Otherworldly Evil Monarch

By Fengling Tianxia,风凌天下

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 231

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 231

Chapter 231 - Silver Blizzard City's history


"The explanation to that… has a lot to do with the Silver Blizzard City's history… it is said that over three hundred years ago, there used to be a large alliance between gangs, known as the Supreme Alliance, which controlled more than half of this world's underworld factions. Their fame, might and strength were unmatched, and it is said that even Spirit Xuan experts would detour from their paths upon seeing the Supreme Alliance's emblem obstructing their way, afraid of the troubles they would provoke otherwise!"

The Solitary Falcon continued narrating, slowly: "As fate had it, one day, the Supreme Alliance's young master, Yu Ling Feng happened to meet a woman, a woman who's eyes were so beautiful, and style so magnificent that people used to call her the 'Jade Phoenix of the Nine Firmaments'; her name was Kong Yan Luo, and she was regarded as the world's most beautiful woman…

"Yu Lin Feng was quite excited by the prospect of wooing her, and hence, he tried any and all means to win her heart over, same as countless other experts, but none of it bore any fruit. Seeing that Kong Yan Luo had repeatedly rejected his feeling, Yu Lin Feng was so pained that he ordered the extermination of the entire Luo Family, along with Kong Yan Luo of course. However, just when Kong Yan Luo's fragrance was about to perish, three men suddenly showed up, rescued her, and then fled with her. She fell in love with the eldest of her three saviors, and they tied their fates in a bond of marriage soon after. It didn't take long for this news to reach Yu Lin Feng's ears. One day, he encircled the three men with the intention of killing them in order to extract his revenge, but was killed by those three men in the fight that ensued."

Jun Mo Xie couldn't help himself, doesn't Solitary Falcon's tale sound very similar to the situation between Guan Qing Han and the Xue Hun manor?

"The eldest of the three men was named Han Xiao Yao; the second brother was called Xiao Xing Chen, and the third one was named Chu Duan Xiang; these three men were amongst the best warriors of that era's younger generation, and naturally, very talented as martial artists! After killing Yu Lin Feng, the three brothers obviously made an enemy out of the Supreme Alliance's master, Yu Zhan Yun, who ordered everyone under his command: Spare no effort in tracking and killing those four!

"The three men were well aware of their respective strengths, and knew they would be of no match to the Supreme Alliance in battle; the four of them decided to leave, and disappeared without leaving any tracks behind. However, no one knew that these four had found refuge in a faraway snow-cladded land! Moreover, the four of them had secretly started creating their own forces atop those snow-capped mountains! These three men went on to become the three founding ancestors of the Silver Blizzard City, establishing its three founding families, the Han Family, the Xiao Family, and the Chu Family.

"A decade later, the four of them left the mountains once again after having accumulated a reasonable amount of force since they had decided to stir trouble for the Supreme Alliance. However, the Supreme Alliance was already in a lot of trouble at this time since the public was infuriated by their conduct. Thus, when the three of them launched their assault on the Supreme Alliance, they received a large and unexpected response from the rest of the world with several of the world's finest experts joining hands with them. In less than three years, the world's most powerful alliance was not only brought down, but completely removed from the setting.

"However, Yu Zhan Yun and Han Xiao Yao came face to face at a critical juncture during the final battle. Once the two men were worn out, Yu Zhan Yun issued one last desperate attack Han Xiao Yao simply wouldn't be able to withstand; seeing this happen, Xiao Xing Chen blocked off Yu Zhan Yun's killer strike from reaching Han Xiao Yao, using his own body as a shield, but took Yu Zhan Yun with him as he parted from this world!

"At that time, Xiao Xing Chen's cultivation had already surpassed Han Xiao Yao's, and was progressing further by leaps and bounds since he aspired to become the strongest in the world! He had a beautiful wife and son waiting for him at his house… and one could truly say that he was living the best years of his life… but had still chosen to die for the sake of protecting his sworn-brother! They say his face reveled in a spirit of brotherhood and heroism at the time of his dead…

"Han Xiao Yao was so aggrieved by the death of his younger brother that he publicly took out his sword and cut his own two fingers, causing his blood to drip to the ground; his thunderous voice shook the entire world as he swore a blood-oath: as long as the Silver Blizzard City remains, the Xiao Family's descendants will never perish! And his descendants still uphold his vow to this day!"

The Solitary Falcon seemed a bit moved when he was narrating that incident of sacrifice and brotherhood, which was evident from the passionate note his voice had taken.

Jun Mo Xie heaved a long sigh. He had finally understood the meaning behind the Solitary Falcon's words.

The Jun Family is very lucky to have survived for this long… very, very lucky!

"Even though the Xiao Family isn't in control of the Silver Blizzard City, but their opinion is very critical when it comes to making the important decisions in the Silver Blizzard City! And no one can do anything about this! Moreover, the City's masters have been holding the Xiao Family's descendant very dear ever since, which has spoilt their attitude for the worse! Do you understand it now? If your Jun Family is up against the Xiao Family, then it also faces the Silver Blizzard City! In fact, it's one-and-the same thing!"

After spitting out the entire story in one go, the Solitary Falcon opened his mouth big, and drank a few mouthfuls of wine before he sighed, and said: "One really can't blame Han Xiao Yao… I too would do anything in order to ensure a life of comforts for such a brother! For such a brother's love, I, Solitary Falcon would pay no mind to life and death!

"But because of this, it would become very difficult to protect your Family from the Xiaos'! Even I stand helpless in this regard; I have no idea how your Uncle's woman has been managing it for so long…" the Solitary Falcon heaved a long sigh, before continuing with a sense of desolation in his tone: "But I'm certain that no matter how she did it, the steps would've been extremely difficult! That girl's life must've become very, very bitter ah!"

The Solitary Falcon leaned to his side after finishing his tale, and started gazing at the dark of the night sky; his eyes were reflecting a strange, unknown, and complex emotion as they stared at the sky above, seemingly concealing the… pains of a very distant memory…

"So that's what's going on!" the young master Jun sighed; in both his incarnations, this was the first time the Hitman's mind actually felt over-burdened since this was first time he was up against a problem he couldn't find a solution to.

The Jun Family's previous situation had completely changed since several of its cornerstones had been destroyed, bringing the Family to a point of decline. The only survivor, Jun Wu Yi had lost both his legs to disability, aware that there would never be any hope of recovery. Although Grandpa Jun's heart was filled with anger over the loss of his sons, but he was still helpless; after all, one can't twist a thigh with a mere arm, and hence, he was forced to silence his anger as well.

However, even though the Xiao Family held a very powerful position within the Silver Blizzard City's structure, they had still stopped mid-way in their goal of destroying the Jun Family; but why wouldn't they have cut the weed at its roots? There could only have been one reason behind the Xiao Family's decision to abandon their task half-way!

And this reason was most certainly a woman one could only take pity on!

Han Yan Yao!

God knows what kind of a price she would've payed to keep the Jun Family from its doom…? And how much effort it must have taken…?

Only god knows what kind of a life that poor woman must be leading atop those snowy mountains… what kind of a miserable existence has she been enduring…?

The Jun Family's life has surely been very uncomfortable and miserable, but would it even remotely compare to that woman's?

Although the Jun, and the Xiao Family's mutual animosity won't allow them to coexist, but poor Han Yan Yao's credit cannot never be discredited since she's fighting against her own Family for the sake of the Jun Family, whilst still maintaining her Family's grace!

I need to ensure that Third Uncle and Han Yan Yao are reunited as soon as possible so that these lovers can finally get married!

The Hitman Jun had suddenly started feeling anxious.

He had finally understood the plight Jun Wu Yi had been suffering this past decade… the pain and helplessness his calm face had been concealing…

However, the Hitman Jun could barely bear to imagine Han Yan Yao's plight, so how could Jun Wu Yi endure watching something like this happening to the love of his life? This would've obviously thrown his conscious deeper into the abyss of depression!

If it hadn't been for the burden of this entire Family's future, if it hadn't been for the cause of his two brothers, if it hadn't been for an aged father… then Uncle would've already slit his throat with his own sword!

In such circumstances, even a bare existence must've been at least a million times more difficult than death! And also a million times more painful!

Moreover, the only confidante of his sacrifice still sits in wait far away, suffering in silence for just one ray of hope…

How could someone endure this?!

The Hitman couldn't even imagine the pain Jun Wu Yi had been shouldering this past decade; dragging a disabled body through the routines of life under such miserable circumstances, just for the sake of a father and the future generations… to live just for others… he is a hero!

In fact, death would've been very easy; even a knife would've sufficed… but to live like this, would be similar to enduring a thousand cuts to one's soul… every day, and every night!

"Falcon, you just told me that you're presently at the fifth level of Spirit Xuan, and breaking into the sixth level wouldn't as difficult as the breakthrough from the fourth to fifth… but even though you wish to make that breakthrough, you can't because it's been very difficult for you to enhance your cultivation, and you haven't been able to overcome these difficulties as of yet, right?" Jun Mo Xie bit his teeth, while his firm eyes clearly demonstrated his heart's resolve. In fact, the Solitary Falcon had never heard him talk in such a solemn and slow tone before.

The Solitary Falcon could instinctively feel the power and unwavering determination of Jun Mo Xie's words, and couldn't prevent himself from being startled as he looked up at Jun Mo Xie, while his eyes suddenly started exuding a sharp and fierce aura: "Why are you saying this… you, you, what does this mean, boy… what are you trying to say?"

Previously this would've been treated as mockery between these two men, however, at this time, the two of them were quite serious since they had clearly understood each other's intentions. In fact, the entirety of their surrounding had also suddenly tensed-up in accordance with this impeding, and unusually serious discussion.

It was almost as if someone had uncovered a bow in the dark of night! With the arrow already touching the chord!

"My master was always obsessed with refining Dans, and as chance has it, a few years ago, he managed to develop a method to refine a very special Dan!" Jun Mo Xie's focused gaze met with the Solitary Falcon's eyes, and didn't leave them: "This Dan requires various precious and rare herbs, jewels, and other items as raw material. Moreover, this Dan's refining process is even more difficult. However, once it's ready, it will possess the ability to enhance a person's level, regardless of their strength, and without any side effects. Do you understand what that means?!"

The Solitary Falcon's hawk-like eyes motionlessly stared at him for a long time; Jun Mo Xie, too, didn't speak anything after, and simply continued to watch the Solitary Falcon in a calm and composed manner.

The Solitary Falcon was undoubtedly in need for this Dan! And, his requirement was urgent!

A desperation breeds in the heart of a person who has reached the extent of his ability, and still has people ahead he wishes to, but, can't chase down. Why else would a dignified man like the Solitary Falcon drop from his status and ask a kid to teach him martial arts; this itself was a proof conclusive of the fact that the Solitary Falcon had already reached his limits, but was still desperate to forge ahead!

The Solitary Falcon wouldn't shy away from going to any extent or expending any kind of effort in order to procure such a Dan; if one such existed!

The Solitary Falcon was also aware that Jun Mo Xie wouldn't just present such a Dan to him, like a gift without costs. Thus, the next topic on the discussion table would obviously be the conditions! They both understood that well.

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