Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 480

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 480

Jun Mo Xie's body was pushed away by that violent and fierce aura whilst in his state of invisibility. And, he fell scores of meters away like a kite which had its string cut.

He couldn't help but feel like yelling out. It was fortunate that he was invisible at the moment. Otherwise, his body would've been revealed. And, it was evident that the Snake King was an even match for the Great Masters.

The Snake King looked around for a long time, but didn't find anything strange. She couldn't help mutter in surprise, "I'm sure that someone was following me... But, why is there no one around right now? Was I imagining things? That can't be true! How can I imagine things?" Therefore, she carefully looked around again, but still didn't find anything behind her. Her body then flashed, and she quickly descended to the ground. There was no sound or movement from the undergrowth as she stealthily hid there. And, she was now intently observing the area in silence.

The look on her face was that of confidence and calm. It seemed as if she could wait there for an indefinite period of time. This meant that the person who was following her wouldn't be able to find a trace of her. Therefore, the said-individual would have no choice but to come out in order to look for her after some time had passed.

However, they'd become the target of a formidable attack from the Snake King once they came out!

Therefore, the Snake King confidently waited for her pursuer to come out.

However, no one showed-up even after she had waited for a long time. The sun had initially been right above her. But, it had slowly started to slant towards the west by now. However, she still hadn't been able to detect anything. 

"Was I genuinely mistaken?" the Snake King thought aloud in confusion; an hour of her vigil had passed by now. [My follower would've had to come out in order to examine the circumstances by now… even if they've reached the level of the strongest of the Great Masters…]

Unfortunately, the Snake King was unaware that the person she was waiting for… wasn't very far away from her!

Jun Mo Xie was the King of Assassins of his generation. He would've already died about eight-hundred times by now if he didn't have patience which far exceeded that of a normal person. Moreover, Young Master Jun could also achieve an amazingly stealth state since he could draw support from the Yin-Yang Escape. In fact, he believed that he would've been able to hide his presence with ease even if he were up against a dozen enemies.

However, the Young Master's train of thought had taken a very strange turn at this time...

He stared engrossed at the Snake King's prone figure as she lay on the ground. He couldn't help exclaim in secrecy, "That tight ass is so great! I feel that it's top quality! No. I'm certain that it's top quality… Ah, this Young Master wants to grope it. Will it feel even better than that little guy's…"

The Snake King finally decided to give up since she didn't find anything after a long while had passed. But, she was still on-guard like before, and hadn't relaxed one bit. Her body was still on the ground as she started to move backwards. She appeared like a fish as she moved through the undergrowth. Then, she turned around without any visible movement or indication. This was followed by a 'whooshing' sound as she quickly moved through the undergrowth. However, there were no visible signs of movements around the grass as her body suddenly disappeared in the dense foliage.

In fact, it seemed that she hadn't brushed against a single yellowed leaf or withered grass even though it was early winter.

A faint smile surfaced on Jun Mo Xie's face as he calmly continued to follow her.

One could avoid being followed by people or animals if they followed strict anti-tracking methods. But, could someone avoid being tailed by a ghost? Moreover, Jun Mo Xie was using the Yin-Yang Escape at this time. Therefore, he was moving at lightning speed whilst maintaining a presence that was as faint as that of a ghost.

The Snake King didn't find any sign of her pursuer as she continued to move into the forest. She had been suspicious throughout her journey, and had changed directions several hundred times. But, she still hadn't been able to rid her heart of that subtle feeling of being followed.

And, this helplessness had brought one of the greatest of Tian Fa's Beast Kings to a state of near-crumble.

These Beast Kings had an innate ability which was able to sense that they were being tracked even though the Young Master was using such a marvelous tracking technique.

This could even be called the 'beastly instinct' by normal people. Or maybe even a 'sixth sense'...

Jun Mo Xie was using the ingenious Yin-Yang Escape. So, even a strong person wouldn't have been able to notice anything if he had been following them. For example… the Solitary Falcon would've unknowingly led Jun Mo Xie to his lair if he had been in her place.

However, the Snake King had discovered something unusual about the situation. In fact, she had sensed that someone was following her. And, that in-itself was something extremely unexpected for Jun Mo Xie.

The Snake King was eventually pushed to the edge of her patience. So, she hissed and stepped onto a tree's branch. Then, she spoke-up in a loud voice, "May I dare to ask where the strong person is following me to? What does he wish to ask for? I request that he show himself! This little girl would give consideration if you seek something!"

The empty mountains remained silent. There was no response; not even the sound of a falling droplet.

The Snake King was angry and anxious at the moment. That was because she'd reach the place where these two sisters were staying if she moved further into the forest. And, she would lose face if some capable and mysterious individual was able to trail her there. In fact, she would have to return to Tian Fa if she allowed that to happen…

After all, she would've led the enemy to her senior, but she still wouldn't know who he was…

What could this be called?

A clear voice echoed at this moment, "What happened, Green Hunter? Why are you looking so confused? Is someone following? You don't need to panic even if someone has followed you!" an extremely delicate white figure appeared as that soft voice resounded. It seemed like a fairy from the ninth heaven had descended to the human world.

The environment of the entire mountainous forest became magical the moment she appeared. In fact, every blade of grass seemed to be brimming with vitality.

Green Hunter came down from the tree as light as a feather. But, her expression was one of humiliation. She had obviously gotten rid of that hideous appearance from before. Consequently, she looked attractive even though she was standing in front of the fairy-like white-clothed woman — Mei Xue Yan. In fact, the two sisters looked even more dazzling when together. The white-clothed Mei Xue Yan appeared to be brimming with unmatched grace and magnificence. But, Green Hunter looked more lovable and charming.

"Elder Sister, you don't know this, but I've clearly been sensing that someone has been following me. I changed directions several times, and I used every secret technique I know to find out who it is. And, I still didn't spot anyone. However, that feeling of being followed still exists in my heart. Their method was obviously very superior, but that kind of an unknown had left me very frightened. So, I had to use Elder Sister's remarkable technique because I nearly crumbled from fear. I was confident that I could slip away using your technique. But… I'm still very unsure about the result, Elder Sister. I know that you'll say that I'm being overly suspicious. After all, who in this world can possess such a remarkable technique…" the usually calm and collected Snake King looked very tired as she spoke-up with some hesitation.

"Foolish girl! Your cultivation level can be considered amongst the best in the world. So, you shouldn't be so hesitant and indecisive under such circumstances!"

The white-clothed girl smiled and continued, "You think someone's following you. So, that must be the case! After all, this intuition is an innate skill of us Xuan Beasts! And, there's no question about it! It may be assumed that your pursuer has a superior technique. Humans have a very reasonable saying for this, 'You may be at the top of the world. But, there's always someone above you'. You're confident that someone has followed your trail even though you've used my anti-tracking techniques. But, can't someone in this world surpass me?"

"Elder Sister means to say that… such a powerful expert exists in this world?! And, he may even be superior to you?" A light flashed in Green Hunter's eyes, and her expression became sharp and eager.

The white-clad girl smiled gently and replied, "I don't know whether he's stronger than me or not. After all, he could possibly be an expert who has specialized in the art of tracking. But, we should keep going. It doesn't matter why this person is following you. But, they must have their goal since they're doing this. However, they haven't shown themselves throughout the journey. And, it may be assumed that he may not expose himself anytime soon either. So, let's ignore him for the time being. And, I'm certain that he will jump out on his own accord when the time is right. Tell me, what did you learn from this trip…"

The white-clothed girl had smiled as if nothing bothered her heart as she had spoken this. Then, she turned around in a fluid motion, and pulled Green Hunter's arm. It appeared as if two young girls were playing and strolling in the forest. They then walked a few steps, and sat down under a tree.

Young Master Jun had been in hiding this entire time. However, he couldn't help but whine in the secrecy of his heart.

He had been around fourteen to fifteen meters away from the Snake King. But, he didn't know why his heart was suddenly feeling a large and formidable pressure. In fact, he felt that he wouldn't be able to withstand this pressure even if he were to make successive breakthroughs. Moreover, he felt as if he would land himself in greater dangers if he forced himself to stay there. His heart had been repressed very tightly at this moment.

Jun Mo Xie had never doubted his intuition. After all, this intuition had faithfully saved him uncountable times in the past. So, he stuck himself into a tree the moment he felt that feeling rise within his heart.

[Yin-Yang Escape — escaping into a tree!]

He had entered into that tree the very moment the white-clothed girl had appeared in front of Green Hunter… 

And, it couldn't be said whether this had happened by accident or not… But, Mei Xue Yan and Green Hunter had sat down at the roots of the very tree he had possessed.

[This is very good!]

The Young Master Jun Mo Xie didn't dare to move.

He didn't dare to move recklessly even if he was still using the Yin-Yang Escape. After all, there would be a small fluctuation in his aura if he moved. The fluctuation would be very minute. But, those two women weren't to be trifled with. And, they would surely sense it at such close a distance. Then, they would start looking for him. He could certainly switch modes and become hollow if he wanted. However, he would need a small amount of time and space in to do it. But, he didn't have this luxury as things stood at this time...

Moreover, Jun Mo Xie wasn't certain whether the white-clad girl had drawn the Snake King to sit at that tree on purpose. However, he absolutely couldn't dare to move since there was a chance that she might have done so intentionally…

Fortunately, Young Master Jun's previous life's reputation as the 'King of Assassins' wasn't undeserved. Moreover, he was already in hiding. And, doing so for three to five hours… or even three to five days wasn't a problem. After all, this master assassin was habitual to lying in wait by himself for long periods of time…

The eyes of the white-clad girl were filled with a deep sense of wonder over the Snake King's perception. She was certain that the Snake King hadn't been mistaken in what she had sensed. After all, the Green Hunter possessed an insanely high cultivation. Moreover, she also had the innate instinct of a Beast King. Therefore, the notion of her being 'overly and unnecessarily' suspicious was next to being a big joke.

[It must be true if she has felt something!]

[There's no other reasonable explanation!]

So, she determined that someone was following Green Hunter.

But, what surprised her was the fact that even she couldn't be sure if such a person genuinely existed. Moreover, that she couldn't even discover where the pursuer was hiding…

Therefore, she had suggested taking a moment of rest.

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