Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 460

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 460

The entire Tian Xiang was filled with blood that night.

The night had followed right after the bloody events that had plagued the city a bit earlier. But, the degree of massacre on this night was even grander.

There was no sleep reserved for that night.

Jun Mo Xie had made his powerful entrance earlier this day. And, he had made the three scholars abuse their teachers in public. The news of this incident had surged forth in every direction. However, this shocking news hadn't even died down when more news spread — more than seventy business estates belonging to the Meng Family of the Tian Xiang City had been attacked. This was even more shocking than the previous news.

The Martial of the Army — Jun Zhan Tian — had ordered all troops to be on standby. They were not to rush into action. And, those who disobeyed would be executed.

An order came from General Dugu Wu Di soon after. And, this order stated that — no soldier was to rush into action. In fact, no soldier was to leave the garrisons. Moreover, the violator wouldn't receive amnesty from death.

The Murong Family wasn't willing to lag behind either. And, they quickly recalled their men as well. The Li Family also didn't make any remark in taciturn agreement. Meanwhile, the other big families of Tian Xiang had seemingly chosen to wait and observe from the sidelines.

And then, the Imperial Court acted in accordance — no Imperial guard was to leave their post without permission. And, they were to wait for the Imperial edict.

It could be said that the Imperial Family had turned the Tian Xiang City into a restricted area along with the help of the other powerful families. However, they had allowed one entity to operate openly inside this restricted area. And, that single power had enveloped the entire restricted area!

And, that individual entity with unconditional power over this restricted area was the Jun Family!

Many groups of warriors from the Jun Family had attacked the Meng Family's estates. And, they had evicted the Meng Family's men from those estates without mercy. Anyone who had shown any resistance was beaten into pieces. So, many limbs were broken that night. And, even the number of lives lost wasn't small. Basically, the Meng Family's power had been thoroughly removed from the Capital City.

However, the Jun Family wasn't the only power on the move. Even the Dugu Family's military might was at play. Consequently, the city had momentarily been alarmed by this mutiny-like situation. Jun Mo Xie had staged slaughters on the streets, and had flowed rivers of the blood. People had screamed on the flagpoles until they had met their end! The shock of that event hadn't been subsided when these new set of events had unfolded...

In fact, it hadn't even been evening time when the crushed corpses of those three absconding scholars were found at the city's gates.

This had resulted from the counter-attack of the so-called hypocrites. But, that wasn't it…

And, that's because many officials were killed later that night...

The Minister of Rites — Zhao Cheng Jun — leaned forward in the dark of night. He seemed to be writing at a tremendous speed. He was writing a memorandum that attacked the Jun Family on multiple levels. He was prepared to brave divine death the next day. But, he still wanted to defeat them.

Minister Zhao was unexpectedly confident at that moment. Over three-hundred scholars from the unrivalled Wen Xing Institute had signed a joint statement under the leadership of their two teachers. And, this statement had also accused the Jun Family. [Wouldn't it be a spectacular scene?]

[I'm sure that no Emperor can disregard this! The Jun Family's power may exceed all levels, and they may even control Tian Xiang's military. But, they are only one family; nothing more. Can they ever surpass the entirety of Tian Xiang's bureaucracy?]

[The Jun Family has sent that little beast on a killing spree. After all, they intend to intimidate and hinder us. But, what difference does that make? He's only one bold and reckless man! Humph! The noisier he gets — the better it will be! The more people he kills — the better! After all, there will be no margin left to maneuver in the end! Thus, the Jun Family will be destroyed and consigned to eternal damnation!]

[Create disturbances, Jun Mo Xie! Create a lot of disturbance! How much disturbance can you create? You will die the moment the Emperor wants you to! And, we men have enough power to influence the Emperor's wishes!]

[We can get you killed through the Emperor! In fact, we can get your entire family killed! The Imperial edict will spell your doom!]

[The Jun Family is doomed to end!]

Therefore, Minister Zhao had stayed awake the entire night, and had written an excellent memorandum. And, it would be a great weapon at the court the next day…

[I've finally finished it!]

Minister Zhao sighed. He couldn't help but read it again. And, he became very impassioned as he read it to himself. In fact, he could even visualize His Majesty as he'd read his excellent memorandum, "The Jun Family is Tian Xiang's benefactor. However, their crimes can't even be washed away by their deaths! In fact, that would require digging up their graves and whipping their corpses!"

"Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han are the main culprits. And, they seemingly don't have a single shred of shame! Calling them 'a bandit and a whore' would be too polite and nice. This man is lowly, and that woman is depraved. They have no sense of shame, and no shred of decency! It'll be unfair to the common people if they are alive. It will be unfair to Tian Xiang, and unfair to the whole world! Therefore, they must die to redeem for their sins!"

"It's an excellent memorandum! The accusations in this official memorandum are optimum! I fear that I will never write such a good memorandum again…" Minister Zhao read through his work very joyously. Then, he exclaimed with satisfaction, and shook his head with pride. He felt that this was the first time he had written such a good memorandum ever since he had left Wen Xing Institute. His words were sharp, but seemed to be backed by conclusive proofs. They were mere words. However, they could put a man to his death. It was extremely rare to come across such memorandums that could kill people!

"It's indeed a very good letter!" a voice sighed from behind Minister Zhao when he was boasting with satisfaction.

"Yes! Uh…" Minister Zhao nodded with pride at first. But, he was suddenly startled the next moment, "Who's there?"

"The memorandum is great. But, the man isn't so good. Yet, you were right about what you said after you wrote it. You will never be able to write such a good memorandum again. And, that's because Minister Zhao won't get such an opportunity again. After all, people with talents such as yours mustn't stay in this world. So, you must go to hell. It'll suit you better."

A white-clothed youth slowly paced forth as these gentle words were heard. He then quickly arrived in front of Zhao Cheng Jun, and took the memorandum. Then, the memorandum suddenly turned into ash and scattered in the wind...

After that, the youngster turned his cold eyes to give an icy look to Minister Zhao.

His eyes were like two sharp swords!

"Jun Mo Xie? You… How did you come in?" Minister Zhao stood up in panic under the Young Master's cold gaze. He frenetically called out, "Come here… someone… someone, come here…" but, his voice wouldn't escape his throat. In fact, his voice was so weak from fright that even he couldn't hear himself. He even didn't know what he had said…

Jun Mo Xie smiled in a grim manner. Then, he suddenly raised his hand, and got a choke-hold on Zhao Cheng Jun's neck. He then picked the Minister up, and the victim's feet left the ground…

Minister Zhao was extremely frightened at this time. He couldn't make any sound… let alone speak full sentences. Moreover, his windpipe was being strangled. So, the man's face had become red, and his feet were helplessly shaking in the air. However, his eyes still begged for mercy...

He wanted to beg for forgiveness, but he still couldn't utter a word.

"You wanted to hurt me?" Jun Mo Xie was calm. His eyes were like a cold and deep lake. He looked at Minister Zhao's face and asked.

"I wouldn't have cared much if you had wanted to hurt me. But, you will die if you wish to harm my family!" Jun Mo Xie increased the pressure in his clasp. He then heard Zhao Cheng Jun's neck bone make a strange sound. He then spurted out his tongue after a while. And, it nearly hung down to his chest. It could be assumed that Minister Zhao looked extremely pathetic…

"You also wanted to hurt my woman… and, in such a vicious way at that?!" Jun Mo Xie applied more pressure. His heart was merciless, and his face was still tranquil.

But, Zhao Cheng Jun's neck issued a clear sound as it snapped.

"There's nothing wrong when you speak manner about power. It's even fine if you call black as white. In fact, that requires a lot of skill. However, it's the sanctimoniousness of your hypocrisy that has damned you!"

Zhao Cheng Jun's body slammed onto the ground as Jun Mo Xie let go of his throat. His limbs twitched for a bit, but he eventually became still. He was dead, but his eyes were still opened wide. And, they were full of fear and disbelief…

"He even dares to die with grievances in his heart!" Jun Mo Xie gracefully wiped his hand with a towel that lay nearby. Then, he stepped forward.

However, he had stepped on the face of Minister Zhao's corpse with that action. Then, he disappeared.

Two sudden 'pops' were heard when he disappeared. These noises were made by Zhao Cheng Jun's bursting eyes…

A white sheet floated from outside. This sheet had something written on it. It settled on Minister Zhao's badly disfigured face, and covered that extremely cruel sight…

The white shadow flashed like a ghost, and it struck many places in Tian Xiang like lightning. And, an official died where it stopped. Moreover, each of those officials died in a horrible manner…

Almost eighty-percent of the officials who had passed out from the Wen Xing Institute were massacred.

Over thirty people had been slaughtered in one night!

Some of these men lived on the east of the city, and some of them were on the west. They didn't live near each other. Nor were they assembled in the same place. But, all of them were murdered in one night. Most people believed that this had been done by an organization of assassins. And, there must've been at least ten skilled assassins to achieve such results…

These officials were the capital's powerful and influential bureaucrats. So, would they have proper protection details…? However, someone had still killed them so stealthily and silently even though they had protection. Moreover, the murder has disappeared without a trace afterwards…

Several officials were even killed in their sleep. And, the people sleeping beside them didn't even come to know about it. They only found themselves sleeping beside a dead man the next morning…

The dead men's expressions were those of extreme horror… or maybe torment. But, the people sleeping to their side still hadn't realized a thing…

Such assassins and such assassination skill were very rare and shocking!

Another thing common about those who had been murdered was that each one of them had a white sheet on their faces. And, this sheet detailed the reasons for their execution. Each of these men was guilty. And, some conclusive proof was left on the sheet above their bloodied faces.

Countless people in Tian Xiang lit firecrackers when they heard the news of those officials being murdered. In fact, it had appeared as if they were celebrating New Year's. However, many people lit incense sticks, and kowtowed to the heavens as tears streamed down their faces.

However, the calendar was nearing the end of the year at this time. So, people had anyway bought firecrackers and incense sticks in preparation for the New Year's celebrations. In fact, they would've faced much difficulty if they had wanted to avail them in such large quantities at any other time of the year. But, this was also a time when these items were very popular in the city. So, their prices were obviously soaring.

The people who were praying and celebrating were those who had been persecuted and made to suffer by those officials. They had helplessly begged and implored the heavens in the past. But, they were only left frustrated. However, the Gods had finally opened their eyes, and had done them good by punishing the evil. The consequences of evil had finally been brought forth. These people didn't know who that beloved great hero was. But, that unnamed hero had now become a cherished and revered household name in Tian Xiang City!

Countless citizens cupped their hands and prayed for this mysterious hero's long life!

Most people thought that it was done by the Jun Family. After all, these dead officials were the people who would've spared no efforts to use that matter between Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han to get rid of the Jun Family. In fact, they were part of the main force which was attacking them inside the Imperial Court.

Therefore, it was perhaps a form of retaliation from the Jun Family.

However, everyone kept these matters in their hearts. No one dared to speak about it since they couldn't repay their kindness by doing that. Therefore, they only prayed for the Jun Family's well-being in silence.

Jun Mo Xie was still in his victorious white clothes at dawn. He had appeared in front of the Jun Family Household's door with a smile. His face was brimming with satisfaction, and his entire body was emanating a particularly warm aura. The Young Master's expression was sharp, yet gentle. His sword was at his waist, and not a single speck of dust could be seen on his clothes. In fact, it looked like the Young Master had gone for a morning walk, and was only returning in leisure after he had picked some flowers.

No one would've ever believed that this warm, gentle, and handsome Young Master had returned after executing a massacre throughout the city. Let alone the fact that he had taken the lives of over thirty officials in the process!

The sword at his waist was as clear as water, but it had already had its fill of the official's blood.

Wen Xing Heavenly Literature Institute had spent a lot of efforts in the past decades. And, that was the reason why so that many of its students had been able to climb into high positions. Each of them had been amongst the brightest of their generation. Moreover, an immense amount of silver and labor had been spent on getting them into those positions.

However, the Young Master's sword had destroyed that!

Jun Mo Xie could've made his men do this. But, he hadn't carried out such assassinations for a long time. So, he had an itch to do it himself. And, he felt extremely happy after he had sent those insects to hell.

He had done this for the sake of the Jun Family. But, he still felt very pleased after he had harmed those people. In fact, this made his mind feel at ease, and had cleared his conscious. The entire matter had been extremely bloody. But, the Young Master didn't feel that he had committed a crime. Instead, he had a gratifying feeling that the heaven's laws had embodied into his sword, and justice was in his hands. He felt that he could reward the good, and punish the evil.

An outsider may feel like this cruel man was addicted to murder. But, Jun Mo Xie harbored no such feelings.

[How is what an outsider likes or feels any of my concern?]

[I will act as per my conscience; not of the outside world's!]

[And, my conscience is clear with the thought of delivering the heaven's justice!]

Jun Wu Yi was standing at the door of his courtyard; he was smiling as he was looking at his nephew. The secret of Jun Wu Yi's legs hadn't been a secret ever since he had beaten the tyrannical Xiao Han in front of the entire army. So, he was finally free of his wheelchair. Therefore, he had been doing everything while standing up in the past few days. In fact, it had seemed that he even wanted to sleep in a standing position.

Those without disabilities can never understand the pure joy of standing on one's two feet. This was an extremely joyful feeling…

It could be said that Jun Wu Yi standing up on his feet was a trivial matter in comparison to the great rise of the Jun Family. After all, many of the factors that had been bullying the Jun Family had been somewhat put to rest…

"Are you done? Did you get a kick out of it?" Jun Wu Yi asked.

"Ah… I'm very satisfied! But, it's not the killing alone… there's something else which has satisfied me…" Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously when he saw that Jun Wu Yi was about to lecture him. So, he quickly slipped into his courtyard while he said…

"Ah, I haven't slept the entire night. I'm very sleepy. I'll go to bed now, Third Uncle! See you tomorrow!"

[See you tomorrow? Its early morning, and you still say 'see you tomorrow'?] Jun Wu Yi was in no mood to scold his nephew. So, he shut his mouth, and smiled helplessly. [My nephew has grown up. His skills have also reached unrivalled heights. His behavior has also become more appropriate. So, it's better to leave him…]

On the same night… And, at the same time…

There was an extremely bitter struggle between two giants at the peak of a snowy mountain.

The elders and others from the two families were returning under the Third Elder's leadership when they were suddenly met by powerful experts headed by the Silver Blizzard City's Great Elder Xiao Xing Yun.

Everyone had been in a very serious mood as they had made their way back to the Silver City from far off.

The three members of the Xiao Family were either dead or half-dead. These three men had been important people in the Silver City before they had embarked on this trip. However, they had been branded traitors as now. The Third Elder was in his seventies and eighties. But, this huge contrast had even left him to feel very uncomfortable.

Those two elders of the Xiao Family had grown up with him since childhood like brothers. There had been some friction between them over the years. Some struggle and scheming had also been a part of their journey. But… they had still faced many hardships together over these eighty years.

They had been like brothers for eighty years!

He had belonged to the Han, and the others had belonged to the Xiao Family. But, even constant enemies of eighty years would develop some emotions… or even interdependence with regards to each other. They certainly weren't on friendly terms anymore. However, the sight of one's companion of eighty years in a half-dead and crippled condition had left the other to feel distressed…

[But, why did they betray us? We would've still been the Silver City if we had carried on like this. Wasn't that good enough? It wouldn't have mattered whether the Silver City was in the hands of the Han Family or the Xiao Family. After all, the Silver City would still be the Silver City, right? Who in the world doesn't know that there isn't any real distinction between the Han and Xiao Family of the Silver Blizzard City? One family is the named ruler of the City; that's all! But, how's that even important?]

[Would the Silver City's name have changed if the Xiao Family had assumed control? It wouldn't have been a change in the reign of a nation's dynasty!]

[So, why?]

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