Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 476

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 476

It was time for the midday meal when Tang Yuan woke up. Tang Yuan opened his eyes wide, and crawled up to stand. He then roared, "Damn you motherfu*kers! I'm your grandpa! You brats have got some guts to be messing with Grandpa Tang! Wait and see what Grandpa Tang does!"

He had started to curse on one hand. But, he had clutched his head and groaned on the other.

His hangover was extremely painful. Even his big skull was finding it hard to endure.

"Pop!" the fragrant alcoholic smell of excellent wine assailed his nose. He then heard Jun Mo Xie's voice, "You're awake? Drink this cup of wine. It will sober you up."

Tang Yuan retched as he raised his teary eyes, "Third Young Master… Please don't mess with me. Your brother is a respected senior now…"

"Go and wash your face. Come and speak to me after you've become sober. I have to tell you something," Jun Mo Xie looked at him. "And, you're indeed growing up!"

Tang Yuan sniggered mischievously. He then disappeared outside like a wisp of smoke. He asked a maid to bring water so that he could wash his face. However, Tang Yuan refused the reasonably cool water, the warm water, and the lukewarm water. Instead, he dipped his big skull into ice-cold water. He lifted his head out of the water after a long time. He then shook his head, and water sprayed everywhere. Then, he took a towel, and carefully wiped his head. After that, he waved for the made to leave.

Tang Yuan looked at Jun Mo Xie and grinned, "I was very drunk last night, Third Young Master."

"Ah, that you were! You had a lot to drink!" Jun Mo Xie nodded. "Does your head still hurt?"

"There's no pain, but I can't remember what happened last night. Some issue was at the tip of my tongue. And, it was a very important matter. But, why can't I remember it?" Tang Yuan tilted his head. He had a vexed expression on his face.

"It's mustn't have been a big deal if you don't even remember it," Jun Mo Xie sighed and nodded in silence. Jun Mo Xie wouldn't have worried if Tang Yuan had tried to get to the bottom of the matter after waking up. However, he had said that he couldn't remember anything…

Jun Mo Xie had understood his indication, [This guy is indicating that we can't have that conversation even if he remembers the matter. He's not willing to mention it; at least, not at this time.] After all, the Young Master knew that Fatty Tang wouldn't consider this event to be a trivial one either! However, it would be very awkward if they spoke about it right now. After all, this time, this place, and their current company were inappropriate to discuss this matter.

Fatty wasn't trying to preserve his own reputation alone; he was also trying to save Jun Mo Xie's honor. After all, this had happened in the Dugu Family's house. And, Jun Mo Xie was nearly certain to be the future Son-in-law of that family. This incident wasn't directly related to the Dugu Family's actions. However, Tang Yuan still couldn't reveal it for the sake of his brother. Well, it would be inappropriate to do so for the time being at least... 

Tang Yuan's face seemed merry as he smirked and said, "It's a bit late already. So, I should quickly return to work. After all, I need to inform those 'fat sheep' to come loaded with silver and gold coins for the auction. Ha ha! We'll make it big profit this time again, Third Young Master!"

"Humph! It would be better if you don't 'stuff your pockets under the table'!" Jun Mo Xie gave him a harsh look.

Tang Yuan yelled back since he felt wronged, "But, Third Young Master… I'm such a kind and honest person! I'm genuinely a good kind of guy…"

The two men laughed loudly as they walked out of the room.

Tang Yuan and Jun Mo Xie had seemed very relaxed when they said goodbye to the Dugu Family. They didn't even mention about getting drunk the last night. This was rather opposite of what the tensed Dugu Zong Heng had expected…

They saw a corpse in front of the gate. It was covered in white cloth, and was being carried in. Tang Yuan's pupils contracted when he saw this. He had an extremely profound look on his face as he turned to look at Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie looked at Tang Yuan with an expression of astonishment. And, he suddenly felt that his friend had grown up a lot. [He has matured over the last few months. This brother of mine is finally capable of being my brother!]

They didn't speak a word the entire journey.

However, Tang Yuan called out to Jun Mo Xie when the two young men were entering the Aristocratic Hall. There wasn't a trace of smile on the usually smiley face of Tang Yuan. Instead, there was rarely seen expression of seriousness. And, his eyes seemed to have a sharp and incisive splendor to it. "Third Young Master… was that man's death your doing?"

"Yes. It was me!" Jun Mo Xie didn't turn his head. He didn't want to see Tang Yuan's expression. "That brat is dead. You have my full support no matter what you want to do."

"Yes. He's dead. But, this matter isn't over yet," Tang Yuan had seemingly gnashed his teeth while speaking, "Who was he?"

"He was from the Golden East City's Huang Family," Jun Mo Xie replied in a dull tone. Then, a though came to his mind — [The Huang Family is finished.]

Tang Yuan's personality wouldn't allow him to stop unless he had carried out satisfactory revenge since he knew where his enemy's home was. He simply wouldn't stop unless he was satisfied with the result!

Tang Yuan's influence and net worth could ensure that his power and control would make the Huang Family look insignificant. In fact, he could even shake up a powerful family in the Tian Xiang City. After all, money could enslave demons. In fact, it could even act as God. Thus, many difficult matters become easy if one has accumulated a terrifying amount of money.

The previous night's incident had been extremely humiliating for Tang Yuan.

He was a Young Master of the Tang Family. He was the future successor of the great Tang Family. He was the Second Master of the Aristocratic Hall, and the newly-proclaimed 'God of Wealth' of Tian Xiang City. However, he had been pushed into a latrine pit!

No one with those four identities could ever bear such humiliation… even if he was drunk on wine! He couldn't take it lying under any circumstances!

And, only blood was capable of washing away such humiliation!

Huang Shu Liu was dead. So, it was impossible for Tang Yuan to vent his anger at him. However, he still wanted to take revenge. Therefore, the Huang Family of the Golden East City was bound to face a tragedy. After all, it had become the object on which Tang Yuan would take out his revenge for the humiliation he had suffered.

Jun Mo Xie could imagine how fierce Tang Yuan's revenge would be. In fact, the sight of it would be so appalling that even the heavens would be shy from it. After all, some innocents would also get caught in the midst of it.

However, Jun Mo Xie wouldn't prevent Tang Yuan from taking his revenge. After all, Tang Yuan would never be able to raise his head if he didn't do this. He would always feel ashamed as long as the name of the Golden East City's Huang Family continued to exist.

This was merely a psychological issue. But, it would spread darkness in his heart. And, that darkness would plague him in every aspect of life.

"Golden East City's Huang Family? That is a very big family!" Tang Yuan sneered as these disdainful words of destruction exited his mouth, "I'll make them very happy! I'll tell them to wait for Grandpa Tang!"

Then, he turned his head, and spoke extremely slowly, "I need to use the Aristocratic Hall's strength, Third Young Master."

Jun Mo Xie didn't hesitate. He readily promised, "Everything doesn't need to go through me. The strength and manpower of the Aristocratic Hall is at your disposal from now on. And, that includes the entire nine-hundred-million in silver. Moreover, you only need to speak to me if the Aristocratic Hall's manpower isn't enough. And, I will do my best to help you!" Jun Mo Xie gave him a profound look, "It doesn't matter what you want to do. Remember; nothing is out of bounds!"

Tang Yuan paused for a long while. He then inhaled loudly from his nose, and said, "You fu*king… you fu*king… hehe… I only wish to borrow a little manpower from the Aristocratic Hall. I'll use my own methods to settle this. I'll be very unsatisfied if I entirely rely on your strength, Third Young Master. But, I'm certain that my current strength is enough to solve many problems."

Tang Yuan's words had undergone a drastic change. He had mumbled the first-half, and had even chocked somewhat. Moreover, his diction had been unclear. But, the second-half was spoken very fluently and clearly.

It symbolized that Fatty had smoothly managed to control his emotions in this brief moment.

The two men stood opposite each other for a moment. Then, Tang Yuan suddenly asked, "My actions may give rise to a lot of public anger. It may also give rise to some very serious consequences. So, why don't you try to persuade me on this? I'll listen as long as you say it."

"What should I say? You genuinely want to hear what I have to speak? And, will you be happy even if you listen to me? So, why should I make my brother unhappy for outsiders?"

Jun Mo Xie spoke slowly, "I've said that I'll deem your actions right… no matter what you do! This may give rise to a strong opponent. But, we'll face them together. If we die because of it — so be it! What's the worst that can happen? This is a world where the strong prey on the weak. It's a society where a clenched fist is the ultimate argument. So, we can say nothing if we die in case we're weaker than the opponent. But, why should we submit to humiliation if our strength is greater than them? Anyway, who the fu*k thinks so much and so far into the future? Did I take the public's approval before I dealt with that matter a few days ago? Were the consequences very trivial? But, why can't my brother do it if I can?"

Tang Yuan remained silent for a long while. He then solemnly patted Jun Mo Xie's shoulder, "You're a good brother!"

Suddenly, a strange splendor enveloped Fatty's round and plump face. He then grabbed Jun Mo Xie's hand, and sniggered in a mischievous manner, "Come and take a look at my wife's face!"

Jun Mo Xie shrugged his shoulders. That sudden change in Tang Yuan's complexion had somewhat baffled him. So, he forced a smile, and followed him inside.

Jun Mo Xie saw Sun Xiao Mei's back, and felt alarmed upon noticing the extremity of the change.

She was still tall, but her previously solid and thick frame had disappeared. It had been replaced by an incomparably graceful figure. It seemed that she possessed the charm and grace even the companions of the Gods couldn't match. Such was the temperament she possessed.

She could leave a man with an impulse to commit a sin!

Jun Mo Xie gasped in surprise.

It had only been three months. But, the change that she had undergone had scaled the difference between the heaven and the earth.

Moreover, such changes were apparent in both – the husband, and the wife.

The sharp increase in Fatty Tang's weight was a huge miracle. And, Sun Xiao Mei seemed like she had been born a-new. She had transformed into a beauty from the shape of a big and bulky man!

"Hi beautiful…" Jun Mo Xie called as he walked past.

"Jun Mo Xie?" Sun Xiao Mei was surprised when she heard Jun Mo Xie's voice. So, she turned around… but only to hear Jun Mo Xie's blood-curdling scream. He spoke-up in an extremely pained tone, "How could this be? This… this… ah…"

[I wanted to commit a crime when I looked at her from behind. But, I suddenly find it reasonable to defend myself after I've seen her face.]

[It's too frightening!]

Tang Yuan also wanted to cry, but didn't have tears. He said, "She can make anyone lose their wits if you look at her from behind. But, she can scare away a million men once she turns to face you! Are you convinced now, Third Master Jun?"

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