Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 505

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 505

Ye Gu Han sat cross legged at a distance from the two children. His face was expressionless, and body motionless. However, his mind was swirling in the thoughts of his sword techniques.

He hadn't done anything else in the past few days; he had only contemplated and practiced his sword techniques. He had taken these two little children as his role models. And, he had started creating and practicing a single-armed sword technique. He had decided to use this opportunity to live again for the sole purpose of creating his original sword technique!

The Solitary Falcon hadn't had any sleep either. He was in Grandfather Jun's study room with Jun Wu Yi. It was unknown what they were discussing at this time...

Everything seemed quite peaceful. Everything seemed auspicious.

Jun Mo Xie was smiling in great comfort.

Suddenly, the loud sound of an earth-shattering gust of wind arose from the distant horizon. This was accompanied by an exceptionally powerful and lively aura. Moreover, this terrifying aura was moving towards his side in an unbridled fashion. However, this aura also contained a boundless tinge of anger and murderous intention in it!

This mannerism and aura was so imposing and powerful that it seemed as if would swallow the sky and shake the earth. It was incomparably ferocious. Jun Mo Xie could think of only one person who could be equally or more powerful… And, that individual was Venerable Mei — the Lord of Tian Fa Forest!

It could be said that even the two world-shaking swordsmen from the Elusive World of Immortals — Rainstorm and Hurricane Great Masters — weren't at par with this individual.

This kind of strength had evidently reached the pinnacle of human accomplishments.

Jun Mo Xie's pupil contracted. [He has arrived at last…]

[This will be a great showdown!]

[I'm sure the person approaching is Huang family's old ancestor]

He was able to ascertain the identity of this individual by taking the malice and anger in that aura into account.

[It is utterly unrestrained; it's so blatant!]

[This person's abilities are truly unmatched in this world!] Jun Mo Xie sneered inside. But, the Young Master had spread his net. [Would I be catching some big fish tonight itself?]

Solitary Falcon and the other two were shaken inside the study. They then abruptly raised their heads.

The Snake King was inside her room. Her face was also filled with shock. She then quickly rushed out.

Mei Xue Yan also frowned as her eyes flashed with resentment. But, she remained seated still and upright.

There was a violent lightning the next moment as a figure appeared on top of the tallest tower of the Jun Family's residence. He was dressed in glamorous purple gown. His hair was white, and he was tall and sturdy in stature. The golden embroidery on the edges of his gown glittered in the moonlight. And, this made his image bright and somewhat hazy.

He was standing with his hands behind his back, and hadn't uttered a single word until now. But, the imposing mannerism that was surging from his body had already informed everyone of his arrival. Someone of his status wouldn't speak up on his own initiative at the Jun Family's residence. So, he waited for someone to come out and talk first.

However, this exceptional expert hadn't realized that his feet had landed upon the top of Jun Mo Xie's Hong Jun Pagoda when he had touched down on the top of the Jun residence's tower. Jun Mo Xie was hiding inside the Pagoda at this time. Consequently, this individual had ended-up cramming Young Master Jun… This had obviously left Jun Mo Xie to feel very gloomy…

"May I dare to ask the identity of this very able person who has graced my Jun Family's home this late at night? This old man is Jun Zhan Tian; excuse me for not coming out to receive you," an exceptionally deep and steady voice resounded. The person speaking was naturally Jun Zhan Tian.

Old Man Jun had already determined that no one in the Jun Family could rival this newcomer. But, his voice was still calm, and had no hint of fear.

Jun Zhan Tian hadn't faced off against many such experts. But, he had still come across many unexpected events in his long life's worth of combat experience. In fact, he was a man capable of retaining his composure even in the face of a landslide. It must be mentioned that even Great Master level individuals could rarely reach this level.

"Jun Zhan Tian? Ha ha... You're not worthy of talking to this Old Man!" the man on top of the tower laughed madly, "The man who was daring enough to deal with my Illusory Ocean of Blood's guards last night must come stand in front of me this instance! You don't want to annoy this Old Man!"

A sneer echoed at this time; it was accompanied by a cold voice, "Illusory of Ocean of Blood? That's a fancy name! Are you implying that others can't even detain a thief if the said-thief is associated with the Illusory Ocean of Blood?"

A slim, tall, and shadowy silhouette slowly walked forth along with the echo of that sneer. His long hair fluttered in the wind. It seemed as if his eyes were filled with thunder. He stood tall like a mountain with his hand behind his back. It was the Solitary Falcon!

Solitary Falcon's nature had always been like that of an untamed steed. He had always lived on his own terms. He had genuinely despised those who used power to bully others; particularly if they acted like pretentious pricks afterwards. So, how could he not get angry and reply in an arrogant tone when he saw this person speaking loudly with extreme arrogance?

Solitary Falcon had vaguely heard about what had happened the night before. So, he felt that he had missed a great opportunity. But, this new character had appeared at this time. The Solitary Falcon knew that he may not be a match for this person. But, he still wanted to try him out in combat.

Anyway, it must be said that the Solitary Falcon had been left rather confused and speechless upon witnessing that old man's false big talk and loud roars. [Are the Three Holy Lands that amazing? This man's arrogance is probably unrivalled in the world. I don't even want to give a damn about you!]

"Who are you?" The Huang Ancestor looked at him arrogantly, "Tell me you name first. Let me confirm if you're even worthy of dying at my hands! This Old Man never kills unnamed small fries!"

"I'm Solitary Falcon! Is that enough to qualify?" Solitary Falcon raised his head, and looked at that old man with disdain. [This old fart is like a theatre actor! What 'worthy of die at my hands!' and 'This old man never kills unnamed small fires?' These are the dramatic lines of a theatre actor! It has to be said that the grand names of these Three Holy Lands have gotten to the heads of these people!]

[It's fine if you want to have a good fight. But, why are you flinging these lines around? Do you think that you're a heroin in a drama or something?]

"Solitary Falcon? Ha ha... It may be assumed that you're the new Eighth Great Master, right? I've heard of you!" the old man raised his white eyebrows and roared, "But, I've barely heard of you; that's about it! You still don't have enough strength to be selected into our Illusory Ocean of Blood! Yet, you still dare to make so much noise in front of this Old Man by relying on that meagre strength? You're still not worthy of fighting with this Old Man!"

"I'd like to find out about that by crossing hands with you! Anyway, you've come here so brazenly. So, I'm assuming that you don't intend to hide your identity. I don't even know what position you hold in the Illusory Ocean of Blood. How will I be able to distinguish you unless I know your name?" Solitary Falcon snorted as he asked.

"I'll tell you my name, Youngster. But, you stand firm afterwards; you mustn't let this Old Man's name intimidate or demoralize you!" The Huang Ancestor laughed as he faced upwards at first. Then, he glared at the Solitary Falcon and said, "This Old Man is the Sun which Scorches a Thousand Mountains —Huang Tai Yang!"

"Pfft" a sniggered passed in the empty air. It turned out that the hiding Jun Mo Xie couldn't help but snigger. [This old man's name is amazing. He's actually called 'Huang Tai Yang'… as in the 'Extremely Po*nographic Man'! And, his nick name is even interesting. After all, his nickname can easily be understood as 'Exploits a Thousand Mountains'! This is a pitch-perfect match! I think it's impossible to laugh at this man!]

But, hearing that un-reconcilable name had left Jun Mo Xie to ascertain that this old man was that relative of the Huang Family.

Jun Mo Xie had indeed it found it very ridiculous, but Solitary Falcon didn't feel the same.

It was because this funny sounding 'Sun which Scorches a Thousand Mountain'— Huang Tai Yang — was a massive legend from a hundred-and-thirty years ago. He was born with average talents; and, had nothing exceptional about him. He was considered a 'good' talent in the Huang Family. But, even they didn't consider him to be very 'great'. But, his strength suddenly increased one day, and he reached the Spirit Xuan level very abruptly as a result. He then travelled the world in search for opponents. He had been very fierce in those times. And, it was unknown how many experts had died at his hand.

Legend had it that his Xuan strength was endless. It had continued to increase at a shocking speed. He had gone from being at the Earth Xuan level to the breaking through to the Great Master level at very quick pace. In fact, it had only taken him a few years to become the top expert in the world once he had broken through the Spirit Xuan level. Consequently, he had become a great legend in those days; he had particularly become a gigantic legend in the Xuan community. Rumor even had it that he had once faced two Xuan Beast Kings alone. Moreover, he hadn't fallen into a disadvantageous position in that encounter.

The progress of his Xuan strength had become the biggest mystery of the world in those days. [What kind of power can make an Earth Xuan expert suddenly break through to the Spirit Xuan level… And, the Great Master Level after that? Moreover, in a few years' time at that?] This had led people to try even harder to find out about his origins.

The families of his slain enemies and many other Xuan experts were enough in count to fill the sky. In fact, many of them had united to take revenge. But, he had killed all of them with ease by using his own strength alone.

That had continued until Huang Tai Yang suddenly disappeared. Consequently, his bloody legend also came to an end.

The so-called legend had vanished from the world, but it turned out that he had had been absorbed by the Illusory Ocean of Blood in reality.

His disappearance had led his enemies to suppress the Huang Family in order to make him re-appear. The Huang Family's members knew that he had joined the Illusory Ocean of Blood. However, he never reconnected with them. And, they did they have enough qualifications to contact the Illusory Ocean of Blood. So, they lost all forms of contact with him.

The Huang Family had lost their most powerful supporter. Therefore, they had no option but to endure being suppressed in helplessness. And, they continued to get repressed in utter helplessness until they were reduced to a regular Xuan Family. This was especially true for the years of late. In fact, they would've become a sunken ship if it wasn't for the Dugu Family's patronage.

It was a very curious coincidence that this legendary heavens-shaking ancestor of the Huang Family had arrived just when Jun Mo Xie and Tang Yuan were messing with them.

"So, it's the Old Huang Senior! Should I presume that the Old Huang Senior has arrived here in order to re-establish this might?" Solitary Falcon was stunned since he knew who Huang Tai Yang was. But, his tongue was still working as harshly as before.

"To establish might… And, this Old Man doesn't mind killing a few people," Huang Tai Yang looked at him with disdain as he adopted a chilling smile. His voice reverberated like that of an owl, "For example, some people who have relied on their undeserved reputation to become the Eighth Great Master by sheer luck. Or maybe even the worthlessly lowest-ranked Great Master who thinks that he's better than me — the greatest in the world..."

Solitary Falcon instantly became enraged. A sharp light flashed in his eyes, "Huang Tai Yang! I've called you 'Senior' to give you respect! But, don't go on bullying the others because of your rotten reputation from the past! You've become very outdated since you had disappeared from the wider society long back! But, this world isn't the one you were once familiar with! In fact, you need to start worrying about that long-expired legend of yours! After all, you wouldn't want your two-hundred years old reputation to be destroyed by me, would you?

The Huang Ancestor laughed. He seemed overjoyed… as if he had heard an extremely funny joke. His body even swayed from the laughing.

Suddenly, a cold and indifferent voice resonated in an impatient manner, "Where did this Old Crow come from? And, what are you croaking so late at night for? You've disturbed my deep dreams!" This voice wasn't very loud, but it had nevertheless echoed like loud thunder. Moreover, it had cut through Huang Tai Yang's Great Master Level field of aura with ease. It seemed as if a sharp sword had suddenly descended to the earth from the heavens in the dark of this murky and lazy night. 

Each word had sounded as if the God of Thunder was giving vent to his anger. It had sounded like the slow and muffled beating of drums in the Ninth Heaven. But, everyone who had heard it was left to shake to their very cores.

Each word had induced a tremor. A pounding tremor! In fact, it seemed as if each word had drummed at people's cores like a mallet.

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