Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 531: Others Will Get Because They Want. But, You Want Too? No!

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 531: Others Will Get Because They Want. But, You Want Too? No!

Things happened as they had expected.

Jun Mo Xie sneered. Then, he hung his eyes low, and began to speak, "Is Young Lord Huyan trying to interrogate me with his words? Ha ha… You've said that an individual from Jun Family has no significance in the eyes of you highly-ranked people! But, what have you come here for if that's the case?"

"So what if we want to interrogate you? We are only concerned about the future of the common people. You've already said things you shouldn't have! Jun Mo Xie, think clearly; you don't want to become an eternal sinner!"

Huyan Xiao looked around. Then, he suddenly flashed an evil grin. [Experts from each of the Three Holy Lands are present here. But, you are merely a Young Master of a common family. How will you be able to stand upright while opposing us? I'll use this opportunity to settle all accounts with you! You had dared to pick a fight with the people of my Illusory Ocean of Blood? You're dead now!]

Ning Wu Qing sighed. His heart was brimming with contempt. [One look at the present expression of this 'Young Lord' is enough to determine that he isn't suitable to hold a position of power.]

"For the sake of the common people's future…? You're saying this merely on the basis of your superiority. But, your superiority apparently isn't enough!" Jun Mo Xie replied with contempt, "Your strength would've stood somewhere in case Huang Tai Yang had been here… But, he's not… So, you don't stand anywhere!"

Ma Jiang Ming's eyeballs quickly turned. He didn't want the situation to spiral into a deadlock again. Therefore, Ma Jiang Ming seized this opportunity to diverge the subject of discussion, "He he, that old bastard Huang Tai Yang! God knows which distant place he has run off to. I haven't met that guy for so long. In fact, I kind of miss him too…"

Huyan Xiao stamped his foot, and spoke-up in sharp tone, "Jun Mo Xie, what are you trying to pretend by looking so confused? You used your shady tricks to kill Huang Tai yang! You think I don't know about it? I don't want to make things difficult for you today. But, you can't differentiate from the good from the bad. It's hard to imagine you'd go this far. Who could've thought that you'd be so evil! An enemy to the Illusory Ocean of Blood is an enemy to the Three Holy Lands! And, an enemy to the Three Holy Lands is an enemy to the entire world. You should consider yourself lucky that this Young Lord is willing to give you some grace because of these pills and its alchemist! Otherwise…"

"What?!" Ning Wu Qing and Ma Jiang Ming were taken aback by this. The four eyes opened wide at the same time, and their bodies straightened up. However, they didn't intend on taking part in the rubbish Huyan Xiao was blabbering. And, that's because a particular piece of information had seized their undivided attention… [Huang Tai Yang is dead? Moreover, he was killed by this youngster's intervention?]

[He used a shady trick? That's the funniest joke ever! What kind of a shady trick can be used to kill an expert who's above the Great Master Level? Would someone stronger than the Great Master Level have been of any value in the first place if shady tricks could've been used to deal with them?]

[We've already determined that the Jun Family has an extremely powerful expert in their ranks. In fact, I had reckoned that this individual may even be as strong as me. However, it seems that I've underestimated this individual… What sort of a powerhouse can suppress Huang Tai Yang into a position where he can't even run for his life? This wouldn't have been possible even if I had joined hands with Ma Jiang Ming! This… is that person even stronger…?]

A light burst into Ning Wu Qing's eyes. This light then seemingly congealed into substance as he looked at Jun Mo Xie, and slowly proceeded to ask, "Is that true? Was Huang Tai Yang killed by you?" A massive spiritual pressure had exploded from his body while was speaking.

Ning Wu Qing's strength was far superior to Huyan Xiao's. Even a man of Young Master Jun's self-restraint couldn't prevent his brows from wrinkling.

Mei Xue Yan had been sitting beside Jun Mo Xie in a gentle manner. However, this sudden and loud eruption from Ning Wu Qing's side shook her into making a move. But, she didn't move much; she merely raised her head, and shot a frivolous look into Ning Wu Qing's eyes.


It seemed as if their eye-contact had suddenly marred the silence. A strange and formless force seemingly overflowed to every direction of the room! And, everyone's gowns were sent drifting upwards by this force; Ma Jiang Ming was the only exception! Consequently, the depths of everyone's eyes had been tainted with extreme fear!

Ning Wu Qing's upper body was suddenly stretched backwards while facing skywards. His tidy white hair floated backwards with a 'whooshing' sound! Then, they started to flutter, and his body slowly straightened up, and returned to its original shape! However, there was a dignified and serious look on his face. It seemed as if he was in front of an enemy! [It seems as if this enemy can pose a threat to my life with ease. In fact, it is possible that this person is frightening enough to be capable of killing all of us in one fell swoop!]

Mei Xue Yan was motionless. But, her eyes were giving out a cold expression. There was no wind blowing there, but her beautiful hair was spread out on her shoulders. Moreover, they were fluttering in slow motion. This had added more beauty to her mysterious appearance.

"I hadn't expected this girl would turn out to be a once-in-an-era expert. That is why this humble Ning failed to extend the due respect at first," Ning Wu Qing suddenly began to emit the aura of a sharp and unsheathed sword. It seemed that this sword was standing upright between the heaven and the earth while its radiance was permeating everywhere. [It bothers me that I had failed to show proper manners, but I won't stand to lose the respect of a man who stands at the peak of his generation!]

"You can't bully people in the name of the Three Holy Lands!" Mei Xue Yan spoke-up coldly, "The Three Holy Lands have been establishing their merits and greatness since countless years… Their achievements shouldn't be looked down upon. But, you mustn't bully anyone by using that name! Ning Wu Qing, Ma Jiang Ming, and Huyan Xiao… you people are intolerable bullies!"

"May I dare to ask who this girl is?" A flame of anger had been ignited in Ma Jiang Ming's eyes; he was ready to fight.

"She's my wife! I had said this a moment ago. Wasn't it clear? What? Do the Three Holy Lands wish to bully a feeble woman?" Jun Mo Xie slowly opened his mouth, "To bully someone's wife in their own house… these… Is this how the men from the Three Great Holy Lands behave? Is this what you keep repeating about? Is this your noble purpose towards the common people? Is this what you intend to bring-about for the future of the continent?"

Ning Wu Qing forced a smile; [This kid sure knows how to talk. He says that his so-called 'wife' is weak. I guess that I wouldn't be able to find any strong men in the world by this analogy!]

Ning Wu Qing waved his hands in a pressure-like motion to indicate everyone to not be hot-tempered. Then, he smiled and spoke, "Our real concern was that… perhaps the Young Master Jun doesn't know that the power of these pills. Moreover, we were afraid that these pills could be used for evil purposes if they fell into the wrong hands… So, we only wanted to ensure the safety of these pills. However, we needn't worry since the Jun Family's experts can guarantee the safety of these pills… We were under the impression that Young Master Jun didn't know enough about his pills. And, we — the people of the Three Holy Lands — needed to feel ensured… However, it seems that we need to reconsider our anxiety now…"

Ning Wu Qing's words weren't self-explanatory, but they hadn't been said purposelessly. And, Jun Mo Xie had already gotten a hint about what he had meant; [We won't be able to force you at this time!]

Jun Mo Xie twitched his mouth, and muttered in his heart… [You may have thought that you would've come out stronger. But, have you gotten the idea yet? I kill you if you dare to mess with us again!]

However, Ning Wu Qing's approach had made his declaration obvious — [We would've forced you into submission if you weren't stronger!]

However, Jun Mo Xie somewhat appreciated this approach.

[Who wouldn't wish to snatch such a divine pill? Who wouldn't wish to keep this to themselves? However, it was better to say it out loud than to play a dirty trick. Speaking this out loud might make you look like a bad person. But, you would at least be a bad person of strong moral character!]

"Let's get back to the point now. This Old Man only represents the Elusive Land of Immortals in this discussion," Ning Wu Qing looked at Mei Xue Yan, and restrained his fear of the consequences, "The Leader of my Holy Land had given strict orders to recruit the man who's capable of concocting these pills. I'm supposed to take that individual to the Elusive Land of Immortals. However, this matter… isn't worth a discussion at this time. Therefore, I would only be taking these pills to the Elusive Land of Immortals with me. However, I wish to ask for another batch of pills. But, I don't know if Young Master Jun will agree to it. He would make things somewhat less difficult for this Old Man if he agrees…"

The auction's rules stated that one faction could only have one batch of pills. Even the Three Holy Lands weren't an exception to this rule. And, Ning Wu Qing obviously knew this. But, he used his position and self-respect as an Old Man in order to request for another batch. However, he had given Jun Mo Xie a lot of face by putting his request in this manner.

Jun Mo Xie remained silent; he was waiting for Mei Xue Yan to respond. After all, he knew that Mei Xue Yan must've heard about what had happened at the Tian Fa Forest. There existed a rivalry between Mei Xue Yan's older brother — Venerable Mei — and the Elusive Land of Immortals. In fact, they even hated each other somewhat. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie considered it important to know Mei Xue Yan's opinion. In fact, he was prepared to reject this appeal if Mei Xue Yan didn't wish to sell another batch of pills to them!

"It isn't impossible for me to permit it if you want only one more batch," Mei Xue Yan said softly. "However, you will need to declare this in public. Moreover, you will only get one more batch. And, you will have to pay the highest bid in the auction as the price of this additional batch of pills. We've looked at your reputation, and permitted the sale of another batch. And, we've already made an exception for you by doing so. Therefore, Mister Ning can drop the deal if he still has an objection."

Jun Mo Xie had mixed feelings about this. [Mei Xue Yan hasn't thought much before deciding on this. But, this indicates that she's thinking about the approaching Battle for Seizing the Heavens. And, that's still the most important thing to her.]

[Indeed, she's looking at the bigger picture! She's a Xuan Beast, but her heart is worthy of appreciation! The Three Holy Lands are blabbering about their concerns over the future of the common people, but they are busy fighting against each other in reality. These people should feel ashamed to death in front of her!]

"This condition seems reasonable. It's a deal! Thanks a lot!" Ning Wu Qing agreed to the condition at once. The business he had arrived for wasn't possible anymore. Therefore, he wanted to strive towards attaining the best advantage. He would go back, and report the matter. Then, the Empress would make the final decision. However, the procurement of even one extra batch of pills was a bonus for now. As far as the matter of paying the highest bid price was concerned — he didn't care about it…

After all, gold and silver were mere worldly possessions in his eyes.

"The Great Golden City also wants another batch!" Ma Jiang Ming also opened his mouth. He obviously didn't wish to lag behind Ning Wu Qing. Therefore, he also asked for one more.

"Sure! The conditions remain the same as those for the Elusive Land of Immortals!" Mei Xue Yan gave him a cold look. She had clearly seen Ma Jiang Ming's murderous intentions in his eyes. But, she had still agreed to it. And, that's because Mei Xue Yan knew that the Battle for Seizing the Heavens was going to start soon.

"Our Illusory Ocean of Blood also…." Huyan Xiao hadn't even finished his sentence when Jun Mo Xie interrupted him to decline his appeal. Young Master Jun had obviously done this because he was scared that Mei Xue Yan would agree to him as well. After all, she'd still be thinking about the bigger picture... "The Illusory Ocean of Blood is out from the auction…"

The Illusory Ocean of blood was already an enemy. So, would he still give them additional pills?

"What? Why?" Huyan Xiao violently leaped up. He suddenly felt as if his blood was rushing towards his head, "Jun Mo Xie! You dared to humiliate me!?"

Elusive Land of Immortals had put-up a request, and it was accepted. The Great Golden City had put-up a request. And, that too was accepted. However, the Illusory Ocean of Blood was declined when they put-up the same request! This had instigated the five people from the Illusory Ocean of Blood. After all, it was a slap on their face!

A loud and clear slap!

The complexion of those five people had suddenly distorted!

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