Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 27

Spirit Vessel Chapter 27

Chapter 27 : Was A Trap

“Dong Fang Jing Yue, you won’t be able to get away!”

Feng Fei Yun’s feet stomped on the grass, and he rode the wind. He leapt a long distance over the long river’s precipice to the other side, and he released a fist.

Dong Fang Jing Yue was indeed injured. Her white robe was stained with blood, and even her speed was far below the past; however, her shadow was still elegant. It was at ease, like the mist traveling in the forest, and her beautiful face was still as relaxed as ever.

Feng Fei Yun anxiously chased after her as the unrestrained fist energy destroyed an isolated ancient tree near by.

“Feng Fei Yun, even if I am wounded, you are still no match for me.”

The shining moonlight seemed to immerse the faraway mountain ridges in a pristine state.


Dong Fang Jing Yue suddenly stopped, and she eminently stood on top of the mountain peak. Even though she was in a hurry a moment ago, but at this time, she stood still – she quickly turned around; her fingers began to pluck the strings, and the lute quivered.

A destructive sound wave, from the strings, flew out like a blade.

The power from the sound of Dong Fang Jing Yue’s lute was extremely frightening. An intermediate Immortal Foundation cultivator from a hundred zhang away would still be killed by it. Feng Fei Yun naturally couldn’t block it; his body moved to dodge the sound wave, and he then, step by step, stomped on the ground to escape away.

Both of his open palms continuously threw out nine strikes; each vigorous and destructive strike carried along a red flame!

This was the First Dark Origin Flame; many expansive heat waves flew out.


Dong Fang Jing Yue stood under a red maple tree, her sleeves lightly fluttered, and her fingers quickly plucked the strings to play a beautiful sad tune. Each musical note was like a deadly blade; when all the notes intertwined, it became a battle space. Killing intent loudly screamed and flew forward, causing the all the vegetation on the ground to become dust.

“Bang, Bang..”

The nine fists of flames were shattered by the sound wave.

Although Dong Fang Jing Yue was wounded, her cultivation was still as strong as before. She steadily repressed Feng Fei Yun. Each time she made a move, it was enough to cause Feng Fei Yun to run around in circles. In the end, her cultivation was essentially strong enough.

Feng Fei Yun became increasingly alarmed as the fight grew longer. His heart had a bad feeling: ‘Is this damned grandmother really injured? Why do I feel like she was pretending to be wounded and intentionally lured me here to kill me in the wilderness?’

“Haotian Spirit Mirror!”

Dong Fang Jing Yue stepped on a spiritual white cloud. A pair of bright white wings grew from her back, her silky white sleeves barely motioned, and a white heavenly aura, from her hand, turned into a blinding white jade mirror.

She didn’t even look a little bit like an injured person; on the contrary, she was full of vital energy. Her pressure frightened others. She directly exerted her spirit energy to the outside, and it floated one hundred zhang in the sky; a shining brilliance came down from above.

The spirit power of the Haotian Spirit Mirror was activated, a powerful momentum that destroyed the hearts of others covered the heaven and earth; even the ground was rended from the pressure, and heavy boulders – weighing thousand pounds – were smashed into pieces.


Heavenly thunders were brought down by a large hand, coming from the Haotian Spirit Mirror, and they headed towards the direction of Feng Fei Yun.

She actually called for the thunder spirit energy? Fuck, where would an injured girl get the strength to do something like this? I have fallen into her trap.

Feng Fei Yun was enraged; before, he thought he had rused her, but now, she got him back. It was clear that she wasn’t injured; however, she pretended to be so that she could lure Feng Fei Yun away from the red ivory warship and discipline him after.

Feng Fei Yun, of course, wouldn’t lower his arms and wait for death. Both of his feet were grounded to the floor, one hand pointed towards the sky, and with the Infinite Spirit Ring that he wore on his finger, a bright black light infinitely turned into many black clouds as if it was a heavenly shield, wanting to stop the thunders in the sky.

The Infinite Spirit Ring was also a spirit treasure; with renowned power from it, a distinctive dragon roar transmitted outward, causing the mountains to vibrantly tremble.


The thunder that covered the sky fell down and attacked the black clouds. Between the two, a destructive and terrorizing noise broke out; it sounded like the mountains were collapsing.


Suddenly, a huge white fox – around three zhang in length – rushed out from the Haotian Spirit Mirror. On its body were white scales, two round eyes that look like crystals, and in its mouth, it carried two long sharp swords.

The eyes of the white fox was filled with life, hinting a sign of intelligence. It spat out a white flame.

“Second Dark Hell Flame!”

Feng Fei Yun’s expression greatly changed. This white fox was formed from the spirit energy inside the Haotian Spirit Mirror. It has its own independent thoughts, its body, and even more palpable, it could exert an unthinkable force.

This was something the Infinite Spirit Ring couldn’t compare to; the soul of the Infinite Spirit Ring was the Crimson Dragon, but it was only a strand of dragon energy. It couldn’t materialize into a physical body, so naturally, it couldn’t compete with the Second Dark Hell Flame of the white fox.

It must be said that, although the Infinite Spirit Ring was of the spirit treasure rank, it still needed time to be nurtured before it could compete with true spirit treasures.


The power of the Second Dark Hell Flame was much more powerful than the First Dark Origin Flame. Even Immortal Foundation experts would be heavily injured if they were slightly touched; thus, Feng Fei Yun naturally didn’t want to throw an egg at a rock. He recalled the power of the Infinite Spirit Ring and quickly ran away.

“Feng Fei Yun, weren’t you very arrogant earlier? Why are you suddenly such a coward now?”

Dong Fang Jing Yue seemed to be calm while pursuing, but her heart was a little surprised; this despicable kid, Feng Fei Yun, could actually stop the Haotian Heavenly Thunder attack; the Infinite Spirit Ring in his hands was certainly a spirit treasure.

Where did this despicable kid get a spirit treasure from?

One has to know that even the entire Feng family only had three spirit treasures. Each was a secret protector of the family’s fate. With Feng Fei Yun’s current status at the Feng family, there was absolutely no way that he could have a spirit treasure; the only explanation was that this spirit treasure was personally obtained by him.

As Feng Fei Yun escaped for his life, his speed was absolutely first class; he was like a wild hare in the valley. Even if the cultivation of Dong Fang Jing Yue was higher than him by many levels, she still couldn’t instantly catch him.

“Little girl Dong Fang, if our rank is equal, then I could defeat you with just one hand. You are not worthy to be my opponent.”

Feng Fei Yun said while fleeing.

“Hmph! Even if the rank was the same, you still wouldn’t be my opponent. To tell you the truth, from the beginning till now, I had only used three layers of my cultivation. If I had exerted all of it, then I’m afraid I would have turned you into smithereens with one move.”

Dong Fang Jing Yue, with her feet on top of the Haotian Spirit Mirror, her colored ribbons flew freely, and the blood stains on her robe were gone; she looked as if she wasn’t tainted with the mundane dust. She was pure and holy, as well as elegant, like a goddess arriving to earth.

Two people, one chasing and one running; the pursuit had been going on for a few hundred miles, and it was unknown what boundary they had came to.


Suddenly, above in the horizon, there was a black shadow coming down like a large mountain in the sky; the wind breaking sounded like a fierce beast’s terrifying roar.

This was the red ivory warship; it truly knew how to fly!

The formation on top of the ivory warship began to motion with the compass controlling the direction. The formation let out a frightening power, allowing the huge warship – weighing millions of pounds – to fly from the water and head towards Spirit State city.

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, standing on top of the high platform of the warship, twirled his fingers on his beard; he smiled at the one boy one girl fighting below, and the smile became increasingly profound.


His black sleeve waved downward, and then a wind came upward, bringing Feng Fei Yun to the red ivory warship. He then smilingly said:

“Little friend Feng, I had said earlier, ‘even if you were to escape from the red ivory warship, you wouldn’t be able to escape the palm of young miss Dong Fang.’ How could you not listen to me?”

Feng Fei Yun, just now, was almost captured by Dong Fang Jing Yue. Right now, he was still in fear; looking at the smile on the face of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, with his mind still upset with the matter, he said:

“This old grandpa; you already knew all along that she wasn’t injured, right?”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng declined to comment; he only smiled, and he said:

“Let us go! Come back to Spirit State city and help me find the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess. Then, naturally I will show you a path of light. If you help me find this person, then I will definitely solve your problem ahead.”

“Is there even someone in the world that is able to withstand this savage girl, Dong Fang Jing Yue?”

Feng Fei Yun was skeptical; perhaps even a senior expert from the Feng family wouldn’t be able to suppress her.

“Dong Fang Jing Yue has an older brother named Dong Fang Jing Shui. Dong Fang Jing Shui, fortunately, is a sworn brother of mine. As long as you help me find the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess, then I will take you to Dong Fang Jing Shui and reveal the matter between you and Dong Fang Jing Yue to him. Of course, he will consult his sister to not pester you any further.”

Feng Fei Yun was surprised:

“Nao Dai Jin Shui?”

“It is Dong Fang Jing Shui!”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng angrily glared at him. Dong Fang Jing Shui was a natural talent of a whole generation, and his aptitude was even above Dong Fang Jing Yue’s. He was considered to be one of the eight Grand Historical level of geniuses in the Jin Dynasty, and no one had dared to call him a water kettle head before.

“Dong Fang Jing Yue still has an older brother?”

Feng Fei Yun’s heart shivered; if her older brother knew that I punched her head once, who knew if this “older brother water kettle head” would join the hunting rank, pursue me as well, and cut me into ten thousand pieces?

Feng Fei Yun felt his heart beating faster; what path of light was this? This was truly a path of death.

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng mischievously laughed:

“Dong Fang Jing Shui, whether it is his aptitude or character, is the best; you can rest assured. As long as the whole story is told clearly, he will – of course – take your side; he will do his utmost to convince his little sister. After all, romantic feelings can’t be forced.”

Even though Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s intelligence was above the rest; however, regarding the feelings between men and women, it didn’t enter a single aperture of his head. He still thought that Dong Fang Jing Yue was truly in love with Fei Yun, and that was why she was chasing him.

“Is that right?”

Feng Fei Yun, with a bitter face, sighed once. His heart was defeated; if he truly met the older brother of Dong Fang Jing Yue, then what was he going to do?

Heaven! Kill me with a single lightning bolt!


From the sky, a heavenly lightning came down and struck the area adjacent to Feng Fei Yun, turning an Ancient Jiang soldier into charcoal; he fell to the ground, causing a loud thump, and he immediately became unconscious.

Feng Fei Yun took a deep breath to maintain his composure. He saw that, in the far distant sky curtain was a shadow of a beautiful flying and gentle girl. The lightning strike must have came from her hand.

Dong Fang Jing Yue hovered in the air, her hand held the Haotian Spirit Mirror while she stared at the red ivory warship flying away with a blazing speed; her eyes were filled with coldness, and she scowled:

“Feng Fei Yun, even Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s protection will be useless; no one can save you!”

The pair of white wings on her back flapped once, and she immediately pierced through the grand forest, heading toward the red ivory warship to continue her pursuit.

 Fei Yun misheard him and thought he meant “water kettle head” – someone who is stupid

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