Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 532: A Man Can’t Be Too Shameless

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 532: A Man Can’t Be Too Shameless

Jun Mo Xie flatly raised his head to look at them. He then said, "Why? Because there's both good and bad people in the Three Holy Lands! The status of Elusive Land of Immortals and the Great Golden City is majestic. But, they are still aware of the fact that they have to follow the rules of our secular world since they're here at this moment. No one knows how the future will turn out. But, I still believe that these two Holy Lands are honorable. Well, they at least aren't as despicable as your Illusory Ocean of Blood! Besides, I believe that the two Holy Lands have certainly bought these pills to prepare for the Battle of Seizing the Heavens. In fact, I would've given these pills as a gift if I weren't auctioning them here."

Jun Mo Xie had said these words to flatter the Elusive Land of Immortals and the Great Golden City. However, he had also insulted the Illusory Ocean of Blood by doing so. In fact, his words had automatically drawn a line between them. Everyone knew his intentions, but the Elusive Land of Immortals and the Great Golden City had achieved their goals. So, why would they worry over other people's problems? Therefore, Jun Mo Xie had assessed that they wouldn't team up against him again.

Huyan Xiao's nostrils flared in anger. His entire face had turned red. His anger welled-up like a mountain, and he yelled, "Do you think the Illusory Ocean of Blood isn't preparing for the Battle of Seizing the Heavens? Do you think that the Illusory Ocean of blood is working for just me? Jun Mo Xie, you've dared to humiliate our Illusory Ocean of Blood! Are you trying to create a lifelong enmity?"

"Am I? Why didn't I see this coming? I've only seen the three people from the Illusory Ocean of Blood who came to the Jun Family on the sly in order to steal the pills. Moreover, they didn't even feel ashamed when we discovered them. Instead, they blatantly blackmailed us… Moreover, they even used their martial strength, and threatened to exterminate my Jun Family… They even tried forcing us to handover the pills…"

Jun Mo Xie's eyes were emitting electric lights as he coldly looked at Huyan Xiao and said, "The first wave of attack didn't work. So, you even sent an expert who was above the Great Master Level — Huang Tai Yang! Even he came to our house in order to steal like rats and dogs do! Moreover, he threatened to kill the nine generations of my family! Such a mean and low-class behavior has never been seen. I'm afraid that my Jun Family would've become extinct a long time ago if we didn't have some self-defense strength. Even this auction wouldn't have happened in that case. However, I still greatly admire you, Huyan Xiao. After all, you didn't even come to collect their bodies for a proper funeral once your evil plans were shattered. How can you be shameless-enough to still talk about this in front of me?

Jun Mo Xie spat out. Then, he continued in a contemptuous tone, "Huyan Xiao, where have you learnt such shamelessness from? Is this a unique magical power of your Illusory Ocean of Blood? You're genuinely unrivalled in the entire world. There must be no match for you when it comes to this shamelessness, right?"

"Did this really happen?" Ning Wu Qing frowned. His face sank, and his eyes inclined like two swords. They then swept out towards Huyan Xiao. Ma Jiang Ming's face also showed a look of despise on the other side. That's right. The Great Golden City also wanted these magical pills; they too wanted the man who had refined them. But, they would've never behaved as lowly as the Illusory Ocean of Blood had!

"This is utter nonsense!" Blood rushed to Huyan Xiao's face. He suddenly felt ashamed under the gaze of those ten experts from the other two Holy Lands. So, he said, "Jun Mo Xie, that's a malicious attack! You know the reason behind this matter…"

"I am talking nonsense? How can I talk nonsense? Huyan Xiao… Did you not send two of your Great Level experts to gate-crash the Jun Family's residence that night? Did they not trespass into the courtyard where the Jun Family's women live? Weren't they your subordinates from the Illusory Ocean of Blood? Didn't you order them to do this? You're the Young Lord of the Illusory Ocean of Blood. So, how can you get away from the responsibility of this act?" Jun Mo Xie interrupted and asked in a cold tone.

"That's nonsense! They had acted on Huang Tai Yang's instructions. How could I have ordered them?" Huyan Xiao blabbered under the gaze of three experts — Ning Wu Qing, Ma Jiang Ming, and Mei Xue Yan. He hadn't had the time to think clearly. Therefore, he had blurted-out the truth this time.

"On Huang Tai Yang's instructions…? Maybe Huang Tai Yang had given the orders. But, wasn't Huang Tai Yang a man from your Illusory Ocean of Blood? You're pushing the blame onto a dead person? You don't have any guts! Do you think you can get away from your responsibility? This is a joke!" Jun Mo Xie smiled in mockery.

Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming also sighed.

[Did he just tell Jun Mo Xie that Huang Tai Yang had ordered this course of action? Fancy that… This Illusory Ocean of Blood's Young Lord can speak without using his brains! Aren't Huang Tai Yang's orders derived from your father's instructions? How is it any different from a direct order from Huyan Aobo?]

[Besides, you are the Young Lord! Huang Tai Yang may have given the orders. But, that man is already dead. And, you are the Young Lord. So, you should take the responsibility for these matters now. But, you are not willing to take the responsibility. In fact, you are making stories instead. How can this not make your subordinates sneer at you…]

"Well, I'll also be honest in that case! Huang Tai Yang personally came-in the second night. Then, he stood on the tallest tower of Jun Family's residence in a fearless manner. His actions and words were wild and willful. His sound was powerful and outstanding. His footsteps could intimidate the entire Tian Xiang City. So, it could be said that everybody had noticed his arrival. No one in the entire Tian Xiang City knew if anyone from my Jun Family managed to survive this or not. Some were even thinking that we were destroyed a long time ago. My Jun Family had become a joke in the entire capital because of this matter. My Jun Family has faced some tough time over the last several years. But, nobody has ever trampled their way into our residence in this manner. And, this stands true even when we were facing the worst of times. So, I dare to ask the Young Lord whether he still wants to say that this matter was entirely an arbitrary action on Huang Tai Yang's part?! It hadn't been approved by you? Will you still pretend that you didn't know these facts till this moment? Wouldn't this make you rather pathetic for a Young Lord who's supposed to be in command?"

Jun Mo Xie had been smiling mischievously. However, he had hardly relaxed with his words; he had been asking these questions very intensely and forcefully.

Huyan Xiao had been left stunned. After all, he simply couldn't deny these facts. He couldn't even blame Jun Mo Xie for not making the entire fact clear even though Jun Mo Xie hadn't mentioned everything about the incident. After all, the incident had occurred because the Huang Family had deliberately distorted the truth; they had planned to use Huang Tai Yang's power and the Illusory Ocean of Blood's influence to suppress the three influential families. Huang Tai Yang had stepped-in because he was related to the Huang Family. And, that was understandable to some extent. But, the fact still remained that this had happened because of the Huang Family's mistake. Therefore, it would be senseless to bring up these reasons…

In fact, it would've completely meaningless to put forward these reasons. After all, they would've made no sense.

And, that's because Huang Tai Yang's intentions had included two objectives - First was revenge. And, the second was those miraculous pills! Moreover, one thing was very obvious at this point — the Illusory Ocean of Blood had intended to hog all the pills alone; they hadn't planned on leaving anything for anyone else!

Many of the people present were experienced in worldly matters. So, how could they not understand this? Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming looked at Huyan Xiao with cold eyes once they had understood this matter. [It's fortunate that the Jun Family had some experts to keep a watch and repel the attacks of the Illusory Ocean of Blood's troops. Otherwise, wouldn't the Illusory Ocean of Blood have succeeded?]

Jun Mo Xie snorted. Then, he turned to Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming, and said, "There's no need to say that his request doesn't make sense. Both the seniors must've understood as to what comes next? Our Jun Family has already routed the two waves attacks the Illusory Ocean of Blood had sent. We've killed those who came to Jun Family to steal the pills. And, there was also someone who was above the Great Master Level amongst them — Huang Tai Yang… Now, I would like ask the two seniors… Will the Illusory Ocean of Blood let us get away with this once they find out?"

Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming forced a smile; [Is it even necessary to ask this? You killed a man of their faction. So, it doesn't matter who was right or who was wrong… or what was the reason. This incident has already tied a knot of enmity between the two parties. This is a world where the clenched fist is the absolute argument. So, who will be willing to take things lying down? And, this becomes even more obvious when the Illusory Ocean of Blood's arrogance is involved…]

"The two seniors' expressions make it pretty evident that the Illusory Ocean of Blood won't let our Jun Family go. The Illusory Ocean of Blood's conduct was wrong in the first place. But, they are still a part of the Three Holy Lands. So, they won't accept such a defeat. Therefore, the Jun Family is facing the tip of the sword at this time. We will be facing the sword if we go forward, and we'll be facing the sword even if we go backwards! So, why would I wish to give the pills to the Illusory Ocean of Blood? And, free of cost at that? Why would I help them in cultivating talented individuals who can come and deal with us?"

Jun Mo Xie's expressions were very sincere. His expressions even seemed aggrieved as he continued, "The Aristocratic Hall is a business house. And, its rules have never been broken. It's true that this auction hall was only supposed to sell you twenty pills because of its rules and restrictions. But, I had no option but to sell additional pills since I was thinking about the Battle for Seizing the Heavens. It would even be consider as my Jun Family's contribution towards the common people of the mainland! There's no need to say much about this. After all, would the Jun Family have given twenty of these pills to its enemy for a mere three-hundred-thousand in gold? But, we still did it. However, Illusory Ocean of Blood is still in its self-delusion. They still wish to enjoy the same treatment that the Elusive Land of Immortals and the Great Golden City do. That's a daydream!"

Jun Mo Xie's words had made it obvious that he had made-up his mind.

And, the reason was justifiable as well. [You will kill me if I don't give you the pills! And, I will be dead if I give you the pills. So, why would I give them to you?]

[Why I would give these valuable pills to my enemy? Wouldn't it be stupidity to make this mistake?]

However, Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming were rejoicing in others' misfortunes at this moment.

[The efficacy of this Pill is so magical. I've tried it myself. Our two factions can have forty pills each, while the Illusory Ocean of Blood will have only twenty pills. So, the Illusory Ocean of Blood's strength will be far lesser than the other two sides in the future if we follow this calculation! And, this means that we can effortlessly win in case there's in any dispute in future.]

Both the men were so much overjoyed at this thought that even considered thanking Jun Mo Xie for this.

However, now wasn't the time to laugh…

Huyan Xiao shivered from head to toe. He was staring at Jun Mo Xie. He spoke-up bitterly at this moment, "Jun Mo Xie, you… Don't do something that you'll regret later!"

Jun Mo Xie snorted and replied, "I'm certain of what you want to say next — You wait for my Illusory Ocean of Blood's revenge!" He looked at Huyan Xiao in a sarcastic manner, and continued, "This Young… Lord… I'm a bit embarrassed to call you this when I look at your age. But, I guess I still have to call you -'Young… Lord'. Anyway, can I ask you something? Huang Tai Yang died at the hands of my Jun Family. But, let's that I sell you these magical pills… or even give you a batch of pills for free… Will your Illusory Ocean of Blood let me go in that case? Will you? Umm…?"

Huyan Xiao was suddenly rendered speechless. [An expert who was above the Great Master Level died for this. So, how can we let you go so easily? Isn't this rubbish? How many people in this world are above the Great Master Level? Nobody will ever be loyal to the power of the Illusory Ocean of Blood if we gave up the revenge for some pills!]

Jun Mo Xie snorted, "The matter has already reached this far. So, there's no point in discussing this. In fact, I've been waiting for your acts of revenge since the day Huang Tai Yang died! But, you're asking to consider not doing something I'll regret even at this point? Are you cracking a joke?"

He burst into a loud laughter at first. Then, he squinted and continued, "Was your head kicked by a donkey? Perhaps your head is filled up with some kind of a paste? How can you speak when you're retarded? Is this genetic? Is your dad also retarded? I feel very sorry for you in that case. After all, your entire family will soon become brainless if this trend follows… Um, I am curious about one thing… Are you looking for a wife? Does she have a sound mind? I'm very afraid for your next generation's well-being… After all, the future 'Young… Lords' may be born without brains. Maybe there will be bacteria in their brains! Wouldn't that bring-about a huge disaster, ah!"

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