Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 427

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 427

There was silence all around. Jun Mo Xie's shout had sounded like a loud gong from the heavens. And, it was like a thunderous explosion for Xiao Bu Yu's ears since his heart was already unstable at this moment.

Jun Mo Xie had asked Xiao Bu Yu about the Hall of Hell in a very sharp manner. But, the Xiao Elder would subconsciously do everything to resist even though he had suffered a violent attack. And, he wouldn't be swayed very easily. After all, Xiao Bu Yu was a level-four Spirit Xuan expert. So, his reply would be extremely quick even if his mind had fallen apart. Therefore, it would be very hard to bring him to such a state of mind…

However, Jun Mo Xie had exploited that matter thoroughly, and had breached the abyss of Xiao Bu Yu's spirit. He had then taken another shot to attack his opponent's inner-most core, and had caught of him off-guard once again.

Xiao Bu Yu's mind was in complete chaos. And, he unintentionally muttered, "The hidden traitor?"

However, Jun Mo Xie's voice suddenly changed at this moment. And, it became gentle and kind. In fact, the voice was full of magnetism… like a mother who was doting on her infant. It was piercing, and full of vigor. The Young Master Jun's expression was grand, and seemed to be issuing a fantastic and bright light. He looked Xiao Bu Yu in the eyes, and slowly asked, "Who are the people you had used to infiltrate the Jun Family's camp? Who are the ones who had assisted you in assassinating Jun Wu Hui and Jun Wu Meng? Who are they? Tell me who those people are?"

Xiao Bu Yu's weak gaze met with Jun Mo Xie's glare. Then, they began to struggle in a violent manner. But, it seemed that the light from their eyes had gotten connected, and wouldn't disconnect again…

The Xiao Elder's eyelids started to droop, and remained as such for a long time… Then, they suddenly opened up again. However, they seemed somewhat vacant now…

"Those men…? I had heard that there were several red-clothed masked men." Xiao Bu Yu's expression had become very relaxed. In fact, it seemed as if he was talking in his sleep, "I later learned that they were from the Blood Sword Hall. They assisted our Xiao Family by going in first. They even made the arrangements on their own. Both sides had the same aim. So, we hit it off from the very beginning."

"The men from the Blood Sword Hall… hehe… them… But, why did they help you? Your aims were the same? They were also against Jun Wu Yi…? Or the entire Jun Family…? Or, was there another person who was inciting them from behind?"

[Blood Sword Hall!] A sharp light flashed in Jun Mo Xie's eyes. But, his voice was still as gentle as a warm breeze that blows across treetops. In fact, anyone who heard him talk felt extremely comfortable and warm inside. The voice of this man could make a person feel so safe and comfortable that they would wish to go off to sleep…

And, the one who had to bear the brunt of it was… Xiao Bu Yu. His heart faltered even further. And, his expression became that of heartfelt ease. He had seemingly forgotten the grief and indignation… And, the shame and the dishonor he had suffered a moment ago.

It was the Great Spirit Deterrence technique. And, it had been blended with hypnosis!

This was the extreme combination of modern hypnosis techniques and the great ancient Spirit Deterrence method. And, Jun Mo Xie was successfully employing this combination in this instance.

Jun Mo Xie had taken advantage of Xiao Bu Yu's nervous breakdown, and had opened the innermost doors of his heart wide. Then, he had entered as swiftly as lightning.

A base-rank Sky Xuan expert had managed to hypnotize a level-four Spirit Xuan expert! This was a miraculous technique, and this world had never seen something like this. He had attained wonderful achievements that had never been seen in his generation… And, that too in one fell swoop!

Everyone had an expression of amazement on their faces.

A light of astonishment flashed in the eyes of the white-clothed girl. She looked at Jun Mo Xie in a way that made it seem as if she had started to harbor a strong desire to understand that miraculous youngster in a comprehensive manner. This unheard and un-witnessed miraculous technique had even left someone with her accomplishments to feel battered and shocked…

"I don't know why they did it. Our Xiao Family had already made proper preparations for a force to attack at that time. We hadn't even expected them to reach out on their own. But, we came to an instantaneous agreement since our goals were the same. And, everything went without a hitch after that…"

Xiao Bu Yu's face reveled in a childish pride. However, his eyes were still empty, "We couldn't find a single trace of theirs after that. The people who would go into the camp to provide support were different every time. They were easy to identify at first. But, we would never see them again once their job was done. The Blood Sword Hall had presumably arranged for that to happen…"

"Ah, the Blood Sword Hall doesn't leave any proof behind when they handles things. He he… So, you don't know who they were..." Jun Mo Xie nodded in an understanding manner as he spoke-up in a mild and encouraging tone.

"Yes…" Xiao Bu Yu's face had an expression of shame on it. And, he hung his head like a child who had committed an offence. "I hadn't participated in those operations. It was Xiao Han and his brothers. I had only heard about it later."

Then, his face showed pride as he spoke with hubris, "What had to be done was done. Strength is the best argument. Besides, those 'ants' were nobodies. They weren't worth my personal interventions!"

"Ah! You're right! Good. Very good! Strength is the best argument," The blue veins throbbed on Jun Mo Xie's forehead. However, he controlled himself as he spoke, "And, the same people dealt with Jun Mo You and Jun Wu Yi later on?"

"Yes… that was also them… the men from the Blood Sword Hall…" Xiao Bu Yu didn't hesitate one bit.

"Tell me… who were the specific people who had participated in those operations? Xiao Han and his brothers…? There must've been a lot of people, right?" Jun Mo Xie smiled. His expression was gentle.

"Yes, how could a few people have pulled this off so quickly? We were dealing with an army, and the crisis was also big… ah… I remember… it was Xiao Han, Xiao Liang Xiao Zhen, Xiao Cheng, Xiao Guang…" Xiao Bu Yu rolled out the names of fourteen to fifteen people in one breath. He then continued, "We eventually made the despicable Jun Family pay a heavy price. You must pay the price if you provoke the Xiao Family!"

"The price that was paid… wasn't too small. However, Jun Wu Yi had merely taken Xiao Han's fiancée. But, you still took such a huge action. What was the need to make such a huge deal out of it?" Jun Mo Xie's firmly committed those few names to his memory. Then, he went back to ask another question, "Just look at the troops who have come here from the Silver City. What is Xiao Han's status? Why does he have such a big influence?"

"Why wouldn't we be overcautious? There's a great connection between all this. After all, the current Lord of the Silver City doesn't have a son. He only has two daughters. The betrothal of the elder daughter and Xiao Han had been agreed to a long time ago. We hope that the younger daughter will also be married into the Xiao Family. We have worked very hard for this. Our Xiao Family will be able to rule the Silver City and the world at-large in about a decade if both his daughters are married into our family!

"Our Xiao Family's ancestor died for the Silver City. And, it wasn't merely the case of a life being lost. He had the strongest Xuan cultivation. He was also the Lord of the Silver City at that time. Moreover, he was the First amongst those sworn brothers. So, it can be said that the Silver Blizzard City is based on my Xiao Family's work. But, the Han Family became the Lords of the Silver City after our ancestor died. Why? Our Xiao Family has been pushed down for several hundred years. We are nominally considered as 'younger brothers'. But, we should be equal to them, or maybe even higher… That one baseless oath wasn't even worth a dog's fart! But, it has deprived our Xiao Family of everything that we have desired! Why?!"

Xiao Bu Yu had a sinister expression on his face at this time, "That repulsive Jun Wu Yi arrived exactly when our plan was going to be successful. And, everything that our Xiao Family had been preparing for a long time had to be stopped midway as a result. Our Xiao Family had been waiting for such an opportunity for hundreds of years! But, this damned Jun Wu Yi had ruined that… that damned Jun Wu Yi… that damned Jun Family… damn them! They will pay the price! Whoever dares to ruin the Xiao Family's plans must be destroyed!"

Xiao Bu Yu cursed in hatred.

This was astonishing information! In fact, it was earth-shattering!

The men from the Silver City suddenly found themselves struck by an emotional upheaval. The remaining Elders — the Third, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth Elders — got divided into two groups in the blink of an eye. They were still shrouded by that dark and secretive imposing aura. So, they hadn't dared to make a move even if they had wanted to. But, their behavior and expressions were clearly showing this divide.

The Sixth, Ninth, and Eighth Elders were revealing anxiousness in their eyes. And, they had expressions of terror on their faces. It was obvious that these three Elders were members of the Xiao Family. But, the Third and Fifth Elders had a look of resentment across their faces. In fact, they had nearly started cursing.

These two men were evidently from the Han Family's side.

However, Han Yan Meng was struck the hardest by this revelation. Her pretty eyes had opened so wide that they had almost reached her ears. She could've never imagined that those affable grandfathers and uncles from the Xiao Family had been scheming against her Han Family this entire time.

Jun Mo Xie glanced around in a secretive manner. Then, he probed further, "The Xiao Family has genuinely planned far ahead. The arrangements have been quite exquisite as well. But, does the Han Family have no male progeny to speak of? The Lord of the Family doesn't have any son. But, he must have brothers… Are you saying that even his brothers don't have any sons? So, why would they pass everything to the Xiao Family? This is just your wishful thinking…"

"Hehe, we've obviously made these calculations since we wish to take control of things," Xiao Bu Yu laughed with self pride and continued, "We started to plan for these things after the birth of the Lord's second daughter. The Lord's brothers didn't exactly become crippled by accidents, you know! And, that's far from the core of the truth. Moreover, there are many other elders and younger brothers… But, we obviously know how to handle them as well…"

"You must know about Xiao Han's Hall of Hell, right? Your entire Xiao Family decided to start that venture, right?" Jun Mo Xie changed the topic, and asked in a harmonious tone. His forehead was already dripping with bean-like sweat beads.

He had been expending a lot of spiritual energy to maintain that high-level hypnosis over Xiao Bu Yu. Jun Mo Xie's spiritual energy and cultivation was very profound. But, it had slowly started to feel incompetent in the face of this task. Therefore, he had turned back to the Jun Family's matter again. Moreover, Xiao Bu Yu's voice had become stable over the course of this dialogue. In fact, there were no signs of wariness from his subconscious at this point...

"No. Xiao Han and his brothers had initiated this matter on their own. In fact, it was too late by the time we got to know about it. So, we had no option but to follow them. A very few people in the Xiao Family know about this matter. After all, this thing is too disgraceful… it hurts the very heavens! Anyway, those people were lowly 'nobodys'. Moreover, the profits from that venture were rather great!" Xiao Bu Yu's expression was quite contradictory… there were traces of remorse as well as avarice in it.

No one had expected that this white-haired and ruddy-complexioned old man of such martial status and fame would be capable of thinking in such a narrow and filthy manner. Who would've believed this if he hadn't spoken it himself? Who would've dared to believe it?!

[Extremely shameless!]

"Well… you did well. I've decided to reward you. And, it will be a huge reward!" Jun Mo Xie's eyes blazed with a riotous flame as he spoke-up in an easy tone.

"A big reward?! What reward is it?!" Xiao Bu Yu's expression became extremely excited. It appeared like a child was looking at delicious and alluring candy. He desired it with urgency.

"Ah, you must do something before I reward you. You must jump and strip your clothes away. You will get the rewards after you finish the act. And, you will be very satisfied with the rewards you get," A malicious light flashed in Jun Mo Xie's eyes.

Jun Mo Xie would only need to twist his wrist to kill Xiao Bu Yu under these circumstances. But, the Young Master Jun felt that he would be condemned in history if he allowed this beast to get away with a clean and easy death!

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