Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 13

Spirit Vessel Chapter 13

Chapter 13 : Hidden Dragon War and Military Strategy Iron Council

The lobby of the governor’s mansion was twelve meters wide. There were eight tall pillars around the room. In the middle was a golden eagle statue, mightily breathtaking, like a divine bird looking down on the common people.

Every time there were guests in the lobby, their spirits were shaken by an invisible force of oppression; they would become too afraid to even breathe too heavily.

Feng Wan Peng was holding a jade scroll around three feet long and then slowly rolled it back up. This letter, he had read three times, and he also smiled three times; as if it was such a good event that even someone as stern as him couldn’t help but smile.

Besides Feng Wan Peng, strategist Ge and housekeeper Liu were also present and sat on both sides. Their ages were similar, both with gray hair and wrinkled faces.

However, they were both not ordinary characters; they could single-handedly rule one direction.

Strategist Ge, with a fan made out of feathers in his hand, glared at the jade scroll, seemed to have guessed a lot of things, and spoke:

-Governor, is this a piece of news from the Southern Main House?

The jade scroll in Feng Wan Peng’s hand was named the “Flying Jade Scroll.” It could travel one hundred thousand miles in one day; it was a real spirit treasure.

The Flying Jade Scroll came to Spirit State city, which meant the news came from the Grand Southern City of the Feng family.

Strategist Ge and housekeeper Liu were not outsiders. They had followed Wan Peng for more than a decade and thus, Wan Peng never hid anything from them. He smiled and said:

-The next Hidden Dragon War of our family that occurs once every twenty years is happening soon.

Strategist Ge’s eyes squinted, and ecstatically said:

-How long?

-Three months later, the beginning date of the Autumn season. Purple mist prefectural city, hidden dragons pierce the sky.

Feng Wan Peng read the contents of the Flying Jade Scroll.

The significance of the Hidden Dragon War of the Feng family was known throughout the world; anyone that performed remarkably in the Hidden Dragon War would surely thrive in the future.

The Feng family was a huge family; children of the family numbered in the tens of millions. They were divided into many different branches; every branch all had countless young geniuses.

Like Feng Wan Peng, who ruled over Spirit State city and was in charge of millions of people in many thousand miles, he was a tyrant in this direction. But he was only a fourth generation descendant from a Feng branch family. He was not comparable to a true member of the Feng main family.

The Feng family’s fourth generation, if not ten thousand, then it would be at least eight thousand members in size. There were many talented people and they all ruled over multiple ancient cities, or county towns, the military barracks, or the government. Their people and influence scattered across the whole world.

Every twenty years, the Feng family would have a selection to judge the potential of their younger generations. They would select the most transcendent talents and focus on cultivating them; this was the purpose of the Hidden Dragon War.

Hidden Dragons leave the sea, hurricanes ravage ten thousand miles!

After three months would be the date of the Hidden Dragon War; all the younger generations of the Feng family would have to participate in this event. Whoever could show all of their talents would be the next leaders in their generation. In the future, they could even be nominated for the patriarch position.

The main house of the Feng family was located in the Grand Southern City, it was also one of the strongest families in the city.

Grand Southern City was one of the eight biggest cities of the Jin Dynasty, located to the south.

Grand Southern City had vast territories and a large population. It had twenty six counties; each county had countless ancient cities, and under the cities were the small towns.

Spirit State city was only one out of one hundred and twenty four ancient cities, under the Bai Ling county.

The Feng family was one of the three strongest families in the Grand Southern City. Thus, it was clear how powerful it was.

Feng Wan Peng laughed loudly:

-Twenty years ago, I participated in the Hidden Dragon War with high spirits. I went through dozens of checkpoints and defeated hundreds of opponents. Afterwards, an elder took notice of my talents and groomed me into the position of governor, ruling one direction.

Strategist Ge asked:

-What was your ranking in the last war twenty years ago?

-I was the eighteenth.

Feng Wan Peng’s heart was proud when he recalled the feat and couldn’t help but heroically laugh.

Placing eighteenth at the last Hidden Dragon War was indeed an achievement worthy of arrogance.

Strategist Ge was an adviser under the Feng family; he naturally understood the event from twenty years ago, and said:

-Twenty years ago, during the Hidden Dragon War, there were nine thousand four hundred and thirty eight people within the fourth generation’s main branch, while the side branches had a total of seventy thousand people. To defeat so many people and reaching the position of eighteen, you must have been remarkable during that year.

Strategist Ge’s words were not flattery. After all, Feng Wan Peng was still a formidable expert even now. He was still renowned within the fourth generation and had some influence.

Physical strength determined one’s power!

Feng Wan Peng said:

-Twenty years have passed, the fifth generation of the Feng family has become even more prosperous. According to the statistics from the message, the main branch has thirty thousand people, which is a surprise, because some of them are absolutely brilliant geniuses. Some could even defeat the experts of the last generation. A lot of people predict that this fifth generation of the Feng family will be the rise of a new golden generation for our Feng family. A heaven shattering genius could appear at any time, and he would make the elders become crazily ecstatic.

Strategist Ge nodded and responded in a serious manner:

-If this is the case, then it is difficult to be within the top rankings. But with the cultivation of the oldest young master, breaking into the two hundreds should not be a problem.

Feng Wan Peng smiled and shook his head:

-The boy Feng Sui Yu’s talents are extremely high, I have high confidence in him. His ranking will not just be in the two hundreds. If he participates in the branch selection war, there will be a big chance of him standing out.

Because Feng Sui Yu was only an adopted child, he could only join the branch war of the Feng family. However, as long as he performed well, he could still join the war with the direct family afterwards.

Feng Wan Peng changed his expression and lamented:

-I, Feng Wan Peng, was a hero my whole life, but I gave birth to a useless son. If Feng Fei Yun, this darn kid, was equal to one-tenth of Sui Yu, I would still be satisfied.

Strategist Ge said:

-Recently, I have been exchanging with young master Feng a lot. Although he was a bit cynical and distracted, he is not without merit. Some of his understandings with the art of war is very unique; sometimes his ideas greatly impress me.

-Are these words the truth?

Feng Wan Peng asked.

Strategist Ge answered:

-My opinion is, young master Feng is indeed capable of becoming a talented person. Even though he cannot cultivate, if he could learn the art of war, he could join the military in the future and his achievements would not be little.

Housekeeper Liu who had been keeping quiet this whole time finally opened his mouth with an emotional expression:

-Governor, a prodigal son who learned to turn back is worth more than gold. I think during this Hidden Dragon War, we can let the young master participate in the Military Strategy Iron Council.

-Military Strategy Iron Council!

Feng Wan Peng’s expression became frozen, as if he was contemplating something.

In the Jin Dynasty, if one wanted to succeed and become renowned, surpassing everyone else, then he couldn’t stop his cultivation to become a formidable expert. However, not everyone had the talent to cultivate. And without cultivation talents, one could only learn military strategies to become an educated man, a strategist, or a chief of staff. If one’s art of war and resourcefulness was great, then he could still be a person on top of ten thousands, sitting in an esteemed guest position for many major families and immortal sects.

The Military Strategy Iron Council and the Hidden Dragon War were both ways for the Feng family to select outstanding young talents; one for fighting, and the other for brains.

One literature, one martial arts!

If one could show his mental capabilities and high level of understanding of the art of war, then he would still be heavily groomed by the Feng family.

-The Military Strategy Iron Council test is not easy. Many young geniuses that participate in the Hidden Dragon War take part in this literature test to debate militaristic arts. Placing first is harder than flying to the heavens. This child Fei Yun… He only started his studies for a few days, plus he is very timid. What if he will act like a fool at the event… Sigh! To see so many young geniuses, maybe he would be frightened to the point of non-stop shaking, unable to even speak.

Feng Wan Peng couldn’t stop lamenting. Even though he wanted Feng Fei Yun to take “one step to the sky” and become successful, he also knew that with Fei Yun’s virtues, he would rather let him not go than for him to lose face at the event.

There would be less shame this way!

At this time, Feng Sui Yu entered from the front door. He bowed his head to Feng Wan Peng, and then respectfully greeted housekeeper Liu and strategist Ge. He straightened his posture, and said:

-Foster father is right, Fei Yun is not familiar with the major aspects of society, so if he was to participate in the Military Strategy Iron Council, he would be scared silly and cause a scene. Your reputation and our family’s reputation would be ruined in his hands.

His words made the other people sad. Even though the words were ugly, but they were on point and everyone here knew of Fei Yun’s virtues and character.

-Maybe… Fei Yun is indeed too timid

Even housekeeper Liu sighed repeatedly.

-Thump thump.

Feng Fei Yun was wearing wooden slippers, and came in while yawning. He stood next to Feng Sui Yu, and bowed toward Feng Wan Peng, housekeeper Liu, and strategist Ge, then said:

-Father, I want to participate in the Military Strategy Iron Council.

Feng Fei Yun had heard everyone’s discussion when he was outside. If one wanted to be known for his abilities, then he had to take the first step and show them.

With a smile on his face, Feng Sui Yu said:

-Fei Yun, the Military Strategy Iron Council is not a joke, you need to understand this.

-Hah hah! Brother, I admit that I have not read that many books, but you cannot underestimate me. Simple reasonings on paper, anyone could do those!

Feng Fei Yun smiled.

Feng Sui Yu was unhappy, and said:

-Are you saying that I can only reason theoretically on paper?

-Well that is a fact!

Feng Fei Yun still smiling:

-Brother, you seem dissatisfied, have you ever been in the military?

Feng Sui Yu had never even stepped inside a barrack. Of course he had never been in the military. He was speechless at the moment.

-Brother, it looks like you are really not convinced, eh!

Seeing Sui Yu’s rare beaten look, Fei Yun’s heart was quite happy.

Sui Yu’s face muscles twitched twice, and then he stiffly smiled:

-Fei Yun, you are still too young, even just reasonings on paper, you are still lacking.

-Reasonings on paper is to use less to defeat more, using strength to defeat the weak, to use real weapons and summon the troops, to kill the enemies, wiping them out to the last man?

Although young, Feng Fei Yun right now was spirited while pointing out a country’s military potential.

-Allow me to summon the troops.

Everyone was confused; Spirit State city was located in the hinterland of the Jin Dynasty. There was no external enemy nor internal conflict. It had been many years since the last time the troops were summoned. What was the point of talking about troop deployments right now?

Feng Sui Yu was also confused, he didn’t know what Fei Yun was trying to say or what his next step was.

Feng Wan Peng, strategist Ge, and housekeeper Liu were also frozen; was this little boy crazy?

Feng Fei Yun got down on one knee and with a serious expression, he loudly said:

-Spirit State city has many thieves rampaging about. Their leader abused his power and the people refer to him as San Ye. This person sells slaves, participates in human life gambling, forces women into prostitution, and organizes a gang with a few thousand members to oppress the townspeople. He is the cancer of Spirit State city. Feng Fei Yun here urges the governor to give me three thousand troops; I will, in one night, capture all the evil crooks, not even one man will remain standing.

-I beg the governor to give me three thousand troops. I will mop up the culprits, behead the thieves, and purify Spirit State city; I will fight for the sake of the peoples’ hearts!

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