Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 2

Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 2

Chapter 2: the three idiots came but…

*sounds of gulping*

Puha! That’s good!

N? What am I doing you ask?

I’m just drinking water from the river normally.

I was patrolling the skies a while ago, and I became thirsty.

The one thing I’m thankful for having this body is the fact that I can freely fly through the sky.

Without joking around, my mood becomes better.

And if I fly in the sky I might find some interesting discoveries.

Even today, in the shadows of a rocky area I saw humans creeping about, what were they doing~ I quietly descended, and found some clothes scattered about, were they doing it?

Outdoor sex?

I was seriously surprised, I’ll have you guys let me peek from the back for a bit.

They were done after a while, and the whole time they didn’t notice me, since they finally noticed me, I should greet them.

“Ah, good afternoon!” I said

And then they,


Screamed and ran away.

Butt naked, since it can’t be helped I picked up their clothes and ran after them.

“Um.. you dropped your clothes-?”


“No No, if you do that you’d obviously be embarrassed right?”


“It’s not like I’ll eat you…”TLnote: or anything baka!

“Please don’t kill meeeeeeee!”

Well, that’s how I had a passionate exchange.

Since it couldn’t be helped I left the clothes there.

And then I went back to the river and drank water.

“Boss! boss!”

6 slimes approached me.

“N~, what is it?”

“Can you take a walk with us?”

“It can’t be helped~ you wanna go to the sky?”

“Is it fine!?”

“Just this once okay~.”

This guys are seriously cute.

The solace of my heart.

They don’t even pose a threat to humans, they are very gentle.

But they are easily targeted by other creatures, like magic beasts, crazed wild animals, and humans.

That’s why I told the slimes never to go near the adventurers who enter the forest.

By the way, I drove out all the other magic beasts from this forest.

Because of that, the slimes can safely multiply and there are now over 50 in their big group.

Anyhow, the moment when I had the slimes on my back and was about to fly out..

“Boss! Everyone!”

A single slime made a small jump towards us.

“What is it?”

“I-I-It’s bad! Everyone is- everyone is-!

I had a very bad premonition.

“Calm down, did humans come!?”

“You’re wrong, it was the magic beasts, 3 of them, they to everyone…”

“Lead me there!”

I had the slime lead me, and I flew from the middle of the forest.

After a few minutes, a scene which I never would have wanted to see spread out.

Tens of slime corpses were spread out all over the place.

There were those split in half, and those stomped on to the point of not being able to recognize them.

The ones who did this was three magic beasts wearing vulgar smiles.

“Well well, there really was one, an evil dragon.”

A woman with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a spider said.

“Fumu, smaller than I thought.”

This one has a head of a goat and the lower body of a horse.

“Ku- ku- ku-, since we came all the way out here, why don’t you lower your head?”

This one is a blond haired man with the whites of his eyes red and he had horns on his head.

With a cast of people I had no idea who, I lowered my voice.

“You bastards know what you did, right?”

“Oh my, that attitude, you must not know that we are the subordinates of the demon lord, the three demon generals?”

“Ah? That kind of thing, why the hell should I care? I absolutely won’t forgive you guys.”

“Calm down we didn’t come here to cause a dispute with you.” TLnote(the ‘you’ used here is one used to refer to inferior beings.)

“Then, why did you kill the slimes?”

“Slimes? Is it that you are angry because we killed the slimes?”

After the blond bastard said that, they all faced me and let out a small laugh.

“To think this guy is called the evil dragon and is feared by the masses! Are you trying to be a mountain monkey, taking care of slimes.”

“Hey this is just a suggestion, but why don’t we just kill this guy here?”

“But the demon lord told us to bring this guy to him.”

“That’s why we should just tell him he tried to resist. If he knows we instant killed this guy, he’ll probably lose interest.”

“I agree”

“I am interested in his true ability, after all…”

The three of them started leaking out killing intent, that’s why I asked them.

“Since you came to kill me, even if I kill you, there won’t be complaints right?”

“Ha- ! just a shitty dragon like you will?”

Well, even if they didn’t feel like it there was no way I was going to forgive them anyways.

I instructed the slimes to hide.


“Uu- uu-, papa, mama, everyone—”

While the remaining slimes cried, I stood there dumbfoundedly.

It should have been simple for me to detect their presences.

The lazy me thought that everything was ok, that’s why everyone was done in…

“Sorry, this is all my responsibility.”

“Uu-, b-boss didn’t do anything wrong…”

The me who didn’t have anywhere to put my anger in, talked to three who became full of holes.

“Oi, lead me to where the demon lord is.”

There were already two bodies who were shredded up.

I only left the blonde guy half-dead so teach me the way.

“I-I’ll lead the way, T-That’s why, T-That’s why”

“Hey let’s go”

I grabbed the blonde guy at the nape and started flapping my wings.

“Wait for me to come back.”

I ordered the slimes, and headed towards the shitty Demon lord’s castle.

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