Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 421

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 421

Jun Wu Yi was giving full vent to the ten years of accumulated grief and resentment at this moment! He attacked with punches after punches. And, the cruel sound of his opponent's body being hit seemed like the most beautiful music to Jun Wu Yi's ears.

Xiao Han didn't wish to 'insta-kill' Jun Wu Yi with his sword. He wanted to torture the Supreme Commander in a slow and dragged-out manner. Similarly, Jun Wu Yi didn't wish to leave Xiao Han alone either. Moreover, he didn't even desire to crush the man's skull with his fists very quickly. And, that's because that would be too easy a death for him.

[Ten years of hatred! Eldest Brother and Second Brother had died because of him. The two younger nephews are also dead! Elder Sister-in-law lies far away in a coma. The old man has seen so many of his progeny die before his eyes. He's so old, and yet he's striving to keep the Jun Family from the verge of a collapse. The once flourishing Jun Family was on the decline. It's like a mountain of hatred… a sea of hatred! And, this man is the root cause of that hatred! How can Xiao Han's death offset so much hatred? Wouldn't it be too easy a way-out for him?!]

Jun Wu Yi had never felt hate like he did against Xiao Han. Even if he met his personal enemy, or a crazy child-trafficker… or an Evil Lord who didn't shirk from any crime… the Third Master Jun would think that giving them a quick death with his sword would be enough. But, he didn't believe that it would be enough for Xiao Han! Not even nearly enough…

Jun Wu Yi wouldn't even wish to kill him if it were possible. He would've wanted to leave his enemy to be tortured slowly for a lifetime. The Third Master Jun wanted to expose Xiao Han to the pain from the very-eighteenth level of hell every day. And, he believed that even that would be too less for Xiao Han…

A long sword fell from a high altitude in the sky. It carried a cold and dazzling light with it. The sword seemingly cut the very sky as it shot down. It then struck into a large rock on the roadside with a loud screech, and embedded itself into it. Only the sword hilt and the handle remained outside the rock...

It was Jun Wu Yi's sword!

It was an extremely sharp and divine weapon.

It was so sharp and powerful that it had pierced a solid rock up-till its hilt like it was tofu. [What kind of a divine weapon is this?!] Almost every warrior who looked at that sword had sparks blazing in his eyes. In fact, even the Solitary Falcon was no exception to this even though he had never used a sword!

It had to be said that the fact that Jun Wu Yi's legs had been healed had shocked everyone from the Silver City. And, they still hadn't recovered from it even when Xiao Han had got caught in that storm-like barrage of attacks.

"How did you dare?!" However, everyone finally recovered from their reverie owing to this new and astonishing sight. Xiao Bu Yu shouted angrily and moved out. And, his hand moved like a sky-rendering hatchet which would behead Jun Wu Yi.

Xiao Bu Yu would've been pained and enraged if Jun Wu Yi's sword had killed Xiao Han. But, it would've been difficult for Xiao Bu Yu to break his position. After all, these two men were in the middle of a duel to the death. However, Jun Wu Yi had gained an absolute advantage, but he wasn't killing Xiao Han. Instead, he was meticulously beating and torturing his enemy. And, this amounted to the fall of the Silver Blizzard City's honor… And, the Xiao Family's honor! How could Xiao Bu Yu sit and watch this happen?

"Old Man! You're very shameless!" an exceptionally lofty figure appeared as the angry shout resounded. He somehow appeared right in front of Xiao Bu Yu, and a glittering sword flashed towards his throat without any warning.

The sword hadn't touched his throat yet. However, Xiao Bu Yu had already started to feel terrible goose bumps on his throat because of the sword's Qi. A sharp and heaven-piercing aura enveloped him. [Divine weapon! It's a divine weapon!]

Xiao Bu Yu was shocked by this. [How can the Jun Family have so many divine weapons?] A Spirit Xuan's body was stronger than steel. So, they needn't fear attacks from normal weapons. But, this heaven-conquering divine sword left Xiao Bu Yu to feel that his life was as fragile as tofu. In fact, such a feeling could be compared to the instinctual premonition of death.

Xiao Bu Yu didn't slip up at this critical juncture. His body moved quickly, and he changed direction at a lightning-fast speed. A long string of after-images snaked his trail as he soared into the air. Then, he stayed there since he was aware that he was out of the attacker's range now. Moreover, the Xiao Elder could finally look at his assailant from this position now...

However, Xiao Bu Yu nearly fell from the sky when he finally saw the attacker. So, he rubbed his eyes hard and looked again. However, the Xiao Elder couldn't help but resemble the predicament of his grandson's astonishment. His mouth opened wide; and didn't shut back either...

[How is this possible?]

It was a young and aloof figure. He held a coldly gleaming sword, and his face had a sneering expression as he floated in front.

Jun Mo Xie!

The sword in his hand…

[A Divine weapon!]

The Blood of Yellow Flame!

Young Master Jun seemed quite pleased with himself. The first life his Blood of Fellow Flame would take was going to be a Spirit Xuan expert! This was indeed worthy of his sword's name and fame!

"Do you have any honor, old man? This is a fight between two men. And, you're still getting involved? What kind of a Spirit Xuan expert are you?" Jun Mo Xie gave a sneering smile, "Your grandson was the one who made that challenge. May I ask the Second Xiao Elder what the people from the Silver Blizzard City think about the prospect of taking a man's name for a fight to the death? Are you still going to enter the fight? Will your entire group fight against one man now?"

Xiao Bu Yu's white beard fluttered in the wind as he snorted coldly and spoke-up, "This brat talks too much!" A severely cold wind arose from his hands as he rushed towards Jun Mo Xie.

Xiao Bu Yu's state of mind had become calm after the initial shock. [Jun Mo Xie must be a heaven-conquering talent, but he's still seventeen or eighteen years old at the most. So, how can he be difficult to deal with? So what if he has a divine weapon? I will beat this arrogant brat down. Then, I will take that divine weapon for myself!]

That divine weapon had suddenly taken priority over Xiao Han's life.

Jun Mo Xie sneered as his body flitted. He pointed his sword one way, and attack in the other. His sword emitted a showery light as he confronted the Silver City's level-four Spirit Xuan Xiao Bu Yu with an unexpected attack! And, the entire sky got filled with a brilliant rain of light as a result.

Xiao Bu Yu was already at level-four of the Spirit Xuan realm. So, he was almost at the level of a Great Master. But, he was still nothing in the Young Master Jun's eyes. Jun Mo Xie had the Blood of Yellow Flame in his hand. And, that had made his strength explode to two-or-three levels higher. Moreover, the Young Master Jun's strength couldn't be compared to the regular Sky Xuan experts. Therefore, Jun Mo Xie's overall strength was in no way less than Xiao Bu Yu's.

In fact, he could even take the lead!

The curtain of night had finally descended to rule the land by now…

There was fighting all around. In fact, it was a situation of open conflict.

The Solitary Falcon had soared like an eagle at lightning-fast speed, and had arrived to stop the Seven Swords. The Seven Swords hadn't dared to break formation in front of the might of the Great Master. All of them were at the Sky Xuan peak level. So, they couldn't compare to the Solitary Falcon. They could barely deal with him if they were to fight together. However, they wouldn't have the skill to deal with the Solitary Falcon in case even one of them slipped-up. And, all of them would die as a result of that slip…

The fighting had come to a stalemate for the time-being.

The other five Elders had wanted to help. But, they had suddenly felt suffocated for some reason. And, they were left with a desire to lock themselves in as a result. They had been enshrouded in a biting cold killing intention. Moreover, this killing intention was so grandiose that it seemed as if the entire sky had been filled with an extremely powerful murderous aura.

However, it was strange that they couldn't tell where that murderous aura was coming from. So, how could they lock themselves in? The green-clothed girl was passively watching from the side besides them. So, it obviously wasn't her. And, the white-clothed girl had her back towards the five Elders. Plus, she was calmly drinking her tea like before. So, it couldn't have been her either...

[Who is this? Who can have such a terrifying strength?!]

However, it was evident that this person's strength had already exceeded that of a Great Master's. In fact, it had even reached the highest of levels. Each of the five Elders was at the Spirit Xuan realm. But, all of them stood dumbstruck in the face of such a monstrous aura. So, each one of them transported and scattered their strength throughout their bodies, and did their best to withstand the onslaught of that murderous aura. Therefore, they couldn't help Xiao Han or the Seven Swords at this moment. In fact, they couldn't even move their fingers...

They simply couldn't dare to move an inch!

And, this was because they felt that they shouldn't do a thing. They believed that all of them would get killed if anyone of them moved.

[We can't rush-in at this time! Only one person will die at this time if things come to the worst. And, that will be Xiao Han… But, all of us will be wiped out if we try to help.]

This wasn't a threat. It was a fact instead. And, that extremely powerful aura had verified the authenticity of this fact to them.

The green-clad girl opened her eyes wide in surprise. She was the only one who knew where that murderous aura was coming from. There were countless capable experts in that world. But, the Snake King had met only one individual who could exert such an aura and control it so freely.

And, that individual was her elder sister!

[What's going on? Elder Sister obviously hates Jun Mo Xie. So, why is she helping him?]

This was truly difficult to understand. And, it seemed that the highly-intelligent Snake King would also break her skull before she'd come to understand why this was happening.

Jun Mo Xie was fighting Xiao Bu Yu.

The Young Master Jun's moves were marvelous. He was flying in the sky at a very quick speed. He would go to the front, to the back, the left, and the right. However, Xiao Bu Yu stood gloomily and calmly. His breathing was steady, and his expression was hostile. This had gone far beyond the expectations of everyone present. The rumored greatest debauchee of Tian Xiang wasn't just taking-on the maybe-sixty-years-or-older and well-renowned Spirit Xuan Xiao Bu Yu… he was also proving to be a match for him! Moreover, the youngster was also taking the initiative for over seventy-percent of the offensives.

Xiao Bu Yu's face was calm and collected. However, he was shocked on the inside.

He had never been in such a fight in his entire life! In fact, the Old Man hadn't even felt like this when he used to spar with the Old Lord of the Silver City. He felt like his limbs had been tied. Moreover, it seemed that danger lurked everywhere.

[Why does it feel that I have no control over life or death?]

[How can this young brat make me feel such a strong sense of danger?!]

[This brat's moves are extremely weird. I can't even predict his next move. And, he's not giving me any good opportunity to attack either. He keeps appearing at different places for a very short time. And, his unpredictable moves are cornering me into a difficult position. Moreover, his intermittent sword moves are very hard to counter-attack against.]

That youngster's sword moves were extremely amazing. In fact, they had far-exceeded the range of Xiao Bu Yu's imagination. Every slash was unrivalled in fierceness, and every move was full of murderous aura. However, none of the moves could be tracked. They were like an antelope's horns… untraceable! Moreover, every attack was directed at his opponent's weak spots!

[There is an amazing repository inside the Silver Blizzard City. And, every move that the members ever knew about have been written down there. They even have the corresponding methods of countering those moves. But, this brat is continuously changing his styles. In fact, his swordplay has changed more than a dozen times. However, I can't even recognize these styles. So, it's useless to even mention the prospect of countering them!]

[This is simply unimaginable!]

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