Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 64

Spirit Vessel Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Gathering of Grand Characters

Bao’s Note: A Ju Qing is someone extremely powerful, almost like a Virtuous Paragon in ED.  But this might not necessarily be a power realm.

Everyone was intimidated by the corpse woman that appeared from the ancient well. Though she had been dead for many years, her body was without flaws, and she was even able to recite poems, which caused others to be astonished.

She wore a Buddhist robe but was very different from the monk corpses. Her flesh was still normal, and her features were extremely fine. One could only imagine that before death she was a supreme beauty capable of topping the whole world.

A woman as beautiful as an immortal god at a Buddhist temple, so who could be cruel enough to kill her here? Did they also threw her corpse down this ancient yellow muddy well?

She stood on top of the ancient well, silent, and stared at the Buddhist pagoda at the far distance where there was an immortal flame from the Buddhist candle.

“Third Uncle, do you think this woman is a human or a ghost?”

Feng Zhi Zi had live for more than fifty years but had never seen such a strange thing, so he said:

“There is not a single strand of life on her body, and she emits a bone chilling aura so of course she has been dead for many years, and her life disappeared long ago on the Yellow River.”

“Ah! It’s so unfortunate for such a beautiful woman to have fatefully met her end at this place, being buried in an ancient well after death!”

A protector from the Feng family lamented.

It seemed as if even Dong Fang Jing Yue was touched, as he coldly said:

“The majority of beauties in this world suffer a sad fate. After her death, her beauty remained intact and her body didn’t rot. However, in the end many otherworldly beauties still became old women, and were shunned by others for their age, before ending up dead in small graves as they turn into the yellow earth. Who would remember that when they were younger, they were the most beautiful women in the world?”

When Dong Fang Jing Yue opened her mouth, the three protectors of the Feng family immediately fell silent, and didn’t say anything else.

At this time the third bell came from the Buddhist pagoda, and the woman wearing the monastic robe once again went into the yellow ancient well, disappearing before everyone.

It was as if Heaven’s daughter was buried here, which caused others to lament and not want to leave!

“I said earlier that this well was definitely a corpse water well, so do you believe me now?”

Dong Fang Jing Yue only wanted to convince Feng Fei Yun to take her out of this forbidden ground soon, so she kept telling him to not approach this well.

Feng Fei Yun shook his head, and said:

“No matter how powerful this Buddhist girl used to be, if she was soaked in corpse water for this long then she would have been reduced to bones ages ago. But, after a few thousand years, her body didn’t rot, and she even kept some godly sentiments. Doesn’t this make you feel a little suspicious?”

Even though the girl had submerged into the ancient well again, the smoke and light didn’t dissipate, and the light became even brighter. There was also a faint fragrance emanating from the well that was like the sweet scent of an eighteen year old virgin, like the ultimate aroma of herbs and spirit medicines.

It was as if there really was a great treasure inside the muddy yellow, ancient well!


The ground suddenly shook, and thunder sounded from above.

A white sword aura cut through the dark night, slicing the sky and causing the beasts to roar with its massive presence and frightening aura.

With the godly sword leading the way, a huge beast that towered at ten zhang flew forward, stomping on the sky.
The huge beast was like a small mountain and had the head of a crocodile, the tail of an ancient bird, fish scales as large as a palm that covered its entire body, and there was a pair of giant, scaly wings on its back.

This was an ancestral wind beast, an extremely rare existence with unlimited battle potential!

Even though this ancestral wind beast’s spirit was sentient and had hidden spirit energy, it couldn’t ride a sword to fly in the air.

On the back of the ancestral wind beast was an iron carriage, like a sealed castle, decorated with iron mirrors and white pillars.

Even the curtain of the iron carriage was made out of iron, so the heavy wind couldn’t even blow away a corner. Of course, outsiders couldn’t see who was inside the iron carriage.


The white flying sword aura flew around the godly temple then flew back, before hinging on top of the iron carriage. The brilliant lights of the godly sword were surrounded by a rotating aura that seemed to have its own spirit.

“Such strong pressure, where did this Ju Qing came from?”
(TN1: As far as I know, Ju Qing is a really powerful character – an English translation would be giant power, but that doesn’t sound as cool and will be weird in some sentences)

Feng Fei Yun felt his blood boil, as if there were a giant mountain on top of him.

“This… This is the Sky Breaking Spirit Sword. This is a sect’s protection spirit treasure, could it be… that he came?!”

Feng Zhi Zi was knowledgable, and had guessed the powerful character.

“The Ancestor of the Great Development Immortal Gate, Yue Chong Zi, has arrived!”

A group of Great Development Immortal Gate’s disciples wearing yellow apricot robes rushed out from the darkness. The two disciples that Feng Fei Yun had met before also appeared inside the group.

They rushed straight to the godly underground temple, and stood outside looking at the iron carriage with reverence in their eyes, and shouted in unision:

“We disciples greet the ancestor!”
All the disciples from the Gate immediately kneeled down to the ground.

The calmness had finally been restored.

“I can’t believe that the Mortal Life Cavern also attracted the ancestor of the Great Development Immortal Gate. Yue Chong Zi was a person who obtained the title of Ju Qing three hundred years ago with his Sky Breaking Spirit Sword dominating the Grand Southern Prefecture.”

A protector of the Feng family who had heard of Yue Chong Zi said.

“This is a real Ju Qing who has sealed his sword for more than two hundred years to calmly pursue the immortal Dao. It seems like he must be aware of some secrets regarding this godly temple so he couldn’t wait until his isolated cultivation ended and rushed here.”

Even the arrogant Dong Fang Jing Yue stood silently. In the end a giant power like Yue Chong Zi would always garner respect no matter where he went.


A flame from the west burned out the pitch black night, wave after wave of fire encompassed the Nine Floors Pavilion with enough power to render an ancient castle into ashes.

Another grand character had arrived!

Outside the godly temple the flames burned quickly as the high rolling flames condensed into a large shadow, terrifyingly ferocious with fangs, like a huge demon.

“This person… This person… could it be the former Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple? He was a fierce demon, but he was suppressed in the prison for several hundred years, so how is he still alive?”

Dong Fang Jing Yue’s expression soured greatly as she felt an ancient power pushing down on her.

The cultivation of this demon was extremely high, and he had used his own strength to carry a mountain range that was a few hundred miles long, wanting to destroy the godly capital and challenge the prestige of the Jin Emperor, but he was suppressed by one palm of the Emperor and imprisoned in the thirteenth floor of the prison.

To be able to withstand a strike from the Jin Emperor without dying was already enough to prove the strength of this demon. It was most definitely a powerful Ju Qing.
This was a story from several hundred years ago, but this demon had unexpectedly escaped the prison, and come to this place.

Hearing the ferocious reputation of the demon caused the expressions of the three Feng protectors to become pale, as they broke into a cold sweat.

The fierce reputation of this demon had been passed down for several hundred years, but was still enough to instill shivering fear into others!

The flames became a shadowy figure that was dozens of zhang tall. Its size compared to others was like comparing humans and ants, but the problem was that the ferocious flame was burning even the soil, causing a layer of dense gas.

Earlier it was the ancestor of the Great Development Immortal Gate, now it was the Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple. Both of them had heaven shaking cultivations, so unless it was a major event, it wouldn’t alarm them and force them to appear in this place.

The ancient monk corpses inside the godly temple naturally detected the uninvited guests outside of the temple. They roared loudly and the rotting flesh on their bodies emitted a black smoke, and their hunger for battle was great as angry flames reached the high sky.

At this moment they were no longer chanting Buddhist mantras. It was as if seeing enemies caused them to rush outs of the godly temple, and force the sealing formations outside to activate causing giant explosions.

This impressive scene truly shocked the spectators, for if more than one thousand cultivators at the God Base Realm suddenly made a move all at once, there was absolutely no one that could stop this power, that was enough to paint ten thousand miles with blood.

“Wondrous Wisdom!”

Suddenly, a deep and ancient voice came from the Buddhist pagoda where the Buddhist candle was located, as if there was an old monk chanting.

The sound was so quiet that it made others wonder if they had misheard. In the end, because the ancient temple had been buried for many thousand years, it naturally wouldn’t have a living old monk.

But this old voice was the reason why the raging corpse monks suddenly stopped and withdrew. Each of them sat down again and started to chant with their prayer beads while striking their Buddhist block.
These Buddhist blocks had became tattered pieces, and the prayer beads were also shattered.

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