Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 11

Spirit Vessel Chapter 11

Chapter 11 : Blood Spirit Seed

In a garden located within Spirit State city.

Boss Wu was kneeling on the floor, facing an old man while complaining:

-San Ye, Feng Fei Yun had changed overnight; he was too powerful. I was never his match.

The old man had a skinny figure and was dressed in a black robe. His left cheek, for unknown reasons, had a visible scar showing signs of muscle atrophy, only human skin was left; one couldn’t tell his original facial features.

The hair on his head was already gray. He seemed to be around sixty years of age, but Boss Wu knew San Ye’s real age had exceeded one hundred; his strength was unimaginable. He had personally witnessed San Ye using one finger to kill an armored general from one hundred feet away; this required extreme skill and was quite hard to believe.

San Ye smiled with his stiff face, and said:

-He also told you that he wanted to meet me at my birthday celebration, right?

-San Ye, you heard about it too?

Boss Wu was surprised to hear.

San Ye said:

-In this whole Spirit State city, there are not many places that my eyes can’t reach. Stop kneeling, stand up! Feng Fei Yun is definitely strange; he has cultivated. Maybe Feng Wan Peng had taught him the “Vigorous Gale Method”?

His old eyes were filled with a deep light, as if he was contemplating about something.

Boss Wu stood up from the ground and gloomily said:

-If master San Ye actually takes action, he will only need one fingertip to kill the little boy Feng Fei Yun.

San Ye coldly glared at him, this gaze was truly frightening. Boss Wu’s heart was shaking and cold sweat ran down on his forehead, wondering if he had said something wrong.

San Ye reverted his gaze, and coldly snorted:

-Three years ago, Feng Wan Peng had reached stage five of the “Vigorous Gale Method”, obtaining the intermediate stage of Immortal Foundation. For a fourth generation of the Feng family, this was considered an outstanding cultivation. Even if I personally took action, there is no guarantee that I would be successful. Not to mention, there is also old man Liu by his side; if both of them were to fight together, I wouldn’t have the strength to even defend myself.

-If we move against Fei Yun, it would disturb the other two men; this is not beneficial to me. Go bring this news to Feng Sui Yu; I’m sure Feng Sui Yu wants to get rid of Feng Fei Yun even more than us. Just let the Feng family fight internally, it couldn’t be more wonderful!

-Feng Sui Yu wanted to use us to take care of Feng Fei Yun. His plan was really wily, but unfortunately, in front of me, he is still too immature.

San Ye revealed a smile; the smile became more and more grim.


Before Xiao Yu Er woke up, Feng Fei Yun had already left the tea house.

Once Feng Fei Yun returned to the governor’s mansion, the sun had already set.

Before his return, he went to the Yin Gou ward and spent one thousand gold coins to buy a “Blood Spirit Seed”; this was a spirit plant that grew amidst the lava. When an ordinary person consumed it, the blood flow would become faster and the heart would beat so fast that the body would explode, resulting in death.

Even for a lower ranking cultivator, if the plant was rashly consumed, he couldn’t avoid his meridians being fractured as well as having a broken Dantian.

For people who have not reached the stage of Immortal Foundation, this plant was a poisonous substance. But to those who have exceeded the Immortal Foundation, this was a spirit treasure used to refine the body.

Naturally, Feng Fei Yun had not reached the Immortal Foundation stage; currently, he is only at the early Spirit Realm. According to the normal rules, if he was to consume the Blood Spirit Seed, he would be seriously injured, if not dead.

But because his method was the Immortal Phoenix Physique to cultivate the most powerful body, the Blood Spirit Seed could not push the blood that fast. Once the blood flow had reached a certain speed, it would be the same as helping Fei Yun’s blood refining process instead of causing harm; the faster the flow, the faster the refinement process.

Feng Fei Yun opened a black jade container. The inside contained ice pieces with a red seed in the middle, along with a small leaf as big as two fingers. It was crystal clear and transparent, like a blood jade carving.

This was the Blood Spirit Seed!

Rather, this Blood Spirit Seed had not reached the level of spirit grass; at most, it could only be considered as a normal grass with a strong effect. This was precisely why it was only worth one thousand gold coins. If it was a true spirit grass, then the lowest price would still be one hundred thousand gold coins, a priceless treasure.

Spirit grass, like the name suggested, was a sentient entity. It had produced its own wisdom and could run away. A few top spirit grasses could even transform into humans and start the road of cultivation.

-Boss Wu is only a small underling, he certainly has someone with a cultivation background behind the shadows supporting him. Lets hope that this Blood Spirit Seed can increase my cultivation to the next level.

Feng Fei Yun’s soul was growing stronger. Today, when he was fighting against Boss Wu, he felt that there was someone within Spirit State city who was spying on him. This person’s cultivation was extremely high, and his spiritual soul also had unfriendly murderous intent.

Even though his cultivation was way higher than Feng Fei Yun, Feng Fei Yun was still able to detect his spiritual spying.

The owner of that soul did not make a move; he quickly pulled back during the climax of the action.

This was why Feng Fei Yun felt the urge to improve quickly, because the person did not have a friendly intent. Sooner or later, he would make a move himself; Fei Yun had no choice but to take a risk with the Blood Spirit Seed and hope that it would increase his cultivation.

As long as one’s strength was sufficient, there would be no need to fear any enemies.

-The force of the Blood Spirit Seed could be even greater than a spirit grass; I most likely can’t accept all of it at the moment and would need external help.

Feng Fei Yun closed the black box, and opened the door to walk outside. The sky was completely dark, and the night and water were equally cold.

The mansion’s lamps had been lit up above in the chandeliers. The laughter of many women could be heard in the distant bedrooms; it was the dormitory of the maids.

Before, Feng Fei Yun often visited there. As long as a maid had a bit of beauty to her, she would be ruined. However, ever since his soul was merged with the other Feng Fei Yun, he didn’t go there any longer.

Sometimes this, sometimes that.

A scum can also become a great person!
(Nahct: This is a saying in Chinese. Basically means a person can have a change of heart.)

Passing by the moment, Feng Fei Yun’s heart had mixed and unexplainable feelings. He didn’t stop here but kept going through a garden, along a trail of white pebbles, to a pond next to the fake decoration mountain.

Standing by the water’s edge and looking at the sparkling water surface, Feng Fei Yun opened the black box again. The Blood Spirit Seed was akin to a small flame; illuminating the dark night with a touch of red.

-With the cold temperature and pressure of the water on top of the special nature of the Immortal Phoenix Physique, I should be able to resist the Blood Spirit Seed’s potency.

Feng Fei Yun immediately ate the whole Blood Spirit Seed, and then jumped into the cold water in the dark pond.


As each drop of water flew into the air, his body continuously sank to the bottom of around seven or eight meters deep. He sat down in the cultivation pose on top of the muddy ground at the bottom of the pond.

Feng Fei Yun had a special breathing technique that could allow him to stay – even a day – at the bottom of the pond without suffocating.

After swallowing the Blood Spirit Seed, it felt like swallowing fire. It turned the meridians and blood vessels throughout Feng Fei Yun’s body aflame; his body started making many crackling sounds.

The blood flow in his vessels started to increase in speed as well as temperature, as if there were many small strands of fire traveling in his bloodstream.

Feng Fei Yun began to channel the Immortal Phoenix Physique incantations. He had successfully cultivated the first level of Blood Purification; his blood was already pure with a crimson fire color. The second level, compared to the first, was more than ten times more difficult.

However, once the cultivation was successful, the blood quality would also greatly improve. The physical body would have earth-shattering changes.

Turning the crimson blood into the dark blood would require a change in the quality of the blood, and from that, his spirit energy inside his body would also change.

One could say that, if Feng Fei Yun could successfully complete the second stage of Blood Purification, he would immediately skip the intermediate stage of the Spirit Realm, straight to the peak of the Spirit Realm, or an even higher stage.

However, this was not easy. Even with the help of the Blood Spirit Seed, it was impossible to complete the second stage of Blood Purification overnight.


Suddenly, something outside of Feng Fei Yun’s expectation happened. The blood flow in his body suddenly reversed, and the gathering place of the blood was not his heart, but at his right hand’s palm.

-What is going on?

Feng Fei Yun was surprised.

Reversed blood flow; it was even more dangerous than reversed meridian flow.

The shadow of the Spirit Vessel in Feng Fei Yun’s right palm started to radiate a flashing light, as if it was trying to move, returning to life.

The boat had traveled through space and time, and it was ranked above the eighteen legendary spirit treasures. Feng Fei Yun couldn’t awaken it with his spirit energy, but with his stimulated blood, there was a reaction!

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