Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 1

Evil Dragon Reincarnation ~Even If I Am Reincarnated into the Other World I Am I~ Chapter 1

Chapter 1: I’m an evil dragon, so?

“Oh evil dragon who torments the people! I shall take victory today!”

I sigh as I hear the same line I’ve already heard countless times.

I’m almost at the limit of my patience with this woman.

How many times have you come to this forest today?

How many times do you have to be defeated to be satisfied?

She had beautiful dark brown hair and a well featured face, she’s what you’d call a beauty, but having fighting spirit well up in your eyes while carrying a sword, of course all your sex appeal would disappear.

“Ah~ un, Sorry I’m about to take my afternoon nap now, so can we do this later…?”

“Don’t joke with me! Duel me right now!”

“No, well see here…”

“Here I come evil dragon!”

This guy seriously doesn’t listen to people’s story! While having lightning cover  her sword, she came slashing. Since it can’t be helped, using my silver colored tail, I’ll just casually be her opponent.

*Sounds of metal clashing*

Electric type attacks pretty much don’t affect me, that’s why I barely feel a thing.

My height is around 3 meters, which is pretty short, but my tail can easily surpass 3 meters.

Well, it is longer than my torso at the very least.

My skin is thick, I can sprout wings at will, and if I wanted to I can use breath attacks.

Well, it’s that, like what this woman said, I am an evil dragon.

“Ha… ha… ha…”

While I was picking my nose fighting this woman, she ended up tiring herself out.

“Hey, Don’t you think  you should take a halftime break around here?”

“What nonsense are you spouting! Not yet! I can still fight!”

Somehow I incurred her wrath and the woman started chanting a great magic.

As one would expect great magic would certainly hurt.

Or rather, this woman is quite excellent despite being in her teens.

Her sword skills aren’t bad, and compared to other adventurers her combat ability is high.

And she respects her opponent, I’ll forgive this one shot then.

“…Thunder Blade!”

While dark clouds covered the sky a single line of lightning fell from the sky.

That without saying, collided with my cranium and discharged to the ground.

A trivial pain ran through my body.

Smoke rose up from my body like a signal fire.

My eyes went white, and I slammed to the ground.

“Ha.. ha… D-Did I do it…? Did I… defeat the evil dragon?



I only lied my body down, and used my tail as a whip and hit the woman’s cranium.

From an attack that took one’s consciousness away the woman without a single word lost consciousness.

Okay, that’s enough playing dead.

I stood up and stretched my neck.

Even if I’m a dragon, my shoulders still become stiff.

“Hey~! You guys are watching, right? I’ll count on you like always~!”

This is the deepest part of the forest, normally I’m the only one who lives here, but right now there are a bunch of presences here.

“Don’t worry boss! Leave this to us!”

*rustling sounds*

From the bushes appeared a large amount of blue colored creatures.

With a height of around 30cm, a round body, and looks like jelly, but with small round eyes and a mouth properly there.

Yes it’s those, slimes.

“Boss is the entrance okay?”

“Yeah I’m counting on you, put her somewhere that doesn’t stand out so she doesn’t get devoured by monsters.”


The slimes came together like a troop of soldiers and I put the woman on them that looked like the outline of a bed.

‘’’’’’HEAVE HO! HEAVE HO!’’’’’

While yelling in a cute voice the slimes paraded away.

I got used to seeing this seen, but it really is cute.

If this was earth I am sure they’d become some kind of mascot character.

KumaOn? FunaOshi-? I absolutely think they won’t  lose to the likes of them.

Since it finally became peaceful again, I lied down and yawned.

Those kinds of powerful adventurers, I’ll have to exterminate them all later.

Even though I don’t eat people, just because I’m an evil dragon they decided by themselves that I’m evil.

But, most of the ones that come are those that are only trying to show off their half-assed skills.

That woman is different.

That one is probably the type to defeat the demon king or something.

Since she’s beautiful, if I was the hero I’d probably make her my bride.

“Well whatever, I’ll take a shit and sleep.”


I saw a dream.

A dream about a salaryman in japan.

That man was a businessman who went everywhere everyday and blisters were forming on his feet.

“I seriously feel sluggish, I don’t wanna work~, I’ll rely on the lottery~”

No girlfriend and no trustworthy friend.

Because of the nature of his work at least his outer appearance was presentable, but within he was a pretty rotten guy.

But his work results weren’t bad.

They were always fairly good results, that’s why something like getting fired didn’t happen.

But even then, he didn’t have a lot of money, that’s why he always bought 600million yen dreams from TOTO.(Dreams=lottery tickets)

That day too, buying 3000yen worth of dreams from TOTO, having delusions of being rich, he crossed the street.


A car at high speeds plunge at him, the pedestrian traffic light was green, therefore the car ran a red light without even stepping on the brakes.


With a scream that even I thought was unpleasant , the salaryman was hit, he didn’t even have time to avoid it.

The last scene the salaryman ever saw was the appearance of a couple sharing a deep kiss inside the car.

Seriously don’t fuck with me, that shitty couple!

That’s right, the salaryman who got ran over is me.

Because of a couple I was killed, but the story does not end there.

Before I noticed it, I became a dragon in a beautiful silver body.

That means, the me right now.

I don’t really know what happened, but even if I thought about it, with my head I thought I wouldn’t arrive at an answer anyways.

I just accepted that I reincarnated into something other than a human.

I didn’t hate fantasy, and I liked dragons as well, so I just took it casually.

The problem was, that, this dragon was quite a dangerous guy, apparently, he was even called evil dragon, even in the dragon race? He was considered the top being.

It’s been a few years since I was reborn, and around once a week people like that woman would pay a visit.

I did beat them all, but they never learn.

I’m just living in this forest quietly, you won’t even let me have a peaceful afternoon nap?

I’m already used to it though.

A dragon’s life was unexpectedly not that bad.

Because of the slimes, I wasn’t that especially lonely.

I don’t need even to work, being carefree is the great.

Everyday being sunday is the best!

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