Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 451

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 451

"A Super Family? Huh…" Jun Wu Yi became silent. But, his outlook didn't change. [Is this… is this how we become a Super Family? But, we're still the same people. So, how did we suddenly become great…?]

Jun Mo Xie smiled coldly and said, "Moreover, the Imperial Family… I lack evidence against them at the moment. The scenario where I turn the Tian Xiang City into a pile of burning ruins isn't an impossibility once I have some evidence against them! Third Uncle… do you believe what that Silver City's Xiao Bu Yu had said about the Blood Sword Hall? The Blood Sword Hall is merely a bunch of killers! So, how could they infiltrate a camp of so many thousands of soldiers and take action? Third Uncle… don't tell that me you're not thinking about it? What does this mean? Who's behind this?

"Things have come to this. So, we will only suffer if we have too many misgivings. After all… we're still somewhat weak in comparison… Therefore, we must be strong at this moment… very strong! We have proof that we have some real and powerful talent behind us! This time will be ours if we act with extreme prejudice and not rush brashly!

"What we genuinely lack right now… is time! Even a day is enough to change everything!" Jun Mo Xie thought of his supply of medicinal supplements and the Level Nine Peak Xuan Beast's core. And, his face became a little dignified as he thought of this.

Everyone was ready. The medications were also in place. The Solitary Falcon was also present. Moreover, he had the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune to protect and assist. Therefore, his grandfather's advancement couldn't be stopped! However, he had to think of a way to promote Jun Wu Yi's cultivation to the Spirit Xuan Level. Moreover, he also had to make the Heaven Destroyers and Spirit Devourers advance. And, he'd also have to do the same with Baili Luo Yun and Hai Chen Feng's strength…

[We can barely be called a Super Family at this time. But, we're merely an empty shell even if we can act as a Super Family nowadays. So, we mustn't take any wrong steps at this important juncture!]

Jun Wu Yi's face twitched and convulsed with suffering. He had also been suspecting the things that Jun Mo Xie had brought up. In fact, he had been suspecting it for over ten years in secret; this was also something that had plagued his heart.

How could Jun Wu Yi not have suspected this? But, he didn't wish to believe it. His family had given so much for Tian Xiang… Yet, they were being treated that way…?

It was cowardly… But, human nature nonetheless! After all, the Jun Family's blood had soaked the battlefields for Tian Xiang. Their family had worked very hard. So, to believe in this cruel truth would be tantamount to destroying everything that they had built up with their heart and soul…

And, this was a serious burden that no man could bear.

"But, you won't act blindly unless you have irrefutable proof!" Jun Wu Yi stated in a low voice, "You can speak to me about this. But, don't speak to your grandfather about it… unless you have definite proof! The Old Man's temper…"

"That's obvious." Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly before he spoke in a profound manner, "You're not a fool, Third Uncle. And, neither am I. But, Grandfather isn't a fool either. So, you shouldn't worry about it. But, the Emperor is even farther from being a fool…"

Jun Wu Yi gave long sigh. Then, he became sad, and went back in silence.

Jun Mo Xie became cold again, and brandished his horsewhip. This made each of the three scholars to twitch again. But, they didn't dare to exclaim. The Young Master Jun's tone was dark and full of murderous intention as he spoke in a heavy tone, "Shout for me!"

The three men strived to shout hard since they were enshrouded by his murderous aura, "I am the disciple of Wen Xing Heavenly Literature Institute's Mei Gao Jie and Kong Ling Yang — Han Zhi Dong… Yan Feng… Qin Qiu Shi! The Third Young Master Jun is great! The Third Young Master is noble! He is the best man! I welcome him to Tian Xiang! Mei Gao Jie is a pimp! Kong Ling Yang is a pimp! The Meng Family is a den of bastards…"

It was strange to see that the curses being hurled by the three scholars had become increasingly fluent after they had said it once. They didn't seem to care about the contempt or the curses anymore. After all, they had lost their sense of honor and shame once they had spoken these words out for the first time. Therefore, they had become far more fluent by now…

Jun Mo Xie resembled a maddened brothel keeper. He gnashed his teeth, and laughed heartily as he prodded his horse to go forward. He looked like a creature from hell to everyone who laid eyes on his expressions...

Everyone's eyes had frozen at this moment…

The Tian Xiang City had descended into utter chaos…

Jun Mo Xie's powerful entrance had resembled an unprecedented violent storm. And, it had engulfed the entire Tian Xiang City in a moment!

Several big Families had propped into action the moment Jun Mo Xie had set foot in the city. They had gathered entire lists of his misconducts, and had dashed into their palanquins to leave for the Imperial Palace.

However, the Dugu Family watched passively.

There was no sign of the Li Family either.

And, the Tang Family also stood in silence.

The Murong Family arrived, made a few discreet questions about the news, and disappeared.

The Old Man Jun sat calmly in that tensed environment, and told the kitchen staff to prepare the best food and drinks. His son and grandson had arrived. So, the old man wanted to have a good drink with them. After all, his son and the grandson were already taking care of things outside. So, what was the need for the old man to move into action…?

[It has to be said that this brat Mo Xie's methods are extremely bold! But, they're also the best methods we can use! After all, we're already stacked against everyone in society. So, we might as well go the crazy way!]

[It's like the Old Ancestor Jun had once said, "A real man isn't necessarily someone with balls! A real man is someone with an indomitable spirit!" Fu*k yes!]

[Good, good! This is the first time… go for it damn it! Ah, good one! He he he…] The old man let out a rare smile of content as he sipped his wine.

[Mo Xie is surely creating a scene outside. However, he's also marking the formation of a formidable force. This old man's strength is formidable. Then, we also have the Eighth Great Master from the prairie — the Solitary Falcon. Moreover, Mo Xie can prevail over level four Spirit Xuan experts on his own. And, it needn't be mentioned that there's that mysterious and unrivalled person behind our Jun Family. So, my Jun Family can be considered a real Super Family now. Could there still be a doubt about that?]

[My Jun Family can finally take a breather now!]

[There's not much of a need to worry about that rotten matter at court either. After all, the Murong and the Dugu Family will suppress those poor bastards from making a fuss. In fact, we can even ignore them. I'm in a very good mood…] Wouldn't he have wreaked havoc if he weren't in a good mood? Who could've dared to say something…

The old man's face was as steady as a mountain. In fact, he was full of prideful happiness. He had even forgotten how anxious he had been a few days back…

He didn't even seem to care about the Emperor's feelings at the moment.

After all, even the Empire couldn't deal with the Jun Family at this time… And, everyone knew their own positions.

For example, the Song Family was as agitated as a cat on a hot roof. The Meng Family found it even more difficult to bear. In fact, they acted like a bald dog with a chopped tail as they desperately went to the Imperial Court with their notes. They also ran rounds to the Li Family. But, everyone could see that no one wanted to get involved with them. After all, no one was foolish enough to desire getting buried next to them…

Meng Family Head — Meng You Wei heard about the three scholars raining curses on Mei Gao Jie, Kong Ling Yang and the Meng Family. So, he dejectedly returned to the Li Family. He repeatedly tried to get an audience with them. But, he was left stumped for a long while since there was no result. He then mounted his horse, and went to the Murong Family…

Mei Gao Jie was at his home. He had been merrily waiting for the good news when he heard that his disciples were raining curses at him. And, this news left him confused and angry.

Fatty Tang was inside the Aristocratic Hall when he heard that the Young Master had returned. He clapped his hands, and jumped high like a rubber ball at first. Then, he rushed out to meet him. But, Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang pulled him back. The reason was simple — Jun Mo Xie had given them a serious order that Tang Yuan was not to be involved in the disturbance he would create upon his return…

Perhaps the others wouldn't dare to mess with the Jun Family now. But, this didn't necessarily mean that they would take the same precautions against the Tang Family. It had to be said that the Tang Family was the last in the ranking of Tian Xiang City's powerful families. Moreover, the extreme closeness of the Young Masters of the Jun and the Tang Family was only one aspect of the matter. However, the Head of the Tang Family was loyal to the Imperial Family. So, he would never stand for his 'younger brother' facing embarrassment.

Therefore, this matter was something which Jun Mo Xie wanted to bear alone.

He would have to incite the Tian Xiang City on his own.

Jun Mo Xie eventually reached the Jun Family's mansion. He then dismounted and walked towards it. But, he turned back at the door before he entered the household, and issued a final command, "Go! Seize every property and business the Meng Family controls in the Tian Xiang City. They have been attacking me overtly and covertly! Ah, that isn't good! Hai Chen Feng will take over. You observe and see that they the Meng Family is dealt with properly. And, tell the Meng Family that they can come and talk to me if they are dissatisfied. We will seize these small interests for now. The exact ledgers can be balanced out at a later time!"

The fifty-sixty members of the Heaven Destroyers shouted their acknowledgement in unison!

[Taking over the Meng Family's properties? And, that's merely a small repayment of the interests? There are more accounts to settle…?]

Jun Wu Yi rolled his eyes. He could feel that he was finding it increasingly harder to understand his nephew.


Inside the Imperial Palace…

The Emperor had a deep frown on his face as he sat opposite Mr. Wen. They would talk and play chess in the past. But, the Emperor didn't seem to have the leisure to play chess… or discuss the world anymore…

And, that's because he was deeply worried!

A mountain of files had been accumulated to his side. The Emperor's face was full of agony and helplessness.

The content of those files was the same — a request to punish Jun Mo Xie!

"Requests to bring Jun Mo Xie to justice!"

"Jun Mo Xie is out of control. He doesn't care about authority. He's reigning chaos in the capital, and he's bringing shame to the land. His crimes deserve punishment. We request the Emperor to take action!"

"We plead the Emperor to act! The nation's integrity will be in peril if things continue like this!"

"We plead the Emperor to act quickly!"

The Emperor sighed. [Act… I also want to act! Wouldn't I wish to eliminate Jun Mo Xie…? In fact, there is no one who wants to do it more than me! Can… you at least be a little more considerate towards me?!]

[A man must know his limits, right? Jun Zhan Tian's strength was great, but he was still stuck at the Sky Xuan peak. After all, the Silver City wouldn't have tolerated if he had moved any further than that. Moreover, I always had means to take drastic measures against Jun Zhan Tian's military strength. In fact, sending Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi to the Southern Heaven should've acted as the first step towards the Jun Family's destruction…]

[But, life is like chess. It doesn't play out according to people's expectations. And, it's hard to predict a person's moves. After all, going to Tian Fa didn't harm that uncle-nephew duo in the least. Instead, the winds have changed, and they have returned even more powerful! Jun Mo Xie fought four Spirit Xuan experts on his own, and still managed to attain victory. What kind of strength is needed for something like that?]

[This is unimaginable!]

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