Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 368

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 368

"Li Jue Tian! I must kill you!" the black-robed person stood still in the air as he spoke these words. Then, he extended his leg, and came down from over thirty meters in the sky. It seemed as if he had descended via a staircase. His hands were behind his back, and his head was tilted slightly upwards as he stepped down.

Everyone was alarmed!

[He frittered in the sky as he stepped down on the ground.]

Even a Beast King of Tian Fa — that too the King of flying Xuan Beasts, Long Crane — had never demonstrated such a wonderful skill. This mysterious person’s Xuan skills were obviously at a very profound level.

Li Jue Tian’s expression became dark, and he fell to the ground with a plop. He had barely managed to stand-up like the last radiance of a dying sun a moment ago. However, he got to see that incomparably amazing feat soon-after. He may have felt that he had a slim chance against Venerable Mei, but he knew that he was no match for this mysterious newcomer. This person was perhaps more formidable than Tian Fa’s Venerable Mei. Much more formidable!

Li Jue Tian had lost every shred of his fighting spirit. He merely lowered his head and asked, "Why?"

"Why? Do you need to ask why? Didn’t you always say that ‘a clenched fist is the greatest argument’?" the mysterious black-clothed man snorted coldly and continued, "There are some people whom you can’t offend… Some people whom you can’t afford to offend! And, you will have to pay the corresponding price if you provoke them. Do you understand?"

"I understand." Li Jue Tian raised his head in a desolate manner, and asked in a very gloomy voice, "I don’t hope to survive this. But, I wish to know… whom did I offend?"

"Whom did you offend?" the mysterious black-robed man sneered and replied, "Don’t tell me that you didn’t figure out that Tian Fa’s beasts spoilt you plan? They didn’t attack the only person whom you had tried to entrap! Don’t tell me that you don’t think that the occurrence of so many unreasonable things wasn’t strange…?"

"It was you! It was you who prevented the Xuan Beasts from attacking Jun Wu Yi!" A light flashed inside Li Jue Tian’s mind. He guessed everything. But, he was still at a loss for words owing to the shock of this. So, he moved his mouth, but no words came out, "The Jun Family? You stand for the Jun Family…? How didn’t I know this…?"

There was a huge clamor amongst everyone the moment those words came out. And, even Jun Wu Yi was amongst these people! He was gaping wide… just like the others. [Since when did our Jun Family have such a powerful backer? And, how on earth did I not know?]

However, everyone else had only one kind of expression as they looked at Jun Wu Yi — a color of admiration!

They were extremely envious. The originally low-key Jun Family had such a world-shaking person supporting them from the dark. [We absolutely can’t provoke the Jun Family… we simply couldn’t afford to do it…]

"The Jun Family… he he… isn’t so small that people like Li Jue Tian can get away with causing trouble for it. I had vanished from this world twenty years ago. And, many misfortunes have befallen them after that. It has also led to many like you to overestimate your capabilities. And, you’ve acted with a limited outlook on things from thereon."

The mysterious man in black finished speaking, and inclined his head to look at the people from the Silver Blizzard City. He had a sharp expression in his eyes. Xiao Bu Yu and the others started to feel cold without any reason, and their complexions underwent very drastic transformations.

The black-clad man then gave an ice cold laugh and spoke, "And, as for you… you needn’t be alarmed. This old man will have no interest in seeking trouble with you as long as you don’t make him unhappy again. ‘Someone is responsible for every grievance. And, there is a debtor for every debt. Ha ha…" he gave a long and sorrowful laugh as he looked at Xiao Bu Yu with a meaningful glance. His eyes were clearly shooting warning glances.

Xiao Bu Yu forced a smile and replied, "This Xiao admires the kindness of your distinguished self."

The black-clad man snorted and spoke, "Can gratitude and grudges be distinguished that easily? I don’t think so. He he… But, I’ll play along from now…"

He stood motionless in the empty space. But, a pitch-black flame suddenly emanated from his body, and engulfed Li Jue Tian inside it.

The man in black laughed and spoke… as if nothing had happened, "Your behavior as a Great Master was abysmal. But, your behavior as a ‘Great Master of scums’ was quite impressive…"

The scene inside the flame was blurred. But, everyone could hear as the former Second Great Master let out a fearful howl…

Then, the black-clad man waved his hand, and something appeared in it. After that, there was a flash of golden light, and the two throwing knives appeared in his hands. Venerable Mei suddenly let out a loud cry at this moment, "Stop!" She had already seen that the "thing" in is hand was the Xuan Core of the Panther King.

However, she came to herself the moment she had shouted. [Why did that mysterious man choose to extract the Xuan Core from Li Jue Tian’s body…? Could it be that this mysterious man’s…?]

The black-robed man snorted. But, he had completely ignored her in this moment. Then, he glanced around in a sharp manner. His actions were apparently a sign of warning… perhaps they were meant in farewell… or perhaps there was a deeper meaning behind it…

After that, he turned around and took a step. And then, he suddenly disappeared with that step!

He had vanished… just like that!

It had seemed like an invisible door had been placed in the air in front of him. He had merely stepped in, and had disappeared. After that, he had become invisible to everyone in the world…

[How… can this be possible?]

The many men and beasts lost their voices at the same time. The scene became extremely quiet. In fact, it could only be described as a ‘pin-drop’ silence…

Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng looked at each other, but only saw the terror in the other man’s eyes. A long time passed in silence. Then, someone suddenly shouted, "Li Jue Tian! He…"

Everyone was alarmed. They turned around to look, but they saw nothing at the place where Li Jue Tian had stood. He had only left a small pile of ash behind!

The Heavenly Great Master Li Jue Tian had been turned into a very small pile of ash after he had been engulfed by that strange black flame!

[What kind of move was that…?]

Even Venerable Mei stared wide-eyed in shock. In fact, she didn’t even notice when the Snake King had arrived in front of her…

"Eldest…" Snake King seemed somewhat embarrassed as she looked at her and spoke, "That person… his posterior was very large…"

Venerable Mei asked in a startled manner, "What?"

[His a*s is big…] Venerable Mei shook her head. She didn’t know whether she ought to laugh or cry. So, she spoke in a comical tone, "Snake King… that’s a man. Why were you looking at his butt?"

Snake King’s face turned red. She turned around to leave in anger. Venerable Mei seemingly smiled. And, she no longer paid any attention to that issue. But, she continued to ponder since she was very bewildered by one fact… [Who’s that black-clothed man? What’s his origin?]

[No one has ever made such a striking expression in my memory. And, how could that man remain obscure throughout my lifetime if he’s capable of such a shocking feat?!] She felt like breaking her head open, but she still couldn’t understand it. The Lord of Tian Fa couldn’t help but be at a loss as a result.

However, she could never have thought that this mysterious skilled person who had suddenly appeared and over-awed everyone present… was the same person she had violently spanked a little while ago — Jun Mo Xie.

And, the reason why the Snake King had noticed that this person’s posterior was different than an average man’s… was that Venerable Mei’s spanking had ensured that it would swell many times its size. So, how could it not appear abnormal in size?

‘The Power of the Universe’ and ‘The World Cage’ had let-go of Jun Mo Xie when Venerable Mei had gone out to fight. Jun Mo Xie’s ability to move had returned as a result. He had then taken advantage of the fact that everyone was focusing on the fight between Venerable Mei and the four Great Masters. The Young Master Jun had been impatient to move into action this entire time. So, he quickly escaped into the Hong Jun Pagoda. And, the first thing he did after that… he quickly rub and knead his stinging buttocks…

[It hurts a lot! …more so because it’s this particular part…!]

However, he then witnessed that Li Jue Tian and the other three had been defeated. He hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly. He could’ve transferred the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune to his posterior, but he wouldn’t have been able to eliminate that swelling in such a short period of time. Thus, he had no choice but to bind his cumbersome posterior and escape. So, he quickly eliminated Li Jue Tian, and escaped as hurriedly as possible.

However, the Snake King’s peculiarly sharp eyesight made the "young woman" notice the anomaly with his posterior…

Jun Mo Xie hadn’t thought that his powerful appearance had left a lasting impression on everyone. The Great Masters and the few Spirit Xuan experts only comprised of a few numbers of this crowd. Even the Sky Xuan and Earth Xuan experts were few in number. Most of the people were at the Jade Xuan or the Gold Xuan realm.

And, a person at this level would be considered an expert by the society at large. But, they had sunk to the level of ants after today’s events. They were genuinely as good as ants!

Powerful experts had come from around the continent. And, each one of them was a legend in their own merit. In fact, each one of them was a character that one could look up to. They had been left a bit overwhelmed when they had arrived at the Southern Heaven City and had seen these Great Masters. In fact, they had felt that their presence wasn’t of much use here.

Then, the four Great Masters had joined hands to fight this battle, but they were still crushed under someone else’s hands!

Moreover, the two more Great Masters had also appeared. They were world-shaking swordsmen — the Hurricane and Rainstorm Great Masters. They had such resounding names. Moreover, they had the status of the Chief Provosts of the Elusive World of Immortals…

They had arrived as people of the Elusive World of Immortals. And, that name was something most of those present at this scene had heard for the first time. This legend had never been talked about. Therefore, this had made everyone even more puzzled.

This was a mystery, and it had made everything even foggier for the people present. They hadn’t known about it before, but they had soon come to realize that the Elusive World of Immortals was the greatest force in the entire world. And, this fact had been confirmed after they had witnessed Li Jue Tian’s behavior. Moreover, the two Great Masters were merely the Elusive World of Immortals’ chief provosts. So, what did that entail?

It was only natural that Venerable Mei — the person who had thoroughly defeated the four Great Masters — had been assumed as the world’s greatest expert by everyone present.

However, none of them had expected that a mysterious black-robed person would also show-up at this juncture. So, they had obviously never imagined that this person would be more terrifying than Venerable Mei. This person had then gone-on to kill the Great Master Li Jue Tian in an instant!

These things had happened in succession, and in a very short period of time. And, these unforeseen events had repeatedly attacked these people’s limits of mental tolerance. It was too much for their eyes to take in!

[One big mountain is replaced by an even bigger one!]

Every man present at this scene had that same thought. They had roamed the society… they had lived in seclusion in wooded mountains… some were perhaps the members of large and powerful families… but, they only felt shock at this moment. These people had been very satisfied with their respective statuses. But, they suddenly felt ashamed of their arrogance and baseless self-satisfaction.

[What would I be considered in front of such people? A ‘joke’… right?]

[I’m still a person with a limited outlook and experience!]

In addition, most of those present at this scene had colluded with Xue Hun Manor’s Li Jue Tian and Li Teng Yun. And, they had aided that father-son duo in their plot. A few had refrained from doing so, but most were either openly or secretly involved in this plot. In fact, most people had at-best turned a blind eye towards the Xue Hun Manor’s plot…

However, the Jun Family’s fortunes had reversed. None of their family’s character had died. Moreover, that newly-arrived mysterious person had clearly indicated his patronage towards the Jun Family. [What’s the meaning of all this?]

Even Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng hadn’t dared to prove this character. Venerable Mei had some misgivings in that regard, but even she hadn’t moved into action. And, this person was backing the very-same force that almost every powerful family had been consistently plotting to entrap.

And, the thought of this had left everyone somewhat panic-stricken.

[What would we do if the Jun Family retaliates?]

Then, everyone simultaneously came up with the same idea… [We must be friendly with the Jun Family! We will inform our Family of this matter the moment we get back. Then, we’ll quickly draw up a charter, and rush to the Tian Xiang City. We shall then strive to win a favorable impression from the Jun Family...]

[Please don’t retaliate against us… we won’t dare to provoke the kind of strength you possess!]

Naturally, there were many who had thicker skin. These people had already rushed to gain Jun Wu Yi’s friendship. They had pondered for a moment, and had then rushed towards the Third Master Jun. They were presently circled around him like flies trying to make a huge swarm.

Every kind of speech was spoken in attempts to fawn in order to win his favor. The succession of these words was rather unbroken. And, every kind of praise and words of fawn were spoken as they bootlicked. These words irrigated Jun Wu Yi’s ears like the water from a massive river, and irritated him to no end. Jun Wu Yi was a straightforward man. So, he felt a headache as he listened to all of this. It was a struggle for him. However, he had no choice but to be very careful in dealing with these people.

It had to be said that this astonishing news would cause a huge and widespread shock once it had spread out in the days to come. The Jun Family’s position and safety was quite assured thereafter. In fact, it had to be said that even the thunders couldn’t shake it anymore!

No one would dare to provoke the anger of that exceedingly strong and terrifying man. Therefore, no one would mess with the Jun Family. And, there would be no exceptions to this!

The people from the Xiao Family of the Silver Blizzard City were obviously the most terrified ones present on the scene. Xiao Bu Yu’s face seemed like it had been drowned in water. Well, the pressure on his face left him to feel as such. [Will the Silver Blizzard City’s strength be enough to bear that mysterious man’s revenge? I genuinely can’t say…]

The mysterious man had spoken, "Someone is responsible for every grievance. And, there is a debtor for every debt". Those words had carried a hint of warning and hatred in them. How could Xiao Bu Yu not catch this fact with the decades of experience he possessed? That mysterious man wanted Jun Wu Yi to seek justice for himself… And, everyone present had been able to understand this rather clearly…

However, the main issue was still the same. What could the Xiao Family do if Jun Wu Yi decided to seek revenge? "Someone is responsible for every grievance. And, there is a debtor for every debt". This statement would apply to us if we’re not careful while getting rid of Jun Wu Yi. That mysterious man would be moved to personally act if we…]

[However, wouldn’t facing Jun Wu Yi’s hatred be akin to coaxing a darling baby? We could support the baby with our hands, but the baby might just put our hand into his mouth and chew on it. Wouldn’t we need to be very careful?]

[What the hell is this?!]

Xiao Han turned and looked at Jun Wu Yi. He suddenly felt great pressure in his chest. He felt like he was dying. It was an unbearable pain. This man was his mortal enemy. He loathed him to the extreme. This man was someone he had even dreamt of killing! This man had merely been a plaything to him. But, how did this man suddenly become so impressive at this time?

[I may wish to deal with him, but the Family will be bound to reconsider my matter! The Family wouldn’t wish to offend that person… even if the Lord of the City’s doesn’t issue a strict order!]

[So, what should I do? Yao… is mine! Mine!]

There was a hint of hysteria in Xiao Han’s eyes. His body suddenly came to the verge of collapse. He let out a cry as he spat a mouthful of blood. And then, he stood up obstinately. He stared at Jun Wu Yi without blinking, and his expression became increasingly cold and crazy.

[Jun Wu Yi! It doesn’t matter who’s backing you! I wish to kill you! And, I will kill you!]

A scream resounded in the air as Long Crane let go of Li Teng Yun’s shattered body. The boy then fell down with a cry of shock. He had dropped from a height of hundreds of meters!

There was an explosive sound as people below scrambled to get out of the way. They effectively left a vast area vacant on the ground.

A thousand people would’ve rushed forward to catch Li Teng Yun if he had been dropped some time ago. However, he had turned into a ‘hot potato’ at this time. Who would dare to help him? Who would agree to do it?


Li Teng Yun’s body fell to the ground, and a large pool of watery blood splashed around. His body had been turned into a pile of flesh. Every bone from his body was sent flying. Even his fingers hadn’t remained attached to his arms.

That miserable scene made everyone’s heart jump and beat loudly.

Venerable Mei waved her sleeves, and turned around to leave. She roared, "You people must remember today’s terms! We shall say farewell at this point, but I’m sure that we’ll meet again!"

She hadn’t specifically mentioned the name of any person. But, Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng understood that she had referred to the two of them. So, they respectfully replied, "Don’t worry, Respected Senior! The words of a man of character carry a lot of weight! So, it’s important that we adhere to the terms since we’ve been defeated. We won’t go back on our word!"

Venerable Mei chuckled and sneered, "Who will dare to go back on their word?" Those words had been laced with threats.

Lai Bao Yu and his companion looked at each other, and forced a smile.

Venerable Mei shifted her gaze as she turned around. However, she couldn’t even detect Jun Mo Xie’s shadow at the place he had earlier stood. [It seems that the brat slipped away like a rat after I removed the strength of the World Cage…]

She thought about this for a moment. Then, she suddenly turned around and walked towards Jun Wu Yi. Everyone who had flocked around him saw her fluttering black robes as she made her way. So, they scatter to the distance… as if they had seen a devilish curse approach.

Jun Wu Yi finally relaxed and breathed out. He felt his entire body sweating profusely. He hadn’t been fazed in the face of a mountain of blades… or woods of corpses… or even oceans of blood. But, facing a torrent of flattery had made it difficult for him to breathe.

Those people couldn’t even look him in the eye for a short of period of time. But, dealing with them had unexpectedly left him to feel even more tired than he would after an arduous battle.

Jun Wu Yi cupped his fist and smiled as Venerable Mei came over, "Venerable Mei has come over. How have I been so fortunate with your presence?"

"Your nephew’s moves are quite wonderful. He’s quite a talent." Venerable Mei didn’t beat around the bush. She spoke in a very straightforward manner, "This senior would like to take-him-on as a disciple. What do you say, Commander Jun?"

Jun Wu Yi was prepared since he had guessed their purpose. However, he still couldn’t help his mind going blank when he heard those words. He became extremely happy for a moment. But, he suddenly recalled Jun Mo Xie’s bewildering temperament the next moment. He nevertheless smiled and replied, "Venerable Mei, it’s a great fortune for that brat that you look upon him. This Jun doesn’t have any opinion on this. However, my Jun Family is very open-minded, and Mo Xie had mostly been self-disciplined. So, he’s very opinionated. But, my Jun Family will have no problems in case Venerable Mei truly wishes to take him in… if Mo Xie agrees to it."

"Self-disciplined…" Venerable Mei was stunned. She seemingly couldn’t comprehend those words. It seemed from her tone that she had heard something ‘outlandish’. But, she came to herself soon enough, and replied from behind her clenched teeth while she smiled on the surface, "Not bad, not bad… very good… Ah! Self-disciplined… very good…"

However, she was cursing inside. [That despicable and shameless brat can be considered, "Self-disciplined?" Where’s this coming from?!]

"I have my own means if that’s the case." Venerable Mei was full of disdain. [This commander can look me in the eye and talk nonsense… he’s your nephew! How can you boast and overhype him?]

"But, do you not know where your nephew is?" Venerable Mei asked solemnly. She was literally on the verge of raining curses. However, she stood in the face of a legend of the recent past — the genuinely unwavering Blood General. Therefore, she suppressed her anger. She would’ve been raining curses at this time under usual circumstances…

"Mo Xie… uh?" Jun Wu Yi was about to say something. But then, he thought and replied, "Wasn’t Mo Xie at your side a moment ago?"

"Ah, I had gone to face my opponents a while back. But, your nephew wasn’t there by the time I returned." Venerable Mei’s spoke in a manner that concealed the redness of her face, and the fact that she was panting, "Your nephew and I had a very joyous conversation…"

Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng had arranged for everyone’s withdrawal whilst these two people were engaged in a conversation. In fact, everyone had seen Venerable Mei and Jun Wu Yi engage in a ‘joyous’ conversation. And, everyone else had remained silent out of fear. The Jun Family had added more glory to its name as a result.

No one dared to disturb these two individuals, and they left the place in silence. In fact, more than half the hilltop had been emptied in a very short period of time.

The Xuan Beasts had also retreated into the Tian Fa forest. Only a few Beast Kings had stayed behind to watch over Venerable Mei. They seemed very concerned.

The sounds faded away, and a sense of serenity spread over the wooded valley once again. Lei Bao Yu smiled lightly, and spoke-up while cupping his fist, "Venerable Mei and all the Beast Kings… we’re all noble and far-reaching beings. So, I’m sure that we’ll meet again. We two brothers have to return to the palace in order to submit our report. So, we must say farewell at this time."

Venerable Mei nodded slightly. She was about to speak when a majestic body suddenly came rushing from behind her. It then shouted loudly, "The provosts of the Elusive World of Immortals are truly awesome! They are leaving before they can eat my punch!"

The sound of the rustling of a celestial wind was heard at the same time. This was followed by a thunderous noise. In fact, it seemed as if a cloud had fallen to the ground. Then, a sharp voice was heard. This voice seemed so angered that it seemed as if it would murder anyone who didn’t clear away from it’s path, "This one also thinks that the provosts of the Elusive World of Immortals are extremely ferocious!"

It was the Bear King, Big Bear. And, the Crane King, Long Crane!

Everyone was aware that the two Beast Kings didn’t wish to obstruct or kill the two former Great Masters. They merely desired to create a dispute for the next time. This would set-up the platform to compare their Xuan strengths at the designated time, and see how much they differed by…

Who could say how the strengths of the Tian Fa's Lord's underlings would fare against the Elusive World of Immortals’?

Lei Bao Yu found their words unfathomable words. In fact, Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng had harbored the same idea. But, how would these beasts get another opportunity once these two had left?

Then, a screech was heard. After that, a graceful and delicate figure started to spin. The Snake King had moved into action!

Lei Bao Yu and Bu Kuang Feng smiled as they looked-on. They had seemingly not even seen those two's moves. The purple-gold swords at their hips didn’t even seem to move. But, something dazzling suddenly flash around them, and the sky was instantly filled with a brilliant downpour of starry objects. It appeared like a heavy rainstorm. And then, a bewildering and whimpering echo arose as another storm picked up. It turned everything into a spectacular mess as it flew through the coarse rocks.

The attacks of the three Beast Kings were sharp, but it became difficult for their attacks to make quick progress in this storm.

These two were world-shaking swordsmen — the Rainstorm and Hurricane Masters. They were the Greatest Masters of their generation. Their Xuan cultivations were extremely high, and their co-ordination was flawless. In fact, it nearly doubled their individual might!

A clear sound echoed as Long Crane rose up, and laughed, "You deserve the titles of the Rainstorm and Hurricane Master. You are indeed very admirable!"

A clear whistle was heard as Bu Kuang Feng replied, "Tian Fa also deserves its formidable reputation! We'll meet after three years! Farewell!"

They were already a kilometer away when they had said their farewells.

These five individuals had exchanged a blow. And, they had retreated after that. It seemed that the five people — the two men and the three Beast Kings — were on an equal-footing at the first glance. But, the three Beast Kings had well-realized that the advantage lay in the hands of their counterparts.

[The Elusive World of Immortals is very difficult to deal with!]

The three Beast Kings must’ve been startled by this. But, Venerable Mei had foreseen the conclusion to that confrontation. Therefore, she had paid no heed to it. She merely frowned and took a step as she strolled forward. Her heart was immersed in an entirely different train of thought… [Jun Mo Xie… where has that little bastard escaped to…? I’ve even used my Spiritual Sense. So, why can't I find him? What's the reason for all this?]

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