Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 234

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 234

Although the two men had judged that Hai Chen Feng was stronger than them, but they had also guessed that he neither intended nor dared to act rashly, and was in fact trying to avoid severely injuring them. As a result, he was being cautious and wasn't attacking them blindly; the two men simply couldn't believe their luck!

At the same time, Hai Chen Feng too had realized that the two black clothed men weren't even remotely grateful for the mercy he was showing them; therefore, he couldn't help getting angrier each time he was attacked. Then suddenly, his sword gleamed brightly, and his body shot towards his opponents like a comet, as he shouted, "This place is not appropriate for fighting! Do the cold blooded Master's disciples have the courage to follow me to a more suitable place?"

The two men laughed, "Good, then the one who loses will desist from trying to conquer the capital's underworld.", the three figures, covered in blue light, then disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye.

Long Dai Hai and Jin Feng Lie were both Earth Xuan experts, and wouldn't be considered weak; however, they couldn't help but be dazzled at the spectacle of these three experts engaged in a battle above them. Seeing the three depart, Jin Feng Lie energetically patted Long Da Hai's shoulders, "Let's go and discuss the arrangements to be made for our gang."

Jin Feng Lie was a veteran of the underworld, and although he could not discern which among the parties was weaker, he had known Hai Chen Feng for a long time and after hearing the dialogue between him and the two men, was confident that his friend had the upper hand, and hence felt no need to worry!

It was only then that Long Da Hai opened his eyes, which he had shut earlier due to fear, and after understanding his counterpart, with a grunt, walked inside with him.

… …

In the extreme north of the land, lay the Silver Blizzard City!

There were snow-capped mountains in all directions as far as the eye could see!

In the middle of the vast and misty uninhabitable peaks was a magnificent, mysterious and unpredictable city of pure ice, seemingly overlooking the entire world from the secrecy of the clouded snow-covered peaks!

It was not yet day break, and the sky was still dark when the bell to convene rang out; the loud echoes of the bell disrupted the seemingly perpetual tranquility of the place, and the many pure-white birds which were sitting in the area suddenly shot up like rockets, scared away by the sudden drum beats; their cries filled the sky as they circled above for a very long time without coming down.

The base of the main building was made of pure ice; and inside the hall, on a wall of snow white bricks, was a portrait of people in white clothes, the posture of each of them was different; however, each of them revealed the same look on their face, one of pride and cold power!

Their eyes were 'God-Like' and full of murderous aura, and it seemed like they had power over life and death, and could seize anything they wanted; in fact, they seemed so powerful that they considered everyone else below them!

They were the Silver Blizzard City's ancestors!

The hall was quite big, so much so that even if hundreds of people were to dine in it, still no one would feel that the place was overcrowded.

A white clothed old man, with white hair and beard, stood in front of the incense table with his hands behind his back, silently looking at the portrait of the ancestors, and on his face was an expression as tranquil as calm water and as cold as ice.

And even though his hair was white, he had a straight back and a proud chest. He stood erect like a shaft of a formidable blade, all the while emitting a cold sword-like aura!

No one could doubt that this old man was hiding immense power within him!

In fact, it seemed that his strength could shake the earth, surpassing all his peers!

Then, the swishing sound of many clothes overcame the silence in the hall as many white clad people entered it rapidly from all directions, and assembled in a manner which indicated that each already had a predetermined position to stand on. And even in that huge crowd no one bumped into each other and only a word or two could be heard being spoken.

In a short while, everyone settled down in their respective positions and all eyes turned towards the old man standing in the center. And though they were all a bit surprised at being called like this, no one uttered a single word thereafter.

Blue lights emanated from their bodies! There were nearly a hundred people there, and all of them were at least Sky Xuan experts!

Just then, sound of approaching footsteps was heard as seven old men entered in a line, walking unhurriedly on the floor made of the ten thousand years old mysterious ice; each and every step of these seven elderly men was very calm when they walked in, and they stationed themselves behind the old man who still stood quietly in the center.

An individual clad in white was standing at the door in graceful poise; his eyes twinkled and a power radiated all around him as he appeared at the door and stood proudly. It seemed that all the land under the heavens, including everyone in the hall, existed solely to be his dominion!

At his side, his partner, a beautiful middle-aged woman, was nestled against him like a frail willow; their looks were unrivalled; the man looked like a confident hero who stood above everyone else and the woman had a grace and style unlike anyone in her generation! The bystanders were admiring the couple, looking at them with envy for their perfect-match!

Everyone inside the hall turned to the couple the moment they entered, and bowed, "Welcome, city's master and mistress, it is a pleasure to see you!"

"You needn't be so polite." The two replied with a hint of a smile on their faces as they unhurriedly proceeded to the middle of the hall, and sat down on the only two chairs in this huge space, which was capable of seating hundreds of people.

Only these two were qualified enough to sit on chairs inside this hall!

These two were the lords of the city: the Heavenly Sword of Ice, Han Zhan Meng, and his wife, the Far Soaring Frost, Xue Shuang Qing.

The old man then waved his hand and said, "You have been invited here because of a matter that is extremely important for this city's future; everyone below the Spirit Xuan realm may go outside and stand guard; allow no one to come closer than fifty meters of this place. If anyone tries, kill them without exception!

"Yes, we will sincerely obey the elder's command!" they answered in a chorus, and after cupping their hands, slowly left the hall; less than ten of the initially addressed were left, and suddenly the hall seemed quite empty with less than twenty people present at the moment.

"Does this matter concern Tian Xiang city?" Han Zhan Meng smiled at the elder, "Otherwise, elder Xiao Xing Yun would not have taken such precautions!"

"It is just as the master has guessed, there is news from Tian Xiang city… see master, the Third Elder has sent a message, and one of our snow eagles has flown through the night to deliver to us this astonishing news!" the elder replied as he opened a roll of parchment and handed it over.

Han Zhan Meng shook his head lightly and chuckled as he took the snow white parchment, while Xue Shuang Qing leaned in close to him to read as well, both curious to see what this astonishing news really was…

But as the two people sitting read the message, their calm expressions slowly turned serious, and soon their smiles also vanished!

The beautiful woman's flowery face lost its color and became pale, though there was a hint of happiness present there as well. Still, her smile faded and was replaced by a worried expression, and she could not help but grasp her husband's hands, as if to warn him about something.

"This is unexpected news; everyone, have a look and give your opinion." Han Zhan Meng finished reading and closed his eyes as he felt Xue Shuang Qing grabbing his arm, seemingly cautioning him of something as he waved the letter for everyone to read.

"Solitary Falcon is watching over the Jun Family, and has severely injured the Sixth Elder… a mysterious master severely injured Feng Wu, and the latter also snatched away the Sixth Elder's Soul Replenishing Jade . . . and no one could resist him? . . . This . . . how is this possible!?" everyone exclaimed in bewilderment, crowing around, each trying to get a better look.

"So many events have taken place in these past few days!" Elder Xiao Xing Yun smiled coldly, "also, that arrogant kid from the Jun Family, who thinks too much of himself, has somehow been cured of his disability; this is really a rare occurrence…"

Han Zhan Meng sat silently for a moment before looking at the Great Elder, and asked, "The elder has called everyone here today . . . thus, I'm presuming he has a plan?"

"This person could formulate many plans, but the final decision has always been up to the city's master, and he decides how to act on such plans." The elder bowed respectfully and retreated half a step.

"Great Elder is a very important member of the city, what does he suggest?" Han Zhan Meng did not beat around the bush and directly came to the point.

"Despite his status in the society, the Solitary Falcon has taken it upon himself to seriously injure and insult the Sixth Elder for no reason; this act must be punished severely! If this news got out, then what would happen to the prestige of our city? We cannot take this matter lightly!" The Great Elder said in an unhurried manner.

The Great Elder had, shockingly, suggested punishing one of the Eight Great Masters! However, all those present nodded in agreement because in the eyes of the elders of the Silver Blizzard City, even the Eight Great Masters, including the Falcon of the Savannah, were not very important; this clearly showed how terrifyingly powerful the Silver Blizzard City was!

"This is a given, do you have another plan in mind?" Han Zhan Meng nodded lightly, with a blank expression on his face.

"Yes, the Soul Replenishing Jade is an extremely important heirloom of my Xiao Family. Its efficacy is extraordinary and can be considered to transcend the mortal realms; therefore, it must certainly not fall into the hands of an outsider! The retrieval of this jade is absolutely necessary, and there can be no compromise on this! It is of supreme importance that we get it back!" The Great Elder's eyes flashed and it was clear that he was very angry at the loss of the Soul Replenishing Jade.

"We must take our time to consider this point, because if what the Third Elder says is true then we cannot be sure of this mysterious person's strength. And if such is the case, then even if all of us go together to confront him, we may still not necessarily be able to retrieve the Soul Replenishing Jade. Thus, we must be careful not to jeopardize so many lives for such a mission."

Han Zhan Feng lightly knocked on the chair's armrest, his eyelids half-closed as he said this.

"The master's concern in this regard is justified! We must certainly not give caution to the wind while deploying our people, and we should also avoid conflict with this mysterious man as far as possible. However, the Third Elder is not yet a first-rate Spirit Xuan expert, and his assumptions may not be necessarily correct; even if compared to the Solitary Falcon, the difference in their strength would be similar to that of heaven and earth. Therefore, his speculations may be far more exaggerated than the truth. Also, he claims that not only is the mysterious master stronger than the city's old master, but also, Yun Bei Chen! How can this be possible? This shows that the information in this letter may not be entirely correct!"

The Great Elder knit his white eyebrows as he slowly spoke these words.

He then continued, "In any case, we should send someone to verify this news; if this person really is that strong and unpredictable, we will enquire more about him. However, if it turns out that he is not a threat, we must immediately recapture the Soul Replenishing Jade from him."

"Great Elder is truly wise, and his suggestion is the best option in this matter." Han Zhan Meng said while looking at the elder appreciatively. "Still, it seems that you have a third plan in mind?"

"Yes, I do!" The Great Elder raised his white eyebrows. "This Jun Family is just a worldly family, and yet it has repeatedly provoked our Silver Blizzard City! This cannot be tolerated anymore! I suggest that we completely wipe out that entire family as a warning to the rest of the world against making light of our Silver Blizzard City's power!"

Saying this, the Great Elder extended his right hand, and made a decisive and destructive downward gesture.

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