Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 399

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 399

Baili Xiong Feng had completely ignored the fact that the Jun Family had that mysterious and unrivalled master as their benefactor.

He had seemingly ignored only that mysterious person in this equation. In fact, he felt that it was fortunate that the-said man wasn’t there at this time, and he believed that the consequent revenge wouldn’t come knocking immediately-after. However, Baili Xiong Feng had overlooked another thing. And, that aspect was fatal to ignore…

The Baili Family’s leader had fallen into a very disadvantageous position since he had stimulated the air around him with his movements. And, he had unknowingly fallen into Jun Mo Xie’s area of expertise as a result. In fact, Jun Mo Xie could’ve sensed the direction this attack was approaching from... even if he had closed his eyes and his ears…

Moreover, he had been enraged by Jun Mo Xie. Therefore, he had lost the genuine edge of a Spirit Xuan strength…

The white robe was floating beautifully behind Jun Mo Xie. His hands remained behind his back as he quickly dodged the attack, and returned to his position. Then, the Young Master Jun’s right hand speedily moved from behind his back, and gently moved towards his opponent’s palm. However, it seemed as if Young Master Jun had overestimated his abilities…

However, a golden light flashed from his from hand; it seemed more ghostly than real… The Young Master then spun around, and stationed himself around ten meters away. He had clasped his hands behind his back once again.

Several jaws dropped as a blood burst out with a ‘Chi Chi Chi’ sound!

The middle of Baili Xiong Feng’s palm was the source of this break-out…

[One move!]

[It was just one move!]

[The difference between the ranks of this youngster Jun Mo Xie and Baili Xiong Feng is that of heaven and earth! Yet, he has managed to injure the Spirit Xuan Baili Xiong Feng? This is unbelievable!]

[Who would’ve believed this incredible thing unless they witnessed it with their own eyes?] No one would’ve dared to believe it…

Baili Xiong Feng was an experienced man. However, he-himself was unwilling to believe that he had been injured until he felt that stabbing pain in his hand. And, this was because the one who had injured him was a brat of no more than seventeen years in age…

"Baili Xiong Feng is done for!" Seven powerful experts had been hiding unseen around a corner. Their cultivations were very high. So, it was unlikely that anyone would be able to spot them. These experts had seen the entire scene unfold, and couldn’t help but sigh. The person who had spoken this was Dongfang Wen Jian…

"That Baili Xiong Feng had long been done for! He had lost the moment sensed Mo Xie’s imposing aura, and came out to confront him," the Solitary Falcon commented in a cold manner, "He was doomed to be defeated the moment he lost his temper. Baili Xiong Feng’s defeat can only be attributed to his own mistakes. He may have no morals, but he’s still at the Spirit Xuan realm. So, he shouldn’t have lost to a preliminary Sky Xuan regardless of how bad he is…!"

Everyone nodded to show their agreement in a pensive manner. However, the Solitary Falcon was left dumbstruck the moment he finished speaking. In fact, the Great Master had been left terrified of what he had just spoken...

He then suddenly cried out in fear. And, his long hair stood up as he said, "A base-ranked Sky Xuan? What did I just say…? I haven’t misinterpreted it, right? This is damned! Damn it! When did this kid reach the first level of Sky Xuan?"

He appeared in shock as his eyes swept over Jun Wu Yi and the three Dongfang Brothers. In fact, the Great Master’s eyes were reeking of a sense of extreme shock at this time, "I clearly remember that this brat was still at the Jade Xuan peak on the day of the battle with the Xuan Beasts! He advanced to the first level of Sky Xuan in a couple of days? He advanced four levels overnight?! Is there any fu*king justice in this world?!"

Everyone suddenly became aware of that point the moment he made that statement.

The others had realized the extent Young Master Jun’s cultivation had reached a long time ago. After all, all of them except for Jun Wu Yi were Spirit Xuan experts. So, how could they not tell?

However, they hadn’t thought about this factor until the moment the Great Master had pointed it out. Consequently, the mouths of these talented people became round like an ‘O’ in the face of that issue. In fact, there were no exceptions to this reaction…

[That’s right! Everyone saw that this brat was at Jade Xuan peak two days ago. We had praised his talent at that time. But, he has advanced to the first level of Sky Xuan in the blink of an eye? How did this happen? What words would someone use to praise him now? He was considered extremely talented two days ago… So, what praise could someone heap upon him at this point?!]

The eyes of six among them turned, and got focused on Jun Wu Yi’s face. Their thoughts were clearly discernable… [You’re his uncle! You must’ve known about this! You didn’t tell us, but you still knew it… right?!]

Jun Wu Yi nearly fell off his wheelchair. [Why are you looking at me? I genuinely didn’t know! You don’t know… I’m his uncle, but I had no idea either! This brat has a lot of secrets! God knows how many cards he has hidden in his hands?!]

Everyone was stupefied when they saw that Jun Wu Yi was unable to explain this. However, there was a wonderful scene playing out up-ahead at that moment. So, they couldn’t help but shift their gazes to focus on the fight. A first level Sky Xuan had beaten a Spirit Xuan expert! This had toppled all established knowledge about warfare. In fact, this was something so rare that it hadn’t been seen in a millennium…

Baili Xiong Feng was still dumbstruck as he watched the blood flow out from the center of his hand. In fact, he was at a complete loss. [My hand! I’ve trained so hard since childhood. I could put my hands in a stove, but they’d still be durable-enough to persist for a few hours. In fact, I can even block a divine sword’s blade with my bare hands, and still not suffer any injury!]

[However, I have a hole in my hand even though there is no sign of a weapon in my opponent’s hand!]

Baili Han Hai had been standing behind this entire time. However, his eyes had opened wide at this time since he had never seen his eldest brother in such a difficult situation before. Moreover, it was a young brat who had put his eldest brother in such a difficult situation…

Baili Luo Yun was standing in a calm poise. He too was startled to witness the scene that had unfolded in front of him. However, this result wasn't exactly unexpected in his opinion. In fact, this result had been ordained the moment Jun Mo Xie had arrival. And, Baili Luo Yun had realized that something like this would happen since he knew that Jun Mo Xie wouldn't act in this manner unless he had full control over the situation.

The Southern Heaven City had become the Jun Family's home ground by now. So, he had believed that many experts would’ve been waiting in hiding. And, he had figured that they would’ve killed Baili Xiong Feng once they were called upon. But, Baili Luo Yun had never imagined that Jun Mo Xie would decide to deal with Baili Xiong Feng himself. Nor had he imagined that Jun Mo Xie would gain a position of absolute dominance…

[Jun Mo Xie is younger than me… Yet, he possesses such a great cultivation!]

Baili Luo Yun had sensed that Jun Mo Xie's cultivation was better than his own a while ago. But, he had never thought that Jun Mo Xie would be so far ahead that he would’ve reached the Sky Xuan realm! Moreover, he had challenged a Spirit Xuan expert even though he was a Sky Xuan… and had won with ease!

[What is a ‘true genius?’ Only Jun Mo Xie is entitled to be related to those two words. The other so-called ‘geniuses’ of this world have been overshadowed by this talented and mysterious youngster who stands in front of me!]

This thought destroyed any pride which Baili Luo Yun had given refuge to. [Jun Mo Xie is the sole gem from the third generation of Tian Xiang’s authoritative Jun Family. And I…? This Young Master Jun is only seventeen years old. Yet, his Xuan cultivation is far greater than mine. In fact, the difference is like that of heaven and earth… one can’t even mention us in the same breath!]

[I have been content at staying at the Jade Xuan peak. Meanwhile, this kid — who is six or seven years younger — is taking on Spirit Xuan experts… and is actually beating them in such a convincing manner!]

[What reason do I have to be prideful? Why should I act aloof?]

Baili Luo Yun had been subdued in the true sense of the word. But, Baili Xiong Feng had been enraged on the other side. In fact, he had been driven mad…

He was unable to bear his own defeat.

[I’m a Spirit Xuan expert. So, I’m his elder in every way. I could’ve bullied Jun Mo Xie very easily. I could’ve taught him a good lesson, and it would’ve been fine as long as I didn’t take it too far. I could’ve put him in his place. And then, I would’ve taken the matter to Jun Wu Yi, and explained him the reason behind my actions. I’ve would’ve then asked him to preside over the matter. I reckon that Jun Wu Yi would’ve considered me to be a magnanimous man since I didn’t bicker with a kid of the younger generation. Well… I at least wouldn’t have incited a strong military reaction from the Jun Family…]

[After all, Jun Mo Xie had insulted my Baili Family first. And, no one could’ve endured that. So, the fact that I didn’t kill him on the spot would’ve reflected as a great sign of respect towards the Jun Family. The Jun Family is a noble family. So, there wouldn’t have been a major reaction from their side…]

[However, I didn’t expect that I would be defeated like this even though I took the initiative to attack. Moreover, I was defeat in one move! How can I explain this? Do I have to go to Jun Wu Yi and say, "Look… your nephew is such a bully! He hit me!" I won’t be able to live anymore…]

Baili Xiong Feng’s eyes had become round in a glare while hands moved like the wind as he launched relentless attacks.

Jun Mo Xie’s body seemed like cotton as it floated free and unhindered. And, his hands moved as freely as the wind as he attacked back. Jun Mo Xie’s training and foresight would’ve allowed him to avoid Baili Xiong Feng’s devastating attacks even if he hadn’t made a breakthrough to the Sky Xuan realm.

However, his reaction had been sharper and his stance had become perfect after the breakthrough.

Baili Xiong Feng seemed to be attacking in a wild frenzy. However, he was constantly reminding himself that he only wanted to teach Jun Mo Xie a lesson… and didn’t wish to kill him. And, that was because the Baili Family would be destroyed if Jun Mo Xie were to die by his hands since they didn’t have the power to defend themselves against that mysterious and powerful man’s revenge.

Baili Xiong Feng was embroiled in hatred at this moment. But, he only wanted to retrieve his honor; he never wanted to bring disaster to his family…

However, he was unaware that Jun Mo Xie was also considering whether he should kill Baili Xiong Feng this entire time. [Should I kill Baili Xiong Feng? Will it be worth it?]

The Young Master Jun kept thinking over the question, and pondered whether it was worth it to kill him or not…

Baili Xiong Feng’s style of fighting was powerful, bold, and tyrannical in the eyes of others. But, it had a hundred loopholes as far as Jun Mo Xie’s eyes were concerned. Jun Mo Xie had skimmed through a wide range of fighting style in his previous life. And, those fighting styles had evolved over thousands of years. However, even they had some loopholes. So, what would the mere centuries-old fighting style of the Baili Family be in comparison?

Jun Mo Xie wouldn’t have been able to think about killing Baili Xiong Feng in the past even though he could’ve seen-through his attacks. After all, the difference in their strength would’ve been too great. The strength of a Spirit Xuan expert was unimaginable for a normal person. So, this situation would’ve been something like the one he had been in when he had faced Dongfang Wen Dao in hand-to-hand combat. He had seemed to have prevailed at the time, but he couldn’t have done much beyond a certain point. However, the circumstances were very different at this time. How could this Jun Mo Xie ever be compared to the one from that day?

Another crucial point was… the weaponry involved!

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