Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 28

Spirit Vessel Chapter 28

Chapter 28 : Who is the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess

Inside Spirit State city, the morning lingered white fogs with a hint of wetness!

Each strand of grass on the sideroad was bent downward from morning dew. A big dog ran out from a small alley, with a bone in its mouth, and ran into a bush, then rolled up and ate the bone.

The Grindstone Alley began to bustle with noise and excitement, the street vendors had already pushed their carts to the great streets and small alleys, the sound of wheels rolling created a rhythmic sound “kuang kuang ta ta” like the bellowing of the wind.

Everyone was heavily shouting in order to guarantee their survival.

This was their way of life; peaceful and ordinary.

However, in this world, there were always some people who wanted to be ordinary, but were destined to embark on an extraordinary road.

“Come drink tea, come drink tea, each bowl one bronze coin! Hua Mao Feng, Zhu Jian Cui, Jing Tou Ya Zi, one bronze coin for one big bowl!”

A clear youthful voice came out from the tea house.

One could see a little girl who wore a little hemp dress. She leaned against a wooden pole, her bright blinking eyes stared at everyone who passed by the teahouse, and she yelled:

“Uncle, uncle, come drink a bowl of tea, one bowl one bronze coin!”

“Grandma, come drink tea!”


Xiao Yu Er perched her little lips, her fingers pinched her sleeves; she had a face full of disappointment. It wasn’t even six o’clock, and she had already woken up to brew the tea, but once the sun had risen, she still hadn’t sold a single bowl.

“Yu Er, are you tired?”

Old Man Luo asked lovingly with some pity in his heart.

The old man stepped forward with a staggered pace, and used a towel to wipe the sweat off her forehead.

“I’m not tired, not tired, Yu Er is not even a little bit tired.”

Xiao Yu Er hastily provided support for the old man with her hands at once.

Old Man Luo couldn’t help but to heavily sigh after seeing her strong, yet stubborn, expression, and he said:

“Sometimes business will have on and off seasons; the business is no good today, but it will slowly get better.”

“Grandpa, don’t be too worried. Last time, young master Feng had left behind fifteen gold coins which are enough to last us for more than ten years. Even if business is bad, we won’t have to worry about being starved to death.”

Xiao Yu Er said.

Old Man Luo was a bit alarmed and furrowed his brows. His eyes, with a touch of curiosity, stared intently at his granddaughter. He hesitated for a moment, then said:

“Since you reminded me, young master Feng, outside of his romances, is a real hero. He was able to lead the soldiers to destroy the Eagle Claw gang; even the villain, San Ye. They all had to pay for their crimes on the spot. Now, the entire Spirit State city is clamoring all about the deeds of young master Feng. I heard from Ma Ban Xian, from the Cheng Huang Temple, that young master Feng was the reincarnation of Xiao Yao Jade Emperor Bodhisattva. His first-born child would be heavenly blessed with the body of an immortal; in the future, young master Feng will accomplish one great thing, complete the Dao, and become a celestial – this matter was written in the stars.”

After Feng Fei Yun’s destruction of the Eagle Claw gang, he became the grand hero of Spirit State city, the number one character. All of the evil things, like oppressing males and bullying females in the past, were now considered as bold romanticism and heroically straightforward.

Of course, there were even some busybodies that boasted Fei Yun to be a grand immortal, a buddha who came down to earth in order to accumulate merits and spread the religious scripture – there were all kind of different comments.

In any case, young master Feng’s achievement was being exaggerated even more by the people. Some said that his foot stepped on a Seven Star Lotus, and the top of his head was engraved with an Eight Jewel Seal. In the future, he was bound to be successful with promotions, marry one hundred thousand wives, and live for three thousand and five hundred years as a carefree immortal, vacationing in this world.

“Yu Er, right now, everyone is boasting that the reason young master Feng became enlightened to all things was because of your influence. Could it be… that you are the reincarnation of a certain Buddha?”

Old Man Luo’s pair of eyes became apprehensive. He stood up straight and observed Yu Er with a serious and solemn gaze.

“Grandpa, people will always continue to change. Although, in the past, young master Feng had committed many evil acts, he was slothful and lazy; but recently, he had repented and changed in order to start from the beginning, and knows how to properly act towards others. However, this person does not have anything to do with Yu Er.”

Xiao Yu Er’s fingers lightly touched her chin. In her head, appeared the image of Feng Fei Yun killing for the first time because of her. At that moment, young master Feng was extremely stylish.

“I had only met him twice, why did he stand up for me? Maybe it was just like everyone else was saying; he was changed by me, or maybe it’s because he… he likes me. Not only cutting off the hand of brother Wu, but also led people to destroy the Eagle Claw gang, could it all be because of me? Bah! Bah! Silly girl, have you no shame! His eyes must be so high, he is the… the reincarnation of Xiao Yao Jade Emperor Bodhisattva. With such a high status, how could he favor a foolish little girl like you?”

“Yu Er, Yu Er…”

Old Man Luo saw that she was lost in thought, and continuously called for her.

“Uhh… what? Grandpa, what is the matter?”

Xiao Yu Er’s slender face blushed brightly with a vacant expression.

Old Man Luo saw that she was thinking about something, he smiled and said:

“The tea is cold now, go reheat it, in case there are guests coming. We can’t let them drink cold tea, right?”

Xiao Yu Er’s expression darkened, and she said:

“I’m afraid that no one is coming to drink tea today.”

“Clank, Clank!”

“Thud! Thud!”

Outside the tea house was the sound of armor colliding, as if there was a heavenly army and ten thousand horses approaching; countless footsteps echoed in the air, their stomps caused the ground to slightly shake.

Immediately afterwards, many large black armored men surrounded the tea house, about a few thousand of them. Each of them were three meters tall and had war spears in their hands. Their cold aura caused others to not be able to breath.

Old Man Luo and Xiao Yu Er were frightened to death at such a scene.

“This… Everyone… What is going on?”

Old Man Luo, in horror, kneeled directly to the ground.

A roar was let out and a path was made from the yielding armored soldiers. Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng and Feng Fei Yun walked to the front of the crowd, both of their gazes were on Xiao Yu Er’s body; however, they had nothing in common with each other.

In Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s eyes was respectful piety and happiness!

However, Feng Fei Yun’s eyes was filled with surprise; it was indeed this little lady!

“I can sense the Heavenly Witchcraft Tree growing in her body; she is indeed the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess.”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was extremely excited.

Feng Fei Yun had led Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng and his people to seven or eight places already. The young girls around the age of fourteen, in those places, were all denied by Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng. It was only until they got to the Grindstone Alley that Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng felt a resonation with the Heavenly Witchcraft Tree, and confirmed that the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess was nearby.

At that moment, Feng Fei Yun thought about Xiao Yu Er selling tea at this place, so he brought them running here.

“Jing Feng pays my respects to the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess. Your Highness Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess’ power is vast and mighty, your eternal glory will never be forgotten!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, with both hands crossed on his chest, kneeled down to the ground in front of the frightened Xiao Yu Er – who had lost her wit – and kowtowed until his face was next to the floor.

Even the spiritual leader Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was kowtowing, so the other Ancient Jiang soldiers naturally had to kneel to the ground, face forward towards the tea house, and kowtow.

“Boom, Boom, Boom…”

Their faces were filled with reverence and solemnity, as if they were worshipping a god in a temple.

From their perspective, this was a very sacred matter.

“Your Highness Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess’ power is vast and mighty, your eternal glory will never be forgotten!”

“Your Highness Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess’ power is vast and mighty, your eternal glory will never be forgotten!”


The voices of these Ancient Jiang soldiers were louder than ordinary people; all of them were emotional, and their blood boiled with excitement. One could imagine that if Xiao Yu Er was to nonchalantly tell them to die, then they would definitely follow the order without furrowing their brows.

This was the power of faith!

Feng Fei Yun was struck by this scene! He didn’t know about the others, but the old grandpa, Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, was an old monster that had lived for four hundred years. He had an unimaginably high cultivation, completely capable of moving the winds and calling for the rains, and was now kneeling on the ground. One could easily see how important the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess was in their hearts.

Old Man Luo was entirely shocked. Afterwards, he immediately kneeled down to the ground as well, and he yelled:

“Her Highness Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess’ power is vast and mighty, your eternal glory will never be forgotten! Xiao Yu Er, what are you waiting for, hurry up and kneel down before the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess. The goddess could be nearby, we shouldn’t offend her. Hurry up and kneel, hurry up and kneel!”

Xiao Yu Er hesitated for a moment, then also kneeled down to the ground:

“Young master Feng, these people are worshipping you?”

Only Feng Fei Yun was still standing in his place, so Xiao Yu Er naturally thought this would be the case.


Feng Fei Yun almost fainted from the comment, and he angrily said:

“Do you not have eyes, ah? They are kowtowing towards the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, do I look like a goddess in any way?”

“Then how come you aren’t kneeling down before the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess?”

Xiao Yu Er tilted her head and thought, then curiously asked.

Feng Fei Yun’s expression was frozen stiff. He took a breath to calm his temperature, and looked at her for a while, then forcefully smiled twice without saying anything else.

 Whole passage is praising Fei Yun with exaggerations. The original idiom for written in the stars was “nailed to the plank.” Xiao Yao – to be carefree, so basically the carefree Jade Emperor
 Seven Star Lotus and Eight Jewel Seal are both good luck divine things I suppose
 Last one is an idiom, raw is “Eternal Never Become Decayed”

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