heart, Feng Fei Yun knew this was bad. A strand of murderous aura and crisis inched closer. He quickly flew away from the ground to avoid this destructive blow of Du Shou Gao, but he was one step too late. The sabre energy emerged near his leg and rushed straight up.

This sabre energy was definitely unblockable and it went through his calf, creating a wound around one feet long. Blood spurted out from his nearly removed calf muscle.

Feng Fei Yun tried to endure the pain that came from his calf and channeled the Invincible Buddhist Staff to go back on the offensive. This strike of his carried a golden aura, along with the power of thunder, and created quite an atmosphere.


Du Shou Gao had no chance to resist the Invincible Buddhist Staff, so his left shoulder was struck and caused the bones to be crushed, creating loud cracking noises.

With the invincible staff in his hand, Feng Fei Yun carried a pale expression and limped in front of Du Shou Gao, then he declared:

“Today will be the day of your death!”

Not only was Du Shou Gao’s arm broken, but even the bones in his body were shattered in multiple places. The spirit energy in his body was chaotic and he definitely was no longer a match for Feng Fei Yun, but his character was extremely determined — although heavily wounded — and he still stood tall to say:

“To Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace’s assassins, being unable to kill someone else naturally means that they do not think about being able to survive.”

Even though Feng Fei Yun respected his determination, the two were enemies. Being merciful to an enemy was the same as being cruel to oneself, so Feng Fei Yun definitely had to take his life.


A thin shadow rushed out from the ground and grabbed Du Shou Gao’s arm, pulling him away. Its speed was extremely fast. In just a few seconds, they traveled several hundred zhang away, then finally stopped.

A person suddenly appeared. Their movement technique was very similar to Du Shou Gao. It was apparent that this was also a top assassin from the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace.

“Feng Fei Yun, it is probably better for you to not chase.”

The figure of the shadow was tall and slender with coldness in her eyes. It turned out to be a young woman.

Of course, Feng Fei Yun couldn’t spare Du Shou Gao. He had to kill him in order to shut his mouth, but he didn’t expect another genius assassin from the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace to appear, and with a cultivation no weaker than Du Shou Gao himself!

This could be a difficult matter!

Feng Fei Yun used spirit energy to seal the wound on his calf and carried his staff over. Then, he smilingly said:

“From the past till now, only this Young Master threatens women. Little Girl, don’t fall into my hands. Otherwise, I will make sure that you will be unable to stand up, hah hah!”

The female assassin gravely said:

“Feng Fei Yun, today, you are a dog with a dead owner, a snail that can’t carry its own shell, yet you still dare to offend our Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace? You are truly not afraid of death!”

Feng Fei Yun slightly frowned and sensed a bad feeling, then he asked:

“What about a dog with a dead owner?”

“Do you still not know that the clan master of the Feng family had sent four heaven defying geniuses to capture you?”

The female assassin was just as cold blooded as Du Shou Gao and carried no emotions in her voice. It was as if she was afraid that Feng Fei Yun wouldn’t understand, so she continued:

“There was someone who came to the Feng clan master and claimed that you had offended a grand character. The clan master kicked you out of the family in order to appease this character and also sent four top geniuses after you.”

Her words were plain, but to Feng Fei Yun, they were as shocking like thunders. Even though he didn’t have a great sense of belonging or loyalty to the Feng family, after hearing this news, it still produced a sense of loss and anxiety.

It was absolutely the whore, Dong Fang Jing Yue, who went to the Feng clan master. Besides her, there was no one else that could pressure the clan master. This had to be the case, it had to be so!

Next time we meet, I will definitely not spare her again.

Even though Feng Fei Yun thought this in his mind, he maintained a calm expression. He didn’t want the two assassins ahead of him to find his weakness. He laughed loudly and said:

“What a joke! How could I trust the words of an assassin? I, Feng Fei Yun, am a talented genius of the Feng family; the Feng clan master wouldn’t have the heart to kick me out of the clan.”

“It is fine if you don’t believe me. I only know that because of this, your grandfather and uncles were affected and are now imprisoned. There are also law enforcement experts of the Feng family coming to Spirit State City to sanction your father. This is the official denunciation order from the Feng family and it is probably spreaded all over Violet Firmament Ancient City by now.”

The assassin took out a ripped order and threw it next to Feng Fei Yun.

Feng Fei Yun’s heart shivered for a moment. After a second of hesitation, he finally picked up the order. It was indeed printed with the Feng family’s official seal.

Feng Fei Yun didn’t bother reading the content of the letter and directly stored it in his chest.

Big families were worried about their faces so the expulsion of children out of these grand families only happened once every few hundred years. Even if it did happen, it would be a very secretive matter so as to not allow others to jeer.

However, this time, these orders from the Feng family were posted all over Violet Firmament Ancient City. This news was too great. Even the female assassin from the palace knew about it. The determination of the Feng family to expel Feng Fei Yun was apparent.

From another angle, it could be said that the whore, Dong Fang Jing Yue, had caused too much pressure towards the Feng family.

“You dare to maneuver against my family, Dong Fang Jing Yue! You are definitely dead!”

The fiery anger in Feng Fei Yun’s heart bursted all the way to his brain. At this moment, he only wanted to rush back to Violet Firmament Ancient City and find the coward, Dong Fang Jing Yue, and rip her body apart.

The female assassin and Du Shou Gao had silently ran away. They turned into two shadowy figures and disappeared in the sky.

Feng Fei Yun silently stood alone and contemplated for a moment. Then, he carried his Invincible Buddhist Staff and ran away at maximum speed.

 Title means unexpected trouble
 This is a phrase meaning a person in a bad circumstance

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