Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 471

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 471

"You men go and drink. We women have no reason to join you! Come with me, Xiao Yi!" The last part was spoken a bit harshly. And, that was because Dugu Xiao Yi had begun to move towards Jun Mo Xie for a chat. However, she came to a stop when she heard this…

The Old Lady suddenly stopped while she was leaving. She then turned to look at Dugu Zong Heng and Dugu Wu Di, "Ah, I forgot to ask you one thing. Didn't you say that Jun Zhan Tian's grandson was an unbearable debauchee, difficult to educate, extremely rotten, and worth less than a dog's meat? These were the words you two had spoken. But, how is everything so different when I see him today? I think this one is much better to behold than those seven idiots out there. You two will give me a proper explanation for this later."

Dugu Zong Heng was stunned.

Dugu Wu Di was stupefied.

[Explanation? What explanation? How can we explain?! We also want an explanation for Jun Mo Xie's rapid growth over these few months! But, who will explain it to us?!

"He's such a good youngster. He possesses a strong character, and doesn't submit to tyranny. He has an unwavering mind, doesn't speak out of place. So, how can he be called a debauchee? Did the two of you deliberately distort the facts for me because you don't think much of the Jun Family? Or are you worried about the Emperor's opinion? Are the two of you worried that the union of two military families through marriage will look suspicious to him? Humph! Let me tell you that your narrow-minded fears have messed with my precious granddaughter's marriage! Is my granddaughter's lifelong happiness determined by your likings or fears? In fact, I find this Jun Mo Xie to be far better than the two of you! And, let me tell you that I'm very angry about this matter! I'm not done with this yet! This isn't finished for the two of you!"

The Old Lady roared before she finally left. The Dugu father-and-son looked at each other. They wanted to cry, but couldn't conjure the tears…

That army of women slowly retreated. However, the men could still hear the Old Lady's harsh voice echoing as the women left. It sounded like a battle cry…"I don't care how you go about it, but we have to turn this little girl into someone worthy of being a first wife! And, as soon as possible! You've spoilt her. What have you been teaching her? She is supposed to behave like a girl from a powerful family; don't you agree? Would you ever want a girl like this one as the first wife for your own son? I'll leave this matter to the eleven of you! And, I personally sweep your bodies outside the family's door if you're not successful at this task. Xiao Yi, why are you frowning my dear one? Come to Grandma and smile! Don't fear; leave everything to Grandma! Grandma will fix everything for you! She'll take of everything…"

The eleven ladies who had been scolded by the Old Lady a moment ago became silent when they heard this last part. Dugu Zong Heng, Dugu Wu Di, and Jun Mo Xie also felt powerless…

She had given a harsh chiding to the ladies on one hand. And, she had fiercely protected her granddaughter on the other...

[How can you teach her anything like this? What can one achieve in their life with this?]

The three men looked at each other in silence. They were quiet for a long time. Old Man Dugu Zong Heng was the first to react with a shout, "Get some fu*king wine! Serve it! Serve it! Are you people fu*king dead? Hurry up!"

Dugu Wu Di also jumped into action when he saw his father yelling. He didn't yell himself, but he moved his hands and made a few gestures to help…

The table was filled with good food and fine wine in no time.

Dugu Chong and the others had also returned with Tang Yuan. Their timing was also good; they were truly well trained.

The eleven men sat down around two tables. They had initially wanted to merge their tables. But, everyone had a big body; except Jun Mo Xie. In fact, they could be regarded as 'huge' from the standards of an average person. And, Fatty Tang was particularly huge. In fact, he took the place of four men when he sat down. Everyone was silent. It could be assumed that they wouldn't have been able to move their hands to eat their food if they had sat around the same table…

Dugu Zong Heng drained his cup of wine in a toast, and wiped his mouth, "Jun Brat, it needn't be mentioned that you must take very good care of my precious granddaughter. This man won't leave you alone if you hurt her even a little! Others might be afraid of that old Jun Zhan Tian, but this old man isn't!"

Jun Mo Xie couldn't even force a smile since he understood this very clearly. These words had been meant in a good way. However, everything coming from the mouths of this family's people sounded like a provocation or a threat. After all, the people of this family could never speak gently…

"Yes! Jun Mo Xie, I'll flay your skin if you dare to trouble my daughter!" Dugu Wu Di raised his glass and clanked it against Jun Mo Xie's. Then, he looked up and gulped. And, the wine disappeared from his glass…

"Brother-in-law… haha… Brother-in-law! Come and drink…" The towering 'Heroes and Legends' rushed forward, and toasted with their wine glasses. Their attitude had made it evident that they wanted to get the "pretty boy" drunk.

Dugu Zong Heng looked at the youngsters and sighed. He couldn't help speak-up in a desolate tone, "You boys drink up! I won't accompany you… this old man can only drink three glasses now… But, I could've drunk a thousand of these without getting drunk in my youth! I used to be an elegant and towering hero!"

Dugu Wu Di hastily comforted him, "Father, you needn't be worried about it. The injury on your lower back is serious! But, your injury won't inhibit you once we find that Snow Ferret's fur. Then, you can also drink as much as you like!"

"The Snow Ferret's fur… it's easier said than done! That thing is amongst the hardest to find in this world! I've already searched for it for ten years now, and I still haven't found the slightest of clues in this regard! Capturing a Snow Ferret is more difficult than getting a Level Nine Xuan Beast's Core! It's even rarer than that!" Dugu Zong Heng's enthusiasm was waning.

"The Old Grandfather's lower back is injured? What kind of an injury is it?" Jun Mo Xie stared blankly for a second. He then asked in an inquisitive manner.

Dugu Wu Di stared stumped at first. Then, he recalled that this guy was the same great doctor who had cured Jun Wu Yi's legs. So, he couldn't help but look with hope as he said, "My father had sustained injuries in battle when he was young. He had injured his meridians. And, he hasn't been able to drink properly ever since. In fact, drinking a little extra can often give rise to difficulty in breathing. We still haven't found an effective cure for it… Would you like to examine it?"

"Let me see," Jun Mo Xie impolitely grabbed Dugu Zong Heng's left hand. He then extended two of his fingers to check the Old Man's pulse, and initiated the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune. This instantly enabled him to visualize the condition of Dugu Zong Heng's meridians in his mind.

"His meridians are fractured and withered. Don't tell me there was no cure to treat this?" Jun Mo Xie contemplated for a long while before he withdrew his hand. He then said, "It must've been an arrow wound on his body. It had injured his lungs. It wasn't that serious in the beginning, but it has become a perennial disease over the course of time. So, I fear that the legendary Snow Ferret's fur will also be a temporary solution only…"

"Huh? It's that serious…? Do you have a cure?" Dugu Wu Di was shocked.

"It's not that I don't have a cure… it's just… it's comparatively difficult. Moreover, it'll require at least half-a-month of skill and effort," Jun Mo Xie frowned. However, he had spoken with assurance.

"It'll be cured in half-a-month? That's not long!" Dugu Wu Di's voice trembled as he stood up. He then suddenly grabbed Jun Mo Xie's shoulders, "Worthy son-in-law, I won't have any objections in the matter between you and Xiao Yi if you cure my father's injury!"

This had been extremely effective. After all, Dugu Wu Di had straightaway called him a 'worthy son-in-law'.

[You obviously won't have any objections! It's I who has objections!]

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and replied, "It's nothing major for the time being. I'll give you a prescription. You go and get those medicines. Have him take them every morning. Then, come to my place everyday from the third day onwards. I'll put him under a needle treatment. It should most likely heal in about ten days if the treatment is regular."

Jun Mo Xie smiled as he spoke. Then, the Young Master took a pen and inscribed the prescription. Dugu Wu Di took it from him like it was the most treasured gem in the world. In fact, his fingers had trembled with emotion when he had done so. He then quickly kept it in his chest pocket, and continuously patted it to ensure that it was there.

Old Man Dugu's injury was one of inconvenience in reality, but it wasn't too severe. His meridians were merely damaged. It may have seemed like an incurable disease to medicinal experts of that era, but it was nothing to the Young Master. The Old Man had been living with this injury for around ten years. But, it wasn't nearly as serious as the poisoned paralysis of Jun Wu Yi's legs. It would be fine after he had used the Hong Jun Pagoda's aura to treat it. After all, it was the purest aura from the origin of that world.

A vague plan had already begun to form inside Jun Mo Xie's mind. [How can I let the Dugu Family off so easily after I help them with this? I'll obviously make these two generals pay a fitting price. I'll talk to them about that wine money's matter when the time is ripe.]

However, Jun Mo Xie didn't have any plans when it came to the relationship between him and Dugu Xiao Yi. After all, this matter was about his private relationship with that girl. So, he didn't wish to exploit that matter. Moreover, that would go against his own feelings and interests.

Everyone began to party after the matter at hand was settled.

Dugu Zong Heng was especially grinning from ear to ear since he had found hope of full recovery. He couldn't drink, but he had become extremely jovial. Therefore, he strongly urged everyone to drink more. In fact, his widened eyes were surveying for anyone who drank less.

Tang Yuan had drained more glasses in comparison. He was fat, but his capacity for drinking wasn't very good. In fact, he had stealthily gone out, and had vomited out three cups worth. But, he continued to drink after he returned, and had somewhat lost consciousness as a result. Then, he got up with the final bit of soberness left in him, and went out trudging and swaying towards the latrine pit; he didn't return after that. Jun Mo Xie heard a loud splashing noise later. It sounded as if it had come from a pond. It seemed like a huge monster had fallen down a lake, and had created an immense splash with his fall. But, he didn't take it very seriously. After all, this was the Dugu Household; not the Jun Household. Who knew what the Dugu Family was up to in there?

General Dugu didn't know how much he had drunk. The eight men of the Dugu Family were baffled in the beginning, [How come this Jun Mo Xie isn't getting drunk even after he has drunk so much?] However, everyone later came forth, and stopped caring about Jun Mo Xie. So, they raised their cups high, and roared, "Cheers!" Then, they raised their necks…

Dugu Wu Di eventually narrowed his big eyes, pulled out his huge tongue, and put his big bar-like arms around Jun Mo Xie's neck. Then, he slurred drunkenly, "Uh… hic… I truly… trust you with this matter, Elder Brother… hic…"

A pained color spread across Jun Mo Xie's face. He didn't know if he could accept this hierarchy of address…

Dugu Zong Heng quickly gave a harsh slap to his son's head and started to abuse, "Your mother…! That's your son-in-law!"

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