Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 22

Spirit Vessel Chapter 22

Chapter 22 : Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess

After nightfall, the thick mist appeared, all the boats on the cold Tong Liang river were traveling with a very slow speed; after all, there were many dangers above a big river. If there were ships rushing at night, then an accident was likely to occur.

This giant ship was also no exception; it slowly moved forward in the water, but even so, it still gave away the feel of a majestic atmosphere, like a huge steel monster, madly playing on the water surface.

This was a red ivory warship, crafted by the hands of a grand blacksmith master. He spent ten million pounds of rare soul metals to make and took many hundreds of years to finish it completely.

It could carry almost ten thousand people, and it absorbed the mysterious quintessence yang energy of the sun so it could travel thirty thousand li in one day.

Searching the entire Grand Southern city, one wouldn’t be able to find ten red ivory warships like this. This was not to say the big families couldn’t craft a red ivory warship; after all, a family like the Feng family could spend ten million pounds easily, but the Feng family still didn’t have a single one.

Crafting a red ivory warship wasn’t hard because of the material requirement but because it was hard to find a grand blacksmith master.

Blacksmith masters could be considered one of the most famous profession in the Jin Dynasty, along with beast taming masters, pill masters, treasure seeking masters and wisdom masters – these were called the five grand mysterious masters.

In other words, after becoming one of the five grand mysterious masters, one could go anywhere and still always have food to eat. Powerful cultivation sects and cultivation clans would always respect the five grand mysterious masters and would gladly make them guest elders.

For instance, the current national teacher of the Jin Dynasty was a third rank grand pill master; even the Jin Emperor would refer to him as a high master. The great status of the five grand mysterious masters could be seen from this.

Blacksmith masters were divided into three ranks: blacksmith apprentice, blacksmith master, and grand blacksmith master.

Each rank was also divided into nine levels.

The requirements to become an excellent blacksmith master were very harsh; not only did it require a high cultivation, but you also need an even higher degree of formation mastery, spiritual materials, and infernal fire.

Becoming a grand blacksmith master was even harder; one had to successfully create a spirit treasure before one’s abilities were accepted by the Wanxiang Tower and granted the title of grand blacksmith master. This gate had prevented countless blacksmith masters from advancing, so even though the entire Grand Southern city accounts for millions of mountains and rivers, with a population in the billions, it only had two grand blacksmith masters.

Because of the few grand blacksmith masters, there was a low amount of red ivory warships as well.

To be able to ride a red ivory warship, the status of this owner couldn’t be anything but high.

“Although Dong Fang Jing Yue is strong, but she will not necessary rush into a red ivory warship.”

Feng Fei Yun, once again, jumped into the cold-as-ice river and inched towards the red ivory warship in the middle of the river.

Even though Dong Fang Jing Yue carried a spirit treasure with great battle power, enough to suppress one direction, a red ivory warship’s strength was also formidable. It had eighteen offensive arrays and eighteen defensive arrays, each of these formation arrays was comparable to the power of a cultivator; their power was not lower than a spirit treasure, and their defensive power was even more frightening. Even a spirit treasure wouldn’t necessarily be able to break through.

On the red ivory warship, there weren’t any sails, but in front of the bow was a huge spirit rune, lingering in the air, creating an eight trigrams formation. In the middle of the formation was a spirit compass, leading the way for the red ivory warship. Each time there were multiple branches on the river, the spirit compass would shine brilliantly, then change the direction of the ship.

“Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, have you found the position of the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess?”

A muscular man, three meters in height and wearing a thick black steel armor, was kneeling behind the legs of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng – very respectful in manner.

An old man with a black robe was standing on the bow of the ship, also three meters tall, but was skinny as a stick, had yellow wrinkly skin, and a crumpled face with a pair of bright eyes like the stars in the night sky.

His eyebrows, hair, and beard were all white. His long white hair extended straight down to the ground; his white eyebrows were also three meters long, swaying in the air; while his white beard on his chin was like a stallion’s tail, rocking back and forth.

His skinny hands were holding a magical basin made from a kiln firing workshop, square shaped; on top were engravings of calligraphy runes and mysterious symbols. In this world, only this grand master could read these.

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng’s old eyes were filled with a light of wisdom, he seemed to be able to see through everything in this world; he stared at the magical basin for a moment, his pupils flashed a hint of excitement, and said:

“The heaven blesses my Feng Tian Bu, where is the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess?”

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng waved his black sleeves, a black light came out of his finger like a meteor piercing the sky; this finger pointed towards a direction in the middle of the wide sky.

“In that direction… The location of Spirit State city is in that direction, maybe… Maybe the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess was born in Spirit State city?”

The expressions of everyone on the red ivory warship were ecstatic; with a respectful demeanor, they all kneeled on the bow of the ship and kept on kowtowing towards the direction of Spirit State city.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The sight of a few thousand people kneeling on the ground and kowtowing was an absolutely magnificent panorama!

These people were all three meters tall and their hands were as big as water buckets – much more powerful compared to an ordinary person. These characteristics belong to the “Ancient Jiang” race.

Ancient Jiang race was a huge race, located in the western Ancient Jiang city of the Jin Dynasty. Ancient Jiang city was similar compared to the Grand Southern city; they were both one of the eight grand cities of the Jin Dynasty, and the Ancient Jiang city was one hundred thousand miles away from Spirit State city.

The Ancient Jiang people worshiped the Heavenly Witchcraft god. They lived in a prehistoric setting, making fire by drilling wood, and eat raw meats and fowls. Even though they were born with human appearances, their strength was extremely powerful and had a mighty body. Many great families were specialized in traveling to the Ancient Jiang city to capture the Ancient Jiang people, domesticating them into slaves.

One could say that the Ancient Jiang race was a branch of humanity, plus, they were gifted with powerful strength; however, there were numerous Ancient Jiang slaves in the Jin Dynasty, tamed by the great families and nobles into combat slaves.

The Ancient Jiang race possessed one city as their main stronghold, with the following three large tribes within: Feng Tian Bu, An Yu Bu, and Tian Wu Bu.

Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng was the spiritual leader of the Feng Tian Bu, and had lived for four hundred and eighty four years. Not many years from now, he would become weak and go to heaven with his hands laying down, so before this, he was determined to find a successor; one that could lead the Feng Tian Bu to continue to have a successful future.

And this person was the “Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess.”

In the mythical legends of the Ancient Jiang people, the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess was a girl; every ten thousand years, she was able to reincarnate again. The birth of a Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess would usher a new era for the Ancient Jiang people.

The Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess had a mission of educating and spreading witchcraft heritages.

Once a Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess reached the age of fourteen, her body would birth a Witchcraft tree within, one that could be felt by the tribal wisdom masters.

Ten days ago, the wisdom masters of the three large tribes of the Ancient Jiang people felt the presence of the Witchcraft tree at the same time, so they all led many experts to find the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess.

This huge news had alarmed the entire cultivation world of the Jin Dynasty. All the great families and sects sent many experts to secretly follow the masters of the three tribes, in order to find out what exactly they were looking for.

Feng Tian Bu had a red ivory warship so in one day, they could travel three thousand miles. Plus, Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng, with his exceptional knowledge, had led the Feng Tian Bu to this place, and found the exact location of the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess.

The Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess was in Spirit State city!

Feng Fei Yun utilized the dark night to go alongside the warship. He secretly climbed on top of the red ivory warship, and was immediately frightened by this scene. Fuck, a few thousand people kneeling at the ship’s bow, facing a far direction and kowtowing, what was this situation?

These people were kneeling, their lips were also mumbling something without breaks. Luckily, they were kneeling towards the other direction; otherwise, when Feng Fei Yun had climbed up the ship, he would have been caught red-handed.

Fei Yun ignored what these people were doing; from their back, he gently flew by and infiltrated into a steel door, then hid inside a warehouse stacked with food.

Escaping for three days, Feng Fei Yun was really tired; even when his spirit was exhausted, he didn’t dare to rest. He sat in a dark corner of the warehouse, took out the Infinite Spirit Ring and the broken Crimson Dragon saber, and held them in each hand.

Old grandma Dong Fang Jing Yue was very astute, sooner or later she would come to the red ivory warship. Feng Fei Yun couldn’t sit still and wait for death; he could only extract the spirit conscience and spirit energy from the Crimson Dragon saber and put it into the infinite Spirit Ring in order to make the ring into a real spirit treasure.

Only with a real spirit treasure in his grasp could he have a chance of protecting his life!

 Eat raw meats and fowls is an idiom for savages
 Feng Tian Bu = heaven worship division, An Yu Bu = dark domain division, Tian Wu Bu = heavenly witchcraft division
 Hands laying down, another fancy way of saying death

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