Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 21

Spirit Vessel Chapter 21

Chapter 21 : There Is No Road To The Sky, Nor Door Into The Earth

If a man died in their favorite woman’s hands, then all that person’s love would be transformed into hate.

Feng Fei Yun originally thought that he would never be able to see Shui Yue Ting again, in this life, but he didn’t expect to meet her again so soon; this scenery was almost identical to their meeting before.

Shui Yue Ting rode her ancient Fragrant Moon carriage, and flew down from the sky gently. She put aside the carriage’s curtain, from the Fragrant carriage; she gently stepped down, and she stood in front of him. Her wide and round almond-shaped eyes were like the beautiful bright moon.

At that moment, Feng Fei Yun felt that, for the first time, he could hear his own heart beat.

Dong Fang Jing Yue was also the same, the imaginations in their eyes were the same, their temperaments were also the same, and every inch of their eyes or each of their eyelashes were exactly the same.

How could there be such similarities between two women in the world?

Fei Yun’s heart was both engulfed with intense love and hate towards Shui Yue Ting. Otherwise, he would not be so hysterical when he saw Dong Fang Jing Yue, or, in this case, recognize the wrong person. He knew once Dong Fang Jing Yue started to hunt him, there would be no road to the sky nor door into the earth for him.

Feng Fei Yun had to escape for three days and three nights; even his eyes had not been closed, his legs, especially, never stopped even for a bit, and right now, he was tired, sleepy, thirsty, and hungry; however, he still couldn’t stop. Dong Fang Jing Yue was definitely right behind him, and once he stopped, it would be likely that she would catch up.

Once she caught up, Feng Fei Yun was afraid that he would die in the hands of a woman one more time; this would be such a shameful thing!

For the past three days, Feng Fei Yun fled day and night, without breaks. With the speed of his legs, it was likely that he had ran more than one thousand miles. An ordinary person would never catch up to him, but Dong Fang Jing Yue was not an ordinary person; she had cultivated the “Thousand Miles Seeing Eyes”, and she could channel her spirit energy to see for a thousand miles. Even if two ants were fighting a thousand miles away, it would not elude her eyes.

“Fuck, this woman’s personality turns even faster than turning the pages in a book. I didn’t want to mistake her for a different person, I didn’t want to punch her head, I didn’t want to call her a slut, and I didn’t want to do anything! Who is to blame for her and Shui Yue Ting to be so similar?!”

Feng Fei Yun didn’t know where he had escaped to, but he knew it was outside of the Spirit State city’s boundary; there was a snowy mountain peak and before his eyes, there was a large and fast flowing river. Chasing the sound of the water, Feng Fei Yun went to the river bank; seeing his reflection in the water was unbearable because there was not a distinguishable difference from a beggar.

He almost didn’t believe that this person was him.

Escaping on the road for three days had made Feng Fei Yun’s fancy clothes become ragged, and his tied up hair was spilled, disheveled, and full of dust and leaves.

The gold engraved boots on his feet had been missing for an unknown amount of time, and his extraordinary handsome face right now was covered with black dirt and mud; it was as if he had just climbed out from a pit.

“Clang clank!”

Feng Fei Yun threw his Crimson Dragon saber to the side, then crouched down on the ground. He clasped a palm full of water from the river, crazily drank from it, and he then cleansed the dirts off his face. He then picked up his Crimson Dragon Saber and stood straight up.

Right now, the night was dark, the foggy water on top of the river was wide, and a plume of blue smoke that rose from the river made it difficult for others to see the other side.


A clear slashing wind rang from the sky above, and, even though it was still a hundred miles away, it could be heard along with the killing intent; this caused the atmosphere to suddenly became as cold as ice.

A round jade plate from the moon, above of the mountain, flashed a sparkling brilliant light. No, this was not the moonlight, this was a mirror flying in the air.

“Haotian Spirit Mirror! Dong Fang Jing Yue is catching up!”

This was a mirror of the spirit treasure rank, and the light was a spirit technique used by Dong Fang Jing Yue; once the light of the mirror reached him, she would immediately be alerted as to the whereabouts of Fei Yun.

Even if one escaped a thousand miles away, she could still catch up.

This was the reason why Feng Fei Yun didn’t have a way of escaping the hunt of Dong Fang Jing Yue; facing this Haotian Spirit Mirror accounted for a large reason.

This was a genuine spirit treasure that had its own sentience!

One spirit treasure could kill the opponent; it could sweep high, low, and in the four directions once a spirit treasure was completely awoken. Then, with one blow from it, it could destroy an ancient city with a few hundred thousand people.

Dong Fang Jing Yue stood on top of a white peak covered by snow. Her hands carried her red lute, her white robe gently floated about, her slender fingers gently moved, and, from it, came many strands of white spirit energy making the power of the Haotian Spirit Mirror awaken a little bit more. Even though it was just a hint of the mirror’s true vestige, it was enough to overpower the fierce beasts and caused them to kneel; the swimming fishes to freeze in the river.

This was the power of a spirit treasure; even though it was just a trace, it could still destroy mountains and suppress tens of thousands of existences from moving.

“What is happening? I was leading the people to destroy the Eagle Claw gang! I should be the hero of Spirit State city! The anticipated heroic young man, becoming one of the ten outstanding youths in all of Grand Southern City… Keke, all of these titles should be mine. However, unfortunately I messed with Dong Fang Jing Yue. This time, I have a home that I cannot return to. It seems that I can only meet my end in a far corner of the world.”

Dong Fang Jing Yue was a big character of the Yin Gou family, and the Yin Gou family was one of the four great family of the Jin Dynasty. To mess with the Yin Gou family was like messing with the king of hell.

The Feng family was powerful, but it could only reign in the Grand Southern city. Essentially, it could not be compared to the Yin Gou family. If Feng Fei Yun wanted to return to the Feng family to seek asylum, then, to put it simply: “idiotic nonsense; lunatic ravings.”

Once the Yin Gou family started to pressure, then maybe, the upper echelons of the Feng family would send experts to hunt Feng Fei Yun. After all, the older generations of the Feng family wouldn’t dare to offend the Yin Gou family. To them, sacrificing a young child to please the Yin Gou family was entirely doable.

Moreover, Dong Fang Jing Yue’s personal cultivation was already frighteningly strong, and her fingertip alone was enough to annihilate all Immortal Foundation experts. If she wasn’t absent minded at that time, then it would be impossible for Feng Fei Yun to punch her down to the ground.

This was simply a great shame, ah! To be beaten to the ground by a hedonistic young master at the peak of Spirit Realm rank. Even though Dong Fang Jing Yue’s emotions had seen through the profound Dao, she was still angry to the point of almost puking blood. She swore on her life to destroy this shameless Feng Fei Yun; only this would allow the shame in her heart be cleansed.

In the cultivation world, there were two things that could turn friends into enemies in the blink of an eye; one was benefit, and the other was face.

As long as one had fame, they considered their face to be more important than even their lives; the higher the fame, the more valuable their face was.

Even though Dong Fang Jing Yue didn’t care so much about her reputation, but to be punched in the head by Feng Fei Yun without a valid reason was enough to drive her mad.

The Haotian Spirit Mirror was hanging in the sky. It was flying high up in the air, like a moon, radiating light through an area within a radius of one hundred miles; it was bright just like it was during the daytime.

Feng Fei Yun knew to not be shined on by the Haotian Spirit Mirror no matter what. When the light of the spirit mirror came down, he immediately leapt to the river, creating a big bubbly splash. He then sunk into the bottom of the river that was bone chillingly cold.


His body completely disappeared in the water.


A beautiful white shadow came down from the sky, standing on a patch of green grass next to the river bank. One hand held a bright red lute, and the other hand held the Haotian Spirit Mirror. She stared intently at the billowing flow of the river with eyes filled with coldness.

Dong Fang Jing Yue fluttered in the night sky, like the wings of a white butterfly, while she made a cold howling sound.

“Feng Fei Yun, you won’t get away with this!”

Before Dong Fang Jing Yue noticed that Feng Fei Yun was an apex talented person, she wanted to take him under her command; however, after the big unexpected mishap, Dong Fang Jing Yue’s heart viewed him with contempt. She only wanted to dismember his body into ten thousand pieces.

Her tall slender figure was softly feminine, hovering in the sky on top of the wide foggy river. She strolled; the footsteps, leisure in appearance, but she, with each step, took her a dozen of zhang; she was mystical, and she exuded the feel of infinite beauty.

This was the technique “Water Treading Steps”. Even the expert predecessors that had cultivated for a lifetime wouldn’t necessary be able to reach such a stage.

Dong Fang Jing Yue was regarded as the absolute top talent within the younger generation. As for someone like Feng Sui Yu, this sort of trash wouldn’t even match a single hair on her body.

This large river that crossed through the entire Grand Southern city was named “Tong Liang river”. It was also the largest river of the Jin Dynasty; it ran through nine counties, and it was eighty thousand li in length. Even at its narrowest part, it was more than ten miles wide, and the other side of the river was not in view.

Tong Liang river, under the night curtain, was like a coiling dragon. The unending waves issued angry dragon roars.


The waves hitting the river bank made a splash. A black shadow emerged from the water, and it slowly crawled to the shore.

“After this experience, it completely demonstrates that it is better to not offend women in the future.”

Feng Fei Yun channeled the spirit energy in his body, drying the wet clothes on his body. He was ecstatic. If he was a half step late in escaping earlier, maybe Dong Fang Jing Yue would have caught up.

This woman’s cultivation was too high, and on top of that, she also had a spirit treasure. Even the predecessors from the last generations would most likely be beaten by her into many little pieces.

“It seems like I’ll have to quickly extract the spirit energy and spirit conscience from the Crimson Dragon saber and insert it into the Infinite Spirit Ring, turning it into a spiritual treasure. As long as I possess a spirit treasure in my hands, then maybe there is a chance of me being able to challenge Dong Fang Jing Yue.”

Feng Fei Yun had this thought.

However, Dong Fang Jing Yue didn’t give him a chance to refine his spirit treasure; the Haotian mirror, once again, rose to the sky just like the bright moon.

She came again!

“This woman doesn’t mind fatigue; she has lost her wits!”

Feng Fei Yun stomped his feet twice, and he then hid in the trees, fled alongside the river bank, and escaped for more than ten miles away. On the wide river, suddenly, came – loud and clear – human voices. There was also a green lantern burning brightly in the middle of the river.

It was a red ship made from steel; it was a few hundred zhang in length, and it towered at around eighteen zhang. Slowly, it moved on top of the river’s surface. On top of the big ship were numerous lanterns, and on the lanterns were the two huge words “Feng Tian”.

While the lantern brilliantly shined like wild fires, on top of the ship was joyous singing and dancing; one could vaguely hear the sound of the lute as well as the bells resonating together, causing spectators to not help but think about the type of person the owner of this huge ship was?

Feng Fei Yun stopped running for his life, and he stared intensely at the huge ship in the middle of the river; his face had a happy expression.

 Wide foggy water is an idiom, didn’t translate to English very well
 Awakening the conscience of the spirit within the mirror
 Yama Ye is the original text instead of king of hell
 Another idiom, I left this one to be more literal because it is self-explanatory
 1 zhang = 3.3 meters
 Li is a measurement unit in ancient China. However its value changed many times, an average would be around 500 meters
 I actually don’t know what the two words mean at the moment, could be heavenly tribute but ill leave this as pin yin for now

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