Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 397

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 397

Jun Mo Xie’s way of thinking was very simple. He didn’t wish to run into a situation of inconvenience where the opposite party would start a useless argument whenever he’d begin to take action. [You’re going to listen to me, are you? Great! Send someone to fight me. We’ll talk after that’s done with!]

[You have the time to waste over arguments? But, my time is very precious…]

Hai Chen Feng and Song Shang’s strength was much higher than Baili Luo Yun’s. But, Hai Chen Feng was someone with a very righteous a character. In fact, he was a chivalric warrior of sorts. So, he couldn’t be assigned many kinds of tasks. And, Song Shang was crazy about wine. This made him even more unsuitable in that regard. Therefore, neither of them was suitable for that core position.

That’s why Jun Mo Xie valued Baili Luo Yun for highly…

Jun Mo Xie’s silhouette walked past the Supreme Commander’s tent. Jun Wu Yi, Solitary Falcon, the three Dongfang brothers, Duanmu Chao Fan, and Sikong An Ye were discussing urgent matters inside. They were left startled when they felt a chill that had surpassed any in the world. They also felt a thick and cold aura along with it…

It seemed like an exceptionally murderous sword had flashed past the tent. This was only momentary, but it was sufficient to terrify the men inside. In fact, their very souls had been made to tremble!

[Why has such an exceedingly powerful person arrived inside the encampment?]

The seven men turned their heads around in unison. And, this happened in time for them to see Jun Mo Xie’s white clothes flutter in the wind through the tent’s entrance. They merely caught a glimpse of that lithe figure. But, the seven men were left stunned…

[Jun Mo Xie!]

[That was Jun Mo Xie!]

[How is this possible?]

Which one of these seven men wasn’t a top expert? They possessed keen eyesight, and a sharp brain. How could any ordinary person compare to them?

An average person would be extremely astonished to witness such an event. But, those seven men had perceived the very essence of it.

[This is an awe-inspiring feeling! How many people would one have had to kill to give-off such a strong and cruel aura? How many things would one have had to experience to attain a position of such greatness?! Would one’s soul ever be at peace if they had experienced so many deaths?]

Jun Wu Yi had once been in a position of great power as the Blood General, and he had commanded millions of soldiers at that time. He had rallied his soldiers, and massive areas had been filled with corpses owing to the terrible bloodbaths that had followed. However, he introspected and realized that even he-himself had never been able to attain the demeanor Jun Mo Xie had…

Jun Wu Yi was undoubtedly an emotional individual…

And, this "emotional" attitude of his’ had ensured that he’d never reach Jun Mo Xie’s levels…

The Solitary Falcon had travelled the world, and had treated human life as grass whilst he had roamed cruel and free. His Xuan cultivation had reached the top, and he had become a Great Master. But, even he didn’t possess an unapproachably high aura like that of Jun Mo Xie’s.

The three Dongfang brothers were born-assassins. A handful of bloody murders were nothing to them. But, their murderous aura was lacking by far when compared to the extremely frightening and spear-tip- sharp aura that was being released by Jun Mo Xie.

And, there was obviously no need to mention Duanmu Chao Fan and Sikong An Ye. They were nothing in comparison. In fact, no one was anything in comparison…

Who could’ve thought that the man who had been the source of everyone’s laughter last night… would give such a huge shock to everyone today...

That impact was extremely strong. In fact, it was earth-shaking!

"Jun Wu Yi… you… you… dammit… I didn’t make a mistake, right?" Dongfang Wen Jian spoke-up in an incoherent manner, "Wasn’t that your brother’s son…? My sister’s son…? Wen Xin’s son? Mo Xie, that little bastard!"

Everyone shifted their unwavering gazes to Jun Wu Yi as those words were spoken.

[Just how many things is your Jun Family hiding? Such a youngster was shown to be a debauchee for ten years… how did you do it?!]

Jun Wu Yi’s eyeballs had also shot out of their sockets. It seemed like he was dreaming as he replied in a near-delirious state, "How would I know?! That was Mo Xie, right? It must be him!"

Dongfang Wen Dao was very angry, "What must be?! He has grown up with you since his birth! Who else would know if you don’t? Give me a goddamned definite answer!"

[That’s right! Who knows if you don’t?!] Everyone looked at Jun Wu Yi. Their expressions were strange. [You still think you can hide things…]

Jun Wu Yi was silent. In fact, he was speechless. [I don’t know what’s going on! I really don’t know…]

Jun Mo Xie was unaware that he had given such a huge shock to everyone who was besides his uncle. So, he was obviously oblivious to the fact that he had created such a big problem for his uncle merely by walking past his tent.

He had only released the entirety of that desolate murderous aura which had gathered inside his heart. However, this was feeling which had long been dormant inside him. So, this evil aura was becoming even stronger with each step he was taking. And, the thirst for blood gathered in his soul was also being emitted out more loftily with every step he took…

He had calculated the distance between his tent and that of the Baili Family’s. He had done this when he had taken the first step. And, the tyrant Jun’s intention was to leave the Baili Family’s members to tremble by the time he had made his way to the front of their tent.

He wasn’t doing this to merely convince Baili Luo Yun. He was doing it to accomplish Baili Luo Yun’s cherished dream!

Jun Mo Xie had realized it even if Baili Luo Yun hadn’t told him.

There was a plain-looking tent ahead. Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xio Yi were inside it. They had freshened up, and had gotten ready for a new day after the previous night’s cacophony. Guan Qing Han had only had a short period of rest. But, she had already recovered to a great extent. She had received some medical assistance from Jun Mo Xie’s aura, and had rested properly throughout the night. And, this had been of great help to her. The Young Lady at least had the energy to walk-around…

Dugu Xiao Yi had been sighing and moaning. It seemed that Guan Qing Han’s mind was in a better condition in comparison. The little girl had a lot on her mind. She had been looking at her chest and posterior from time to time. However, the more she’s do this… the more inferior she’d feel…

[Why are they like this? Why is Elder Sister so big there?] Dugu Xiao Yi had somewhat lost her self-confidence. She hung her head and spoke, "Your figure is very nice, Elder Sister Qing Han. You’re so big there. How do you do it?"

Guan Qing Han’s beautiful face reddened as she replied angrily, "What are you saying? You’re still young. Give it two years, and yours will be big as well! Perhaps even bigger than mine…!"

Dugu Xiao Yi clasped her cheek. The little girl’s mind had started to wander afar. So, she had heard nothing of what had been said. She instead continued to murmur on her own, "So big, and so soft. Brother Mo Xie must’ve found it nice after having felt it. It felt so nice to me last night as well. Can mine also be that big in the future? Can they…?"

Guan Qing Han was extremely embarrassed and anxious. So, she quickly covered the little girl’s mouth and said, "Foolish girl! What nonsense are you saying?"

Tears had started to flow from Dugu Xiao Yi’s eyes by now. However, Guan Qing Han’s hand had covered her mouth. So, her tears dripped onto Guan Qing Han’s hand. She looked quite pitiful. And, Guan Qing Han became frightened since she thought that her act of covering the other girl’s mouth must’ve been painful for her. So, she quickly relinquished her grip.

Dugu Xiao Yi became increasingly teary-eyed. Her tears made their way down like a stream. Her mouth began to quiver as her eyes stared helplessly in grief. It was evident that she was feeling very sad…

"Xiao Yi… you… what’s happening with you? Quick tell your elder sister!" Guan Qing Han was in a flurry as she wiped away the little girl’s tears and asked.

"I know that Elder Sister is trying to comfort me… I should be big in these areas. But, I’m not as big as you… Moreover, it’s not even soft… boohoo!" Dugu Xiao Yi had started to bawl with grief, "Also, I let that good opportunity slip-by last night! I’m an idiot! I’m a big idiot! I’m annoyingly stupid!" Dugu Xiao Yi ran out of breath since she was crying. She then started to sniffle.

"…" Guan Qing Han was struck dumb by this.

Dugu Xiao Yi then saw a silhouette outside the tent. And, the sound of weeping came to an abrupt stop. It seemed that she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She strenuously rubbed her eyes, and spoke-up in a low and surprised voice, "Brother Mo Xie?!"

Dugu Xiao Yi’s voice had reeked of an expression of outrageous shock when she had said the words, "Brother Mo Xie". In fact, it was like she had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

Guan Qing Han hadn’t turned around at first. But, she couldn’t help turn her head once she heard the little girl speak…

They saw a white-clothed figure not far from their tent, and it was slowly coming over like the rising sun. He was walking over slowly and swiftly… like the rustling leaves in the wind. But, they couldn’t help as they held their breaths at his approach. In fact, Dugu Xiao Yi thought that she had just seen the Emperor…

That’s right. This is what she had been left to feel!

It felt as if one was facing someone who held an enormous amount of power in their hand. It was as if this person could look down on the entirety of humanity like it was ‘weed’. It was someone who was detached from the entire world…

This individual carried an extremely elegant bearing which could rule over the world.

His light footsteps made sounds which echoed in a manner that seemingly made them ‘drum’ across the world. It felt like the people of the world would be left to feel joy and fear at every step he took… And, that they would be ready to kneel in front of him out of panic and respect…

[This… this is the Brother Mo Xie I keep thinking about? Or, is it that indecent Jun Mo Xie? My Brother Mo Xie?] Dugu Xio Yi’s mind had gone blank. She felt like she was in a dream. In fact, her eyes were emitting a flash of fanaticism. She seemed… somewhat bewitched.

This Jun Mo Xie was a perfect match with the ‘image of an ideal man’ this girl had been fantasizing about since her childhood.

[My husband is a peerless hero! The great heroes of the world will be trampled under his foot! He is a King who looks down on everyone. But, he will be very intimate and caring towards me. He won’t tease me when I’m unhappy. And, will hold me when I grieve. He will also laugh with me when I’m happy…]

[This is my ideal husband!]

Guan Qing Han was also astonished…

This Jun Mo Xie had made her forget all the debauchery which he had committed in the past. He had also wiped-clean the bad impression he had made on her mind. She wanted to look away, but she couldn’t bring herself to. His elegance and power had attracted her gaze to him, and she simply couldn’t look away from him…

Jun Mo Xie’s cold gaze shifted just-in-time to meet the dazed eyes of Guan Qing Han’s…

And, Guan Qing Han was left to tremble as a result. This was the first time that she was looking at Jun Mo Xie since that night. And, a thought suddenly emerged in her heart… [Has he genuinely changed?]

[This is a domineering and reverent man with an astonishingly imposing bearing. He possesses an extremely murderous aura. This demonic man is the one who took my virtue. Is he really that same debauchee?]

[How could there have been such a huge change?!]

The two people looked at each other in silence. Jun Mo Xie gave a meaningful expression. However, he didn’t come to a stop. And, his expression again became cold and sharp as he moved towards the Baili Family’s tent.

His imposing aura had reached extremely great heights by now!

And, Guan Qing Han was left completely perplexed in the background…

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