Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 52

Spirit Vessel Chapter 52

Chapter 52 : The Strategy Surround Wei to Save Zhao

Feng Fei Yun seemed to have expected that she would suddenly make a move as he was even faster. He slightly shifted his neck, and he was able to dodge her sharp fingers. One hand fiercely attacked and struck her jade arm.

Feng Jian Xue didn’t expect Feng Fei Yun’s reaction to be so fast. After all, the both of them were wrapped in the blanket, and they were hugging each other tightly, only separated by a layer of clothes. Under such an intimate situation without distance, he was still able to have time to return the blow.

This could only mean one thing, that he had expected her to make a move earlier!

The flame in the middle of Feng Jian Xue’s brows became even more sprightly. It spread throughout her whole body; even her face started to transform and her facial features became even more meticulously beautiful. Her presence became a bit ethereal, with a layer of mist starting to form around her face.

Compared to the bewitching young man that Feng Fei Yun met the other night, she was quite similar; however, the bewitching young man was wearing male clothing, and he had tied back his hair – extremely handsome. Right now, her hair was a complete loose mess, with flirtatious silky eyes; she could cause all living beings to go crazy.

A person’s temperament and appearance could even change so much!

She suddenly shook her soft figure, wanting to escape from the blanket; however, Feng Fei Yun’s hands were like two serpents gripping her. His hands entwined with her shoulders and her two legs, and then he immediately circled and flipped over her body.

“Who the hell are you? Where did you hide Little Sister Jian Xue?”

Feng Fei Yun had always felt that this person was not like Feng Jian Xue. When she thick-facedly wanted to go with Feng Fei Yun to Jing Huan Mountain, Feng Fei Yun had felt that something was amiss; thus, he decided to force her to show her true colors tonight.

His speculation was not wrong; Feng Jian Xue was indeed the handsome bewitching young man. No, rather, she was a beautiful bewitching young woman.

She restored her original appearance. If she was disguised as a man, she would bewilder all the girls in this world; if she wore women’s clothes, then her blushed features would invite calamities and disasters.

“None of your business!”

Feng Fei Yun tightly hugged her body, sometimes he squeezed her jade like back and sometimes he held her soft and slender legs, so that she had no chance of escaping. It was just as Feng Fei Yun said, her entire body was taken advantage of by him.

Feng Fei Yun naturally didn’t really want to take advantage of her, but her cultivation was higher than his by several levels; if he let her escape the blanket, then, even with a spirit treasure, he would have no path to survival.

If there was no escape, then lets kill this bastard with one palm!

A cold aura bursted from Feng Jian Xue’s eyes. Her slender arms protruded from her clothes, and a large spirit light flew out of her palm, striking Feng Fei Yun’s back.

At this moment, she was surrounded by Fei Yun, this palm was indeed very ingenious.

“Oh, no!”

Feng Fei Yun could feel the energy wave coming furiously from behind, and his spine felt like it was frozen. If he didn’t take action now, then he would definitely die in her hands.

Feng Fei Yun’s expression became serious, and he gazed straight towards the jet black spirited eyes of Feng Jian Xue.

“Feng Fei Yun, you are dead for sure…”

Feng Jian Xue’s words only half came out, and then they suddenly stopped. She felt that her chest area was very breezy. This Feng Fei Yun, there was nothing he wouldn’t do! He stretched out his hands, and he tore the clothing in front of her chest, revealing her milky white dudou.

Feng Fei Yun had forcefully took countless innocent daughters, and he romantically and heroically rode an innumerable amount of women. The citizens of Spirit State City had been calling him the reincarnation of Xiao Yao Jade Emperor Bodhisattva, but, before that, there was the matter of him tearing the clothes off of women. This, he had done plenty of times, so his experience was naturally quite rich.

Tearing off women’s clothing was a living art! Without numerous practices and effort, one couldn’t tear them off with perfection!

Some people used way too little strength, so naturally they couldn’t tear the clothes apart. Some people used way too much power, and it hurt the girl. There were some who didn’t tear at the right location; when they should be tearing off the chest area, they were tearing the back location instead. Clearly, they wanted to tear the dudou off, but they ended up ripping the panties away instead.

If even the panties were ripped off, the last secret would be exposed; where would the delightful pleasure in ripping clothings off go?

These situations above were all mistakes from inexperienced people; Feng Fei Yun naturally wouldn’t commit these mistakes.

He was an experienced and aged man on this Dao!

The story regarding the oil selling old man with the talent of shooting an arrow through a willow leaf from one hundred steps away reminded people that, only as one repeated a task continuously without rest, then they would be familiar with it; they would become the most brilliantly talented person in the field.

This strategy, “surround Wei to save Zhao”, was truly remarkable; just this one action was enough to break through the killing palm of Feng Jian Xue.

“Feng Fei Yun, you’re shameless!”

Feng Jian Xue quickly returned her hands, and she covered her chest. Even though this happened, the chilling aura in her eyes intensified, and her slender jade foot stomped forward, carrying along the power of one thousand jin towards the area below the stomach of Feng Fei Yun.

Feng Fei Yun’s body was spasming from the pain; she truly caused a lot of damage. If this kick was a few parts lower, then the thing of our Young Master Feng — that mounted countless females — with would fall from its godly altar; he was afraid that, if hit, his prized possession would never move again for the remaining half of its life.

A successful kick! Feng Jian Xue naturally kept on with her momentum. Her extremely slender jade legs filled with alluring eroticism still wanted to keep on kicking. She had to successfully kick the treasure of a man.


Feng Fei Yun once again used the strategy “surround Wei to save Zhao”, and he directly ripped her pants. Cough cough, everyone don’t think that our Young Master Feng was committing those sorts of low level mistakes. This was really a sharp reaction, one couldn’t be so conservative with ancient traditions.

A sound of cloth tearing happened between her two legs. It resounded from the thigh area, and, of course, the result was remarkable.

Feng Jian Xue’s legs no longer moved, and, on the contrary, it was clamped really tight. She was afraid that by lifting her legs, a spring sunshine would emerge to bring the world to life.

The both of them stopped, and even their breaths were on hold; they remained still.

However, at this moment Feng Fei Yun was feeling somewhat embarrassed. When he rubbed his palms together, he could feel a sense of warmth on the fingertips; it was as if they had just slipped by the underbrush from deep inside a valley. This lingering sensation made one forget themselves.

“Feng Fei Yun, could you stop being so shameless for a little bit?”

Black lines appeared on Feng Jian Xue’s forehead. One hand was holding her torn shirt and covering her chest, and the other hand was gripping her skirt tightly. She was afraid that, if her skirt was lifted even a tiny bit, Feng Fei Yun would be able to see everything without exception.

“Cough cough! I had no other choice! It was only out of righteous self-preservation!”

Feng Fei Yun was no longer a tiny bit embarrassed. His muscular arms, like a tiger, tightly held Feng Jian Xue’s slender body without any intention of letting go.

Even though Feng Jian Xue was about go to crazy from anger, she couldn’t do anything. If she used a killing technique again, then only god would know the despicable method this turtle, Feng Fei Yun, would employ.

“You… Why do you have three hands?”

Feng Jian Xue couldn’t stay calm. She felt that there was an abnormal thing moving under her abdomen, radiating boiling heat that caused her to feel very uncomfortable. She thought Feng Fei Yun was making a move again, another despicable act.

This time, Feng Fei Yun was really embarrassed. He wasn’t wearing anything at this time and was extremely sensitive. Just a little lack of caution, and the evil flames were born; he was unable to suppress it.

“Cough cough, how could I have three hands. This is because I summoned my extremely powerful magical treasure. If Little Sister dares to make a move, then it won’t be just your clothes torn apart. Be careful or other places would all be torn apart as well.”

“Strongest? Magical treasure?”

Feng Jian Xue’s expression greatly changed as she didn’t expect Feng Fei Yun’s scheme to be so deep. He was still hiding a secret card after all of this.

The magical treasure under her stomach became increasingly hot, like a burning flame; hard and sharp, just like a “dagger”; it was placed three inches below her bellybutton. If she actually made a move, then this “dagger” would pierce through her body.

Sweat permeated through her forehead. She was in such a dangerous situation, the line between life and death, yet Feng Fei Yun was sinister enough to add such an unstoppable killing card.

Even though Feng Fei Yun’s face was thick enough, but to use a “dagger” to threaten a female was a bit too much even for him. Even so, he pretended to be calm, and he said:

“You are not Little Sister Jian Xue; who on earth are you?”

The girl in his grasp was a peerless beauty with the features to stun the whole world. Even though Feng Jian Xue was very beautiful, but, compared to her, she was a few notches below.

Moreover, her cultivation was very high; it was no less than characters of the elder ranking. Feng Jian Xue naturally couldn’t compete. Her temperament was also completely different from Feng Jian Xue; how could they be the same person?

At this moment, her life was in Feng Fei Yun’s hands. Even though she wanted to rebel, her mind was willing; however, her strength was lacking, so she said:

“I am Feng Jian Xue, from the beginning till end, it was always me.”

“Hmph, your words could only be used to fool three year old children.”

Feng Fei Yun naturally didn’t trust her words.

The flame in the middle of Feng Jian Xue’s brows no longer jumped. Her appearance became like Feng Jian Xue again, and the dual pupils appeared in her eyes with a faint sword aura moving between them.

“If I wasn’t Feng Jian Xue, then you would have died countless times!”

Feng Jian Xue’s eyes carried a complex emotion, and she said:

“Last night, Du Shou Gao and I were pursuing you. If I didn’t secretly slow down Du Shou Gao’s hands last night, then, with your current cultivation, do you think you would be able to escape his blade?”

She was not wrong, Du Shou Gao was capable of killing someone of the elder ranking with just one blade. If he used his full strength, then Feng Fei Yun wouldn’t be able to take half a blow from him. Of course, this was under the situation where Feng Fei Yun didn’t use his spirit treasure.

“I was aware that the bamboo block recording the Mortal Life Cavern was in your hands. If I wasn’t Feng Jian Xue, then, since the beginning, I would have killed you and taken the bamboo block at the Hidden Dragon Courtyard; how could you still live until now?”

Feng Jian Xue said.

Feng Fei Yun’s eyes softened up, and he somewhat puzzlingly asked:

“Then why did you do these things?”


Feng Jian Xue gently bit her lips, and some misty tears were in her celestial eyes. She slowly lowered her head, and, buried it in Feng Fei Yun’s chest, she mumbled:

“I’m foolish. You said you remembered when we were younger, we used to play house. I was your new bride, and you were my new groom; the witness was the wild dog sitting at the other street! These words of yours were only meant to fool girls, but I trusted them…”

 Dudou is the historical chinese bras – google if you want ~~
 Author is talking to us, the readers, in one of the lines
 Spring scenery – a glimpse of something intimate, often underwear or private parts of a women

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