Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 425

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 425

The Snake King was known as the King of Poisons. And, she was unusually fierce by nature. In fact, the Xuan Beast King was sure that her viciousness wasn't inferior to anyone's. But, even she had been left to tremble in this moment. In fact, her eyes had clearly belied the fear of her heart. [Such a cruel punishment can exist in this world! This man is so cold-blooded and cruel!]

[Jun Mo Xie's heart is this cold…? Is it made of iron or something? It's so cold and indifferent! He's so cold and unfeeling! He's so ruthless! However, it's true that such a punishment was deserved!]

The eyes of the white-clothed girl wouldn't have changed even if there had been a landslide in front of her. However, they had changed and become immeasurably deep at the sight of this.

[This one is very fierce. I've heard of the 'administering death by a thousand cuts'. And then, there's the case when five horses tear and dismember the culprit into a thousand pieces. I'm sure that most people know of such fierce methods. In fact, many must've even dreamt of it since everyone has some object of abject hatred that they would like to do all that to. But, there would be a very few people who could carry out what's happening at this moment...]

[A man is always a man. So, he would still have a limit to how much he can hate, and how much mental pressure his soul can bear with regard to such hatred.]

[It could even be said that there wouldn't be anyone in a group of ten-thousand people who would've had thought of doing something similar to this.]

[Moreover, talking or thinking of doing something like this is one thing. But, doing it for real is another thing in its entirety. A person who can do these things… and keep a straight face afterwards… is very rare! And, that's because this entails something that is far beyond the capacity of a normal person's endurance.]

[Who couldn't have talked about doing such ruthless things? In fact, many men may have spoken of these to their heart's delight. However, the number of people who would genuinely go ahead and do these things is very low. But, those who speak of such cruel and cold-blooded acts might possibly commit them in reality if the hatred accumulates to a profound level and breaks forth in a particular moment.]

[But, Jun Mo Xie is following through this torture in a very methodical manner. And, he's not even affected by it. In fact, he seems unaffected and uninterested. This is very rare. Just imagine… a normal person would frown at the thought of killing someone under ordinary circumstances. Their brows might even jump at it. But, this is a real person… a real and living person whose individual parts are being cut away one by one. Forget about speaking about something like this… even imagining about it is unbearable for most people!]

The limits of Xiao Bu Yu's tolerance had been crossed even though he was a level-four Spirit Xuan expert. His eyes had become lifeless as he looked at that lightly breathing lump of flesh on the ground. It seemed like he had been struck by lightning. He was thoroughly dumbfounded and stunned.

How could he have known that Jun Mo Xie would be so bold and ruthless…? How could he have imagined that this youngster would leave no room for mercy?

And, Xiao Bu Yu wasn't the only one…

There were many other Xuan experts who were standing in the field. Many veterans who had grown accustomed to many-a-bloody scene were also present. All of them had held their breaths at the sight of this scene. So, there was pin-drop silence in the field at this time.

Then, there was the Silver City's Princess — Han Yang Meng. She wasn't very strong on a psychological level. So, she had only been able to cry an "oh!" before her eyes had rolled back. And, she had then fainted in Mu Xue tong's arms. However, there was another person who would've been overjoyed at the prospect of fainting.

And, this individual was that lump of flesh that still hadn't stopped wriggling on the ground. The nearly-dead Xiao Han desperately wanted to faint. In fact, he wanted to die! After all, that would put an end to the pain. The pain was very excruciating. But, death was a great luxury for Xiao Han. In fact, he couldn't even dream of passing into a coma.

The faces of the other five Elders had turned red. But, they hadn't moved an inch ever since they had been enveloped by that vigorous murderous aura. Instead, they had vainly gnashed their teeth, and had opened their eyes wide enough to crack their sockets.

They had presumed that such a strong aura could only have come from some mysterious and uniquely skilled person. In fact, they had believed that it had been unleashed by that Mysterious Master who was backing the Jun Family. So, they knew that they couldn't act or interfere at this point. After all, they believed they would enrage that Mysterious Master if they acted. And, he would kill all of them in a strong retaliation if that happened. In fact, they felt that it would be as easy as waving one's hands for someone as strong as that Mysterious Man…

It was what one called 'not too close and not too far'. That powerful retaliation would come for them if they acted out. But, it wouldn't be from the Mysterious Master who was backing the Jun Family. Instead, it would come from the white clothed girl…

"He he he he…"

Suddenly, a mild yet lofty chuckle echoed in that deathly silence. Everyone followed the sound of the laughter to its source. The source's expression was quite indifferent and tranquil. In fact, he had an affable smile on his face. His body stood straight in a heroic manner — it was Jun Mo Xie!

The one who was laughing… was unexpectedly Jun Mo Xie!

He was laughing even at this moment! He had just orchestrated that exceptionally brutal atrocity. However, he was still laughing like nothing had happened.

"This is very good!" Jun Mo Xie looked at Xiao Bu Yu in an amused manner, "Do you it Xiao Bu Yu? …that feeling one gets by slowly cutting the body of a man he hates the most… it's extremely wonderful. In fact, the term 'wonderful' isn't enough to describe that happiness… particularly when the man's name is Xiao Han, and my family is called the Jun Family."

Xiao Bu Yu had stood motionless like a rock until this time. However, he had started to sway now. He gave an unwavering look to Jun Mo Xie. A strange sound came out of his chocked throat, "oh… oh… oh…" But, he was unable to speak anything in the end.

"You needn't speak! I understand how you feel. I can even show you my understanding and express my sympathy… my heartfelt sympathy!"

Jun Mo Xie gave a long sigh and said, "After all, he's your flesh and blood. He's your kin… seeing your kin die in front of yourself must be a huge tragedy. I'm sorry. No, that doesn't sound correct, does it? I'm very sorry. I had spoken it wrongly the first time. But, I will surely pay attention next time…"

Jun Mo Xie then tried to change the topic, "Ahem, no… I find that I've truly spoken wrong. You see, I was very happy and excited a moment ago. So, I had spoken incorrectly without paying attention. You shouldn't take offense, haha! Ahem… In fact, you should be thankful to me. Xiao Han is surely crippled, but I've still allowed him to live. So, it means that this isn't like watching your kin die. You tell me… Aren't I right about that?"

The Young Master Jun rubbed his hands, and continued in a slightly embarrassed tone, "Moreover, he still can't be called a complete cripple. After all, I still haven't crushed his spine yet. My heart has a soft spot for this man. My compassion for him didn't stop for a moment. And, that's why I could do my job properly. I hope you don't dislike that. Also, I can fix my mistake and cripple him completely if you want that to happen. I promise that I will not leave you dissatisfied. Again, I would like to apologize to you again!"

"You… you… you're a demon!" Xiao Bu Yu's lips trembled with indescribable grief, "A demon…"

"I'm not very fond of those words. You really flatter me if I were to be honest. But, I genuinely don't deserve those words," Jun Mo Xie shook his head in disagreement. "You should consider changing them a bit. Because, I am no demon when compared to the Xiao Family…"

He raised his sword as he spoke. Then, he pointed it downwards. Xiao Han's blood dripped off at a fast speed as a result. And, the sword got restored to its original state in the blink of an eye.

"I have finally understood what a true divine weapon is! To kill millions… yet not be stained! I had always thought that these were empty words. Hehe… I've finally found that such a weapon genuinely exists. This is a good sword! It is a very good sword!" Jun Mo Xie sighed while speaking. His words made everyone tremble.

[Killing millions yet not getting stained…]

"Second Xiao Elder, I know that you're only pretending to be on the verge of a collapse. You're storing up energy in reality. I know that you eventually wish to make a move to kill me. After all, you have already decided to kill me today. You are even willing to ignore the consequences. Isn't that right?"

Jun Mo Xie smiled wholeheartedly, "That's kind of obvious, isn't it? But, you have been injured, and your spirit has suffered as well. So, do you want some more time to prepare? Let me ask you this while you do… Do you know about the Huang Hua Hall, Second Xiao Elder…? That Hall of Hell…?"

"Huang Hua Hall! The Hall of Hell…!" Jun Wu Yi's eyes opened wide, and started to sparkle brightly.

He would never forget that night when he had burst into that hall with Jun Mo Xie, and had witnessed that extremely miserable human atrocity. In fact, he would tremble with wrath every time he would come to think of it.

Xiao Bu Yu looked at Jun Mo Xie with extreme hatred. He made a supreme effort to summon his power, but failed at it.

"I'm the man who's responsible for the destruction of the Hall of Hell! Isn't that quite unexpected?"

The bright light which had belied Jun Mo Xie's previously merry state had been wiped clean by now. In fact, it had been replaced by a cold ruthlessness. The murderous aura in his voice increased as he spoke, "Everything seems to be an accident. My plan was very simple when I had acted against the Hall of Hell. I only thought that it was a brutal money-making organization at first. But then, I became aware of the training that was given to prostitutes inside Tian Xiang. And, I realized that I was wrong. In fact, I was completely mistaken. …That's because those low-lives who force women into prostitution and traffic children aren't half as inhumane as the people behind the Hall of Hell! In fact, they are incapable of doing the tasks that were required of them at the Hall of Hell. After all, they usually sell of the girls and boys who don't look attractive. Perhaps they start training them to do odd jobs or become flesh-traders themselves…

"In any case, even child-traffickers have enough conscience to not break children's limbs and spines, and then put them in jars… to raise deformities. Such a thing could only be done by those conscienceless savages of the Hall of Hell. No one else had ever been able to do something like this before them...

"So, I was left baffled. And, I started to wonder about those things.

"I wondered what kind of deep hatred must the owner of this establishment have for those children to have come up with a scheme to poison their lives so badly…? Those children obviously couldn't have provoked the owner of the establishment. So, there was only one other angle left. What kind of hatred would the owner of the Hall have towards those children's parents to deal such a heavy hand to the young ones?

"My grandfather and Third Uncle were talking about the past one night. They mentioned about the troops who had served under them in the past. But, not a shadow of some of these troops had been seen for a long time. They may have been disheartened because of the past. But, shouldn't they have come to their Old Lord's house once in a while? Shouldn't they have let their Old Lord know that they're still alive and happy…?"

Jun Wu Yi started to tremble when Jun Mo Xie reached this point in his speech. Jun Wu Yi could clearly remember that day when he was talking with his father. He could remember that feeling of disappointment, a strange sense of great loss, and nostalgia… However, he had vaguely guessed something from the tone of Jun Mo Xie's voice. And, his eyes had become red as a result of this comprehension…

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