Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 415

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 415

"We’re alone on this road… and, we have guards… ha ha ha… But, they don’t appear in front of others… ah…" these words had apparently been spoken by the green-clothed young girl in a ‘slip-of-tongue’ moment. She then quickly covered her mouth. Her eyes had turned round, and she turned away in panic. She then gave a hollow laugh. She genuinely seemed to be panicking in this moment.

Xiao Bu Yu thought to himself, [It seems that I was overthinking things. The situation has been very turbulent of late. So, we’ve started to panic at the first sign of a shadow. In fact, we treat every tree like an enemy soldier. These two girls don’t have any signs of Xuan Qi fluctuations on their bodies. However, its very likely that they aren’t big experts. In fact, everything should be fine as long as they haven’t been travelling from the Southern Heaven City.]

He had been terrified until a moment ago. In fact, he had believed that things could turn out very badly if the white-clothed girl even had any far-off relations to Venerable Mei.

However, it certainly didn’t seem to be the case anymore. Moreover, it was a good thing since that wasn’t the case. [That girl has caught Feng Wu’s eye. And, could any girl in this world resist the lure of the Silver Blizzard City? It’s very common for real men to have three or four wives and concubines. In fact, it wouldn’t be a big deal if Feng Wu took many wives… as long as the Little Princess is his first-wife…]

Xiao Bu Yu gave Xiao Han a meaningful look. Xiao Han still looked as crazy as before. His spirit had been subdued. And, he genuinely wanted to fight a decisive battle with Jun Wu Yi. But, his tiredness from the journey of the past few days hadn’t subsided yet.

[Let Xiao Han feign madness and play the fool! That should yield a good result in this situation. Moreover, I can save this situation in case… After all, Xiao Feng Wu is also my blood. He’s my great-grandson! This girl looks very talented, and she very beautiful as well. So, it’s okay if this girl’s family isn’t that influential. In fact, it’s fine even if they are no match for ours.]

His judgment had been very accurate. That white-clothed girl and Venerable Mei weren’t related. This was absolutely true. But, what he hadn’t thought of was…

"You look like you’ve taken a fancy for the white-clothed girl, Feng Wu!" Xiao Han had taken the hint. So, he raised his head and tilted it as he looked at his nephew. In fact, he deliberately made himself look like an insane person.

"Ah… I…" Xiao Feng Wu was left helpless. He stole a stealthy glance from the corner of his eyes, and shot a quick look at the white-clothed woman before he began to stammer, "Uncle… Uncle…"

"I’m only asking you whether it’s true or not? Do you think that this girl is beautiful? Do you want to take her home as your wife?" Xiao Han looked drunk as he slammed his hands on the table. Then, he opened his eyes wide. His indication was evident. [Your uncle will play the bad guy for your sake if you’ve taken a fancy to her.]

The green-clothed girl rolled her eyes. [You wish to take my elder sister as your wife? You must something very highly of yourself!]

"Yes… but…" Xiao Feng Wu had always been bossy. But, he became embarrassed when he heard of that matter. In fact, his cheek had become flaccid.

"It’s ok! Your uncle will do it for you!" Xiao Han turned to look at the white-clothed woman. Then, looked her up-and-down and said, "May I dare to ask the young lady if she has ever heard of the Silver Blizzard City?"

One must make the heavens mad before the heavens would exterminate them. But, what if the person is already mad?

It’s fine if the heavens make one commit a sin. However, one mustn’t commit a sin on their own initiative.

Mu Xue Tong kept his eyes on the white-clothed woman as Xiao Han took-on his insane form and spoke those words. The lady’s beauty had been embedded in his heart. And, everyone loves beauty. So, Mu Xue Tong felt a somewhat protective feeling towards her. Therefore, he didn’t wish for such a beautiful woman to be defiled by that Xiao uncle-nephew duo.

[However, I can’t act for that young lady’s benefit by drawing weapons without explanation. Anyone can see that it’s that Xiao Bu Yu who is controlling everything from behind. So, what would I be able to achieve if I were to do something at this time?]

However, Mu Xue Tong had also noticed something unexpected. It was strange that he couldn’t see her appearance very clearly at such a close distance despite his cultivation level. But, that woman had a very real feeling to her. She wasn’t hiding her appearance either. Nor was she wearing a veil or something. Moreover, she seemed as fearless as an Emperor in front of his people. However, no one could make out her appearance properly.

[What’s going on here? What does this feeling signify?]

And, what puzzled Mu Xue Tong the most was the fact that any woman would be distressed or embarrassed once she would hear what Xiao Han and Xiao Feng Wu were speaking about… More so because their words were directed at that white-clothed woman herself! However, the said-woman’s expression hadn’t changed from the very beginning. She had managed to remain coldly indifferent, and very calm. In fact, it had seemed as if she hadn’t even heard them. The young lady then held her tea cup, and took a sip from it. In fact, it seemed as if she only had eyes for the tea in her cup.

Even a shabby teacup looked like a Golden Imperial Gauntlet when held in her hands.

She hadn’t seemed to have heard what Xiao Han had asked her. In fact, she didn’t even blink. The words "Silver Blizzard City" could make people tremble with fear, but they had seemed to be nothing in her eyes. In fact, they seemingly they had no meaning whatsoever…

"Silver Blizzard City…? Where is that?" The green-clad girl gave a lovable smile. Then, she adorably tilted her head in careful consideration. After that, she assumed a very sad, apologetic, and sincerely embarrassed expression as she apologized, "I’m very sorry. I’ve never heard of this place. Moreover, I’ve never heard that it’s famous or anything..."

Xiao Han staggered. He had thought that the two women would look-up in extreme reverence and admiration when he would say the words ‘Silver Blizzard City’. In fact, he had further planned to present the proposal in his arrogance. He believed that no one would ever be able to reject a proposal from the Silver Blizzard City…

However, his fantasy and imagination were entirely different from reality. The opposite party hadn’t even heard of the Silver Blizzard City’s name. It had seemed that Xiao Han and Xiao Feng Wu had already prepared their bodies to take an aggressive and momentous stance. However, the uncle-nephew duo looked like punched-out cotton-bags instead. It seemed as if their deformed cotton-bodies couldn’t exert themselves physically anymore. It seemed as if their wrists had been twisted…

They didn’t know who these men were. Moreover, they had never heard of their ancestry. In fact, they even had a sincere and apologetic expression of their faces. And, Xiao Han had obviously been rendered in a very silly position as a result. However, in case Xiao Han had realized who these two women he was forcibly trying to acquire as his daughter-in-law were… It could be reckoned that he would’ve died from a scare even before Jun Wu Yi’s arrival…

"The Silver Blizzard City is our home! Ha ha ha… the two ladies might not know about it because they aren’t Xuan experts themselves. So, you may not have met many of us. Therefore, you don’t know much about the world of Xuan experts," Xiao Feng Wu quickly pitched-in with a laugh. But, his tone of voice was still reeking of arrogance, "It would be very rare to find an expert on the continent who hasn’t heard the name of the Silver Blizzard City! The Silver Blizzard City is at the top of this Xuan Xuan Continent!"

"It’s so fierce!" the green-clad young lady exclaimed as her delicate hand covered her mouth in shock. "Silver Blizzard… is it covered in snow? Doesn’t the sun melt it away?"

"The Silver Blizzard City… is only the name of the place… it’s not built with ice and snow in reality…" Xiao Feng Wu looked dumfounded at first. He then gave the explanation in a stumped manner.

"But, how come we’ve never heard of such a famous place?" The green-clad girl looked at him in a skeptical manner before she realized something, "Oh, that’s right! I recall the Silver Blizzard City now…"

The uncle-nephew duo finally drew a breath. [So, you finally remember! It was bound to happen! The name of our Silver Blizzard City would obviously be known to people who don’t even have Xuan Qi!]

The then saw the green-clothed girl turn to the white-clothed young lady and say, "…Sister, don’t you remember the time we were celebrating the New Years in winter outside the slums? Hadn’t the snow piled-up at that time…? I remember that you had built a wall, a rampart, and a castle out of it? And, didn’t you give it a name as well? In fact, you had called it the Blizzardy Silver City, right? It was winter outside… But, didn’t it look like a place where one could relieve themselves in a moment of rush…?"

The white-clothed girl gave a weak smile, and nodded slowly. This had been the only reaction she had given until now!

The green-clad girl suddenly got up and jumped. Her tone sounded arrogant as she addressed Xiao Han and Xiao Feng Wu, "Humph! I think that place is still our countryside’s toilet! My sister had given it the same name as that of your city! So, how is it worth such arrogance? Huh?! You wear such good dresses… do you people have a lot of money? So, why do you people live in a toilet if you have so much money? Maybe it’s because you’ve got the money, but haven’t spent it yet! There’s a term for that too… what is it called? Oh, right! Isn’t it called ‘Parvenu Riche’?"

The corner of Xiao Han’s mouth twitched. He looked angry.

Xiao Feng Wu was stunned on the other hand. The Young Master of the Xiao Family couldn’t think of a way to react to this situation. In fact, he couldn’t help but wonder if such a great coincidence genuinely existed in that world…

"You’re spouting nonsense, you plebian girl!" Xiao Han shouted in anger and stood up. He showed the true extent of a Sky Xuan expert’s imposing mannerism as he went mad. Xiao Han’s mind had been losing its sensibility throughout the entire journey. And, these words had managed to add more fuel to the fire. [Would he genuinely attack these two feeble-looking women? He has already killed eighty-ninety people on this journey so far. So, is he going to add another two names to that list?]

"Uncle… calm down Uncle… you must calm down. This could be a coincidence! These two girls are daughters of a rich household who don’t know about our Silver Blizzard City. That’s all!" Xiao Feng Wu anxiously tried to calm his uncle down. His forehead was covered with sweat.

He had been smitten by that white-clothed girl’s charm to the point of madness. The young man even believed that he would feel ‘on top of the world’ if she even spoke a word to him. Consequently, Xiao Feng Wu had lost his sense of judgment a long time ago.

"Get out of the way! You evil creature! Can’t you see that these two have been trifling with us?!" Xiao Han threw his nephew aside in anger.

"What did you say? Do you have the guts to say that to me again?" an extremely ice-cold and awe-inspiring voice echoed. It was devoid of any shred of humanity. It was like the cold wind that had blown straight from hell. In fact, it even left the strongest man of the Silver City’s contingent to tremble.

The eyes of that adorable and charming green-clad girl were no longer cheerful. Instead, they were reeking with killing intention at this time. Those mischievous eyes had suddenly turned into bottomless pits. Xiao Feng Wu had only glanced at them, but he felt like he had fallen into a bottomless whirlpool.

Xiao Bu Yu was extremely terrified by this.

[It’s at the level of Great Masters! It’s a Great Master’s aura!]

That kind of aura had left Xiao Bu Yu incapable of using his own powerful aura. [Who is this green-clothed girl?!]

It didn’t matter who that green-clad girl was… The matter had already gone to the dumps!

The atmosphere was on the verge of a full-blown conflict. Xiao Han’s words, "plebian girl," had seemingly stirred-up a huge amount of trouble.

Moreover, it was the kind of trouble which he was incapable of coping with. He was incapable to resolving it, and he was incapable of facing it…

Coincidentally, a loud thunder-like rumbling sound arose from the distance at that moment. Flags and banners fluttered in the wind as dust rose into the sky. Jun Wu Yi’s army had finally arrived!

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