Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 363

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 363

Lei Wu Bei suddenly let out a sharp scream. His black silhouette then broke through the green tide like a silver-white knife, and soared high. It seemed as if a fountain had emerged from the green ocean, and had shot towards the heavens. It glowed brilliantly in the sunlight, and shone over a large portion of the surrounding area. He displayed extremely strong and formidable power, and his attitude was one of ‘not willing to back down’ as he brazenly charged into the sky.

"The true battle starts now," someone spoke-up. The onlookers then quickly became more focused. They didn’t even blink as they watched the fight.

Jun Mo Xie’s expression became solemn as he looked on. He had even forgotten about the pain for a little while. The Snake King’s and the Cold-Blooded Great Master’s style continued to change. They moved quickly. They went forward and retreated at a fast pace. And, they dodged and weaved nimbly. Their minds would slowly replay everything that their eyes would see. It was evident that they were modifying their own styles in accordance with their opponent’s. They were using the other’s strength to make up for one’s own weakness.

Long Crane and Big Bear stretched their necks from the Tian Fa’s side. Jun Mo Xie could clearly feel Venerable Mei pinch the soft flesh below his waist from behind. They then twisted the meat into a circle. Jun Mo Xie felt the pain reach his very soul. So, he shuddered… [Dammit! Why would you pinch a man like that!? Isn’t this done to women?]

Then, Jun Mo Xie suddenly realized something. [Could it be that the Snake King is facing grave danger in this earth-shattering fight with the Great Master? Why else would these three Beast Kings be so anxious?]

[But, I can only see that the Snake King is handling the fight with ease… She should ‘get by’ with ease…]

Jun Mo Xie was unable to deal with the pain as this thought crossed his mind. So, he opened his eyes wider to see…

The Snake King — Green Hunter — gave a loud screech at this point, and her slender body spun around. The green ocean on the ground disappeared. Then, she shot up high; she was covered in a bright green light.

And then, a silver-white blade-light shot up to the sky. This light was vaguely intertwined with a black silhouette. A sharp whistle was heard as this figure shot into they sky. In fact, this whistle could’ve ripped the world apart. It seemed like a raging dragon had just escaped from beneath the earth after breaking away from its shackles. This strangely combined form of a man-and-blade shot towards the sky in such a splendid manner that it seemed as if they’d shoot the sun down!

This ensuing light had an immense glare, and the faces of everyone watching from below had become deathly pale.

"The unity of man and blade! Moreover, it’s not a usual unity of man and blade!" Jun Mo Xie cried out in shock, "This is the very essence of the purest form of blade technique! I never thought that the Great Master Li possessed such a trump card up his sleeve!"

Then, Jun Mo Xie had second thoughts, and thought-out aloud, "Lei Wu Bei can possess such a trump card, and that’s reasonable since he’s one of the Eight Great Masters. But, that young woman is also very dangerous…"

The Snake King first raised her face upwards as she soared higher into the sky. And then, she screeched angrily. Her voice tore through the air, and thousands of Xuan Beasts bowed their heads at that. Then, she spun in the air, and transformed into several cold stars as she showered downwards.

It was like two meteors had started from different points, but were about to collide in the sky.

The many people who were watching from below held their breaths as the wind howled above.

A melodious and tender cry was heard at first. Then, an oppressive snarl was heard. After that, the sounds of a huge explosion reverberated as the two rays of light collided.

After that, unceasing crashing sounds arose… like those from a battery of cannons. The earth shook endlessly as a result, while the sky looked like it had been filled with fireworks. And then, everything above thirty meters in height seemingly plunged into darkness for a moment. Only a bright rainbow was present in the sky at that moment…

Jun Mo Xie felt pleased. He felt like he had returned to his previous world, and was witnessing the fireworks at the lantern festival...

"They are evenly matched." There was another collision in the air. But, Lei Bao Yu, Bu Kuang Feng, and Venerable Mei had already come to this conclusion.

A "Bang!" sound echoed as the two crisscrossed. The towering silver-white blade-light continued to rise above like a long-tailed comet. Then, a cold and black light hurriedly charged towards the ground.

Then, there was something of a rain of blood. Countless fragments of several chopstick-sized snakes fell to the ground. And soon, a thick layer of them had been formed on the ground.

What no one could get was… how could the delicate Snake King take all those with her into the sky in order to shower Lei Wu Bei with them?

"Bang!" the Snake king hit the ground spinning. She staggered about a dozen steps backwards before she eventually came to a stand-still. A thick stream of purple blood slowly flowed out of the corner of her mouth. Her complexion was pale, and her green dress had been torn from many places by that sharp blade. Her delicate and white arms had now been exposed to everyone’s eyes since her long and wide sleeves had been transformed into green butterfly-like wings.

Then, a soft sound was heard as Lei Wu Bei dropped to the ground. He landed softly on his toes at first. And then, he pressed his legs heavily on the ground to stand up straight. His appearance was even worse. That black gown of his’ was muddy and tattered with a myriad of snake bites due to that attack. Moreover, many rips were visible. They had apparently been made by a weapon. His hair was disheveled, and appeared similar to that of a beggar’s. Wisps of dark red blood flowed from the corners of his mouth at first. Then, he couldn’t control it anymore, and the blood started to flow more freely. His rock-like cold face had become red. It seemed as if he had become drunk. And then, it became snow-white the next instant. After that, it turned red again. It then continued that cycle of changing its complexion from red to white for several iterations.

Both of them were on an equal-footing.

The two stood staring at each other for a while. Then, Lei Wu Bei spoke-up with clenched teeth, "That was good! The Snake King is truly exceptional!"

"The Cold-Blooded Master genuinely deserves to be a Great Master!" Green Hunter smiled tenderly. The blood flowing from the corners of her mouth dropped down as she smiled. However, this didn’t diminish her beauty in any way. In fact, it somewhat enhanced her beauty.

"This seems like a draw. What’s your opinion about this, Venerable Mei?" Lei Bao Yu took a step forward. and smiled as he asked that question.

"A draw?" Venerable Mei gave a severe kick to Jun Mo Xie’s posterior before he looked at Lei Bao Yu. Her voice was meaningful as she smiled, "That’s good! It’s a draw!"

Lei Bao Yu couldn’t help his face from turning red.

That was true. It genuinely seemed like a draw at that point of time. The two of them were on an equal footing. Lei Wu Bei had some advantage at this point, but Lei Bao Yu knew that the Snake King hadn’t shown her true power in that matter. In fact, she was yet to play her own trump card. Therefore, he was convinced that Lei Wu Bei wouldn’t get-off easy if it were truly turned into a fierce battle of life and death.

But then again, even the Snake King wouldn’t have it easy either… even if Lei Wu Bei were to die there. In fact, her strength would suffer a huge blow even if she didn’t die instead. So much so that she would probably lose her ability to transform into a human form by the end of it. Moreover, her strength would be reduced to that of a level seven-or-eight Xuan Beast.

That obviously would’ve led to a case of mutual destruction. In fact, no one could say otherwise.

Lei Wu Bei’s body was upright, and he was as expressionless as before. He was still cold and indifferent… like a piece of iron. However, multitudes of cheers echoed from the crowd behind him.

They resonated to the skies!

Lei Wu Bei hadn’t won. But, he had succeeded in pulling-off a draw. It meant that the allied forces from the mainland had lost only the first battle up-until this point. This also meant that they could still rise from the dead. They weren’t cheering for Lei Wu Bei because he was the Cold-Blooded Master. They were cheering because he had become the hero of the continent at that moment. In fact, he had become the hero of all humanity.

Many tactical errors and despicable conspiracies had taken place in the first battle. And hence, they had suffered defeat — an unsightly and a thorough defeat. However, the second battle had been the exact opposite. Their champion had rushed brazenly with his blade, and had staked everything on the line. No ‘phony’ fighting had taken place this time.

Therefore, this draw with the Snake Xuan Beast King of Tian Fa had nevertheless given them time to breathe. It had given them some space to look for an opportunity… even if it wasn’t a victory.

Many people had believed that the allied forces might’ve had a chance if they had followed Jun Wu Yi’s excellent strategy… and if it weren’t for Xue Hun Manor and Silver Blizzard City’s rotten plan.

Then, the opposition had sent out the Snake King for this battle. Therefore, sending out the Solitary Falcon to face her would’ve been the ideal case. However, the allies couldn’t dare to count on him. Moreover, they didn’t have much knowledge about the various poisons that were available in the Tian Fa. In fact, there wasn’t any knowledge regarding the poisons that the Snake King could use. Luckily, Lei Wu Bei had done a lot of study on various poisons. And, that was why he was known as the "Cold-Blooded Master" in society. However, most people hadn’t given much thought to all of that here.

Everything depended on the third battle as the matter stood!

Venerable Mei had wished to rely on their own power. In fact, they would battle all the Great Masters at once! However, no one believed that Venerable Mei could be that powerful. After all, their side had four Great Masters.

The two individuals on the field looked at each other, and cupped their hands. Lei Wu Bei spoke-up, "It was a fluke." The Snake king snorted at that, and turned around to leave. The fact that she hadn’t attained a thorough victory had hit her hard.

Lei Wu Bei gave a faint smile. Then, he walked back. His arm shuddered slightly. He had realized that the handle of his blade had been bent. Moreover, there were even many tiny cracks on his blade. It would still be able to endure proper use, but it couldn’t withstand a ‘Great Master Level’ battle anymore.

The Snake King was genuinely something. She could conceal lethal weapons all over her body. And, that too in droves! Moreover, her weapons were also extremely toxic! She was a real headache.

These two people had sustained injuries, but it wasn’t very serious. In fact, it wasn’t even enough to warrant any action. Those two knew what was going on in reality. The two fighters had intentionally decided to stagger after that explosion in order to maintain the status quo. However, they would’ve ended-up taking each other down, and no clear winner would’ve emerged if they had continued to fight.

Therefore, the two individuals breathed a sigh of relief… even if they hadn’t accepted the result within their hearts.

The ground had been a mix of green grass and stones before the battle, but it had turned black by now. There were holes everywhere on it. In fact, some places were still trying to brave the white smoke that was continuously falling down from the sky above.

Nothing would grow on that site for hundreds of years.

The Snake King’s poison was indeed the best in the entire world.

A shadow flitted as Venerable Mei suddenly appeared on the field. They then stated, "It’s time for the final battle. All the Great Masters present can come out for this final and deciding battle!"

Lei Bao Yu was about to speak, and the words were about come out of his mouth. But, he suddenly swallowed them, and forced a smile instead.

However, everyone could feel that there was something different about Venerable Mei as they appeared on the field. They were somewhat irritable and unstable a while back, but they were quite calm at this moment… almost like Buddha. No one could see their face, but the aura from their body gave it all away.

Jun Mo Xie was at the sidelines. He felt his posterior and cursed; [this person has transformed my one little buttock into the size of four massive ones… ou…!]

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