Super Evolution

By Starlit,星夜君著

Super Evolution Chapter 6

Super Evolution Chapter 6

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The streets were full of tragedy; Ye Feng couldn't refrain from being mournful.

He felt that the street at this moment couldn't be called a street anymore; it was more like hell. The road was full of fissures and holes, smears of dark bloodstains had it marked, and an intense fishy odour that saturated the air.

Not only that, but there were mutilated body parts everywhere, along with rotting organs strewn about.  The cars were in a state of disorder, crashed and stopped in the middle of the road as if it were a part of the aftermath of an atomic bomb from World War II (WWII). The difference that one was caused by technology, the other, a virus…

Many had died on the road, and much more of them died  still left in their cars.

Only as Ye Feng passed by did the bodies inside those vehicles begin to move. They became restless. They were zombies.

The ones inside the cars, having detected a living person, snapped incessantly at Ye Feng and his the reporter; the claws, scratched the windows until the glass was stained by blood; th zombies would struggle, wanting to get out – but it was useless no matter how much they roared. They were trapped.

On occasion, the entire road had a massive amount of zombies, seemingly searching for food.

Along the way, Ye Feng tried to remain hidden. When he came across a few slow-moving stragglers and disbanded soldiers, he snuck up to them and killed them before they took note of him. Mostly these ones were not as menacing.

When facing five or six zombies together though, he would bring along the woman and bypass them with as large a distance as possible, not wishing to get entangled on the street. It wasn't because he didn't dare to, but rather because they were, after all, practically in the open; the terrain was relatively empty. It would then be more likely to get exposed. The second point was that the sounds of fighting would attract other zombies over. If other zombies jointly attacked them, it would be useless to trying to escape at all, which would certainly be troublesome.

The reporter was silent along the way, not indulging in him with that prissy temper she showed before. On the contrary, she was seemed to be smart and had been hiding behind Ye Feng all the while. Maybe it was because Ye Feng had blamed her for giving him such difficulty or maybe because she was peeved and did not want to pay attention to Yen Feng, ignoring him all the way.

Ye Feng knew that among those options was one relating to himself, and this could be thought of easily, so she was definitely angry with him. It must be that time when she couldn't bear it and shouted at him, but he didn't explain his stance and didn't apologize for it. Explaining to a woman would only result in explaining every single detail; the best way was to not care.

Sometimes, a woman's mind was written on the face. Like this one, every time she saw him, she would gnash her teeth. Accidentally creating a feud with her, oops! This made Ye Feng laugh bitterly, but he didn't want to argue with somebody less well-informed, so he let her do as she wished.

"Plump", a zombie fell down.

After killing a zombie, Ye Feng then brought her towards the mall again.

All the way both of them were silent. Neither of them spoke much and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Finally, after walking and resting intermittently along the road, they arrived at the gate of the mall at last.

Formerly, the zombies who kept following and tracking them had already been cast off by Ye Feng. Therefore, the two of them were safe for now.

They watched the broken glass door – the entrance, as well as the bloodstains and body parts that laid there. Ye Feng knew that a zombies attack at this location couldn't be avoided. There had definitely been a mess.

Looking through the broken glass door to the mall, it appeared to be very messy. Ye Feng didn't know whether anyone else had looked for food here before them. If that was the case, he was not sure what had happened to those people now, whether they had been attacked by zombies or if they were still alive. This was unknown. It could only be found out when they entered.

At this point, the woman who had been very quiet beside him, had unknowingly walked over from behind Ye Feng and looked doubtfully at the building in front of her.

"Have we arrived? This is our destination?" she finally she spoke. After being on her feet for so long, at this point, the woman also felt tired and a little breathless.

"Well, yes, our destination is before us. We are going to look for food… otherwise we can't survive," Ye Feng stared at the front door and explained.

"Then what are we waiting for?  Hurry up and let's go! I am starving to death, thirsty, and exhausted…" The woman shouted at Ye Feng. She saw Ye Feng still standing still, and became a little bit anxious now.

Hearing this, Yen Feng frowned unconsciously.

Alas! Women were troublesome, how long has it been? Not even an hour. If she was not hungry then she was thirsty; it was so much… Ye Feng thought wordlessly.

"My Lady*, can you wait for a while? Wait until we see the situation then only do we go in to look for food. Can’t you see that there’s danger around the building and inside the mall? So we can't rush in yet, or the danger will probably put our lives at risk. Did you know that? Why don't you understand? So we should observe the situation well. This is a mall, thus, might be a lot of zombies inside there. If the two of us rush in without a care, it's possible to be surrounded by a lot of zombies, then it's game over. As they say, caution is the parent of safety."

"Hmph, you are the one who doesn't understand. If you're afraid of going in then just say so! Listing so many reasons —- you just watch, you coward. Anyway, I can wait…" Despite what she said, the woman knew the danger within.

After hearing the woman's troublesome rant, Ye Feng did not bother her again but instead continued to check the surroundings and  see if he can get information on the internal situation of the mall.

"Hmph! Fine, ignore me, I'll ignore you too… "The woman turned her head and stopped talking. She looked at her cell phone which still had no signal, and couldn't refrain from feeling disappointed.

After a while, maybe because the woman was getting bored, she pouted her little lips, took the green arrow chewing gum out of her pants pocket and popped it in her mouth. The more she chewed, the harder it got. She started to grumble, "bite you dead, bite you dead… it's was like she had something else inside her mouth."

The woman looked around and all of the sudden her eyes brightened, as if she had thought of something.

"Hey, what's your name? I don't know your name yet," the woman asked suddenly.

Ye Feng turned his head towards her, and they just looked at each other.

At this moment Chou Yu Qing blushed with shame, embarrassingly bowing her head.

Ye Feng felt that it was nothing and smiled. "Didn't you just ignore me? How come you're talking to me so quickly?"

"Well, you don't care but I do…" The woman turned her head.

Women. This face changed faster than the sky.

Ye Feng laughed, then said: "The name is Ye Feng, (Ye) meaning night, (Feng) meaning the wind of a summer breeze."

"Ye Feng?" The woman whispered Ye Feng's name.

"Why? Any question?"

"Nope, I just think your name is pretty nice to hear. Ye Feng, the wind on a summer night. It's soft and a little cool."

"Hey, hey, may I ask about who gave it to you?" The woman asked as a blush crept up.

"Oh, really? I feel the same way; my mother gave it to me…" Then, Yen Feng turned again, observing the situation of the mall through the shattered entryway.

"Wow, your mother is so talented; she gave you such a nice name. Well, where is your mom now?" The woman asked excitedly.

"Dead. Left me when I was small…" Ye Feng began, only to stop.

"Ah? I'm sorry; I didn't intentionally mean to ask something so…" The woman said, embarrassed.

"It's okay. I don't blame you. It's been a long time anyway…. Okay, let's not talk about this. What's your name?" Ye Feng changed the topic and asked.

"My name is Chou Yu Qing, you can call me Xiao Yu. Thank you for saving me…" Chou Yu Qing smiled sweetly.

"Don't thank me, it's just a lift of the finger. You also helped me. Oh, Chou Yu Qing right? Actually I have a few questions to ask you…"

"Okay, I'll tell you everything…" Chou Yu Qing showed a serious face. She was looking forward to Ye Feng's questions.

It seemed that the hatred that had occupied Chou Yu Qing's heart had simply vanished.

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