Spirit Vessel

By Jiu Dang Jia,九当家

Spirit Vessel Chapter 3

Spirit Vessel Chapter 3

Chapter 3 : The Most Beautiful Woman (3)

If his granddaughter was actually bought by the Xing Hua brothel, then her entire life would be ruined.

The old man stared at his granddaughter being molested by young master Feng on the bed. His pain and helplessness could not be explained with words. His heart was broken, he wanted to commit suicide, but he couldn’t leave his granddaughter alone.

-Damn you old guy! You dare to hinder our master’s good time? I’m going to beat you to death.

A muscular servant kicked the old man out of the door; blood covering his face.

-Young master, keep on going; don’t worry about the old man. We will take care of it. Haha!

The two servants winked at Feng Fei Yun and smiled deviously. They left and closed the door while carrying the old man further away with the intention of beating him to death.

Outside, the footsteps became softer and softer, and the old man’s begging voice became weaker.

-Young master Feng, please spare my grandpa; I will do whatever you want!

Xiao Yu Er was anxiously crying and begging Feng Fei Yun. Her hands covering her breast but her elegant thighs were not longer closed off, signaling her acceptance to his advance in order for him to spare her grandpa.

At the moment she looked like a lost lamb, submitting to the evil wolf. Her body expression seemed to say that if you want to eat me, then eat me!

It took a while, but Feng Fei Yun finally regained composure and made sense of his memories. The little girl that was undressed by him was Xiao Yu. She and her grandfather Luo lived and supported each other in a small tea shop located in an alley.

Today, Feng Fei Yun and his two servants saw Xiao Yu working at the tea shop. She was only fourteen, but her innate youthfulness and pretty face attracted young master Feng.

When nightfall arrived, young master Feng went to old man Luo’s house. They kicked the door off the hinges, and grabbed Xiao Yu away. This kind of matter had been executed many times by him, so he already knew the procedure. Before anyone knew it, Xiao Yu was already naked beneath him.

This was when Feng Fei Yun’s soul crashed into the body of the young master Feng and both of their souls became one.

This was why he was in such an awkward and unforgivable situation.

As one, young master Feng’s arrogance and lustfulness remain but Feng Fei Yun’s mind and morals have control of the body.

-Young master Feng, please find the mercy in your heart to spare my grandfather!

Xiao Yu Er continued to beg.

She closed her eyes awaiting the nightmare to come. She told herself to not cry out, even if it was painful. However, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, she did not feel any unwanted violations and her body became lighter. Feng Fei Yun, who was originally on top of her, had already left the bed; putting his clothes back on like he was already finished with his business.

Did it not hurt the first time?

Was it when I was unaware; had he already had his ways with me?

Xiao Yu Er couldn’t help but softly cry again:

-Young master Feng; since you have successfully taken me, you should let go of my grandfather.


Feng Fei Yun almost fell to the floor, and then he angrily explained:

-Open your eyes and look closely; pinch yourself if you have to. Wake up from your delusion. If I had my way with you, I fear that you wouldn’t have the strength to speak at the moment.

Xiao Yu Er was startled, yet relieved, knowing her virtue was still safe. However, she wondered why he didn’t commit the cruel act. This required additional thinking.

Feng Fei Yun shook his head, not knowing what she was thinking in her heart. He opened the door and headed towards his two servants.

This old man better not die, otherwise, after my reincarnation, I would be known as the guy who bullied an old man. How can I go on after that?

Xiao Yu Er, covered her body with blankets on the bed, watched in bewilderment as Feng Fei Yun’s back disappear from sight. Did the evil man suddenly grow a conscience? No, there were no evil things that he wouldn’t do; why would he spare us? It must be because I didn’t please him earlier; was it so he can sell me to the Xing Hua brothel as a virgin, for a higher price?

Even though she was afraid and worried about her future, she quickly put on some clothes that were in the room and sneaked outside. She wanted to find her grandpa to see if he was still alive.

Feng Fei Yun went to old man Luo’s house. He arrived at an old courtyard with collapsed walls and rubbles in a corner. It seemed like the two had been living a hard life. Only a young girl and her grandfather relying on each other to make it through life.

There was a crowd surrounding the small house inside the courtyard. They were whispering about an event that had just transpired.

-A murder is going to happen, the two people from the Feng family will beat old man Luo to death.

-Why are you so loud? Don’t you know the culprit is the young master from the Feng family? If you make this into a big deal, the Feng family will find you.

-Where is his granddaughter?

In the dark, people used torches to light up old man Luo’s courtyard.

The Feng servants dragged old man Luo into the central area, looked at all the poor peasants, and said:

-Old man Luo didn’t know right from wrong, he dared to cross our young master. Should we let him live in this world?

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