Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 42

Spirit Vessel Chapter 42

Chapter 42 : Oriole from Behind!

After nightfall, Violet Firmament Ancient City was lit up by the bright lights and filled with noisy commotions.

Du Shou Gao finally stopped coughing up blood, and he seemingly had enough to drink. He picked up the tablecloth, and he wiped the bloody sword in his hand.

At this moment, a person with a tall and slender demeanor entered the restaurant. Because the shop was in the way of the person’s face, it was not clear whether it was a man or a woman.

Even Feng Fei Yun didn’t see how he had entered the restaurant. When Fei Yun was just a bit distracted, the person was already standing inside.

Feng Fei Yun quickly spat out the chicken bone he was chewing on, and he gazed at the restaurant, wanting to clearly see the figure of the person sitting opposite of Du Shou Gao; however, the person always had a fan in his hand, covering his face.

“Only the younger generation of the Feng family wears this type of black shoes; could it be that Du Shou Gao’s customer was a person from the Feng family?”

Even though he couldn’t see the opponent’s face, the person deliberately wore a robe that would hide his figure; however, the revealed shoes gave Feng Fei Yun a little clue.

“Feng Yu is dead, where is the item?”

The person asked.

Du Shou Gao was sitting upright, and he gazed at the man across from him with a complicated face. He slowly took out the bamboo block from his chest, and he placed it on the table.

The person wanted to take the bamboo block on the table, but Du Shou Gao’s sword moved towards his wrist. If they dared to grab the block, then the sword would immediately cut off his hand.

“Hand over the payment first; one hundred thousand liang of pure gold!”

Du Shou Gao’s voice was as cold as ice, causing even the wind on the table to become frozen.

The hand of the other person suddenly rose to the air, and they let out an unpredictable laughter:

“Fine, I’ll give it to you!”


A large white light came from the wrist of this person and it became a layer of scale armor, blocking Du Shou Gao’s sword. Their other hand took the shape of a dual finger sword, and they pierced straight towards the middle of Du Shou Gao’s eyebrows.

Du Shou Gao was naturally not an ordinary man picked up from the street. His foot stomped once on the ground, and he did a backflip to the outside; within this moment, he still found time to slash one sword into the sky, creating a sword aura.


This one slash completely cut through the entire restaurant. The sword energy shattered the wine jars, wine flasks, and wine cups, causing the air to suddenly be filled with the sensation of wine; the evaporated haze of the alcohol’s fragrance suddenly pervaded half the street.

The bamboo block left on the table was undamaged, and the other person was still sitting in his chair while playing with his face; Feng Fei Yun still couldn’t see his face.

“A fight!”

Feng Fei Yun was rubbing his fists while he stared intently at the bamboo block. The two peak experts both vying for it showed that it was definitely not ordinary; if he could fish in muddy waters and obtain the bamboo block, then nothing could be better.

The other person was not in a rush, and they gently said:

“Du Shou Gao, you are already wounded. You cannot be my match!”

Du Shou Gao, with his sword in his hand, stood ten zhang away and was surrounded by rounds of battle energy; his astonishing pressure formed waves of tornados.

This was a man who was seriously injured?

“There was such an expert like you within the Feng family’s fifth generation; I didn’t see it before.”

Du Shou Gao spoke with hidden implications like he was hinting at something.

“The things you still don’t see are plentiful!”

The other person said.

“To oppose me for a mere one hundred thousand liang of pure gold; this is definitely the most unwise decision you’ve made in your life!”

Du Shou Gao was especially talkative today, at least more than the usual.

“One hundred thousand liang of pure gold to me is not a lot. Killing you is just because you know too much.”

The other person obscurely said.

“This matter of killing for the sake of silencing, I have done many times. I can’t believe that it would happen to me in turn, today!”

Each time Du Shou Gao spoke, his aura became increasingly more powerful. The moment his last word came out, his aura had reached its peak; his figure suddenly disappeared from its spot.

No, it was because the speed was too swift that it gave off the feeling that he had disappeared!

The sword’s aura and the shadow of his figure moved back and forth, wanting to take the life of his opponent with just one blow.

Du Shou Gao’s sword was at the peak of speed, enough to kill a predecessor with the rank of elder, in one sword. His sword had never missed his target, but this time, he pierced into empty space.

The other person’s speed was not any slower compared to him!


Layers of the other person’s figures on top of each created a series of shadows. Their palm struck Du Shou Gao’s sword, and it created a large fiery spark.

A loud sound occurred!

The sword in Du Shou Gao’s hand was cracked, forming many lines like spider webs.


The steel sword was completely broken, and metal scraps fell to the floor, revealing a bloody brilliance. A shadow of a thin sabre appeared.

There was a hidden sabre within the steel sword!


The sabre was faster; even more ruthless and powerful than the sword!

A gentle flick was enough to form a strand of flames along with sabre energy.

“This is… a sabre of the spirit treasure ranking!”

The other person’s voice came with a hint of surprise. It was easy to see that a spirit treasure could still frighten others.

If one could utilize the entire strength of a spirit treasure, it would be comparable to the power of one hundred thousand soldiers; it was capable of fighting against cultivators with a higher rank.

“Hmph! Du Shou Gao, you are heavily wounded! Essentially, you cannot activate the power of the spirit sabre. Even with a spirit treasure in your hand, you will still absolutely die today.”

The other person quickly calmed his mind. If Du Shou Gao was at his full strength with a spirit treasure, then they could only run for dear life; however, at this moment, it was unknown when Du Shou Gao would fall down. The other person was not even a little afraid.

“Then you are gravely wrong… Hah? Where is the bamboo block?”

Du Shou Gao’s voice was accompanied by astonishment.

The other person also gazed at the table. The bamboo block was no longer there, and there was only the bones of a half eaten chicken on top of the empty table.

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole from behind! Such a good oriole!”

Du Shou Gao naturally knew the value of the bamboo block. His gaze swept all over the place, and he finally found a clue. With the sabre in his hand, he rushed towards the far distance in the dark night, and he began his chase; his feet stomped the rooftop tiles, causing them to fly dozens of meters high.

The other person put away their fan. Their face was covered by a layer of dense mist so people couldn’t clearly tell whether they were a man or a woman. Even their age was unknown.

“Tsk tsk! To be able to take the bamboo block in front of my eyes, this person’s capability is not ordinary.”

Finished saying these words, the other person gently patted his clothes and stomped on the rooftop towards the direction of Du Shou Gao, giving chase.

Feng Fei Yun was urgently escaping. No matter whether it was a large street or small alleyways, he didn’t hesitate to quickly passed through them; it was as if he was running away from robbers.

There was no other way. There were two gods of death quickly chasing from behind. Just a little bit slower, and he would die under their blades.

Chase, still chasing, and even more chasing, all the way to the inner city!

Du Shou Gao and the mysterious person became increasingly closer. One could hear the sounds of breaking wind coming from their swift movements to catch up.


Du Shou Gao waved the sabre in his hand, and a strand of sabre energy crossed the sky like a small fiery dragon.


The sleeve of Feng Fei Yun was cut. If he didn’t quickly dodge, then it would have been his neck and not just a corner of his sleeve.

A chilling energy, filled with strong killing intent, rose from the top of his head, causing Feng Fei Yun’s heart to shiver. His body suddenly rushed towards the side, and he jumped over a high wall, entering a mansion in order to dodge the surely mortal blow.

This move was not from Du Shou Gao, but from the mysterious person from the Feng family. This person’s cultivation was not under Du Shou Gao.

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