Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 423

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 423

The white-clothed girl smiled faintly and said, "So, I can conclude that Jun Mo Xie hinted at Xiao Bu Yu that, 'I can tussle with you for a long time.' And, he's doing this more often now. But, Xiao Bu Yu is old and experienced. He wishes to go steady and strike hard when the time is right. So, he wouldn't make a risky counter-attack. And, Xiao Bu Yu will continue with his strategy of making Jun Mo Xie die of exhaustion. However, it doesn't seem like Jun Mo Xie will get exhausted any time soon. But, Xiao Bu Yu will continue to hope for it to happen. Therefore, he will neither attack nor retreat. Thus, I think this fight will go on for a long time."

"But, Elder Sister… didn't you say that Jun Mo Xie is trying to make Xiao Bu Yu angry?" The Snake King became even more puzzled, "Isn't what you said contradictory to that? He gave that sort of a hint to Xiao Bu Yu even though the old man is very cautious. So, how will this make Xiao Bu Yu angry? And, how will he expose any weaknesses if his mind is stable?

"Xiao Bu Yu is extremely even tempered. Moreover, he has ample time on his side. However, Jun Mo Xie has still made these actions at this time. He should've waited for a better opportunity is he genuinely wanted to incite Xiao Bu Yu's rage..."

"The white-clad girl chuckled and said, "Don't you think you've missed something? Hasn't Jun Mo Xie secretly glanced at the fight between the Solitary Falcon and the Seven Swords at least three times by now?"

"Are you saying that he wants to sneak up on the Seven Swords? Does he plan to enrage Xiao Bu Yu by doing that?" the Snake King's eyes shone as she continued, "That's a brilliant plan if that's the case! Xiao Bu Yu would surely lose his cool if Jun Mo Xie gets rid of even one of the Seven Swords!"

"However, even I don't understand one thing. Jun Mo Xie's movements are secretive, but Xiao Bu Yu is also a renowned expert of his generation. In fact, he's a level-four Spirit Xuan expert. So, he would surely be extremely observant while fighting. How could Jun Mo Xie have concealed his movements from Xiao Bu Yu despite all efforts? And, how would Xiao Bu Yu allow Jun Mo Xie to prevail if he had already noticed it? The Seven Swords will collapse if everything goes smoothly since the Solitary Falcon would slaughter them very quickly. And, the Silver City would be utterly defeated thereafter. So, Xiao Bu Yu must be on guard. Therefore, it seems that Jun Mo Xie's calculations may have gone wrong…" The white-clothed girl seemed to have understood everything clearly at first. However, she had started to harbor doubts as time passed.

Those words even filled the Snake King's heart with doubts.

However, the situation suddenly changed again at this moment.

Jun Mo Xie re-used a move that he had already used twice before. That move was still superb. Moreover, the Young Master Jun had suddenly sped up this time. Around ten savage after images of Jun Mo Xie circled around the Xiao Elder. And, it seemed that ten Young Master Juns had drawn their swords and attacked. However, the biting-cold sword-lights seemingly condensed into one ray of light.

Xiao Bu Yu sneered at this. [Amateur! Have you finally exhausted all the tricks in your bag? This is the third time you've used that same trick! Ha ha… You used the same trick three times against a level-four Spirit Xuan! Your attack was certainly faster and better this time. But, that doesn't change the fact that you're using it a third time now!]

[Your time of judgment has finally arrived! Now this old man will teach you a lesson for overestimating your capabilities and challenging me!]

Xiao Bu Yu laughed and slanted his palms to attack. His palms transformed into mountains in an instant. He then shifted his palms towards his left to face the powerful sword-attack from one of Jun Mo Xie's after-images. This was the point where Jun Mo Xie had made a mistake!

There was no mistaking now.

Xiao Bu Yu's judgment indeed wasn't wrong. Jun Mo Xie would inevitably have a problem if he had used-up the entire range of his moves. Therefore, the re-usage of that sword-attack would result in a tragedy for him at this time.

However, it was a pity that Jun Mo Xie hadn't re-used those moves in reality…

One must never consider anything to be a constant when making calculations!

Jun Mo Xie's sword had already completed half of its movement when Xiao Bu Yu decided to take advantage of this situation. After all, there was a basic principle in martial arts, 'One can't decide whether he genuinely wishes to cross a river when he's in midstream'!

As it turns out, no one could've changed their attack-style in the middle of it. Even a Spirit Xuan expert… or maybe even a Great Master wouldn't have been able to accomplish such a feat. However, Jun Mo Xie used the Art of Unlocking the Heaven's Fortune, and the impossible turned into possible!

A drastic change occurred when Jun Mo Xie's sword was halfway and Xiao Bu Yu's attack was about to connect with it! The Young Master Jun stopped moving in that direction, and changed direction. Then, it attempted a move that was ambitious enough to alarm the Heavens.

A single burst of silvery-bright explosion burst out from the sword as it roared when it was merely a hair's breadth from Xiao Bu Yu. Then, it passed by his side, continued its flight, and transformed into a long silver line. The sword light appeared like a long tube as it flashed horizontally across that nearly fifty meters of space, and rushed straight towards the Seven Swords.

The body and the sword had become one!

Jun Mo Xie had used his biggest and most-formidable move at the most unlikely of moments.

This sword-attack was indeed beyond everyone's expectations.

Moreover, the Seven Swords were also in a very tense situation at this moment. Those seven individuals were in imminent danger, and were holding back against the Great Master Solitary Falcon with great difficulty. So, this move by Jun Mo Xie had only made it worse since they had an enemy to the front and one to the back now. The situation was already bad before. And, it couldn't get any worse now.

There is a camel whose backbone can be broken by putting a single straw on it. But, someone suddenly puts a hundred kilos on it. Wouldn't it get shattered to pieces?

Xiao Bu Yu gave out a cold scream when he realized that he had been duped. He didn't even consider how the Jun Family's little fox had managed to change direction in the middle of an attack even though this strange incident had gone against the very principle of martial theory. After all, his present top-priority was to do his best to save the Seven Swords. He angrily soared like a rocket with full speed. Moreover, he urgently raised his Xuan Qi and transferred the Xuan efficacy from the rest of his body to his palms, and shot them like angry rockets. Then, that attack rushed forward almost two-to-three times his own speed!

Xiao Bu Yu was extremely angry at that moment. That brat had played a big one with that move. Therefore, Xiao Bu Yu had done his best with this move. He had used his full strength in that attack. The efficacy of his entire body was in that strike!

The Seven Swords would suffer some damage if Jun Mo Xie's strike was successful. But then, Jun Mo Xie would die soon after. Xiao Bu Yu was assured of this point. Therefore, he was angry, but not very worried.

And, that was because the Seven Swords belonged to the family of the Silver City's Lord. They were a part of the Silver Blizzard City, but they didn't hail from the Xiao Family!

Therefore, Xiao Bu Yu wouldn't feel too sad even if Jun Mo Xie's attack was successful and he managed to kill one or two of them as a result. In fact, Xiao Bu Yu would be fine as long he would be able to kill that brat.

Therefore, Xiao Bu Yu wasn't extremely enraged even though he was a bit angry…

The sword-light didn't seem like it would stop. In fact, it had already arrived behind the Seven Swords like lightning. And, Xiao Bu Yu hurried to catch up. In fact, he was less than twenty meters behind Jun Mo Xie at this time. And, this distance wasn't a big one for a Spirit Xuan expert…

Xiao Bu Yu's sleeves were whipping violently in the wind, and were issuing a sharp whistle. The old man had turned into a blurry image. And, it was evident that his speed had increased very significantly.

The Young Master Jun had orchestrated a grand plan in his mind. But, it didn't seem like he had any major advantage left at this time.

The Solitary Falcon frowned. In fact, he felt resentful when he saw Jun Mo Xie arrive with his sword. [I've established a proper dominance here, and yet you're meddling! You may think that you've come to help me, but you're causing a nuisance in reality!]

[I would have won very easily as long as you would've continued to fight Xiao Bu Yu. But, you simply had to butt-in. In fact, you could get caught up and die because of this even if I speed up my victory! Did this seem like a good plan to you?]

However, the cultivation of the Seven Swords was much lower. So, they were already feeling immense pressure while fighting the Solitary Falcon. And now, they had to contend with the violent and crazed attacks from Jun Mo Xie as well. They had enemies to the front and to the back now. In fact, these people felt like there was a thorn on their backside which had started to pierce their skin…

Xiao Bu Yu had a nasty grin on his face. The Xuan-power stored in his long-await palm-attack struck with a loud "Bang!"

Yet, everyone cried out in surprise.

It was because Jun Mo Xie's silhouette had suddenly disappeared…

In fact, he had disappeared very abruptly!

The boy had disappeared like a flying angel!

It seemed as if he had never existed. That tube-like sword-light had also disappeared without a trace. It had vanished silently, and there was no sign of it. In fact, it seemed like that strong sword-light from before had been an illusion or something…

However, Xiao Bu Yu had already reached the peak of his speed. And, he couldn't change his moves at will like Jun Mo Xie had. Moreover, the target of those two mountain-toppling powerful shots had disappeared. So, he quickly raised his attack, and changed its angle downwards. Consequently, it whooshed over the Seven Swords, and resolutely hit the Solitary Falcon instead.

The pressure behind the Silver City's Seven Swords suddenly disappeared. And, they instead saw Xiao Bu Yu arrive to help them. This made them extremely joyous. So, they attacked the Solitary Falcon with their entire strength.

However, everything had suddenly changed for the Solitary Falcon since he was fighting a powerful group of enemies now. The pressure from the opposite side had increased suddenly, and had reached three-or-four times of its previous level. He couldn't help but snort at this change of events…

[It seems like that brat hadn't come here to help me. He has instead become the source of my calamity! Did he look at me and think that my fight with these seven has been easy?] However, even a man as strong as the Solitary Falcon couldn't help but feel desperate in the face of the all-out attacks of these eight men!

Everyone heard him shout, "Ghostly Falcon!" before he sallied forth to attack with all his strength. Then, the sky got covered with the image of a terrifying claw. In fact, it seemed like countless images of ghostly claws had rushed to counter-attack the eight people of the Silver City from the malicious gates of hell itself.

The sword Qi of the Seven Swords screeched in mid-air. Xiao Bu Yu's palm attacks made a rumbling noise. And, Solitary Falcon's ghostly falcon claw could rip apart the night sky with its intensely powerful Qi. The nine individuals charged into a clash which hurt all of them as they rammed.

However, a loud and arrogant laughter echoed when the nine men rammed together. That laughing voice had belonged to the Young Master Jun Mo Xie! The young man had suddenly reappeared in front of Xiao Han!

Such an astonishing speed was divine in its make, and couldn't be measured. Perhaps it should be said that two different Jun Mo Xies had appeared at two very different places at the same time. In fact, this seemed like the only possible explanation since no one would've been able to wrap their heads around the fact that both these Jun Mo Xies was the same person. In fact, they wouldn't have been able to figure it out even if they were to break their skulls while attempting to comprehend this fact.

Xiao Bu Yu was shocked the moment he heard the Young Master Jun's clear and arrogant laugh. He turned around to look… only to see that Jun Mo Xie had a cruel sneer across his face. His cold sword-light was quickly rushing towards the immobile Xiao Han!

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