Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 545: Enhancing Strength

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 545: Enhancing Strength

The Bear King's screams were earth-shattering. It seemed as if he was being thrashed rather heavily. He eventually found a chance to run away after several attempts. Consequently, he quickly broke into a run in a confused and disoriented state of mind. [Ah! This woman is going kill me…]

A loud and sudden voice was heard from his background, "World cage!"

The Bear King was in the midst of attempting to elope. Therefore, one of his feet was in the front, while the other was at the back in a running-like posture. However, this sudden call froze him in this posture. And, he was only left capable of turning his eyeballs as a result. There was an expression of remorse across his entire face. A foot charged towards him like a tornado, and his body was again struck with a series of heavy blows.

Jun Mo Xie's eyes popped out as he witnessed this scene, while the corners of his mouth had been left to twitch. [It seems as if Mei Xue Yan had been very merciful while beating-up by buttocks… It's a tough one to have such a wife! Won't she use me as her punching bag whenever she's mad at me?]

[Oh My God! One mustn't provoke her if they don't have the strength to deal with her. After all, one will have to deal with her destructive blows if they aren't careful around her!]

However, his tongue had still stuck out in admiration. [Bear King truly deserves his title. His thick bear skin is truly very resistant! His skin is like steel!]

Mei Xue Yan finally came to a stop after another series of explosive hits. Then, she stood-up in a grand and noble posture. She gently supported her skirt, and began to walk towards her room with a smile on her face. Her present attitude and posture resembled that of a woman who hailed from an aristocratic background. In fact, it appeared as if a fairy had returned from a walk in the moonlight. Who could've imagined that this fairy-like creature had orchestrated a scene of abuse and violence a moment ago?

The Bear King was trying to control his tears in the background. His face had turned purple and blue. And, his head looked more like that of a swine-bear now. He lay flat on his stomach, and was constantly grieving. He had been rendered speechless and sad; he felt extremely wronged. He was mumbling his grievances while gazing at the deep-blue sky, [What did I do to attract this disaster? My strength saw an enhancement a short while ago. So, I just wanted to show it off. Could I be considered guilty because of that? And, guilty-enough to deserve such a punishment at that?]

Mei Xue Yan entered the room while patting her hands. Then, she asked Earth Cracker with a smile on her face, "Old Ninth, how do you feel? Your strength has enhanced too, right? Do you also believe that you've become invincible? You also feel that you're on top of the world? It must be wrong of me to be calling you Old Nine now, right?!"

"No, no, no, no…" Earth Cracker nodded his head like rattle-drum. He lowered his head, and spoke-up with a smile of flattery, "I'm a tiny ant in front of Big Sister… You've been practicing for such a long time. Aren't you tired…? I can give you a good massage if you're tired… I'll use my enhanced strengths to ensure that Big Sister is satisfied with my massage…"

"Oh… That's not needed Earth Cracker. It would make you look stupid… Besides, you're far more intelligent than the Bear King!" Mei Xue Yan took the cup of tea which the Snake King handed over. Then, she gradually took a sip from it, and lifted her eyeslids.

"Oh… You're too kind! It's all because of Big Sister's teachings… The credit goes to Big Sister!" Earth Cracker nodded his head and smiled.

"What's your opinion about Old Fourth? Do you think I'm too harsh on my own brothers?" Mei Xue Yan glanced at him.

Earth Cracker suddenly stuck out his chest. He feigned a grave expression on his face. And, his entire body took-on an awe-inspiring posture, "How could he do this? Fourth Bear over-estimate his capabilities after making a small breakthrough. In fact, he went so far that he even dared to offend the Big Sister…? This is unbearable! I feel like hitting him every time I see his face! I was somewhat late since I just ended my meditation. Else, I would've been the one to punch him instead of Big Sister! And, I would've been much harsher on him. He's always been a maverick; he pays no attention to social etiquettes! So, I believe that Big Sister was too lenient and generous towards him. In fact, I personally feel that the Big Sister shouldn't have been this lenient… After all, people like this Big Bear can instigate others into being disobedient as well. So, they mustn't be shown any mercy. Moreover, I suggest that the Eldest Sister should send this Big Bear into detention once we reach Tian Fa. He should be hung upside down with his tail tied to a bamboo tree. This would be a huge warning to the others!"

Green Hunter and Jun Mo Xie were thunderstruck by this. So, they could only gaze at Earth Cracker with a stupefied expression… [What nonsense is he spewing? I've never seen anyone indulging in boot-lickery with so much enthusiasm! In fact, this Earth Cracker has even managed to say that she was being 'lenient'!] The two of them had been struck dumb by this. [Let's say that a thief is caught stealing something by a group of hundred people. So, they beat him up for his crime. However, even such a thief would feel like he was treated with mercy if he were to see the misery of Big Bear's condition. And, Earth Cracker thinks that Big Bear was dealt with mercy?]

[This Earth Cracker has cracked past all known records on earth. He's genuinely worthy of his name!]

Mei Xue Yan nodded her head with a huge smile on her face. She felt extremely gratified to hear Earth Cracker's words, "Well said! I didn't expect that you would have such great knowledge and insights, Old Ninth!"

"Oh! That's not true. The credit goes to the Big Sister!"

Earth Cracker shot a furtive glance at Bear King. He couldn't help but open his mouth wide. He then revealed a faint schadenfreude smile. However, he also breathed a sigh of relief in the secrecy of his heart, [I've finally crossed this hurdle. Forgive me, Brother Bear… This tiger isn't as tyrannical as you. I would've died a very miserable death if I had been in your position. I got lucky that Big Sister vented out her anger on you. Therefore, her wrath didn't shift on me… Fourth Brother Bear, you must know that you courted your own death in an attempt to broaden your horizons. But, I played safe! Wasn't that extremely wise and farsighted of me? This is how this younger brother of yours managed to avoid this calamity!]

"Earth Cracker… you shameless little beast! You wait for me…" Bear King's grief-stricken yell rang out in the courtyard. It seemed that his liver had already started to bleed from restraining his tears. He slammed the ground with his hands and his head. His anger had reached its limits! It was obvious that he had lost his mind. After all, it had been sprayed out on the floor because of the beating…

Jun Mo Xie's eyebrows started to bounce in a crazed manner; [Indeed, Tian Fa's method of teaching manners is very…]

[Different from anyone else's!]

Mei Xue Yan intentionally or unintentionally looked at Jun Mo Xie once she was done with these two Beast Kings. Her glance had clearly indicated that this had been intended as a display of strength; [I will sort you out like these two if you dare to provoke me again! I would be extremely happy to vent my anger at you if you attempt to use money to bring these two under your control. I genuinely wouldn't mind that!]

Jun Mo Xie flashed a grin. It seemed as if he didn't care. His eyes smugly fixated at Mei Xue Yan's face at first. Then, they slowly wandered down to her lofty and silky chest. Then, he flashed a mischievous smile. And, he further moved his eyes over her entire body until they had landed on Mei Xue Yan's buttocks. His gaze stayed there for a while. Then, he slowly raised his eyes, and gazed at her face with a smile. His expression was clearly stating, [Don't you think that you're bragging a bit too much with this talk of being able to control me? Anyway, you ought to know that I have many means of brining you under my control…]

Mei Xue Yan noticed that his eyes were wandering over her entire body. However, she felt as if two invisible hands were moving over her body. She couldn't help but bite her lip. Then, she shot a firm glance at Jun Mo Xie, and spoke, "It's almost done now, right? These two are done with the process of enhancing their strengths. Their strengths have reached a level higher than the Great Master Level. They can even defeat the Rainstorm and Hurricane Great Masters now. Even someone like Ning Wu Qing wouldn't be able to stop them from running away if he were to bring a team of three to four experts."

"Their strengths have enhanced by leaps and bounds; there's no doubt in that. However, it's still not enough for them to start a journey back to Tian Fa!" Jun Mo Xie shook his head, "They need some time to adapt to their new speed and strength. After all, their enhancement has been very sudden. Therefore, they'll end up throwing away if they take part in a grave battle so early. So, it's better for them to stay here until they've adapted to the enhancements. Tiger King should particularly be made to stay here. After all, his strength was far lower than that of the Bear King at first. And, his strength has been increased using a pill that's new to him. So, there will be adverse results if he's unable to master his new-found abilities!"

Mei Xue Yan nodded, "I think it's reasonable for them to stay for a few more days!"

"Moreover, I'll use this time to ask my master to make a detailed list of the herbs we need. And, they can take that list back with them. And, you can order them to only carry the herbs we need the next time they journey north from the Southern Heaven. After all, we got many herbs in this batch. But, many of them aren't very useful to us. We can't be sloppy in this matter. We should treat this as our top priority."

Mei Xue Yan spoke-up with a grave expression on her face, "You need not worry about the herbs. Our Xuan Beasts will take this up on priority. We won't hesitate in providing you with all the important ingredients required for the pills. In fact, it doesn't even matter if those ingredients aren't found in the Tian Fa Forest. We'll come up with means to get them for you if they exist on this planet!"

"You needn't go to such extremes! I only wanted to show you the true faces of the Three Holy Lands. But, this doesn't mean that your Xuan Beasts need to stand opposed to the entire human race. Moreover, these two will likely be able to escape in case they run into an ambush on their way back this time. But, that's only because the Three Holy Lands wouldn't have estimated their strength properly. However, the Three Holy Lands will have a much better idea when they'll be coming to deliver the herbs again. And, these two won't be able to deal with the matter since the Three Holy Lands will send increased strength after them. However, they Crane King can fly. So, it would be the safest to have him carry the herbs with him!" Jun Mo Xie suddenly remembered this point. So, he added it as well.

"I've also thought about this point. After all, we will beat them this time since we'll catch them by surprise. However, we wouldn't be allowed to have our way so smoothly the next time. Therefore, it would be much safer to let Third Crane carry the herbs in the air. It would be a lot safer, but the amount he can carry with him would be lesser. But, the time taken for him to make a round trip would be…" Mei Xue Yan spoke.

The whining Big Bear crawled up his ass while rubbing it. Then, he slowly limped into the inner area. He appeared like an obedient and submissive lamb at this time…

"Also, we have these ten pills as well. Each person has to take one pill. The four of you can take the medicine right away. However, there's no need to absorb the efficacy of this pill," Jun Mo Xie flipped his hand, and a jade bottle appeared in his palm.

"There's no need to absorb these pills? What kind of strange pills are these?" Mei Xue Yan's eyes lit up along with her three companions.

"These are called the Vitality Congregation Pills!" Jun Mo Xie said with a smile on his face, "The pills can't increase the strength; nor do they enhance one's speed. That is why there's no need to absorb them."

"Then, how are they useful?" Earth Cracker opened his eyes wide out of curiosity.

 "There's only one effect of these pills — it gathers the spiritual aura of the world! Consequently, it increases your growth-rate by three times when you're practicing! In other words, your practice of one year will amount to a growth of three years after you've taken a Vitality Congregation Pill!" Jun Mo Xie winked wittily with a smile on his face.

The four individuals inhaled a long sigh in unison.

[Another type of unnatural pill!]

Mei Xue Yan's face reddened as she gently took the jade bottle. She then glanced at Jun Mo Xie's face, and spoke softly, "Then… I shouldn't say thank you!" She had taken such a precious thing from someone… But, she had said that she wouldn't say a 'thank you'? What did this mean…?

"Indeed. We are a family… So, you don't need to be formal by saying things like thank you. After all, I'm not an outsider!" Jun Mo Xie burst into hearty laughter.

Mei Xue Yan's face reddened once again. She took out four pills, and the four of them hurriedly took one each.

Big Bear's teeth had already been broken. Therefore, cold air was passing through his mouth with hissing sounds. His entire body was in pain as he hurriedly swallowed the pill down his belly. However, he still managed to take-out the time to say a few idle words, "That's obvious. Big Sister and Brother-in-law are husband and wife. So, what's the need for saying 'thanks'? After all, they'll be sleeping in the same bed, and squeezing into the same blanket in the future…"

"World cage!" a loud shout was heard. It seemed as if someone had been sent flying into rage due to excessive shame.

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