Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 358

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 358

Jun Mo Xie wasn’t aware of this, but his image of himself had overreached the reality. The impression that he felt he had on Venerable Mei was baseless. She hated him. In fact, it was an undying and extremely deep hatred. So much so that she would never forget her grudges even if she lived for three lives. Her hatred was that deep-rooted!

Jun Mo Xie looked somewhat pleased with himself at that point. [Being handsome has its advantages too. This senior must’ve liked something about me…]

"…You’re from the Jun Family? What’s your name? Which one of them are you? How old are you?" these words were forced out from between her teeth. But, the other side would hear her and would think that Venerable Mei was interested in him, and wanted to take him under her wing.

"This young person is Jun Mo Xie from the Tian Xiang City’s Jun Family. I’m eighteen, and yet unmarried. I’m well-versed in poems. In fact, there’s nothing that I’m not good at. I’ve learnt the political and military strategies, and each of the four arts. This young person has also studied the various schools of thought." Jun Mo Xie chuckled a bit. He looked confident as he bragged about himself.

He wanted to add, "I’m also fluent in eight foreign languages." However, he swallowed those words just when he was about to say it.

"Jun Mo Xie… Jun Mo Xie… Jun Mo Xie… Jun Mo Xie… Jun Mo Xie…" Venerable Mei repeated those words like a groan at first. Then, her voice resembled that of a weep. Afterwards, it turned into a row of that single word. Her voice became increasingly loud, and shook the mountains and valleys. In fact, it echoed like a tsunami in the mountains near and far…

"Jun Mo Xie… Jun… Mo Xie… Jun… Mo… Xie… Jun… Jun… Mo… Xie… Jun Mo Xie… Xie… Xie… Xie…"

The sky and the forest ringed of that name for a moment. Jun Mo Xie’s name had shaken the heavens at that moment. In fact, everything had shaken vigorously.

"Uh, I don’t know what the senior wants to advise me…" He then started to feel an indistinct feeling in his heart… as if something was wrong. [Crap! Why does it feel like I’m hated to the bone? I’ve never offended you… I’ve never even seen this black robed Venerable Mei.]

However, Jun Mo Xie told himself that he would escape into the Hong Jun Pagoda if anything went wrong… even if it meant that he’d end-up exposing his secret.

That Venerable Mei was very difficult to deal with. [The Great Master Li Jue Tian was flipped over and pinned to the ground with just one hand of his’. So, I won’t even be able to bear a single smack!]

[Li Jue Tian is extremely strong, and could’ve borne the brunt of that extremely strong smack from Venerable Mei. But, if I get hit with it… my body may remain here, but my head will fly to Tian Xiang City to celebrate New Year’s.]

"Give you advise…?" Venerable Mei repeated the line, and was suddenly at a loss. [Right, what should I do? I’ll smack him to death…? Should I kick him to death…? But…wouldn’t it be too easy for him? My hatred from him won’t disappear even if I kill him a thousand times!]

[I... what's to be done? This brat doesn't look like he can take a proper beating either…]

[And after all, it could be said this brat saved my life back then. Wouldn't killing him be a bit too much?]

"Advise..." Venerable Mei suddenly moved, and caught hold of him.

They had been around thirty meters apart. And, that was a safe-enough distance in Jun Mo Xie's mind. However, Venerable Mei lifted her hand, and he felt that he couldn't move an inch of his body. Then, he felt a forward attraction force on his body. And, his body started to move on its own. He was already clutched by Venerable Mei the next moment.

Venerable Mei’s entire was robed in black like before. However, Jun Mo Xie could strangely smell a simple and elegant smell. In fact, it was a very wonderful smell. He had never smelt anything as sweet as that before. The Young Master Jun couldn't help but close his eyes as he took a deep breath. Then, he opened his eyes and exclaimed, "How sweet!"

[This brat is still trying to take cheap advantage?]

Venerable Mei suddenly went through an extreme change of heart, and felt an urgent need to strangle the young man.

However, Venerable Mei felt the pure heavenly Qi coursing through his body as she clutched his throat. She then determined that the mysterious skilled person who had advanced the Xuan Beast's cultivation, had barged into Tian Fa and had stolen the Sacred Fruit, and had concocted those dans was related to this young man.

Moreover, he had appeared in the forest the same day as that mysterious expert had. Plus, they had a similarly miraculous Qi. So, it was highly probable that the two were master-and-disciple.

It wasn't that Venerable Mei hadn’t thought that the-said mysterious expert and the young man could be the same people. But, it had been revealed to her that the aforementioned mysterious expert had a brilliant cultivation. But, this young man’s strength was merely trash in comparison. Therefore, she would’ve never been able to make the connection between the two if the two hadn't appeared in the Tian Fa on the same day, and if she hadn't felt the Young Master Jun's Qi a moment ago.

Venerable Mei's mind went uneasily around in circles. She feared a terrible fallout if she strangled him for his cheap attitude. [The beasts of Tian Fa advanced. That was a great thing for us. Wouldn’t that alliance break if I killed this youngster? Wouldn’t we lose a lot if I tried to take my revenge? That fallout would come with the wrath of that mysterious master! I may not care about his skills. But, what about the Beast Kings?]

"Senior…?!" Jun Mo Xie had sensed the indecisiveness in Venerable Mei. So, he had called out. His shout hadn’t even ended when "Bang!" a tight smack warmed the side of his face. Everyone on the ground suddenly started to seem small as he soared up amongst the misty clouds, and continued to fly to a great altitude.

Venerable Mei had thrown him three-hundred meters into the air. Then, she jumped up and caught up with him. Her black robe filled his eyes as there was a sudden change of scene, and "Bang! Bang! Bang!" he was smacked on his face repeatedly. Venerable Mei was hitting his face mid-air… very joyfully at that.

[I won't kill you, but I will mistreat you as much as I want. What’s the worse that can happen if I don't kill you?]

"Fu*k! Are you sick?! You’re hitting me without reason!" Jun Mo Xie was angry, and tried to turn his face to ask. However, he didn't try to move his face back to position at the end of it. His face would break into pieces if he was hit by that strength when he brought it back. He had to consider the pros and cons as his head was flung around. This was Hit-man Jun's resilience. Anyone else would’ve been crushed into pieces. 

The wind at that high altitude was strong, and Jun Mo Xie's hadn’t even been able to finish his creaking sentences. But, Venerable Mei had obviously understood their meaning.

[Bastard! Your bratty mouth is too dirty! It's time to fix that!]

He became silent, and bit his lips as the smacks continued uninterrupted.

Jun Mo Xie could clearly see that the black-robed opposite party had an air of excitement about them since they seemed to be beating him up with delight.

[Damn! This person is a sadist!]

[A wise man knows not to fight when the odds are against him. I will come back if I have an opportunity to strike.] Jun Mo Xie thought this, and then suddenly disappeared without a trace.

This was the Yin-Yang Escape. Even Li Jue Tian wouldn’t have been able to escape safely when Venerable Mei had put her heart-and-soul and full focus on beating him up.

Venerable Mei was in a good mood, and she had moved her hand to hit him another time. However, she only managed to hit empty air. She drew her breath and became puzzled. She looked around, but saw nothing. [Strange... this brat has escaped from my clutches!]

[He’s a Jade Xuan at best! So, how did he escape? This is absurd!]

Jun Mo Xie had eventually escaped. And, Venerable Mei became extremely gloomy since she no longer had a place to vent her anger. She seemed puzzled as she slowly floated down. Only one puzzling matter went round her mind… [How did he escape? This is unimaginably weird!]

Jun Mo Xie was abusing her from inside the Hong Jun Pagoda, while she wondered at this.

The Young Master Jun was extremely angry.

[This is too much bullying! When did I offend you? You hit me the first time I meet you. Do I look like someone in need for a spanking?]

[You just met me! And, yet you became filled with extreme hatred? Did I kill your parents? Rape your wife…? Or, take your baby and throw him into a well? You’re a*s literally exploded when you saw me! Why such hatred? You may be the Lord of Tian Fa, but just you wait! I will come back one day, and I will fry you out!]

[This is utter confusing!]

Jun Mo Xie clenched his jaw as he felt the burning sensation. He had never been smacked like this in either of his lives... but, the person who did this was an apex expert. An ordinary person might’ve felt honored to be hit by this individual. But, Jun Mo Xie didn’t feel that way.

[So what if your Xuan cultivation is difficult to deal with? I will speed up my cultivation to overtake you. And, the next time I see you — you sadist — I will scatter your plummy a*s into eight pieces… or my name isn't Jun Mo Xie!]

The battle was over by now.

The ten Spirit Xuan Experts from the Silver City had seen a bloody and murderous time since they had to protect Xiao Han and Mu Xue Tong. Those two were lightly injured. However, these people had managed to break the siege, and had escaped. None of them had died. Their injuries weren't that serious. They were merely weary. As for the Xue Hun Manor… two-out-of-their-three Spirit Xuan experts were dead. The third one had escaped by chance. However, he somehow mutilated himself, and his Xuan cultivation would see an extraordinary drop despite a long road to recovery. His mind had been thrown into a state of delusion. And, the remaining seven-hundred experts below to the Spirit Xuan Level were dead. Even their dozen or so Sky Xuan experts were no exception.

A very few men from the other powerful families had escaped with luck. The rest of the army had been tied-up as well.

However, the group that had suffered the least casualties was the one that had stayed under Jun Wu Yi’s leadership. He had over three-hundred men under his command. Around ninety-to-hundred of them had died. But, around two-hundred of them had managed to live! In fact, Baili Luo Yun — the Jade Xuan expert — had survived unhurt.

Everyone was tired. Therefore, Dongfang Wen Qing and the others knelt on their swords, and took deep breaths as they gasped for air. The Xuan Beasts they had faced hadn’t had it easy either. They also put out their tongues, wagged their tails, and panted.

Even ‘putting on a show’ required tremendous energy.

The first round of the battle was over. And, it had ended in Tian Fa's victory.

Jun Wu Yi frowned. He didn’t feel the elation of a new life even though he had narrowly escaped his certain death. Nor did he feel the happiness of surviving this besiege of the beasts… or the joy of escaping unhurt. He looked away from the Golden Tiger that stood in front of him, and focused his attention on the hilltop with a worried expression on his face.

Jun Mo Xie's name had shaken the very skies a moment ago. So, he had obviously heard it as well. And, it was for that reason that he looked anxious…

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