Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 446

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 446

General Dugu was furious, but he was still somewhat in his sense. Otherwise, breaking the staff with his amazing strength wouldn't have been out of the ordinary…

Dugu Wu Di's words were very fierce. But, even his own heart hadn't reconciled with them for the sake of his daughter's lifetime of happiness…

"Daddy!" Dugu Xiao Yi wiped her tears and jumped, "Why are you making such a scene? Your daughter… I… I'm ashamed to see this… I don't want to live… boo hoo…"

Dugu Wu Di jumped scared, and hastily let go off the flagpole. His face suddenly became sullen and nervous, "Dear… Xiao Yi… Don't fidget… You'll injure my grandchild… you shouldn't get angry you know…"

Dugu Xiao Yi face had reddened since her father was still twisting at the pole, and wasn't ready to let go. She then said angrily, "You still haven't let him down… What will you do if he falls from such height and gets hurt…?"

Dugu Wu Di rolled his eyes. He thought… [This brat is at the first level of the Sky Xuan Realm. And, he's far more powerful in comparison. So, how can he fall and get injured?] However, he could only speak-up in a hateful manner, "Let him drop and break! You come home with me instead!"

However, General Dugu knew the ways of the world. He knew about this Jun bastard's strength as well. So, he was aware that couldn't win against him on his own. In fact, even the entire Dugu Family couldn't win against his lone strength. After all, this youngster had managed to stand his own against a level four Spirit Xuan expert! However, the Jun brat had climbed onto that pole instead of fronting off against him. This obviously meant that he was giving face to General Dugu. However, General Dugu still couldn't help his anger since the thought of her daughter being pregnant with his child wouldn't leave his mind. So, he decided that it was better to leave this matter until they had returned home…

But, General Dugu suddenly had a severe head-ache when he imagined the dangerous situation he'd have to face once he'd return home.

His mind was sent into a whirl at this thought. He then pointed with his horsewhip and said, "I'm still not happy! Pick up that palanquin and bring it to me! Do it quickly!" This was the sedan chair that Imperial Envoy had arrived riding-on to make the announcement. Dugu Wu Di had obviously decided to commandeer it as if it was his natural right to...

Jun Mo Xie quickly took the opportunity to slip down the flagpole. He then wiped his cold sweat. [The Dugu Family is full of annoying people! All of them are too bold! What can I say which wouldn't leave Dugu Wu Di embarrassed after Dugu Xiao Yi's antics? That Dugu Xiao Yi has stretched the matters to such extremes. So, how can I dilly-dally and show false bravado as a man?]

[I'll have to marry whether I like it or not. That's the way these matters stand right now. Otherwise, the relations between the Jun and the Dugu Family will break forever. And, the Dugu Family would either have to be eliminated entirely… or this animosity would continue throughout the ages…]

It had to be said that the little girl had put-on this show with good intentions in her heart. But, it had still delivered extremely grave results. The two families had been left without a way out. In fact, there was no way to mediate this situation now! It may be found that the pregnancy was fake once she had returned home. However, so many people had seen this act… So, even fake had become the truth by now…

Dugu Xiao Yi had nerves of steel. But, Jun Mo Xie was no lesser in that regard. [Fu*k it! Can't I take more than one wife? Don't I still have that advantage? This little girl is younger than me, but she's still a refreshing beauty. Moreover, she's deeply devoted to me. Didn't she say that she can't lose me?]

[I will make her my mistress!] Jun Mo Xie snorted in a sinister manner. He looked at whatever mysterious object Dugu Xiao Yi had propped her belly with malicious intentions. He then fiercely thought… [I'll make that belly big for real one of these days!]

"Huh? What are you guys doing over there?" Dugu Wu Di turned his head, and discovered that the people who had come carrying the palanquin where dressed up in the clothes of royal servants. He quickly came to himself, and said, "Oh… oh… oh… you've come to issue a decree, right? But, you won't mind if I use this palanquin, would you?"

"…" Everyone looked at each other in dismay. A dark line had formed on their foreheads. [Our leader was struck unconscious by you while he was proclaiming the decree. And, you want his palanquin too now...?]

"Arh!" Dugu Wu Di had finally realized what he had done. So, he rushed to the Imperial Envoy, and crouched over his unconscious body. He couldn't help but frown as he said, "This isn't good… this General had only swept him aside. How could this happen to him…?"

However, everyone still remained silent. [You're the one who caused this. And, you're asking others about this now? You swept him aside…? Who in Tian Xiang can bear being 'swept aside' by you?"

"Well, let it be. It doesn't matter. Third Master Jun, you can ask the Emperor about your reward on your way back anyway. Don't forget to take that reward on your way back home. I reckon that your reward would be quite something… Oh, and remember to call me out for a drink later. He will drink my family's special golden wine! I think I should go and talk this matter out with my old man. And, you should also explain things to your old man. Then, we'll let those two sort this matter out… Well, that's great. This is how we'll go about it."

Dugu Wu Di spoke this part in a very casual manner, and gently ushered his daughter into the palanquin after. He then waved his whip above his head, and fiercely turned to look at Jun Mo Xie, "I'll look for you to settle our debts, you brat! And, don't forget to send over some wine jars when you get home! Don't you dare go making eyes! Move!" He gave a kick to the sides of his huge horse. It neighed in response, and went away like the wind.

[He's taking himself to be my father-in-law now…?]

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. They knew the trouble they could get into with these people if they didn't act tactfully. So, they were accustomed to keeping a straight face even at such strange events. They smiled and waved their hands, and made their way back to the city with the imperial servants. However, they hadn't even reached the city's gates when they suddenly heard chaotic and ceaseless sounds of cursing from inside. Then, a group of properly dressed-up scholars came rushing out. The face of each one was full of hatred, and their eyes were reeking of disdain. They were being led by a few people; these were the ones whom Jun Mo Xie had previously insulted in public.

Jun Mo Xie's pupils dilated at this sight, and his expression became serious. Then, a monstrous murderous aura rose from his body!

Jun Mo Xie looked around, and noticed that there weren't even a few hundred people beside him. Jun Wu Yi was there; so were the Young Masters of other big families and their guards. Guan Qing Han's carriage was also there; Mei Xue Yan and Mei Qian Qian were in the carriage as well. However, the warriors of the Dugu Family had already entered the city with Dugu Wu Di.

The other Young Masters looked at the Young Master Jun at this point, and started to take joy in his calamity. [You're so awe-inspiring. But, even you may not be able to resist the curses of everyone in the world. We'd like to see how this kills you Jun Mo Xie... he he...]

"Jun Mo Xie, you ill-behaved low life! You've even dared to return to Tian Xiang!" the speaker had a tall stature. He was moving slowly and gently like a scholar. However, his face was full of disdain. It was the same scholar Jun Mo Xie had seen in the festival — Han Zhi Dong.

Jun Mo Xie had disrupted the Scholarly Festival at that time when his antics. Moreover, he had humiliated the head scholars, and numerous other upcoming and talented scholars. Jun Mo Xie had also beaten each one of these scholars. So, none of them had gotten the opportunity to become imperial officials.

This meant that Jun Mo Xie had obstructed their clear path to the top! And, it had seemed that they would never get such a good chance ever again. These talented scholarly disciples had been dreaming of an official's status their entire lives. So, how could they endure the result?

[What came of those ten years of bitter hardships? What came of those extremely exhausting studies over so many years?]

[We studied so much to sit with princes and emperors!]

[But, we haven't been able to accomplish anything because of this rotten Jun Mo Xie!]

[He's guilty of many crimes! He's guilty beyond redemption!]

However, Jun Mo Xie had gotten himself involved in a world-shocking and rare sex*ual scandal. So, how could these scholars not take this chance to hit him when he was down? [Jun Mo Xie has to pay the ultimate price! You may be brazen, Jun Mo Xie. But, that mistress of yours can't have such thick skin! You won't die from getting cursed?! But, you will surely drown in spit of the common people!]

Therefore, those scholars gave their all to instigate the rumors and facts alike! Everyone had swarmed to the city's gates at this time. [You wish to enter the city? Get lost! You'll have to enter through our spit! We've heard that unchaste sister-in-law of his is also amongst them; humph! She also shouldn't be shy enough to die so soon!]

It could be said that this plan of those scholars was very malicious! There's an old saying, 'The ones who slaughter dogs to uphold the law will never be able to uphold the scholarly wisdom'? However, these scholarly students were too upset. So, they had become even more rogue than hoodlums!

One isn't afraid of playing rogue after they've done it once. And, that's because they aren't afraid of the rogue's culture anymore. That's the truth…

Dugu Wu Di had noticed this parade when he was going in. But, he had decided to let Jun Mo Xie suffer, and wouldn't help out. After all, his "maiden" daughter was 'pregnant'. So, he wouldn't have been able to bear the repercussion if he provoked any more trouble. Also, there were two the old men who were anxiously waiting to hold their great grandchild…

Therefore, General Dugu pretended not to see, and slipped away.

"Do I even have the honor to return? Why should I feel ashamed to return? I obviously have enough honor to return! I've been victorious in battle! I have the greatest honor in the world to return! So, why…? Do you think otherwise?!"

However, Jun Mo Xie remained calm and collected, and prevented Jun Wu Yi from getting involved by speaking up first. After all, those people had dared to gather there. So, that obviously meant that they didn't fear the Blood General. This also indicated that they might have someone powerful behind them. Therefore, it may not be useful even if Jun Wu Yi got involved. In fact, he might end-up provoking more curses from them. And, it could even have turned into an ocean and drowned everyone…

Only an extreme method would work at this time. Only an extremely bloody method could suppress this. In fact, the resolution method of this matter would have to set such a bloody precedent that people would have to fear even coughing on this matter aloud. This was the only way this matter could be suppressed in a through manner now…

[Rumors? Hupmh!] Jun Mo Xie gave a callous laugh inside. He simply couldn't understand their actions. [Can rumors ever be more terrifying than a blade? So what if the whole world condemns me? Do you think you can kill me with this? I think that dying under the pressure of rumors is the… ways of a coward!]

[You will confront me with these rumors. And, I will kill until no one has the guts to speak-up about this anymore!]

[I'll kill anyone who talks! Anyway, how many people are brave in the face of death?! I'll even slaughter everyone if I need to!]

"You're extremely shameless, Jun Mo Xie! You even dare to talk like this…? You and your dirty sister-in-law… you're a shameless and adulterous couple! Everyone has a right to punish you severely!"

These words were very sharp and cold. Moreover, these unpleasant words could be heard very clearly by Guan Qing Han inside the carriage. She couldn't help but pale even though she had been preparing her heart for this. She couldn't prevent her eyes from being filled with despair and grief after she listened to the clamorous and heaven-shaking accusations from outside.

She had been expecting such a scene. But, Guan Qing Han came to face this in real life now… And, she realized that she… couldn't bear it…

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