Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 329

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 329

Jun Wu Yi sternly chimed-in, "We need to put our personal grudges and gratitude behind us at this moment. And, we need to work together for our common good. Only then will we have any chance of hope."

"Wu Yi is absolutely correct! This battle between man and Xuan Beast will decide the fate of our continent for the next hundred years! A man of Li Jue Tian’s arrogance wouldn’t have made the supreme summons after letting go of his pride if the situation was a minor one! He must’ve been constrained by the severity of the situation to forego his ego and make the supreme summons! In fact, he would’ve been condemned by history if he hadn’t done that!"

Dongfang Wen Qing smiled bitterly, "Several independent experts will be fighting for profits, and they will surely have a high morale at first. But, I guarantee that one-third of their numbers would sneak-off after the first defeat. After all, one has to conserve their strength for gaining superiority in society! However, we’re done for if all of us hold the idea of profit in the ‘supreme’ position in such chaotic times!"

"The human nature is very evil… They want to fight with the wind, and attack the dogs that have fallen into the ditch. However, a majority of the people won’t refrain from backing away when the winds become rough, and that dog in the ditch transforms into a tiger. Most people would wait for the others to fight, and die… they would then try to take advantage of the situation. Thereafter, they will slip away when no one is looking. These people would rather lose their face than their lives. They would say that — ‘the tide’s higher than I can take… I’m not the only one to lose face in this situation… so, what difference does it make…’ "

Jun Mo Xie shook his head as he spoke these words in a very cynical tone. He found it a joy to speak in such a manner. However, he then saw the expressions of the other four men, and realized that they were turning increasingly darker. So, he gave a hollow laugh and spoke, "Damn! I have to take a piss! I’ve been holding it in with such difficulty since early morning. But, you people speak so slowly!" he said this, turned away, and escaped.

The four men looked at each other in dismay. [This mischievous brat doesn’t have any shame!]

"This matter isn’t looking good. We will go and meet Li Jue Tian once we reach Tian Fa. Then, we’ll come to your forces and protect you. Mo Xie’s ideology is indeed dependable. We will get an opportunity to survive if we stick together. As Mo Xie said… saving others is a good deed, but putting ourselves in danger for them is meaningless. We have to be pragmatic…"

Jun Wu Yi nodded. Then, he looked up into the sky and sighed, "I don’t know the cause of this calamity… or where it came from… or what instigated such a huge disaster? But, it can be assumed that the Xuan Beasts wouldn’t leave Tian Fa without any rhyme-or-reason. So, who instigated them? I would flay the man alive if I knew his identity! This person has taken the entire world for a joke!"

The other three men agreed.

The Young Master Jun had returned after he had initially slipped away. He was presently hiding in the corner of the tent, and was overhearing the conversation. He broke into a cold sweat after he heard their words. His heart was shouting his innocence… [My original intention was to teach the Xue Hun Manor a lesson. How did they dare to lay their eyes on the Jun Family’s daughter-in-law? But, I never knew that it would turn into such a big issue!]

[I didn’t deliberately bring this matter to such a state … so, you can’t blame me!]

…. ….

The next day, Jun Wu Yi got to know that Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi had also been travelling with his nephew in secret. Commander Jun almost went mad with anger when he saw the guilty expressions on the faces of those two women. He nearly scolded Jun Mo Xie to death. However, he didn’t stop at ‘just’ the tongue-lashing like the previous time. In fact, he brandished a rod to beat-up Jun Mo Xie…

[This is such a dangerous place. How can these two come along?]

This resulted in a game of ‘hide and seek’ between Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi. The Young Master Jun would move far away from whichever place it was probable for his uncle to arrive at. He’d naturally do this in order to evade his uncle’s rod. He would escape like a quick hare… so as to never come face-to-face with his uncle.

The army meandered forwards, and eventually reached the Southern Heaven City on the third day since the link-up. It had now been thirty-three days since they had left the Tian Xiang City. The army had been travelling at approximately 180kms-a-day the entire journey. This meant that they had covered over 5000kms after crossing many mountains and wading through many streams.

Everyone breathed-in the cold air after they reached the Southern Heaven City.

The area outside the Southern Heaven City was barren for almost 500kms. The Tian Fa forest was still fine, but the human habitations were all in ruins. Jun Mo Xie looked in the direction of the Southern Heaven City, and laughed at his foe’s misfortune so wildly… that he pulled a muscle in his stomach.

The Xue Hun Manor’s site had turned into a base camp for the Xuan Beasts’ operations…

They had found large groups of Xuan Beasts on the road to the Southern Heaven City. These groups would swarm over to attack any experts they’d find in the vicinity. But, the Xuan beasts’ discipline was incredible. They hadn’t found any trace of a Xuan Beast in the 150km before they reached the Southern Heaven City.

Therefore, one could tell that the Xuan Beasts’ temporary target was the population of the Southern Heaven City. Or perhaps… the people the Xuan Beasts harbored hatred towards. Like… the Xue Hun Manor’s Li Jue Tian… or his son…

The scale of the Southern Heaven City was in no way lesser than the Tian Xiang City. It was the first southern city in the continent. However, the Xuan Beasts had already occupied the surrounding mountains, and had created a somewhat iron-bucket-like encirclement.

Jun Wu Yi’s forces finally took security in their numbers, and advanced towards the Southern Heaven City. The experience was daunting even though they didn’t run into any mishaps. But, they managed to enter the city.

And, the very moment they entered the city…

"ROAR!" a loud howl resounded from the northern end of Southern Heaven City. It split the air as it echoed into the distance. It seemed like it was conveying a message.

The "ROAR!" sound resonated from the north to the south, and the west to the east. It echoed in all directions, and spread its message. It transmitted throughout the city as it travelled south.

"ROAR!" a sharp howl resounded from the southern end of the city in answer, and the message again resounded back and forth.

It seemed like two people were exchanging information. One of them had seemingly said, "Here we go again. Ten-thousand troops have arrived; this time from Tian Xiang."

And, the other one replied, "I know…"

This interpretation may not be ‘exact’, but these howls must’ve meant more or less the same things.

"Wow, these Xuan Beasts are truly disciplined! They’re even better than the army’s troops. This is simply amazing; I love this," Jun Mo Xie praised in a heartfelt manner. He then shook his head before he continued, "The Xuan Beasts aren’t that dreadful. I believe they are somewhat civilized."

The sounds of two lovely laughs resounded from his side. Jun Mo Xie had dressed Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi as two petite soldiers before they had entered the city. In fact, no one could tell that these two slim soldiers were women at one glance. This decision had obviously been met with strong and dissatisfactory appeals from the two beautiful women. However, Jun Mo Xie had insisted on it nevertheless, and had embodied his ‘iron-blooded’ stance to make them comply…

Dongfang Wen Qing helplessly looked at his ‘incomparably useless’ nephew. [This is astounding! This brat has decided to joke at such a juncture? He is genuinely stupid if he isn’t afraid of them!]

Then, he sighed and spoke-up, "The transmitting of these messages was done by Peak Eight Level Lion Beasts. The Tian Fa’s Lord uses such high-level Xuan Beasts for the transmission of messages. This matter isn’t a joke..."

"Damn! Wow! This is so awesome!" Jun Mo Xie smacked his lips and continued, "Why didn’t we see any of the flying beasts on the road? I wish we could catch them and saddle them like horses. They’d be so useful for ‘picking up girls’! Any young woman would fall for me after they took one look at them!"

Dongfang Wen Qing stared at him wide-eyed, and started gasping in anger. This brat had become so unbearable that he would soon have brain-hemorrhage due to excessive anger.

Uncle Dongfang finally realized that his nephew’s ‘continent-shaking’ reputation as a ‘debauchee’ wasn’t without any reason...

He also realized that no normal person was capable of having any kind of a regular exchange with this degenerate and perverted youngster… It would end-up sounding like a chicken talking to a duck… The language itself would seem foreign…

The Southern Heaven City’s troops showed no resentment towards the assistance-force that had just arrived from Tian Xiang. The several high-ranking officers stationed inside the wall respectfully welcomed Jun Wu Yi’s army into the city.

Jun Wu Yi had been a bit doubtful on this aspect. The Southern Heaven City was as famous as the Tian Xiang City, and occupied an extremely wide area. However, many people resided in this city. Moreover, many reinforcements from different Empires, organizations, and other places from around the world had arrived there by now. Therefore, Jun Wu Yi had anticipated that the city would be overcrowded, and wouldn’t have any space left to accommodate the arrival of his troops. [But, it would be too risky to station a majority of my troops outside the city walls.] He had been very worried about this point.

However, his 20,000 troops entered the city with ease. In fact, the troops that were already station inside the city remained silent, and even seemed a bit embarrassed. [This is very a puzzling marvel!]

But, his doubts were resolved by the time the entire army got stationed in the city…

Experts came-and-went on both side of the city’s road… Some of them were bandaged; this was indicative of the injuries they had sustained. Some had a white cloth around their injured heads. There was a lot of clamor around the city, but it didn’t feel that chaotic. However, they realized that the city was missing something as they travelled down the road…

The Young Master Jun thought for a while, and realized what was wrong, "How come there aren’t any local people in this city?" These words called everyone else into attention, and woke them from their reveries. However, it wasn’t that there were no people there. It was just that… there were only a very small number of them. And surprisingly, the ones present… were at the prime of their lives. No one could spot any old and infirm men, or women and young children inside the city…

The highest-ranking officer in the city’s garrison was a General named Wan Wu Yan. He smiled bitterly and said, "The Xuan Beast’s uprising is extremely huge. So, we couldn’t dare to ignore it. We’ve migrated the women, children, old and infirm men about a 150kms away. We did this a fortnight ago in order to save them from this calamity. We’ve only retained men who are at the prime of their lives, and a few necessary stores. This general will personally go and recall all of them if we are able to defeat this Xuan Beast Uprising. We may not be able to live happily and work in peace… But, we can at least defend our families and homes…"

Jun Wu Yi felt a sense of great veneration for the man.

"General Wan, this Jun admires your feelings for your people in times like these!"

Wan Wu Yan looked pained. He then smiled bitterly, "This Uprising is surely unprecedented. Powerful Xuan Beasts have infiltrated the city at least a dozen times in order to look for trouble. And, they’ve caused more casualties than I can count. So, why trouble the people? I’ve guarded this desolate post of the Southern Heaven City for the past twelve years… The people of this place aren’t exactly the most civilized, but they’re still like my parents, relatives, friends and younger siblings. So, I wouldn’t leave this place even if had the chance to…"

The Southern Heaven City was his homeland; he had grown up here. So, he looked at it with extreme warmth and yearning…

The atmosphere had suddenly become heavy and stifling.

"To move so many people must’ve required a lot of effort?" Jun Mo Xie changed the subject.

"The Southern Heaven isn’t like the interiors of the continent. So, the population here isn’t that large even if the city is big. We’ve moved around 1,543,900 or so people out of the city and its surrounding areas," Wan Wu Yan said in a somewhat gratified and proud manner. He then chuckled, "The effort it took if of no concern… This was a matter of over 1,500,000 lives! The hard work was worth it!"

Jun Wu Yi looked at the ancient Southern Heaven City and said, "General Wan, your painstaking work won’t be in vain. This Jun promises that General Wan’s tremendous efforts won’t be wasted!"

"I hope so. I just… request Third Master Jun…" General Wan stayed quite for a while, and then stuttered those words.

They reorganized the army and made arrangements for the camp. Afterwards, they went with General Wan Wu Yan to the City Lord’s official hall to discuss the pressing matters.

Jun Wu Yi suddenly jumped scared after they turned the bend.

[This is the official hall?]

[My God!]

[This discussion is at the public square?!]

The City Lord’s hall had been torn down along with the other unnecessary constructions. All that was left was a large drill ground which could accommodate around ten thousand soldiers. The City Lord’s original stage-platform was still present. It was around three meters in height, and was adorned with thick green cloth. Jun Mo Xie glanced at it, and felt that it looked like a stage from a drama-play.

Several luxurious tents had been set up on either side of stage. And, the grand banners fluttered in the fierce autumn wind in front of each of these luxurious tents. Around a hundred imposing banners fluttered together. The also had writings on them — "Xue Hun manor", "Silver Blizzard City", "Ouyang", "Duanmu", "Baili", "Beigong", "Wenren", "Zuoqiu", "Shen Ci", "Yu Tang", "Soul Severing Palace" and so on…

Jun Mo Xie became exhilarated. His eyebrows shot up, and his eyes shone with happiness as he laughed and said, "This is unexpected! I didn’t know that this would become such a huge convention of all the great martial artists! This is fu*ing exciting! There are basically no ordinary tramps around here…"

However, the Third Master Jun Wu Yi didn’t take this so lightly. He puckered his eyebrows…

It was very important to have a unified command if they were to have any chance of winning this war. Those independent tyrannical experts could perhaps lead a scuffle or a ‘gang fight’ with ten… or maybe a few more people. However, Jun Wu Yi knew that none of them were capable of leading a large and unified force of hundreds-of-thousands to war.

However, it was evident that the armies and troops of the Big Empires and the people from the Noble Martial Arts families were on equal-footing in the present circumstances. In fact, it could even be said that the army’s status had been raised to the top.

Regular troops would never be held to any importance by powerful Xuan experts during regular times. But… were these regular times? Wouldn’t it be the biggest joke in the world if these people looked through a slit in the door, and thought that they could do as they please, and fight as they liked against the terrible Xuan Beast Kings who had a unified command over the entire Xuan Beasts’ uprising?

"Commander Jun, we have set-up the tent for the Tian Xiang Army’s command over there," General Wan Wu Yan smiled and pointed with his finger. He had pointed to a huge tent. It was pitched in the middle of a huge space, and was covered in green cloth. Two huge and sturdy poles had been dug into that ground on either side of it. They’d roll-up the entrance screen, and would find that the tent was very neat on the inside. It was also quite spacious. So much so that the tent could easily accommodate twenty people… with some room still to spare.

A red banner flew high in front of the tent. It had "Tian Xiang — Jun" written on it. The three words fluttered as the banner flew high like a spiritual dragon, but they could easily be seen intermittently. This banner was taller than the ones of the other factions by at least three meters. It was also the only one which had the name of an individual family.

"Huh?" Jun Wu Yi looked at Wan Wu Yan with a questioning look; he was somewhat puzzled.

Wan Wu Yan laughed gently. His eyes were full of reverence. "I have always revered the four Commanders of Tian Xiang’s Jun Family. The great Marshall — Jun Zhan Tian; the White Commander — Jun Wu Hui; the Devine Iron-Blooded Battle Commander — Jun Wu Meng, and the Blood General — Jun Wu Yi! I’m proud to host the Tian Xiang Empire’s Jun Family. Many extreme supreme experts have gathered here in the Southern Heaven City, but this is still my territory. This matter is related to my Southern Heaven City, and I won’t allow Tian Xiang’s hero to be beneath anyone here! So, I request you to grace the residence… Commander Jun!"

"Many thanks!" Jun Wu Yi remained silent for a while before he managed to solemnly utter those two words.

"I’ve been hearing many things these days, and many people seem to have opinions about the Jun Family. You need to be careful Commander Jun," Wan Wu Yan lowered his voice as he cautioned. Jun Wu Yi nodded slowly as his eyes filled with unwavering determination. However, Jun Mo Xie’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

Jun Mo Xie slowly pushed the wheelchair forward. Four deputy generals of the Tian Xiang Army followed him in formation. Their eyes were alert, and their hands were on the hilt of their swords. And, the three fearless Dongfang swords walked beside him.

People from every faction leisurely started to enter the wide space at once. If they paid attention… they would notice that Jun Mo Xie was pushing the wheelchair in the center of the field. He was neither an inch to the left of the field’s center... nor to the right.

This was an extremely aggressive approach.

[This is my land! It’s my territory! I’ll do as I please! And, I’ll move the way I want to!]

Their route was such that people from several factions were able to inspect them from both sides of the field. And, everyone shot arrows from their eyes!

The atmosphere had suddenly become very oppressive. It seemed that Jun Mo Xie and Jun Wu Yi had brought heavy weather and high pressure with them.

The six men moved calmly forward. But, the people on the sides could only feel as if these men were a powerful and invincible current of steel that was silently marching forward. Most people couldn’t sigh as they watched these men walk forward in their firm and resolute stance.

The biting-cold wind suddenly started to whistle over the Southern Heaven City. The dark clouds of thunder started to rumble in the heavens above the city, and slowly started to converge over the field. A gale whistled in the field, and the dust started to roll. The numerous banners started to flutter in the wind, and started to make rustling sounds. However, even the rustling sounds of the banners seemed neatly organized in this moment.

The dust blew into their faces. This made the four deputy generals and the three Dongfang men squint, and their movements became a bit sluggish. However, Jun Wu Yi remained calm and tranquil. His expression was still stern; even his eyebrows didn’t flinch.

Jun Mo Xie pushed the wheelchair easily and indifferently behind him. His eyebrows rested like vigorous dragons… dragons which would break out and fly into the air at any time. His elegant, desolate and demon-like face was completely still. It seemed like he hadn’t even noticed the changes in the sky, or the multitudes of burning gazes around him. The speed of his movements was neither too fast, nor too slow. And, they remained unaffected still…

This uncle-nephew duo seemed a flashing divine sword that was freely cleaving through the storm to the eyes of the onlookers.

A long strip was cloven in the crowd by the two men as they moved forward.

This area was within the Tian Xiang Empire’s limits. And, the Tian Xiang City was also the closest amongst the ones that had sent reinforcements. Therefore, everyone was resentful over the fact that the troops from Tian Xiang had arrived last. They believed that Tian Xiang had set the timing of the arrival of its troops very precisely in order to embarrass them. This was one of the major reasons why the people from the various factions hadn’t come out to greet the Tian Xiang Army at the time of their arrival.

However, they didn’t even speak of the thought of censure as they saw the uncle-nephew duo gradually make their way forward. None of them could recall the things they had discussed earlier. Everyone was in a dignified mood. And, everyone was respectful.

Even Xiao Han — who was the most jealous of Jun Wu Yi, and had wanted him dead — couldn’t help a look of envy and inferiority overtake his eyes.

[Is it… is it possible that I’m genuinely not his equal?]

Jun Wu Yi didn’t have ‘Spirit Xuan’ cultivation; nor did he have moves as strong as those of the Great Masters. However, he had become a true hero around the world ever since he had commanded those millions in that decisive battle; he had indeed earned himself the place of a famous General. Countless Sky Xuan experts, Spirit Xuan experts… and even the Great Masters thought of him as an incomparably apt General. He had distinguished his name as a commander since that moment onwards.

His demeanor was such that it felt as if he grasped the fate of millions of soldiers in his palms. It felt that a snap of his fingers to light a beacon of war a thousand miles away, and scorch the lands with the slaughter of a thousand generals. He was the strongest general there had ever been. Any strategy that ever came out of his command tent could only bring victory. Even the strongest of Xuan experts couldn’t boast of such an unbeatable strategic mind.

This tyrant had the fate of nations in his palms! He disdained the commoners, and rebuked their lowly mettle!

They were only two men, but they had enough strength to send cold shivers down everyone else’s spine. This seemingly calm duo emitted an aura which made people look up and take notice.

[I will tread the land ahead… even if it is a mountain of knives, a forest of swords, or even a river of hellfire! I… will tread it flat!]

The soldiers from the Shen Ci and Yu Tang Empires also stood up. They couldn’t help but straighten their backs at the sight of their once-enemy General. They looked at him with fervent gazes as if he were a divine idol of the military.

This was a warriors’ freemasonry!

The party of nine men rhythmically moved in silence, and entered their tent.

The weather had changed very suddenly. The sky had gotten covered with clouds, and had darkened.

Then, a loud voice suddenly boomed from somewhere, "You’re truly worthy of being called the ‘Great Earth-Shaking Blood General! You possess the awe-inspiring bearing of a true ‘Commander’! I’m convinced of it! I — Sikong An Ye — truly admire you! And, I apologize for not coming to greet you at the gate! This Sikong would like to have a few drinks with Commander Jun if he has any free time!"

The bold and booming voice shook the ground as its source walked out from the tent beneath the Sikong banner. He was a tall and strong-looking person. His built was tough, stocky and exceptionally majestic. However, his rough looks gave-off a harmonizing and comfortable feeling. He was dressed in green, and both the sides of his face had cuts. One could see the growth of a stubble of whiskers as thick as a young dragon’s on his face.

Jun Mo Xie shot a cursory glance at the person. He must’ve been at least two meters tall. The man seemed like a majestic iron tower as he stationed himself in front of their tent.

This person was the Sikong Family’s foremost expert — Sikong An Ye.

"Elder Brother Sikong seriously embarrasses me! This little brother is your host, and he truly apologizes to the numerous seniors present for reaching here so late! And, the elder brother and I can have a chat over some wine any time it interests the elder brother!" Jun Wu Yi’s clear and sonorous voice echoed for a while.

"Good! Good!" Sikong An Ye laughed heartily.

"Ha ha… this… this head… of the family… wanted to talk to you. But, this… this person… comes before… Third General Jun… I… I’m the Duanmu Family’s head… Duanmu Chao… Chao Fao… greetings…"

This man’s delayed speech had a strong stutter to it. However, the expression on his face, and the tone of his speech were enough to ascertain that this man thought too highly of himself.

Jun Mo Xie burst into giggles. Merely listening to this speech was enough to determine that he was ‘the’ "Duanu Chao Fan" his uncle Dongfang had told him about; it could be no other.

It wasn’t certain whether he was ‘out of the ordinary’ as his name suggested. But, it was evident that he was ‘self-important’.

"The head of the Duanmu Family is very polite. I will come and pay a call to the family-head the moment I’m free." Jun Wu Yi’s voice was neither too pleased, nor angry. Yet, it made people feel comfortable; as if they had just bathed in a spring breeze.

"No… not... guest… polite…" Duanmu Chao Fan replied with a smile. He was about to speak further when a mystifying voice resounded, "Wouldn’t that be too arrogant of these two men. They don’t belong to the Tian Xiang Emperor’s Family. Isn’t that guy ‘just’ Jun Wu Yi?"

Jun Mo Xie looked at the source of that voice — only to find a man not older than twenty years in age. He stood in a straight posture, and was very handsome of face. However, one could see a hint of maliciousness on his brow. He stood beneath the Xue Hun Manor’s banner. The man was gowned in embroidered silk, and had a long sword hung from his hip in its ornate and fragrant scabbard. He looked like a rare warrior of his generation. However, he seemed to be looking at them with disdain.

Jun Mo Xie laughed as he stepped out.

How could Jun Wu Yi — the commander of all the warriors of his generation — get involved in this trivial matter? Therefore, it was only appropriate that the debauchee Young Master Jun dealt with it. He set-out light as a feather, "This man seems to have his eyes on his head since it seems like his nose is pointing skyward. It seems that the Young Master of the Xue Hun Manor likes to bully people. You are the bully of a Young Master Li — Li Teng Yun; right?"

"You! Humph! Would I require power to deal with you?" There was a hint of maliciousness in Li Teng Yun’s eyes as he scoffed and spoke with disdain, "Your Jun Family has arrived so late in such circumstances. And, that too when you’re the hosts! What mischief were you up to? Aren’t other people even allowed to ask you this question?"

"We are obviously aware that the situation is dire. And, as for the topic of our ‘late’ arrival is concerned — why didn’t you ask our Emperor for aid sooner? Secondly, I’d like to ask your Xue Hun Manor — why didn’t you send out the summons sooner if the situation was that urgent? What were you up to?"

Jun Mo Xie snorted and continued, "Oh! That’s right! The Xue Hun Manor’s reputation is very important! Would this matter have come to such a point if it weren’t for your arrogant, blind and inflexible behavior? How could you delay the summons till the point where the matter has become nearly impossible to salvage?

"Aren’t you ashamed at your incompetence and lack of strength to ask the help of others? And then, you have the courage to blame others? The others can ask this question. However, you and your Xue Hun Manor can’t!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled, "Granted, it may be a duty of many to ask this question. But, many senior experts are present here. So, how did you get a turn before them? Don’t forget, you’re Li Jue Tian’s son… not Li Jue Tian himself! So, who are you? And, what qualifications do you really have of your own?"

"How dare you speak to me like that? You’ve got some guts! Who are you?!" Li Teng Yun glared. He realized that he couldn’t rival that person in this discussion. So, he changed the discussion into an interrogation of his counterpart’s identity while harboring the intention of punishing him at the appropriate moment.

"This elder brother is called Jun Mo Xie!" The Young Master Jun smiled carelessly. "You must have heard the name of this famous elder brother. Isn’t it quite well-known? A reputation that pierces the ears like thunder…? Like the bright moon in the sky…? Aren’t I someone who lives up to such a reputation? You must admire me ah."

"So, you are ‘that’ Jun Mo Xie! That debauchee wastrel from the Jun Family! The famous lecher who never shies from committing any crime in the Tian Xiang City! It’s quite an honor to meet you, Young Master! Your evil reputation is truly like ‘thunder to the ears’! Your reputation as a ‘filth’ is truly justified!"

Li Teng Yun was aware that he had grasped his opponent’s biggest weakness. So, he laughed loudly and continued, "The strongest experts of the age have gathered here! Yet, a ruffian like you has come along? What seniority does a hoodlum Young Master like you have here?"

Jun Mo Xie smiled mischievously, "I don’t deny that I am a lecher who wouldn’t shirk from any crime. However, this debauchee will still never try to grab a young woman who is already a daughter-in-law of another house. You are my senior in this matter, Young Master Li. Us debauchees should learn from your example!"

"You… Guan Qing Han is a good woman. But, your Jun Family has forcibly seized her! The two of us are meant for each other! I’m only saving her from hell. What’s wrong with that? Moreover, your eldest brother died years ago. Do you wish for her to guard your dear departed brother’s memory all her life? What kind of logic is this?" Li Teng Yun’s face reddened. He had suddenly become very angry. He naturally couldn’t allow this contempt to his name. So, he hastily quibbled those words in reply.

"You two are meant for each other? You are saving her from hell? Did you even take her consent for this?" Jun Mo Xie looked up to the sky and laughed heartily. "I never knew that someone so shameless existed in this world! I had begun to take that for granted. However, you are a master of distorting the truth, and confusing the right and the wrong. You tried to snatch a woman; that too a woman who’s a daughter-in-law of another family. Moreover, you threatened the woman’s family with complete destruction if they didn’t hand her over to you! Is that what you mean when you speak that you two are truly meant for each other, and that you only wish to save her from hell! You genuinely stand out from the masses! Today, I — the biggest wastrel of a debauchee — have no choice but to step down in order to make place for Young Master Li. And, I shall write his name on that banner of debauchery! I sincerely admire your shamelessness; it is the greatest in the world!"

Many people from powerful families had gathered on that field, but most of them didn’t know of this matter. But, they glared at Li Teng Yun with disdain after they heard those two young men talk. The Xue Hun Manor was a hegemonic family, but this was too outrageous. However, these enraged people wouldn’t fear any consequences when faced with something so outrageous.

The people of this world attached a lot of importance to monastic discipline. However, Li Teng Yun had seriously offended their norms if he had genuinely done something like this.

"That’s enough! We needn’t discuss this further!" an angry shout resounded from a tent. It wasn’t very loud, but its explosive echoes still managed to shake everyone.

A few silhouettes slowly walked out of the tent, and their majestic auras covered the entire ground.

The first person was tall. His had a dull face. Three wisps of a black beard floated in the wind, and down to his chest. His eyes radiated with power. They weren’t full of arrogance or prestige. But, they radiated a natural bearing of the greatest power in the world. It made everyone feel like the person had superhuman and tyrannical strength.

He didn’t mean to be arrogant. However, he made everyone feel that no man was worthy in his eyes. It felt that even the blue sky above wouldn’t dare to contend with him.

It was this man who had shouted just a moment ago.

Jun Mo Xie had never seen him before. But, he knew that the man who seemed forty-or-fifty years of age… had actually been famous for the past sixty years. He was none other than the Great Master Li Jue Tian!

No one besides him could’ve had such a powerful and heaven-shaking demeanor!

The Great Master Li Jue Tian must’ve been at least a hundred years old. Yet, he still looked very young! Jun Mo Xie criticized him inwardly; [no wonder this hundred year old fart has a son of just twenty years of age. Just look at the way he looks! It won’t be a surprise if he spawns a few more children.]

[He is indeed… a monster!]

Li Jue Tian was followed by the Great Master of Life and Death — Shi Chang Xiao; the Cold Blooded Master — Lei Wu Bei; the divine eagle-fighting Master — the Solitary Falcon, and another person. This person’s looks were ice-cold. His face was like a black mask. The man’s robes were black, and so were his boots. The scabbard of his sword that hung from his hip was also jet-black, and so was the hilt of his sword.

The person resembled a pitch-black blade. He stood in a very calm manner, but everyone still felt as if a sword-energy was pressing down upon them.

His sword-energy could dash against the ninth level of heaven! This person was none other than the one who Solitary Falcon had fought years ago… the Divine Storm Sword — Feng Juan Yun. He originally wasn’t a part of the Eight Great Masters. However, his name had been recently included in the list. The man was also a peerless swordsman.

However, the Young Master Jun was very confident that the Solitary Falcon had left his old rival far behind. After all, the Solitary Falcon had made breakthroughs after he had received instructions from the Young Master Jun.

"Since everyone is here — I request the leaders of the different factions to come together and discuss the strategy to repel the enemy," Li Jue Tian unenthusiastically skimmed his gaze around the field. He didn’t mention the argument between the Young Master Jun and his son.

His appearance seemed placated. However, he glanced at Jun Mo Xie, and the Young Master Jun felt that he was shooting sharp daggers at him. In fact, Jun Mo Xie felt that his gaze was so sharp that it would pierce his eyes. The Young Master Jun couldn’t help but feel himself shudder from the very depths of his soul.

[I have to be wary of him from the bottom of my heart!]

[He can’t be matched!]

[No one is capable-enough to match him!]

This was the first time that Jun Mo Xie had felt so dispirited in his entire life.

He had never faced such a high-level Great Master before. The Young Master Jun could’ve easily spoken and laughed freely if it were Shi Chang Xiao, Lei Wu Bei or the Solitary Falcon. However, he had felt a very strong and incapacitating feeling when he faced Li Jue Tian’s glare.

[This must be similar to some kind of spirit attack! One wouldn’t be able to move an inch forward after the seed of such fear has been implanted in their mind.]

However, Jun Mo Xie was very angry since the Great Master had tried to cover up his son’s fault. In fact, the Young Master Jun was fuming with rage!

[You are the Second Great Master. Yet, you involve yourself in the quarrel of two youngsters to avenge and vent your son’s anger! This is extremely disgraceful!]

[Bullsh*t Second Great Master; this guy is just a show!]

However, he had also realized that Li Jue Tian had spoiled really his son.

[He knew fully-well that his son was in the wrong in that argument. Yet, he doesn’t say anything to resolve it… and then he glares his anger and prestige at the family of the victim!]

Jun Mo Xie finally understood why the two Xuan Beast Kings had only agreed to break the man’s son’s legs… and not take the boy’s life. And, even that had elicited such a strong reaction from Li Jue Tian. He had eventually issued the Supreme Summons instead of making the compromise. The Young master Jun finally understood why the situation had been brought to such a stage.

Jun Mo Xie quickly closed his eyes. He then initiated the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune, and got rid of that dreadful feeling.

However, his heart still trembled with fear.

Li Jue Tian’s strength was many levels above the Great Master Solitary Falcon and the Fifth Master Lei Wu Bei.

He was truly worthy of being called the second most powerful person of his age.

Everyone agreed with Li Jue Tian’s words. And unexpectedly, no one had noticed the shady look Li Jue Tian had given Jun Mo Xie.

He was anyway convinced that he wouldn’t get any justice even if people found out. After all, who would clench fists against the Second Greatest Master for a young and wastrel debauchee? He was convinced that no one would pick this choice of action…

Everyone started to appear from their respective tents. But suddenly, a faintly discernible yet long-drawn-out screech was heard from somewhere. Everyone was shocked. So, they all strained their ears to listen to it properly.

The screech then started to magnify. It seemed to have appeared right where they were. The sound also travelled between the spaces of numerous tents. It had suddenly changed from something barely audible… to a booming sound. It seemed like the heavens had been rendered apart. This screech had the capacity to tear people’s eardrums.

"Puff…" many soldiers in the Southern Heaven City faced upwards, and started to spray blood from their mouths. The loud screech had shaken them on the inside, and had managed to injure them. Moreover, the entity which had issued that screech was at least five kilometers away.

Such power was extremely frightening!

Then, the mad and ferocious scream ceased it had momentarily gone berserk. In fact, it only stopped after it had made a resolute grunting sound. Suddenly, everyone realized that the sound had actually been quite melodious.

That sound had just subsided. And then, millions of Xuan beasts from the innumerable mountains, woods and streams raised their heads and screeched, roared, and howled in reply. The sound of tens-of-millions of Xuan Beasts burst forth with the power of a tsunami… or a terrible landslide…

The people present on the field started to tremble and ruffle.

The resulting screech was so loud and incisive that the clouds which had densely covered the blue sky… disappeared. They had been driven away by the power of this violent screech!

The sky had become clear and bright!

Li Jue Tian’s expression became extremely solemn as he looked into the distance. He couldn’t hide the shock this screech had jolted him with, "Tian… Fa’s Lord… has… arrived…"

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