Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 467

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 467

The four great inventions of ancient China had been game changers. The people had flourished as a hundred schools of thought had contended. The heavenly conqueror Genghis Khan had proudly conquered most of the world once.

However, the arrogance of the scholars had directed that great country with their narrowed wisdom in the era that had followed. And, they had closed the country off to the rest of the world. The enemy outside had made tremendous improvements as time had passed. However, these scholars had remained unaffected even though they knew. They allowed others to take advantage of their very own inventions. And, they were later attacked using these very inventions… and were forced to suffer great losses! They were thus left to lag behind in both military and economy. And, this same condition had continued to prevail since. Therefore, they were forced to put their efforts into chasing others instead of leading the world.

These causes and effects were the result of those scholars' arrogance.

But, were they bad people? No! Each of them only had old-fashioned and arrogant mindsets. But, their moral characters were better than many men. In fact, each of those men could be called pure and good people. But, they were still the main reason why the country had lagged behind.

Jun Mo Xie could only sigh whenever he'd recall this extremely sorrowful and helpless history…

A good man turned bad is much worse than a bad man!

What kind of reasoning would this make for? Most people would be left flabbergasted if one were to speak of these things.

However, this is a fact of time!

It can't be erased. In fact, it's impossible to erase.

So, were Mei Gao Jie and Kong Ling Yang good men? Yes! And, nobody could deny it. Even Jun Mo Xie couldn't deny it! But, these two men wanted to leave their names in glory for eternity. And, the decisions they made for this reason had caused harm to millions of people in Tian Xiang…

However, what would be the criteria for evaluating the pros and cons of their work?

Jun Mo Xie was a bit disappointed as he muttered, "Or maybe that's only a change of perspective. What every person does seems correct in their opinion. But, who could've thought so far ahead? No one would be able to do anything if they were to put so much thought into their actions! And, the people who don't do anything are only mediocre!"

"So, we can only abide by our hearts," Jun Mo Xie said in a heavy manner, "You needn't worry about those useless people. There isn't a single man in this world who'll interfere with our decision. Not one! So, you be at ease. I'll never let you be sad. Nor will I let others off easy."

Guan Qing Han sighed softly. [Jun Mo Xie is wrong, but he still seems to make sense. He seems to be full of rebelliousness as well. I can only understand half of it…] 

"Let's not speak of these things. You came to look for me. What's the matter? What can I do?" Guan Qing Han raised her spirits and asked.

"Nothing in particular. I heard you play some music earlier. So, I thought about seeing you. But, I had to visit Grandfather in his study first," Jun Mo Xie briefly spoke about the Jun Family's information networks as he said, "We may have become powerful these days. But, we're also standing opposite to the Imperial Family in some ways. In fact, we may end up in a battle of life and death against them if some conjectures turn out to be true. However, I believe that this hidden intelligence network could be a big problem. In fact, it's giving me a headache. This has made things very complicated…"

"Oh… So, that's the issue…" Guan Qing Han frowned. She then thought for a moment and said, "How will the Imperial Family deal with the people commanded by the Jun Family if we become enemies? Will they trust those people? I don't think so! They will plan kill those people instead! They would even be willing to kill some of their own by mistake, but they won't let anyone suspicious off! In fact, this would be more of a possibility given the current Emperor's extremely suspicious mindset…"

"That's right! These words have roused me from my dream!" Jun Mo Xie suddenly brightened up. He then said while smiling, "I have bewildered the authorities. The Imperial Family won't let them live. I'm suspicious. Then, this analogy makes them even more suspicious! I've finally figured it out! This puts me at ease, ha ha! It's all thanks to you — my darling!"

Guan Qing Han's face reddened. The first half of that guy's words was quite serious. And, she also felt happy that he had figured out his problem. However, she hadn't expected that man to come up with those final words...

"Who… who is your darling?! Don't talk nonsense!" Guan Qing Han rebuked. She then became embarrassed, and started to feel her body's temperature rising.

"Ah… I! I'm my darling… alright? Ha ha ha…" Jun Mo xie laughed heartily and escaped. He left behind a furious Guan Qing Han to stamp her foot. She eventually calmed down after a while. However, her face still remained red with a blush…

The sun was setting as Jun Mo Xie set out carrying a gift box. He was accompanied by Fatty Tang, and a number of guards. The entire retinue then journeyed towards the Dugu Family's household…

The Young Master Tang sat swaying on a summer palanquin, and followed Young Master Jun.

This palanquin was mainly used during the summer time. No one in Tian Xiang would use this palanquin in the winters. In fact, Tang Yuan was seemingly the only person in the entire scope of land who was using this palanquin in the winters…

However, Tang Yuan had no other choice. His body had become too huge. And, the palanquin he had brought couldn't be used anymore. Plus, the new palanquin hadn't arrived yet. There had been a small incident the last time he had sat in a palanquin. The palanquin bearers hadn't even carried him halfway when the palanquin had broken from below. This was then followed by a crashing sound as he had fallen down on the ground. The reason was obvious — the palanquin's structure hadn't been able to put up with his terrible weight, and had broken…

Jun Mo Xie increasingly felt that Fatty Tang needed to lose weight. [He will die of excessive fat if he continues to put on weight like this…]

His bodily fat could still be considered normal in the past. But, it had reached the point of obesity by now. In fact, an extreme degree of that...

This could possibly even pose a threat to his life.

The Hong Jun Pagoda couldn't provide a weight-loss pill. And, this had left Jun Mo Xie to feel very helpless. [Would I need to use a knife to cut out his fat?]

The four bearers were left to pant and drip with sweat by the time they completed this journey to the Dugu Family's gate!

The four bearers felt that they would collapse by the time Tan Yuan slowly wriggled out from the palanquin with difficulty.

Lifting a palanquin for other people was a means to make money… And, one could get paid for their hard work. But, lifting this person's palanquin was nothing short of excruciating. The four bearers momentarily had an urge to resign. After all, that fat man's weight had increased at a frightening rate. His weight had been around a hundred-and-fifty kilos a few days ago. It was surely more than an average person's weight, but the four bearers had still agreed to lift him. After all, the fat man didn't pay a low wage. In fact, he paid thrice the amount anyone would. The four men were surely left exhausted at the end of the job, but were still the objects of envy for their peers.

However, the Fatty's weight had increased by almost half his original number. In fact, the four men felt that carrying a bison would feel lighter than Tang Yuan. And, that's because even a bison's weight couldn't match that of Tang Yuan's...

Their peers no longer looked at them with envy these days. Instead, it seemed like they were watching a play…

However, what happened next was rather unexpected for Jun Mo Xie… [The Dugu Family is surely showing some guts…]

He was welcomed by an unmanned gate.

He held out his invitation, and waited for a long time before a guard came rushing. The guard then gasped for breath, and said, "The Old Lord has bidden the Young Master to enter."

Jun Mo Xie exclaimed an 'Oh' before he spoke-up, "How come there's no one to greet me here?"

The guard rolled his eyes and thought; [I've already told you very clearly. But, you still want someone to come and greet you?] Therefore, he only replied, "The Old Lord has said that the Young Master isn't an outsider anymore. So, there's no need for formalities or false welcomes."

Jun Mo Xie nodded and said, "That's very good! Everyone here is one family. So, I also won't regard them as outsiders. I have something else on my mind today. And, I'm sure that everyone in the family will understand if I come again another day."

It seemed like the Young Master had heard, "The Old Lord isn't home. Can the Young Master come later?" He then turned around without delay, and started to walk away. [Damn you! I was willing to come here because you invited me. And, you're treating me like this now…? You think you can bully me like this?]

[Anyway, you're the one who's anxious. I don't care!]

[Let's see who's afraid of who… Don't you provoke me! I'll marry your granddaughter. Then, I'll take her back, and hit her eight times a day!]

The guard stared at him stumped as he turned to leave.

It wasn't like he had never seen anyone acting arrogant in the past. However, he had never seen anyone daring to be so arrogant towards the Dugu Family.

Tang Yuan's palanquin bearer's nearly started to weep. [You won't even let us catch our breaths… you brat? We pitiful chaps have carried him so far…]

Jun Mo Xie had moved quite far in a wink. And, it seemed that he had no intention of returning.

However, a figure came flying out from the Dugu Family's gate at this moment, "Please stay, Third Young Master Jun!" It was Dugu Chong.

"Everyone in the family is waiting for you inside, Third Young Master! Are you genuinely going back? Everyone is here. There's no need to worry! The food has been prepared with a lot of effort!" Dugu Chong's expression was amiable and warm. He ran up, and grabbed Jun Mo Xie's hand, "Come, come! Come with me!"

He then turned his head and scolded, "Didn't I say that I'll come and greet him myself? What's this about 'no need to greet'? How are you a gate-guard? How can you talk such nonsense?! Third Master Jun is a respected guest! How can you dare to offend him? You get twenty lashes for this. And, that's a small punishment for this huge offense!"

The guard begrudgingly shut his mouth, and hung his head.

Jun Mo Xie almost laughed and turned around. He found that Dugu Chong was very interesting. After all, the youngster had betrayed himself the moment he had opened his mouth. Moreover, his ability to act and speak with righteousness wasn't small either. So, it wasn't surprising that there were rumors about the youngsters of the Dugu Family being a pain in the neck. They weren't false either…

He had first said that he would come out to greet Jun Mo Xie. Then, he had said "What's this about 'no need to greet'?" Didn't this imply that he was listening when the guard was talking to Jun Mo Xie…

Moreover, he even seemed proud of himself after he had said this… Jun Mo Xie had never seen something like this before…

"Haha… people don't understand propriety. Third Young Master shouldn't be bewildered. I bid you to enter," Dugu Chong was aware he was talking big words, and he seemed to be admiring his own wit. However, he then saw the mountain of flesh a wink later, "Ah, Young Master Tang… The Young Master is becoming increasingly… mighty! This brother genuinely admires you!"

Tang Yuan snorted. However, that big piece of flesh managed to remain motionless as he laughed and said, "Ah, this Tang Yuan also admires Young Master Dugu! I'm extremely honored!" However, Dugu Chong couldn't help but get angry when he heard the weirdly sarcastic manner in which those words were spoken.

Tang Yuan used to be a disappointing character in the past. In fact, he wasn't necessarily any better than the original Jun Mo Xie. And, he would've retreated in fear if he had seen any of the ruthless seven Dugu Brothers in the past. But, the fat man's self-confidence had inflated since his net-worth had risen over a hundred-million. Consequently, he could even dare to speak up when he saw that Dugu Chong was acting wickedly.

Dugu Chong led the way once he had chocked upon his rage. However, he had a dark line across his face as he thought, [How can I bring shame to this fat man today? And, this Jun Mo Xie is also very unpleasant to look at! His appearance is so sloppy. How can my sister fall for him? Moreover, he's even going to be my brother-in-law?]

[Our Family is very unlucky!]

Dugu Chong thought of this, and lifted his big and chimpanzee-like face upwards since he had an urge to sigh.

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